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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

One Day I Became a Hatchling: Chapter 26

‘Those are the vegetables I practiced speech magic with this morning.’
Seeing the lively vegetables again made her want to chop them up and finish them off right away.
It was embarrassing to think that she used the ability of speech magic, which is classified higher than general elemental magic, on such vegetables.
“Yeah, they’re really fresh. I want to cook them right away.”
‘I need to eat them up to destroy the evidence.’
Seeing Rune’s enthusiastic reply, Christina felt satisfied as if she were looking at a student passionate about their studies in class.
“Then let’s get started.”
They made omelets, sandwiches, milk, and black tea, and brought the peacefully sleeping Baekya to enjoy a peaceful breakfast together.
In the afternoon, they spent time on their own.
Christina reorganized her messy lair, and Rune secretly checked on the demon rose here and there during his personal training. Even Baekya spent a leisurely day grooming his fur, which he hadn’t done in a while.
And as the sun was setting.
“Looks like steak tonight.”
Pherdician, who had visited late for a night class, sat familiarly on the reception room chair and held a knife and fork.
Even he, who wasn’t very interested in cooking, noticed the extraordinary nature of the steak, as his eyes glimmered the moment he smelled it.
“Did you make this too?”
“Yes. I seasoned it and grilled it. Try it, brother.”
“This is quite excellent. I’ll enjoy it.”
Pherdician looked quite elegant as he sliced and ate the steak with a knife. Seeing him like that, old memories naturally came rushing back.
‘He’s changed a lot, too.’
In the past, the Pherdician she first knew would have sneered and implicitly regarded food with suspicion in his eyes. Now, however, he had become quite gentle and took naturally to sharing meals.
‘Sharing meals is also an important experience in many ways.’
Pherdician’s eyes widened as he tasted the steak cut to an appropriate size.
It was food rich in fresh magical energy.
Moreover, it tasted so good that it made him feel momentarily dazed.
As a bell rang in his head and he became intoxicated by a taste he had never experienced before, he unknowingly devoured two or three more pieces in succession.
“This is truly delicious!”
Having eaten about half, he regretted as the remaining piece disappeared and lightly trembled his eyes. Even Christina slightly widened her eyes and caressed her cheek as she tasted the steak.
“Oh my, it’s more than I imagined. How could it taste like this?”
‘I wonder how they’d react if I told them it was a dish made with ingredients that had been blessed with the power of speech magic.’
Leaving aside the bitter truth, the steak was undoubtedly a heavenly taste.
Rune also sliced and ate the steak, doubting himself, ‘Did I really make this?’
Baekya, who was pecking at a soft potato salad, straightened the one black feather on his head and sparkled his eyes.
“Peep! Peep!”
The bird happily finished the potato salad, wagging his tail feathers, and swiftly downed the steak pieces as well.
“It’s my first time having such an amazing meal with even the grilled vegetables on the side being delicious.”
“I’m glad. It turned out better than I thought.”
“You are truly commendable. I was curious to see how you’d do when you asked to try it yourself, but I never thought it would be such a delightful experience.”
Hearing Christina’s words, Pherdician had a conflicted look as he continued eating his steak.
After finishing his meal and even emptying the accompanying drink, he placed his cup firmly on the table with a determined look.
“Did you really make this?”
“I told you so.”
Since it wasn’t unreasonable not to believe it, he answered calmly. Rune had no reason to lie, and it wasn’t so much about distrust as it was genuine surprise, which he could fully understand.
“I have a request.”
“? To me?”
Since Pherdician’s gaze remained fixed on him, Rune asked curiously.
After nodding, Pherdician spoke in an unwavering tone.
“Can you reproduce this taste in my lair?”
“In your lair?”
It was highly unusual for a newly hatched hatchling to venture outside their nest.
Knowing this, Pherdician alternated his gaze between Christina and Rune.
“Yes. If it’s alright with Christina, I’d like to formally invite you to my lair. So that they can taste this… I want to let my lair’s residents experience it.”
Hearing this, Christina let out a small exclamation.
It was surprising enough that Pherdician, a candidate for the elder of the Red Dragon clan, was formally inviting someone to his lair, but to even ask a young Black Dragon hatchling for help was astonishing.
However, Rune himself felt troubled.
‘Being invited to the Fire clan’s lair is a good thing, but…’
This steak dish was the result of using the highest quality ingredients imbued with magical power that Rune raised to their best state with his speech magic.
‘I could get help with the cooking ingredients from Christina, but providing a large amount to the lair residents without revealing my ability is impossible.’
It was regrettable that he couldn’t go to the Fire clan’s lair, but he decided to decline. Having already become close to Pherdician, he knew there would be plenty of opportunities to be invited again.
While firming his resolve, Pherdician hesitated for a moment before speaking seriously.
“Rune, you once said it’s important to protect not only their lives but also their hearts.”
“I did… say that.”
He had a bad feeling about this.
But since Pherdician’s eyes were earnest, he couldn’t outright refuse.
As he set down his utensils and clasped his hands calmly, Pherdician continued with his gaze slightly lowered.
“Just as you said, I tried to understand their hearts. It wasn’t easy. If anything, it felt more difficult than before.”
‘Indeed. It would be hard for someone who’s never sung before to suddenly sing in front of others. He must have lacked the experience to try other methods.’
It hadn’t been long since he started properly expressing his own emotions.
Reacting naturally to the emotions of others and appropriately responding would not come easy for Pherdician.
Seeing Rune’s troubled expression, Pherdician, thinking it was because Rune felt burdened, hastened to speak.
“I’m not asking for anything grand. Just enough for my closest aides. I would request the ingredients from Christina, but I plan to source what I can myself.”
“How many close aides do you have?”
“At most, just over twenty. If preparing for everyone at once is too much, it’s fine to have meals in smaller gatherings of three or four.”
Thinking over it, it wasn’t an overwhelming number.
Moreover, for a hatchling less than a year old, opportunities to visit another dragon’s lair were rare.
Pondering deeply, Rune realized something and internally marveled.
‘Come to think of it, this is a natural opportunity to practice speech magic.’
He had reached a limit in secretly practicing while evading Christina’s notice.
Moreover, the Fire lair was a place where skilled craftsmen who used fire to create excellent weapons were gathered.
If he could find a good weapon while he was there, it would be like killing two birds with one stone.
“Can you really do that?”
“If you help, I will definitely make sure to repay you.”
When Rune looked at Christina, she nodded with a smile.
With her silent approval, Rune spoke up.
“I’ll do it, brother.”
Pherdician, who was about to jump up in joy, adjusted his expression and cleared his throat as if he realized he had gotten too excited.
Though he managed to compose himself, his lips still twitched with joy.
“…Hmm. Thank you.”
“It’s nothing. But I need some time since I’m still taking lessons.”
“Your skills are good enough to come right away.”
Seeing him speak so decisively showed how much he liked his meal, but Rune didn’t back down.
Since he was going anyway, he might as well make the most out of it.
“I want to go soon too, but… If you really want me to, you have to give me something.”
“Give you something?”
With a sly smile, Rune enunciated clearly.
“A seal of fire.”
A seal of fire.
Each dragon has a unique ability to bestow blessings with various elements, known as seals.
‘Christina’s inherited knowledge is quite useful.’
Knowledge about seals lined up in his mind.
– Keyword:
– A mark held by a Red Dragon
– Effects:
* The body becomes immune to fire damage.
* Able to withstand intense heat.
* Significantly increases affinity with fire attributes.
(to be continued)
※ Note: Penalty occurs if another holder of the Seal of Fire is killed
‘The penalty is bothersome, but I have a way to deal with it.’
It wasn’t just death that living beings feared.
Understanding this well from his days as a young dragonling, he knew he could avoid the penalty.
If anything, it was an advantage not being harmed by the Fire clan members.
“…You are asking for the ‘Seal of Fire.’ Do you even know what that means?”
Pherdician, who couldn’t immediately answer, asked stiffly.
Considering he belonged to the shadow clan, thinking of becoming a servant of fire sounded ludicrous.
A typical dragon wouldn’t make such a request.
Naturally, he had a prepared response.
“Yes. It means being one of your most trusted ones, right?”
An innocent answer, childlike in naivety.
However, the words that followed made Pherdician’s expression even more stern.
“I’m comfortable with you since we meet often, but your close aides might not be familiar with me and could feel wary. But if I have a mark that shows I am trusted by you.”
A sly smile.
Rune’s smile was enough to annoy anyone who saw it.
“Then, wouldn’t everyone trust me?”
It was true.
If Pherdician gave Rune a seal, no one in his lair could touch him.
As it meant he was personally trusted and accepted by the Red Dragon candidate for elder.
Trying to take a newborn hatchling to their lair without any safety measures was an oversight of dragon logic.
Naturally, Pherdician also had a countermeasure.
Although his relationship with the lair residents wasn’t great, he was their future leader.
Unless they opposed him, no one in the lair would dare to harm Rune.
Furthermore, for the potential threat, he had thought about preparing the safest space and an escort for the hatchling in the shadow clan.
However, the reality of the matter was different from his confident beliefs and necessary logic.
As Pherdician stayed silent, Rune, acting composed, shrugged his shoulders.
“Can’t you do it?”
The demanding hatchling looked quite confident.
‘Though it’s forceful, it’s not incorrect.’
Pherdician’s face looked quite fierce. Rune assessed his state in his own way.
‘He’s suppressing his anger.’
Having known Pherdician’s fiery nature, he understood this well.
Given his personality, he wasn’t expecting the Fire clan members to harm Rune, asserting his rightful reasoning.
However, realizing he hadn’t accounted for the basic logical considerations would be extremely embarrassing.
Accepting mistakes often hurt his high pride.
‘Now, how will he react?’
Pherdician of the past didn’t know how to admit mistakes.
Rather than feeling humiliated, it wasn’t strange if he had burst out in anger.
Still fidgeting with his hands, Pherdician finally nodded.
Then, in a composed and clear tone, he spoke.
“Yes. That would be the safest for you.”
‘Oh. He’s matured, this guy.’
Feeling proud of teaching him. As Rune fondly watched, Pherdician suddenly said something unexpected.
“Now that I think about it… you’re my disciple and only younger brother. A seal of fire is the least I can give you.”
‘This is beyond expectations?’
Although he had asked for the seal with a calm face, he was prepared for any refusal.
It wasn’t something to be given away easily.
The seal didn’t merely grant powerful fire abilities.
The bearer of the seal could wield some of the Red Dragon’s authority.
This clearly showed it wasn’t something to be given away lightly.
With confidence, Pherdician continued.
“My lair is a place for those with strong fire resistance. Holding it would make things much more convenient for you.”
Even Christina seemed inwardly surprised.
Fearing her reaction might ruin this, she silently watched.
“It can be done immediately, but… I want to prepare it properly. It will take some time, so wait.”
“It’s grateful to me. I look forward to it, brother.”
Pherdician gazed gently at Rune, who casually replied, and Christina watched them with interest.
“Alright. We’ll start class after the meal.”
‘He’s grown considerably.’
‘Oh my. He’s quite admirable.’
Rune and Christina both thought the same thing and smiled contentedly.
Rune finished his steak and went to his lesson.
That day’s lesson was to improvise a song inspired by the moon.
Naturally, it didn’t go well.
Eventually receiving a week’s worth of homework under Pherdician’s sympathetic gaze, Rune trudged back to his room.
As Pherdician, having finished his task, was about to bid farewell.
“Pell, do you have a moment?”
“Yes. I do.”
Christina called him back.
“When you said you’d give Rune the seal of fire, were you serious?”
“Of course.”

We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
One Day I Became a Hatchling

One Day I Became a Hatchling

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