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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

One Day I Became a Hatchling: Chapter 22

Perdikion briefly responded and started walking somewhere after looking around.

“Where are you going?”

“It’s an outdoor class, so I’m looking for a place to teach.”


‘Isn’t here good enough?’

Christina had sent the two children to a good place for classes.

It was a suitable open space with only a few large trees planted among the dense mountain basin.

As the Imugi looked around, he suddenly realized something and looked at Perdikion.

‘No way…’

A gloomy shadow was cast on his carefully observed face.

At that moment, Perdikion mumbled something softly.

“Why here, of all places…”

Whether he was aware of the Imugi’s gaze, Perdikion stopped speaking and kept his mouth shut.

The Imugi, feeling something strange, looked at him, but Perdikion quickly regained his composure.

The Imugi instinctively knew that this place had triggered Perdikion’s trauma.

‘Having a relationship with Christina, this might not be the first time he’s seen this scenery.’

He had a strong and cold exterior, but he couldn’t fool the Imugi.

The fact that the Imugi was a hatchling who had been born not long ago seemed to relax Perdikion’s tension a bit, and their recent classes together had fostered a sense of closeness.

Thanks to this, Perdikion unconsciously revealed signals.

‘I’ve built up enough rapport to ask him.’

After a period of silence, the Imugi spoke first.

“Hey, have you been here before?”

Feigning ignorance, Perdikion answered:

“Yes, I think I’ve been here.”

‘Think you’ve been here?’

He replied with an uncertain assumption.

‘There’s something.’

Suspecting that Christina had a reason for recommending this place, the Imugi took a moment and continued speaking.

“Were you alone, or with someone else?”

“With my father.”

The Imugi, too, could guess that someone who rarely socialized would most likely be accompanied by his father, Pascias.

But that wasn’t the end of the answer.

After a brief hesitation, Perdikion added:

“…and with my mother. I had forgotten.”

Though not comfortable to speak, he talked candidly as he was questioned.

If he really didn’t want to talk, he could have cut the conversation short, but it seemed like he actually wanted to bring it up.

‘A child who couldn’t even remember his deceased mother now can finally speak about her. Although it might be awkward due to the long time he couldn’t talk about it, and he might not want to show his true feelings.’

While walking to choose the class location, they did not completely leave the open space.

There wasn’t really a better place than the open space they had just reached, and psychological reasons weighed heavily as well.

‘Still, there seems to be a heart that wants to talk.’

The reason why Christina, who had known him longer than the Imugi, chose this place for an outdoor class.

Clearly, she must have guessed Perdikion’s thoughts and selected this spot accordingly.

After calmly organizing his thoughts, the Imugi spoke again as if nothing had happened.

“Hey, the open space we saw earlier was also nice. You can see the whole basin and it’s good for observing how magic resonates with the entire basin and lair.”

“That’s true.”

Consciously or not, Perdikion, aware of avoiding something, moved back to the open space with brief words.

The Imugi thought to himself while looking at Perdikion’s back.

‘If this place brings back memories with Kuzna, it must be quite a long time ago.’

Even though the story was hundreds of years old, memories or emotions should have faded, but they still influenced Perdikion.

Things he had buried in his busy life were gradually resurfacing as he faced this place.

– Stay here where it’s safe, child.

– Leave it. He needs to make mistakes and get hurt to understand what’s wrong and dangerous.

In the deeply buried memories of Perdikion.

Silver Dragon Kuzna with neatly arranged long silver hair and young Red Dragon Pascias in human form were having a conversation.

– How can you say such harsh words? The child was born not long ago.

– No matter how young he is, he has dragon blood. He’s not so weak that he needs worrying.

– If dragons were dragons from the beginning, why would the word ‘hatchling’ exist? Pel. Come here.

– Yes!

In the vigorous and innocent days, young Perdikion ran on all fours across the grass without even polymorphing.

Held in his mother’s arms, Perdikion sang joyfully with Kuzna.

It felt as if only a different time was layered over this place.

Lost in thoughts swept in by tranquility, Perdikion’s face turned stern.

Looking at him, the Imugi took out the picnic mat from the basket and spread it on the ground.


Baekya jumped down from the Imugi’s head and wandered around the mat.

It was a flat land with reasonable short and not too stiff grass. A few suitable stones on the mat’s corners made it comfortable to sit.

The Imugi sat on the mat with the picnic basket in the center and called Perdikion to bring him out of his thoughts.

“Come on, sit here for now.”

“Oh, okay.”

After seeing Perdikion sit down, the Imugi naturally took out bread, cookies, and warm milk.

Baekya, which had been looking back and forth between the Imugi and Perdikion, tilted its head before flying into the basket.

Chapter 24 – With Mother

The bird skillfully opened the pouch with its beak and shone its eyes.


Baekya hugged the bread pouch with its wings as if it were a treasure chest.



The bird, seemingly happy, looked for a corner of the basket to curl up for a nap, scratching the bottom with its feet.

The sound of Baekya’s regular breaths fell silent as it dozed off after turning a few times.

Shrugging his shoulders, the Imugi showed Perdikion the milk bottle.

“Do you want to drink this?”

Perdikion nodded, and the Imugi removed the cap and handed him the milk.

He took it without much expression.

‘He’s completely out of it. At times like this, a top-quality plum wine would do.’

The top-grade liquor supplies that occasionally came to the sacrificial island crossed his mind, but the only thing he held now was warm milk.


After confirming Perdikion was drinking milk, the Imugi also opened his bottle of milk.

Drinking the milk brought a pleasant sensation of magic permeating his body along with a refreshing feeling.

Perdikion’s face showed no major change in expression, but unlike his usual wary and sensitive demeanor, he was full of gaps.

‘He’s in just the right state for some heart-to-heart.’

Someone who had never properly reminisced about his mother now had managed to find someone who he could open up to even a little. It was enough to stir his heart.

‘Those who harbor resentment in their hearts search for someone who will listen.’

It was time to untangle the knots that had been ignored, forgotten, and unresolved.

After a brief consideration, he asked gently in a way that wouldn’t break the mood:

“Did you come here with your parents? When you were young like me?”

“Yes. I think it was my first outing.”

‘His first outing.’

The Imugi imagined a little Perdikion holding some dragon’s hand and being brought here.

“My father didn’t like it, but my mother, Kuzna, loved singing even back then. I think I sometimes sang along, but after she passed away… I couldn’t bring myself to sing because it reminded me of her.”

It seemed that Perdikion had stopped singing because of Kuzna’s death.

The Imugi internally clicked his tongue.

‘His father pushed him too, and he didn’t want to dwell on it himself.’

The death of a parent was something difficult for a still young kid to accept.

Especially in an environment where he couldn’t reminisce about the deceased due to his father’s constant demands.

There wasn’t much the hatchling Perdikion could do.

As a result, the talents that had been discovered earlier were now just wasted, which seemed a pity.

‘It’s fortunate he found out about it now.’

If Perdikion’s mother Kuzna had known, she would definitely have thought the same.

“Hey, how about singing a lot from now on?” said Imugi.

“Why sing and remember when it’s better to just forget?”

In response to Perdikion’s shaky eyes, the Imugi thought for a moment before answering:

“Because that singing is proof that Kuzna loved you. Shouldn’t we cherish that?”

“Proof of her love?”

At the moment when Perdikion mumbled the Imugi’s words, the darkness completely disappeared and the basin was filled with sunlight.

It was a perfect morning.

The gentlest golden light gathered, bathing Christina’s lair in a soft wheat field color.

The light spreading from the center of the lair made the grass in the basin around Perdikion and the Imugi glisten gold.

‘Alright, let’s ride this flow.’

To stay within the bounds of what a child can say, and to clearly consider the content, the Imugi smiled faintly.

“Hey, you know? Before I was born, there was a big war. People endured tiring and tough lives, and some were probably angry, sad, and hurt in their hearts.”

Perdikion, pained, unintentionally listened to the words of the much younger hatchling.

“If people who endured resentment and kept going gained strength, wouldn’t it be because they hoped for a moment when it would be okay to not be sad? I don’t know much, but they say that’s called ‘hope’ or ‘happiness’.”

The child’s words, spoken calmly, had no intent to blame or attack anyone.

Through innocent eyes, the child simply talked about the facets of those who suffered and felt pain.

At that moment, Perdikion didn’t know why he couldn’t argue against the Imugi’s words.

He realized that sometimes words that couldn’t be understood with the mind could resonate in the heart.

“So, if the time when your mother was here was happy, I hope you cherish it. We might be incredibly strong, but we wouldn’t go through life without hardships. There will be times when we need to know how to face things that our strength can’t solve.”

Dragons, being so arrogant, would never say something like that.

They weren’t supposed to face challenges of that kind.

His father Pascias was exactly like that.

Whenever Perdikion showed a lack of something as an elder, his father would always say, “You’re an incompetent fool who doesn’t behave like a dragon!”

‘…Don’t be ridiculous. I’m not an inadequate elder. I’m the promising heir that lives up to his father’s expectations, and I’m the son of Kuzna, the esteemed mother who gave birth to a magnificent dragon!’

However, Perdikion couldn’t resolutely deny the words of the young black dragon hatchling before him.

Swallowed in sadness that he had repressed until now surged within him, overflowing.


Suddenly, the soft cloth held by the Imugi touched Perdikion’s cheek.


“Are you crying?”

He finally realized that he had been shedding tears without even blinking.

His mind, vehemently denying it, had succumbed and burst like a dam.

“Sob. Sniff.”

Trying to hold back, biting his lower lip, Perdikion eventually started to cry like a child, sniffling.

“… It must have been hard for you too.”

With the Imugi’s words, Perdikion’s sobs grew louder.

Still a hatchling, but much younger within, he cried out his sorrows for the first time.

“Cry it out. You’ve been through a lot.”

Perdikion cried for a long time, soaking the cloth in the picnic basket.


‘Sigh. It seems there was a lot pent-up.’

Watching the child cry uncontrollably once it started, the Imugi turned his gaze to the sky.

‘He’ll probably cringe about this later.’

Knowing that he had reached his goal regardless of whether the fiery tribe’s kid felt embarrassed later, the Imugi was satisfied.

After crying for a while and feeling Perdikion calming down,

The Imugi pulled out another warm milk bottle from the picnic basket.

“I-I don’t want it…”

Embarrassed by recent events, blushing from ear to ear, Perdikion couldn’t lift his head.

Shrugging, the Imugi took the milk bottle and put it back in the basket.

‘How many times did he blow his nose?’

It was fortunate the napkin cloth was ample, otherwise, there might have been a disaster in the Imugi’s hands.

Throwing away the snot-covered pieces, the Imugi looked at Perdikion steadying his breath.

“Feeling calmer now?”

“Yeah, kind of…”

His eyes, red and tear-filled, made Perdikion seem sympathetic, so the Imugi waited as Perdikion spoke first.

“Somehow, I feel relieved.”

“That’s good to hear.”

With the Imugi smiling, Perdikion let out a helpless laugh.

“It’s the first time I feel like this in my life.”

Perdikion somehow seemed refreshed as he said that.

‘That makes sense after letting it all out.’

Shrugging his shoulders, the Imugi took out a chestnut bread.

As if asking Perdikion if he wanted some, Perdikion nodded, understanding the gesture.

Handing him a new piece of bread, the Imugi took a big bite of his chestnut bread.

‘Oh, it’s delicious as expected.’

Christina’s baking skills were excellent.

Perdikion, watching the Imugi’s stuffed cheeks, wiped his eyes with his sleeve before finally biting into the bread that was given to him.

“Did Christina choose this class location?”

We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
One Day I Became a Hatchling

One Day I Became a Hatchling

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