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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

I Have a Cultivation World :- Chapter 6: The Five Element Technique

Chapter 6: Five Elements Cultivation

  Chen Mobai checked the time; there was still more than an hour left until the first batch of students finished in the cultivation room. Not in a hurry to leave, he decided to ask more about purifying and enhancing spiritual roots.

  ”Yan Bingxuan’s family must have an expert. They knew her spiritual roots could be transformed into ice roots through the ‘Condensation Frost Method,’ so they focused on this from the beginning of her cultivation.”

  ”The method of purifying and enhancing spiritual roots consumes less time and resources at lower levels of cultivation.”

  ”She is already in the late stage of Qi Refining at a young age. Conservatively, she can attempt to establish her foundation three times. Thus, she wants to transform her roots into ice before reaching the peak of Qi Refining.”

  ”Once successful, she can enter the Academy of Natural Science among the top ten academies without an exam. If she goes further, she might even pass the assessment of the four major academies, ascending to higher levels rapidly.”

  The four major academies were established by five ancestors who founded the immortal sects.

  Every graduate from these academies becomes a future leader in the immortal sects.

  For thousands of years, the students from the four major academies have had over an 80% success rate in establishing their foundations.

  For Danxia City, an edge land of the immortal sects, the last person to get into the four major academies was Chi Pao Zhen Ren Yu Tianguang a hundred years ago, who has now successfully formed a golden core.

  After leaving Old Man Ding’s office, Chen Mobai waited for about ten minutes before he became part of the second batch to enter the cultivation room.

  After placing his phone properly and activating auxiliary cultivation recording mode, he sat down in meditation and started to exercise the Breath Nourishing Technique, honing the spiritual power he acquired through taking pills and making it his own.

  Time passed slowly, and the Soul Calming Spell woke Chen Mobai as usual.

  He exited the cultivation room to find only a dozen or so unfortunate students left for the third batch.

  Looking around, he spotted his desk mate Lu Hongsheng and several other classmates with whom he got along well. They greeted each other briefly before heading home.

  In the past, these close friends would drink some spirit tea together after school and play small games to practice using their spells.

  But since entering their senior year, all these leisure activities had been canceled.

  The pressure to get into college had even made his usually lazy desk mate, Lu Hongsheng, who had poor spiritual roots, start working hard.

  Before going home, Chen Mobai bought a box of glass beads for practicing spiritual power circulation at a convenience store by the roadside.

  After arriving home, he used the time while cooking to cut some small talisman papers and logged onto an online trading platform, discovering that only one local cultivator had placed a bid.

  18 Virtuous Points.

  It was a bit low, but normally Chen Mobai would have agreed to the deal. After all, his products came from a personal workshop, which were naturally cheaper than regular stores.

  But today, he planned to explore the Shui Mansion he had been transported to again, so he didn’t rush to do business.

  After eating and cleaning up, Chen Mobai returned to his room.

  He carefully examined the turtle shell in his hand, but it was still the same as last night—a plain old turtle shell covered in smoky and burnt marks, without any trace of spiritual energy.

  If it weren’t for the miraculous journey yesterday, Chen Mobai would never have believed that this object was actually a spatial artifact.

  Placing the turtle shell in the drawer of his bedside table, Chen Mobai took out his phone and tapped an app named “Turtle Treasure.”

  After spending the whole night exploring it yesterday, he had come to understand it somewhat.

  There were three functions. ‘Return to City’ didn’t need much explanation; it meant returning here.

  As for whether ‘city’ referred to his room or the turtle shell’s location, it remained to be verified.

  The other function closely related to ‘Return to City’ was ‘Teleport,’ which Chen Mobai understood as the culprit responsible for transporting him to that mysterious Shui Mansion yesterday.

  The last function, ‘Surrogate,’ still had no clear purpose.

  Obviously, the three functions couldn’t be used indefinitely. Only when the virtual buttons for these functions on the app interface were highlighted and raised could he press them. Currently, only ‘Teleport’ was active.

  Last night, Chen Mobai waited until 3 a.m., discovered this point, and used ‘Teleport’ once more, taking him again to that Shui Mansion.

  However, he still gained nothing. But after a night of cultivation in a second-grade spiritual place, the aftermath of the pill he took had been alleviated by five or six-tenths.

  Chen Mobai estimated that if he cultivated in the Shui Mansion for another two or three days, he would probably be able to eliminate the risks brought by the pill breakthrough and could continue practicing Five Elements Cultivation to enhance his Qi Refining level.

  This was why he dared to explore the Shui Mansion again and even attempt to break the restriction in the back hall.

  This was a medium second-grade spiritual land. Renting this level of spiritual energy in the immortal sect would cost 160 Virtuous Points per month.

  Converting it, cultivating in the Shui Mansion for a day was equivalent to freeloading 33 Virtuous Points. Poor him, who worked hard cutting talisman paper, would only earn twenty to thirty Virtuous Points a month.

  No wonder, with this in mind, Chen Mobai looked down on his small online shop business.

  ”Based on the intervals of two uses yesterday, the cooldown time for ‘Teleport’ should be 6 hours, while ‘Return to City’ takes longer, needing 10 hours, counting from the last use…”

  Chen Mobai calculated the time points of his two experiences yesterday and drew a rough conclusion.

  Half an hour later, just past 10 hours since he teleported back this morning, the ‘Return to City’ button on the app interface became highlighted in his eyes.

  This meant he could go once, and if things didn’t look good, he could immediately return.

  Chen Mobai promptly hung a “No Disturbance” sign on his door, locked it, took a deep breath, and clicked the highlighted ‘Teleport’ button on the Turtle Treasure app.

  ”Do you want to select Teleportation Point 1 (Unnamed)?”

  Chen Mobai tapped ‘Yes.’

  Then, in a flash of silver light, his entire body seemed to transform into light and, after about five or six seconds, disappeared from the room.

  Looking around.

  Chen Mobai faced the familiar underwater environment, suppressing the joy bubbling in his heart.

  Though he didn’t know where this place was, at least he had a mid-second-grade secret base.

  He took out the prepared box of glass beads, infused them with spiritual energy, and the originally transparent beads began to emit colorful lights. This was due to Chen Mobai practicing Five Elements Cultivation, hence the spiritual energy mixing with five elements.

  The Five Elements Cultivation Method was a foundational technique created by an ancestor of the immortal sect after a thousand years of contemplation. Anyone who practiced it would automatically convert their spiritual energy into the attribute most suitable for them, essentially tailoring a Qi Refining technique for each cultivator perfectly suited to their body and spiritual roots.

  For instance, Chen Mobai’s spiritual root attributes were: Metal 23, Wood 27, Water 23, Fire 17, and Earth 10.

  Thus, the spiritual energy generated by practicing the Five Elements Cultivation would have 23% metal, 27% wood… perfectly matching his spiritual roots.

  Moreover, the cyclic and intergenerational nature of these five elements’ spiritual energies promoted level enhancement during cultivation. This technique allowed the immortal sect to achieve widespread cultivation even in the resource-poor Deyuan Star.

We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
I Have a Cultivation World

I Have a Cultivation World

我有一个修仙世界 , A World of Cultivation I Possess
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Chen Mobai, a male protagonist and a third-year student of Xianmen, is currently working hard to review and prepare for the entrance exam of the Daodao Institute. Originally, his biggest dream in life was to successfully establish a Foundation, until he was able to travel to another world of cultivation, and then his dream changed… When Wei Yuan finally had the opportunity to lie on a wooden chair and bask in the sun during a peaceful era, countless demons and monsters had already been sealed in the museum behind him.



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