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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

One Day I Became a Hatchling: Chapter 11

“Since you don’t like boredom, I’ll get straight to the point.”

“Good, good. You still have a good sense of consideration.”

Pasiyus didn’t like formalities, so her sense was praiseworthy.

He was the type who was rough and couldn’t be described as patient even in good words.

“First, a black dragon hatchling has been born.”


The red dragon raised its beam-like neck and glared at Christina.

[You know what that means, right?]

“Of course. The birth happened around a month ago. You can infer what that means, can’t you?”

A thunderous groan echoed from Pasiyus’ throat.

[The nights have become longer. It’s still very weak, though.]

“Yes. The nights have become longer since the day the black dragon was born.”

Dragons are massive mana energy masses.

Their birth is considered an anomaly, and their influence on the world is so great that signs appear in the world.

After about a month since the black dragon hatchling with the deepest darkness was born.

As the weight of the dark attribute increased, signs began to appear in the world.

In such a situation, it was impossible to continue hiding the birth of the black dragon hatchling, which was thought to be extinct.

[Have you formally reported it to the Lord?]

“Not yet. But he may already know. There were signs, so it’s not something that can be hidden forever.”

At Christina’s words, the golden beast’s pupils twitched vertically.

[Why are you telling me first?]

Christina waited for that question.

“The hatchling still needs to grow and have time to cultivate its sense of self through various experiences. So, I hope you can take sides to prevent Lord Isha from interfering.”

[Hmph. Is it worth it?]

At Pasiyus’ words, she smiled subtly and raised her right hand slyly near her chin.

“That child recently resurrected a phoenix egg.”

Pasiyus’ eyebrows twitched heavily.

He couldn’t believe that an event that defied the existing rule that a new phoenix must be born only after the current one dies had occurred.

But it was Christina’s words.

If he dismissed it as nonsense, even a powerful dragon like him could face trouble.

At her fierce gaze, as if she would chew him up at any moment, Christina tilted her head slightly and explained.

“If Lord Isha finds out about this, isn’t it obvious what he will do?”

Red energy spread from Pasiyus’ body as he snarled and spoke.

[He will try to brainwash it and raise it as he pleases! If he deems it impossible or slightly dangerous, he will kill it.]

Knowing that the most important notion of protecting the hatchling could be crushed, Pasiyus bared his teeth at the arrogance.

[Thinking of playing with everything as he pleases, it’s annoying just to imagine.]

Christina nodded.

“To him, who decides the sacrifice of the few for the whole, the only black dragon child must be something he wants to possess. Since there’s already a precedent.”

Pasiyus snorted and tilted his head sideways.

[An extremely arrogant guy! But, even he can’t have everything his way forever!]

“That’s what I think, too.”

Christina smiled gently.

No one opposes the dragon lord.

But the species that even the Lord finds problematic is the red dragon.

Born with the fire attribute, their temperament flames up like fire and cools down quickly.

They are sometimes beautiful and powerful, exhibiting unpredictable changes.

The most self-centered with the hottest blood.

The hardest to deal with, they act solely on their emotions, having even the Lord troubled.

Christina asked again, pretending not to know.

“By the way, how is Pell doing?”

Pasiyus’ pupils narrowed sharply, vertically.

[Are you asking about my child?]

Christina nodded a few times.


Pasiyus, with his massive body, raised his head and spread his wings.

[Do you think he will be helpful in this matter?]

A hot breath filled with negative emotions was exhaled roughly.

“Yes, I do.”

A gaze filled with determination and a smile was directed at Pasiyus.

“Born with a pure flame that doesn’t waver even before Lord, and having experienced the love of a companion embraced in the arms of nature and a life as an elder with you.”

[You overestimate that foolish one, Christina.]

Pasiyus’ cold, sarcastic evaluation followed.

“I would like to hear why you think so, Pasiyus.”

[Ha! He’s my child, but he’s absolutely useless!]

Christina’s voice, gently echoing, carried warmth and affection.

But in Pasiyus’ words replying to her, there was unfiltered arrogance that could burn her inclusive warmth to ashes.

[The time I invested in making him usable after he couldn’t pull himself together after his mother’s death was a waste. Even though I raised him to stand properly as an elder of the red dragon, he’s a disgraceful offspring that I’m ashamed to acknowledge as my successor.]

The pride he took in raising his progeny was immense, and the way he assessed his child was almost insulting.

His unhesitating words didn’t stop there.

[Expecting anything from that half-wit is foolish.]

Christina wasn’t agitated. She wasn’t the one who would prove Pasiyus wrong.

“That’s not necessarily true.”

Her soft answer began to envelop the harshness.

“There are flames that burn vast lands and mountain ranges, but there are also fires that warm countless hearts with the warmth of a single candle.”

While he lived a life as an elder of the red dragon, that was only a life as an elder fit for Pasiyus.

Even his disciplining was too strict and harsh.

It was not a suitable parenting method for beings with inherent instincts to live independently more than anyone else.

“Even the same flame has different temperatures and colors. Pasiyus. It’s not only what the parents give that become the entirety of a child.”

A fire that burns and destroys everything isn’t the only kind of fire.

There was no rule that it had to be that way.

Her gentle but unwavering blue gaze calmly looked at Pasiyus.


Pasiyus’ red film became visible, and laughter echoed from his throat, gradually getting louder.

The air in the cave trembled from the laughter that gradually subsided, and Pasiyus snorted.

[Consistently the same. The idealism fitting of a gold dragon elder.]

He sighed internally, as he had clashed with Christina several times over such matters.

Pasiyus also had no intention of causing clashes over this matter.

[Fine. If he is the only child of the black dragon, he will grow up to become a great pillar supporting the night. I will provide assistance.]

He originally did not show mercy to those who opposed him.

However, as Christina had informed him of the dark family’s birth before the Lord, he decided to be generous because he was quite satisfied with her.

[Heh. Clever. The more I think about it, the smarter you are! Christina. You knew I wouldn’t refuse this proposal and came to me.]

Pasiyus moved lightly.

Although he hadn’t spread his wings, the movement of his massive body filled the entire field of vision.

“I just believed you would make a wise choice.”

Christina smiled softly.

[Of course. Especially, informing me first was a wise move.]

Despite his praise, Pasiyus internally snorted.

‘Christina. You’ve gained by having a bond with the black dragon elder and sage. I knew you kept the only remaining egg of the dark family, but…’

Even if the hatchling is the only successor of the dark attribute left, it is still just a young creature that was just born.

He gained an opportunity to establish a relationship with the young successor not yet aware of the world, but he licked his lips greedily.

‘If I had known the egg would hatch, I would have taken it by any means necessary. It’s a shame that I can’t directly intervene.’

Nonetheless, from Pasiyus’ perspective, he secured a good opportunity to take action on the child before Dragon Lord Isha.

After calculating, Pasiyus nodded once.

[Fine. That child is the only black dragon family member, so he will grow up to become an elder leading the darkness. It would be good to get acquainted with my child, who will also be an elder of the fire family.]

“That’s what I thought. The two will have a positive influence on each other.”

At those words, the giant red dragon chuckled warm breaths.

‘A newborn fledgling having a positive influence on my child? Those are just fancy words.’

Although she already guessed Pasiyus’ thoughts, Christina didn’t bother to verbally poke his pride.

At least, outwardly, she elegantly supported his choice and smiled gently.

At such Christina, Pasiyus showed his ferocious teeth.

[I will confirm more about the phoenix matter. Also, soon my son will visit the lair. I will tell him to convey what he has learned as an elder successor to that child.]

“Thank you for your kindness. Elder Pasiyus.”

Christina respectfully said her farewell and got up from her seat.

[I am curious to see what expression that pale guy will have when he realizes not everything goes his way.]

As if to be overheard, Christina lightly shook her head.

‘There are things that don’t go your way, too, Pasiyus.’

Really, his excessively straightforward personality aside, his greedy and aggressive nature did not align with Christina.

The matter was concluded. Christina, who exchanged farewells, exited the cave with a flight spell.

She exited the cave entrance and turned her body.

A lair narrow compared to his massive body. And a small entrance was visible.

Originally living in the vast volcanic area, Pasiyus had already handed over his lair to his hatchling, Ferdiquion, and decided to reside in his deceased mate’s lair.

Christina and Lord Isha knew this, but they chose not to mention it, not wanting to provoke his fiery temperament.

‘The meeting with the entity outside the shadow of Pasiyus, the red dragon’s patriarch…will definitely benefit Ferdiquion as well.’

Christina thought that this meeting would be necessary not only for the black dragon child but also for the young Ferdiquion.


The moment the cave entrance closed, intense ripples echoed in Christina’s mind.



Instantly, Christina’s expression hardened.

“No way.”

‘An emergency?’

In mid-air, Christina immediately vanished.



Urgently returning, she swallowed her breath at the scenery before her eyes.

Where Rai was supposed to be was a forest lush with grass and trees.

“Squeak! Squeak squeak!”


“! Why are you outside the lair……? What happened?”

Instantly moving to Rai’s side, she was surprised to see the collapsed hatchling and gasped.

‘The child…!’

“Que, queuuk. Ugh.”

The Imugi was catching its breath heavily, leaning against a tree soaked in cold sweat.

The white baby bird was in tears, pacing between the hatchling’s legs, crying out in confusion, while Rai circled her with a crying expression.

[ ㅠxㅠ!]

Rai conveyed ‘sorry’ repeatedly through a light illustration that only her contractor Christina could feel.

‘Rai. What happened?’

At her question, the spirit buzzed louder.

Examining the herb illustration drawn in light that was screaming, she frowned.


As she checked the Imugi’s condition, she picked up a half-eaten Mandragora nearby.

The Mandragora, which should have screamed loud enough to ring in the ears, was already dead.

‘He ate this just like that?’

She felt a chill down her spine.

Mandragoras are inherently dangerous plants.

Moreover, the Mandragoras here nurtured in the dragon’s mana were far stronger herbs and poisons than usual.

The fact that a child barely over a month old swallowed a centuries-old Mandragora was surprising, but it was a miracle that no more severe harm occurred after consuming it.

It would not have been strange if he had died or been left disabled.

Several questions trailed one after the other, but Christina focused first on the most critical matter, the hatchling’s condition.

‘How is the child?’

While examining the Imugi, she sensed something and sniffed near its nose.”

We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
One Day I Became a Hatchling

One Day I Became a Hatchling

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