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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

One Day I Became a Hatchling: Chapter 13


The Imoogi looked at Kristina and nodded heavily once again.

Although small and young, Kristina, seeing the determination in its eyes, also steeled herself.


A few days later, deep underground.

It was a place where even magic couldn’t reach, making it impossible to enter using teleportation magic.

Kristina had shrunk her true form and was flying down with the Imoogi.


A heavy sound accompanied by a bit of dust swept away by the pressure.

The golden dragon looked back at the black hatchling flapping its thin wing membranes as it descended.

The hatchling, flapping its small wings, landed softly on the ground and looked up at Kristina, making a “koo” sound.

Her body was softly enveloped in golden light, transforming into a humanoid form.

“This way.”

A place where a large arched hole was dug out.

Unlike other parts of the lair, the original ruggedness of the building was still intact.

‘It feels like an old ruin.’

The strange unfamiliarity of the place indirectly conveyed the passage of time.

How long had they walked?


A powerful condensed energy pulsed rhythmically, emitting magical power.

The enormous space was so vast that it was hard to gauge the distance with the eye.

On the floor, a magical circle was drawn, with words mixed in ancient and divine languages etched into the ground with magic.

The power was so strong that even from a considerable distance, the Imoogi’s entire body tingled slightly.

Black scales rose tensely with a faint rustle.

Kristina, noticing this, reached out and embraced the Imoogi.

“It’s okay, baby. Don’t be too nervous.”

Entering the center of the magical circle, she quietly chanted words in an unknown language.

It looked like she was either praying or giving commands.

The lair’s magical power began to resonate with the magical circle.

Kristina placed the Imoogi in the center of the circle, took a deep breath, and began to recite an incantation.

“In the name of Kristina El Arcadia, I pass on my life and memories to this child.”

‘It’s beginning.’

Ribbons of light spread from Kristina’s body, wrapping around the Imoogi.

Each strand of light contained Kristina’s knowledge, magic, culture, and abilities.

“Koo, koo-oot!”


The Imoogi clutched its head with its forelegs, shaking it in pain.

It felt like its brain was being tampered with, as if receiving a direct electric shock to its consciousness.

Despite this, the systematic influx of vast knowledge made its mind clearer.

‘It’s coming! The words of this world.’

Golden letters flowed into the Imoogi’s red eyes.

Kristina’s chanting voice transformed into a song, filling the hall as it rode the flow of mana.

The Imoogi struggled desperately, overwhelmed by the relentless flood of knowledge and the nerve-shredding sensation.

“Koo-huk. Ugh!”

‘It’s painful, but just a bit more… just a bit more!’

Clenching its undeveloped fangs, it raised veins on its forehead.

‘Endure! If I can get all of this, the abilities and knowledge of this world will be mine!’

With the resolve to absorb everything that came through the light, it felt like its vision was turning white.


‘Come on!’

With a sound like a death rattle, the incantation and mana filling the hall were all sucked into the Imoogi’s body.


The light completely disappeared, and Kristina staggered slightly.

The Imoogi slumped down on the spot.


Kristina struggled to steady herself as she approached.


Although originally black, it felt like it had been electrically grilled due to the excessive mana it had absorbed.

“Are you okay? Baby, wake up.”

“Koo… keek.”

The young hatchling’s blunt fingers twitched as it struggled to open its eyes.


It was high magic, ‘Telepathy.’

“Did the 13th episode seem a bit peculiar?”

As the Imoogi’s weak voice reached her mind, Kristina couldn’t hide the rising emotions and smiled brightly.

“I’m glad. You really held on well.”


‘I almost died. If I had hair, it would’ve turned white.’

Despite the intense strain, he felt a strange sense of refreshment as time passed.

The satisfaction of having finally gained the knowledge and power of this world filled his chest.

He dragged his limp body and returned to his room with Kristina.

Then, he looked at the meal laid out before him with gloomy eyes.

“It’s a special meal. It’s a concoction of herbs and decoction that’s good for your body.”


“If you finish it, I’ll give you a sweet apple candy.”

The Imoogi glanced at Kristina.

But she only smiled brightly, urging him to eat again.

He tried to ask if he could have it with proper food, but the answer was that other foods would interfere with the effects of the herbs.

‘Yeah. I’m not a child. I even ate that bitter mandrake. What’s this compared to that?’

He chewed and swallowed the herbs supposed to aid his recovery.



“But you still have to eat it.”


‘Is this… revenge for eating the mandrake?’

It was so bitter it made him wonder if it was a joke, but it was serious enough to make him tremble.

Barely managing to swallow even the roots of the herbs, his body shook.

‘Ugh. It’s really… a foul taste.’

Despite his face showing full dissatisfaction, Kristina only smiled as if she found it cute.

Next to him, a white chick pecked at the crumbs of a snack Kristina had set aside for it.

Seeing the bird enjoying sweet treats while he had to eat the bitter herbs made him naturally disgruntled.


“Here, this is for rinsing your mouth.”

Kristina handed him a brightly colored candy, possibly to console him.

Already suffering from the bitter taste, he quickly accepted and popped it into his mouth.

‘It tastes sweet despite everything.’

The sweet taste eased the torment of the bitterness.

He savored the candy, cheeks bulging as he sucked on it for a while.

Seeing this, Kristina sighed in relief.

‘I was worried if I had misjudged this child, but… I’m really glad.’

Even for her, well-versed in magic, this was her first time performing such a spell, especially on a rare child of the dark lineage, making her unable to relax.

Seeing the child finally relaxed by the candy, she felt a wave of relief.

“You really held on well. You don’t know how amazing you are.”


“A hatchling just over a month old has perfectly received the inheritance. You’re not fully matured, but you’re already using telepathy.”


The ‘telepathy’ spell that allows direct conversation in the mind.

Also known as ‘telepathy,’ it was quite advanced magic, but with Kristina’s knowledge, he could use it as if he always knew how.

It was ironic that he could use such high magic but couldn’t speak ordinary ‘words’ everyone could use, but it couldn’t be helped.

Without a proper oral structure, it was impossible to speak fluently even with language knowledge.

Anyway, it was convenient that communication became easier.

‘Other knowledge can be tried out slowly.’

For now, it was important to eat well and absorb the power, making the inherited knowledge digestible.

‘But this inheritance… I wouldn’t do it twice even if it killed me. I almost went to the other world.’

The energy and mana consumed by accepting the power were so immense that he couldn’t endure without eating something.

“By the way, a guest will be coming soon. Don’t show your power too much to that child.”


‘That child… Could it be another hatchling?’

With a curious look, he glanced at Kristina, who explained the necessary information to him.

“His name is Ferdikion, the next elder of the Red Dragon clan. Although still a hatchling, he has used strong fire power since he was young.”


Then, the knowledge organized by the inheritance magic appeared on a translucent window before his eyes.

To sum it up, it felt like this:

Name: Ferdikion

Race: Red Dragon Hatchling

Attribute: Fire

Age: 745 years

Special Notes: The only heir to the Red Dragon Elder.

Since the death of one of his guardians, he has been honing his qualities as a perfect elder. Known as the Cold Flame for his naturally controlled emotions.

‘Is the other inheritance magic like this?’

The answer quickly surfaced that it wasn’t.

Due to the nature of conceptual magic, it was implemented in a way that suited the Imoogi.

‘It’s intuitive and easy to understand.’

Reading the information, he eagerly devoured not only the remaining phoenix eggs and milk but also the precious herbs and elixirs Kristina provided.

‘It was tough, but thanks to it, I’ve gained knowledge and can control mana freely.’

The reward he obtained after enduring the pain made him smile broadly.


With cheeks puffed up, the Imoogi, who had finished eating the bread with elven herbal honey, lightly tapped his stomach.

Lightly waving his hand to create a water droplet in the air and drinking it, Kristina spoke to him.

“Well, then… although it’s a bit early, it’s time to start thinking about your name.”

‘A name.’

A name, a word denoting a subject.

While often inherited from parents, dragons had a unique practice.

Interestingly, dragons could choose their names.

‘Since it’s a trigger for incantation magic, they have to decide for themselves. It was the same for divine beasts, but it’s

quite strict here too.’

For dragons, a promise made “in the name of” carried the force of an incantation.

‘Would my original name sound strange here?’

His original name was “Imook.”

Using that name as it was felt somewhat out of place.

‘It’s an affectionate name.’

An old memory surfaced of someone long forgotten who had given him that name.

-You look like burnt or ink-colored, so let’s call you Mook. My surname is Lee, so Lee Mook! How about it?

The person had said that, just as the Imoogi would become a dragon and rule the world after a thousand years, he too would fulfill his dreams and aspirations. It was a vague memory since it was so long ago, and he was just a black salamander back then.

As time passed, he grew into a divine beast and eventually began to be called Imoogi.

‘Back then, I brushed it off, but now, that guy who named a mere salamander after a divine beast was quite funny.’

Despite its small size, the name given with the meaning of becoming a world-ruling entity was both amusing and dear to him.

The Imoogi, after a moment of contemplation, nodded.

[I’ll decide. Kristina.]

“Go ahead. By the way, it’s amazing how clearly the telepathy spell is delivered. Isn’t it difficult?”

[Well, it’s manageable. I almost couldn’t speak at all, so it’s fortunate.]

Due to the limitations of his oral structure, this was natural for a hatchling.

“Even though it’s high magic, you’re adapting incredibly quickly.”


Nodding gratefully, the Imoogi glanced at the white chick.

‘I should give this guy a name soon too.’

At that moment, Kristina looked up as if sensing something.

“Just in time.”

Kristina, the owner of the lair, had sensed the arrival of teleportation magic.

Already knowing who was coming, she moved with a slight smile.

“I have to go greet Ferdikion. He’s faster than I expected.”


As the Imoogi stood up, the white chick quickly perched on his head.

“Are you two coming along too?”

We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
One Day I Became a Hatchling

One Day I Became a Hatchling

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