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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

One Day I Became a Hatchling: Chapter 20

  • Who taught you to have such bad manners? Did you want to disgrace your dead mother?
  • Magic string game? If you’re going to play childish games like that, you might as well live your whole life in the human world, spending your days in idle play, not knowing if you’re dead or alive. You’re utterly useless.
    Childhood trauma tends to become more vividly entrenched over time.
  • A irresponsible wretch like you could never take responsibility for the residents of the lair. If a war suddenly breaks out again while you’re basking in peace, you will pay with the lives of the residents.
  • Pitiful… There’s not even a single thing about you that’s like my talon. It’s truly like raising a useless weed.
    The feeling of the dragon heart hardening like a stone and falling to the ground beneath remained vividly in memory.
  • It would have been better if a thing like you were never born…
    When Ferdicion realized the sincerity of those words, he steeled himself.
    No, it instilled in Ferdicion a twisted principle:
    That without power, without strength, one doesn’t even have the right to speak.
    That anything done for self-satisfaction that doesn’t suit the destiny of inheriting the lair is an act of a coward, running away from the duty given to oneself.
    ‘I must become a dragon with no lack, to control the people living in the lair as an elder.’
    To inherit and protect the lair, and not overlook the insult to Kuzna.
    To be recognized for fulfilling his role, Ferdicion even eschewed common sleep cycles in his efforts.
    When the result finally earned him the legacy of the lair,
    Even though he felt recognized, he couldn’t smile.
    He felt as though the muscles that allowed him to smile at the corners of his lips were gone, and around that time…
    He thought it didn’t matter.
    After silently staring for a while, Ferdicion gazed quietly at the small hatchling before him.
    Through its lethargic and dull eyes, the clear gaze of the hatchling came into view.
    Though different from himself, the same red eyes.
    Perhaps because he told him to "just speak comfortably."
    Ferdicion made a decision that he normally would not have made.
    "…… I haven’t sung for so long, it might sound awkward."
    ‘Oh. Did you decide to try?’
    The Imoogi nodded with a delighted expression.
    In the end, Ferdicion softly gazed at the Imoogi and then let his clear voice flow with the melody.
    "My home that missed the sky.
    Returning to a place to rest my weary body, when I lower my tired wings.
    Whenever I’m immersed in the beautiful sunset, thinking of my wish in my heart.
    One step. Walking the path of roses where red flowers bloom.
    Two steps. Touching the puzzle of the blue door.
    Three steps. Preparing a meal for you amidst the maze of memories."
    It was a strange occurrence.
    Being sensitive to the flow of magic, the Imoogi could detect it.
    ‘This is no ordinary song.’
    It felt the invisible magic circulating in a discernible flow.
    Ferdicion, lost in the song, was unaware of the situation.
    Being naturally sensitive to the flow of magic and unfamiliar with the magic of this world, the Imoogi could attentively observe and discover what kind of song it was.
    Making it so that the dragons and hatchlings, who breathe and use magic like air, could not detect it, Ferdicion was unaware of it as well.
    ‘In that case, it’s no wonder no one knew until now.’
    Kuzna’s lullaby for the child was crafted to comfort the hearts of those who hear or sing it.
    It was skillfully embedded with a well-constructed structure of magic, so it wouldn’t feel out of place.
    ‘This is… word magic.’
    Without Christina’s passed-down knowledge, it would have been impossible to figure out.
    Kuzna had imprinted word magic through the lullaby to the child.
    ‘But if it is word magic, shouldn’t there be something that indicates a name or subject? No matter how many times I listen, there isn’t anything that could be a name or subject, is there?’
    As questions arose, Ferdicion’s song continued.
    "And so, to you who will dwell in this place, I hope my heart reaches.
    May it be a place meant just for you. Today again, I, today too.
    Wishing, bringing my hands together."
    The Imoogi, trying its best to stay awake and analyze it, felt the gentle silk wrapping around its body, unsettling its focus.
    ‘No… Sleep is overcoming me.’
    Feeling the darkness clouding its mind, the Imoogi closed its eyes.

    Even before opening its eyes, the Imoogi thought,
    ‘I had a good sleep.’
    He unknowingly licked his snout.
    Feeling the dampness on his mouth as if drool had flowed, was slightly bothersome.
    It was astonishing to realize he had slept so deeply, and at the same time, there was a peculiar languor.
    ‘It was truly an amazing song…’
    A song that made him sleep just by listening to it!
    Even he, who had experienced almost every kind of magic in his youth, was stunned.
    He sat there, as if soaked in warm water, reflecting on the song.
    ‘I thought there was no subject, but on another look, it might not be so.’
    He tried to recall as much as possible of the song he heard through drowsy ears.
    ‘From the beginning, the lyrics were directed at someone dwelling in a cozy home. Although I don’t know the exact sentiment, the nature of a lullaby must be to wish for comfort.’
    It perfectly fulfilled its purpose as a lullaby.
    Even though he was young, the body of a hatchling born with powerful magic could not withstand it.
    He chuckled inwardly.
    ‘But still. A song so precisely crafted to put someone to sleep? Not just for crying children, it would even calm down a rampaging one.’
    He couldn’t help but be amazed by the overwhelming lullaby.
    It was so unbelievable that he was left speechless, but he wasn’t complaining.
    ‘It’s an interesting power. I want it.’
    Feeling the power of word magic, a desire stirred.
    The inherited knowledge only provided very basic information about word magic.

  • Word Magic: The highest level of magic that realizes strong desires through language.
  • Superior in strength to regular magic.
  • Can produce infinite results depending on its wielder.
    Even though he tried recalling how to obtain it, only limited information circled his mind as if he lacked the qualification.
    ‘Tsk. It seems to be information I’ll understand when I grow more.’
    It was disappointing, but it was ultimately a matter of time.
    Now that he knew there was information, it was only a matter of waiting. Either time would reveal it, or he could directly ask Christina.
    For now, he mentally shelved word magic like a homework assignment and shook off his sleepiness.
    ‘Apparently, I fell asleep while listening to the song… did Ferdicion leave?’
    In the Imoogi’s room, in his usual sleeping crib.
    Judging by the emptiness in his belly, it must have been at least a few hours.
    Glancing around, he saw White Night breathing evenly, murmuring softly in her sleep.
    “Squeak… squeak.”
    With her wings drooped, White Night made a tiny noise in her sleep, then smacked her lips before breathing steadily again.
    ‘I have nothing to say.’
    Finding it both funny and oddly relieving to see her relaxed, the Imoogi stretched his tense wings.
    Then he noticed something and looked at his wings and hands.
    ‘…Wait. My polymorph has unraveled?’
    The polymorph bracelet was neatly placed in a corner of the crib, and the Imoogi had reverted to his original form as a young hatchling.
    In other words, someone had removed the bracelet from his arm and moved him into the crib, putting him to sleep without his awareness.
    He indirectly realized the extent of the power of Ferdicion’s mother, Kuzna. Though he was a hatchling, it was surprising how much influence it had.
    ‘I knew there were beings who used unique abilities through songs, but it’s impressive.’
    Meanwhile, Rai, who had been minimizing his glow in a corner, gradually brightened and floated into the air.
    ‘So you were here too, huh? Christina must have sent you.’
    Since he had sensed an insignificant presence from the moment he woke up, the Imoogi gave a light wave.
    ‘You seem to be in a good mood.’
    Having seen Rai frequently, he had gotten good at reading its expressions. Though it seemed Christina could communicate verbally, it made sense that as a lower-grade spirit, it couldn’t speak to anyone other than its contractor.
    ‘Considering that, it’s interesting that it can even depict self-expressive symbols to some extent.’
    He recalled the information that spirits, even lower-grade ones, varied according to the contractor’s characteristics.
    Of course, understanding it theoretically and experiencing it first-hand were different matters.
    Drawing a harmless face in light, Rai gently circled around the Imoogi before silently flying out the door.
    Not long after, Christina materialized from thin air.
    After confirming that the Imoogi was awake and that White Night was still sleeping, she smiled and asked.
    [Shall we talk outside? We can leave things in Rai’s hands here.]
    Using telepathic magic. As the Imoogi nodded in agreement, Christina whispered something to Rai.
    [Taking a pose as if saying, “Leave it to me.”]
    As Rai glided soundlessly and softly descended like a snowflake to the crib’s edge, glowing white.
    The Imoogi grabbed his bracelet, and Christina gently lifted him by his underarms.
    Feeling equally cautious, the Imoogi responded with maximum discretion.
    "Squeak. Eek…"
    Deliberately stepping back to avoid White Night sensing the movement, Christina used teleportation magic.
    In an instant, the scenery transformed into the area outside the lair.
    Under the sky adorned with the moon and stars.
    A peaceful, vast basin surrounded by quiet trees unfolded.
    The Imoogi put on his bracelet and transformed himself into the human form most convenient for conversation.
    Christina observed this and chuckled.
    "When Ferdicion brought you and White Night both fast asleep in his arms, it had been a long time since I’d seen him so flustered. As he left, he still seemed worried. Could you reassure him when he visites tomorrow?"
    She then took out a pouch of cookies and handed it to the Imoogi.
    "How was it? Your lesson with Ferdicion."
    Feeling hungry, the Imoogi accepted the pouch and took out a cookie, biting into it.
    The crunchy texture of nuts and the sweet, crispy taste filled his mouth.
    "It was the same as usual. There was something peculiar, though."
    "Really? What happened?"
    “Ferdicion sang me a lullaby. He said it was one mother ‘Kuzna’ often sang for him.”
    "Oh my. Did he talk about Lady Kuzna?”
    Christina seemed delighted, perhaps thinking this was a significant improvement.
    “Yeah. It seems like she was very affectionate towards him. I wanted to talk more, but I fell asleep… I don’t even know how I managed to fall asleep so quickly.”
    “If it’s a song from Lady Kuzna… really. The Kuzna I know might not have simply composed a ‘song.’”
    While Christina seemed lost in thought, the Imoogi waited and took a mental deep breath.
    ‘The opportunity came sooner than expected.’
    It was time to cast out the bait to fish for information about his goal in this naturally flowing conversation.
    ‘Let’s see if we catch a big one.’
    Making sure not to reveal his intentions, he lowered his gaze to the cookie pouch and bit into another cookie.
    “Do you think I can learn it?”
    “You mean Lady Kuzna’s ‘song’?”
    “Yes. Making someone fall asleep so comfortably is fascinating.”
    The convenience of a child’s vocabulary.
    Even without clearly articulating as an adult would, an innocent child’s question could avoid raising suspicion about its real purpose.
    “That magic is an ‘ardent wish’ and a ‘meaning’ you attribute to something you understand most perfectly in your life. It’s very difficult magic, but it’s also something that can be used quite naturally.”
    Christina continued speaking as if in a dream.
    “It’s the most beautiful magic, but so familiar like air that it often goes unnoticed.”
    “Still hard to understand?”
    Christina gently tousled his black hair, finding his earnest response endearing, and kindly replied.
    “There will come a day when you understand.”
    The Imoogi looked at Christina and nodded.
    “Understood. Thank you for telling me, Christina.”
    “You flatter me. But it is time to sleep… though after resting deeply, you might not fall asleep immediately.”
    “Yes. Can I stay here for a bit longer?”
    “Sure, as long as you don’t leave this area… you won’t take long, will you?”
    “No, it won’t take long. I just want to think about what I might discuss with brother tomorrow.”
    Lightly placing her hand on the lair’s wall, Christina revealed a small sigil in the air.
    “When you’re done thinking, touch this. It will teleport you straight to your room.”
    It was a precaution, even though she knew he could use teleportation magic, to ensure safety.
    Leaving him with a remark about searching for him if it took too long, she left the scene.
    Now alone, the Imoogi exhaled deeply.
    ‘I managed to catch a big one, though I don’t know the recipe yet.’
    Thinking so, he took another bite of the savory peanut cookie.
    ‘Well… I should be relieved that there are no real losses.’
    Based on the lessons from Ferdicion and previous life’s experiences, he could roughly guess the framework of word magic.
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
One Day I Became a Hatchling

One Day I Became a Hatchling

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