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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

One Day I Became a Hatchling: Chapter 2

Dragging my unusually sluggish body outside, I was met with a sight that made my eyes widen in awe.

Jewels and equipment imbued with a mysterious aura. All kinds of weapons, raw minerals. A place where black ores that exude ferocity and nobility cover the horizon and hills.

‘I can’t believe such a place exists in the world.’

Mountains of gold, filled with clothes and jewelry imbued with beauty and energy crafted by the handiwork of gods.

The exotic atmosphere pervaded from the patterns engraved on the coins to the weapons.

‘I’m not dead. Could it be that I was dragged to another country……?’

He wandered around while looking at his surroundings.

Gold goblets kicked by his feet. Objects decorated with unknown patterns by a craftsman’s hand. Ancient books. Items of unknown usage. Mountains of gold coins piled endlessly no matter how much he walked.

‘There are a lot of unusual things even at a glance.’

He could feel overwhelming wealth and power that seemed endless.

‘Who could be the owner of this place to have gathered such tremendous treasures?’

For someone like him who lived secluded on an island, this was an unimaginable place.

Thud. Thud.

As he looked around carefully, something neither a weapon nor a jewel caught his eye.

The stone was neatly cut and stood upright, with heavy handwriting inscribed on it.

He could read it even though it was the first time he had seen the letters.

[A child who has never seen the light of the world. Even if we cannot meet again, I hope you are happy in that distant place.]

It was an epitaph commemorating the death of a young life.

‘This is……a tombstone.’

Only then did he realize that this place was for a departed child.

No doubt, things that made no sense were buried together for the child who probably died before even being born.

The imoogi clicked his tongue lightly.

He stretched out his arm, intending to briefly chant a prayer in his heart as he touched the tombstone.


For a moment, he wondered if there was someone else besides him.

Where his arm touched the black and transparent tombstone.

The face there was completely different.

‘……Why does my face look like this?’

The toes of his outstretched forepaw were short and plump.

‘……Are my toes this small?’

When he looked down, his belly was round and full.

‘……Why is my belly so big?’

When he turned around, his sleek and powerful tail, which had been like steel, was now small and lizard-like.

Something was wrong.

‘What is this!’

His already large red pupils widened further in shock.

He opened his mouth wide, looking at various parts of his body.

‘Who is this! There’s a strange kid here!’

He felt as if goosebumps were all over his body.

While staring blankly at the tombstone, he pulled his cheek.


Rather than the tough black scales of an indestructible creature, his soft and tender skin stretched and then snapped back.

‘Why is my body so small and plump?’

He fiddled with his waist and belly with his short hands.

Then, he groped his short thighs and his head, confirming it with a bewildered face.


‘I……I’m doomed.’

The imoogi, who slumped to the ground, had a look as if he had lost everything in the world.

Episode 2 Is this my appearance?

‘Is this my appearance?’

He, who had wielded powerful strength and placed all things beneath his feet.

But now, that was no longer the case.

The powerful divine beast imoogi of yesterday was nowhere to be found, and he had become a weak and helpless creature overnight.

‘Ah……wait a minute. Let’s calm down and think.’

He quickly reconsidered his situation.

‘Right. Rebirth! It must be that thing I’ve only heard about.’

The universal rebirth that cannot be known before ascending to become a dragon.

‘……That can’t be true.’

He gripped his nonexistent hair with both hands and tugged.

Even thinking for himself, it was absurd.

‘Does it even make sense to reincarnate while retaining one’s memories in the first place?’

The imoogi shook his small head.

When he looked up at the sky, he saw the soft light filtering through the ceiling.

‘Is it sunlight?’

He twitched his nose and exposed his face to the light.

The warm scent of sunlight soaked into his nostrils.

‘It’s warm…….’

His eyes naturally closed.

As his mind became at ease, his breath seemed steady.

For some reason, it felt like he was breathing for the first time.

The calm and peaceful feeling was pleasant.

As he let go of the tension in his shoulders, he felt his strength soaking into his body each time he took a breath.

He lowered his two front paws as he relished the feeling of energy supplementing his small body.

In this serene peace, he felt the knot of his emotions slowly unraveling.

How long did he breathe steadily as his belly went up and down?

When he slowly opened his eyes.

His gaze became much calmer as he looked around.

As he felt more relaxed, he began to slowly organize his thoughts.

‘First, let’s do what I can right now. There might be something helpful. For that…… I need to figure out what kind of place this is.’

The imoogi walked with his unfamiliar little feet step by step.

‘Fancy swords. Strange abilities are felt. Witchcraft tools or treasures……? There are even cursed items.’

He, who had been the heir of the Black Dragon, was highly resistant to dark attributes and curses, so it wasn’t a problem, but any ordinary being would go mad just by holding these items.

‘Who’s the eccentric with such bizarre tastes?’

He couldn’t tell what some items were for, but for others, he knew the curse’s nature.

‘A curse that turns you to stone with just a glance. Kind of cliché.’

‘A curse that throws you into a hell of hunger for life…… Quite a traditional curse.’

‘A curse where you lose your voice and get legs? This is rather ambiguous to be a curse.’

‘A potion that makes you lose your original form and become something else, and a potion that turns you into a specific creature…… This is rather useful.’

For someone, these could ruin their entire life, but to the imoogi, they seemed like toys made as a hobby.

Perhaps that’s why he ended up evaluating their worth as he thought about the items.

‘……Not particularly interesting, but still.’

The imoogi continued to look around at the abundance of objects.

‘For a place maintained by yang energy, the tastes are rather dark.’

His thoughts suggested another possibility.

‘Or they were sealed here.’

If someone had gathered this many dark and cursed items, that was usually the case.

‘Oh. What’s this?’

After wandering around for a while, he saw a jewel large enough to fill both his arms and his eyes sparkled.

‘It contains strong and pure darkness.’

He reached out and hugged the large black gem tightly to his chest.

As it was almost a source of power for him, he looked around and suddenly raised his head.

Then he opened his mouth wide.

‘A mountain of treasures?’

Seeing the mountain of jewels piled up before him, his eyes widened.

Without even realizing it, his tail started wagging gently.

‘I’ve struck gold! I’ve struck gold!’

With the weapons and jewels here, it was only a matter of time before the imoogi regained his strength.

Climbing up the mountain of jewels with effort, he grabbed any gem and inspected the power contained within it.

But where he stepped suddenly sank, and he flailed his paws, losing his balance.


Eventually, he fell backward and rolled down.

‘Even when falling, I can’t let go of this!’

As he tumbled down like a snowball, the imoogi gripped the large black gem tightly in his arms, not wanting to drop it.

Thud. Thud!

He rolled several meters more due to inertia before finally stopping, shivering all over.

Just as he tried to collect his dizzying thoughts while lying limp, he felt a distortion in space above him.

‘……! What is this overwhelming presence?’

He frowned at the sensation of something huge and powerful emerging.

‘Even my previous self wouldn’t have easily overpowered this being.’

Although it bruised his pride, his assessment was calm.

Instinctively feeling that this being was the owner of the place, he stood on all fours and raised his head.

The tension made his muscles stiffen, and his tail naturally bristled.

‘I mustn’t shrink back. This guy might be amazing, but I…… am the divine beast, the Black Dragon’s imoogi!’

Determination showed in his eyes.

As he gazed intently at the crack in space, a gigantic mountain-like being emerged.



With just two steps, the ground shook.

The tremors were so powerful that the mountain of jewels collapsed.

With a body seemingly endless in height, the creature was massive and its whole form glimmered in gold.

The presence that instantly dominated the space inhaled deeply and exhaled, tearing through the air.

The ensuing wave was so intense that he almost got swept away like a leaf.

‘So that’s how it is, huh.’

Even before the giant being that blotted out the sky, he kept his eyes wide and glared at it.

To assert his dominance, the imoogi took a deep breath and cried out strongly.

“Kyuuu! ……U?”


Rather than an intimidating roar, what came out was a squeaky huff.

‘What kind of sound is that!’

He had envisioned a majestic roar full of dignity, but what came out was a ‘kyuuu.’

As he stood there, dumbfounded, the being, seemingly made entirely of gold, revealed a pair of blue pupils and looked down at the imoogi.

[Who are you■?]

Compared to the golden giant, the imoogi was a very small creature.

Yet, even in this state, clutching a mana stone tightly in his arms, the imoogi stood firm, looking up at the golden ruler.

“Kyut, kyuuu!”

‘Damn it!’

He had tried to say his name, but only short, squeaky noises emerged from his undeveloped vocal cords.


‘This is driving me crazy!’

No matter how hard he tried, only embarrassing sounds came out, making him want to disappear into a hole.

Exhausted, he plopped down in his spot.

The golden being, looking down at him in a daze, blinked its blue eyes and then turned its gaze towards the egg he’d broken through.

[The egg……?]

Seeing the egg shell fragments and the fluids smeared from inside out, the being gulped.

[Could it be……that it hatched? The Black Dragon’s egg?]

We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
One Day I Became a Hatchling

One Day I Became a Hatchling

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