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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

Passion Chapter 2 part1


The organization collaborates to foster and develop talented individuals who can support the maintenance and operation of various institutions and private organizations, aiming to supply capable human resources. It is also known as the UNHRDO (United Nations Human Resource Development Organization), inheriting the International Talent Development Organization established in 1946.

The UNHRDO is dedicated to non-profit endeavors involving the dispatch, transfer, and supply of multi-talented individuals. Its headquarters and primary facility are located in New York City, USA, with auxiliary branches in Berlin, Germany; Hong Kong, China; Canberra, Australia; Johannesburg, South Africa; and São Paulo, Brazil.


Upon arriving at Chek Lap Kok Airport, a car was already waiting. A large man, who didn’t quite look like a chauffeur, greeted the uncle silently and loaded their luggage. Jung Taeui, whose only luggage was a small Boston bag, put his bag next to his uncle’s and sat beside him in the car.

The uncle handed Jung Taeui a thin booklet containing brief information and photos of their upcoming destination. It was evident that the booklet lacked substantial information, but Jung Taeui read it thoroughly nonetheless. He had already done some preliminary research before departing.

As the car left the airport, Jung Taeui used the booklet to fan himself. The uncle quietly took the booklet from his hand, flipped through it, and laughed. It seemed the uncle also found it to be a waste of paper.

“It can be understood as an organization that fosters bureaucrats or key figures for various national agencies.”

“No matter how fancy it sounds, in the end, it’s about training people and selling them to various national organizations.”

“Well, people gather here because they want to be ‘sold,’ so it’s a mutual benefit.”

The uncle didn’t seem offended by the critical tone in Jung Taeui’s comment.

Jung Taeui flipped through the booklet absentmindedly, focusing more on the photos than the words. The photos depicted modern buildings, state-of-the-art conference rooms, and rows of stern-looking men.

“Any of those guys fit your taste?”

The uncle peered at the booklet over Jung Taeui’s shoulder, smiling. Jung Taeui grimaced and shook his head.

“I don’t really fancy men who reek of masculinity… I prefer the soft, lovely ones who smell like soap or milk, but I doubt I’ll find any in this industry.”

“Soap and milk… Well, committing crimes against minors is illegal even in China. There are no minors inside the branch, so feel free to indulge.”

“Uncle, turning me into a shameless molester in an instant… I have never viewed people younger than me in that way, whether they’re under ten or in their teens.”

The uncle laughed softly. Jung Taeui glanced at him and spoke indifferently.

“If you were twenty years younger, you might be just my type.”

For a moment, the uncle’s smile faded. He blinked at Jung Taeui before bursting into laughter. He shrugged and changed the topic.

“You’ll find out soon enough once you start living there. Do you have any questions?”

“Well… It’s hard to have questions when I don’t know anything yet. I’ll figure it out as I go, as you said.”

Jung Taeui placed the booklet on his lap and gazed out the window. The roads leading from the airport to the city center looked similar in every city—spacious highways with nothing much to see.

“Wasn’t my brother working at the headquarters in America?”

“Jaeyi? Yes. He’s a thorough brainpower. The headquarters still covets him.”

Jung Taeui glanced at his uncle.

“Brainpower? So, there’s a distinction between the headquarters and the branches?”

“Not necessarily, but generally, yes. The headquarters is a brain house. Even if someone has a physical disability, they can enter if their intellect is outstanding. The branches require physical stamina as a basic condition. But that doesn’t mean someone with just muscle can get in either. Simply put, the branches aim to train MacGyvers.”

“MacGyver… I’m not confident about that.”

Jung Taeui looked at his cheerful uncle with weary eyes and slowly started asking the questions that came to mind.

“The three branches are pretty much the same?”

“Yes, the training process is the same. Occasionally, a few members get exchanged quarterly based on circumstances. But the atmosphere in each branch is slightly different. The South American branch members are somewhat eccentric, the African branch members are unpredictable, the Australian branch members are a bit annoying, and the European branch members are extremely annoying.”

The cheerful tone contrasted with the content.

“Do you have a bad relationship with the European branch?”

“The headquarters and branches have bad relationships, and the branches also have bad relationships with each other. That’s typical for competitive groups. Among them, the Asia branch and the European branch have an especially antagonistic relationship. They have joint training sessions once a year for fifteen days, and it’s quite a sight—bloody and fierce.”


The uncle seemed to find the tension between the branches entertaining rather than vexing.

Though the uncle’s face could be seen as kind, there was a significant difference between his appearance and his demeanor. Sometimes, even Jung Taeui, who was familiar with him, found it bewildering.

Jung Taeui relaxed into the seat, enjoying its comfort. He had been rushed around by his uncle for days without proper rest. He felt he could fall asleep if he closed his eyes now.

Sensing Jung Taeui’s drowsiness, the uncle spoke quietly.

“Adapting might be tough, so I’d advise you to get some rest now, but we’ll be arriving at the pier soon. Taking a short nap might make you more tired.”


Jung Taeui turned his head. The car had entered the city, with buildings filling the streets. Neon signs clashed overhead, and old buildings lined the streets. Laundry hung from poles sticking out of dilapidated buildings.

“Is the branch on Hong Kong Island?”


“Then why are we going to the pier?”

“We need to take a boat.”

“Is it in Macau?”

The uncle laughed. Jung Taeui looked sheepishly at his uncle, figuring Macau was the only option if it wasn’t Hong Kong Island.

The uncle shook his head.

“A remote island. It’s a bit further than Hong Kong Island. Administratively, it’s part of Hong Kong-China, but practically, it’s extraterritorial. The Asia branch of UNHRDO is there.”

“Hmm… Sounds like how they used to isolate prisoners on remote islands to prevent escapes.”

“Well, you could say there’s a bit of that intention.”

The uncle smiled as he spoke, looking at Jung Taeui.

“You have free time every other week from Friday 5 PM to Sunday 5 PM, so you can go out and have fun then. The boat operates between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Peninsula for the staff.”

“Listening to you, uncle…”


“It sounds like the UNHRDO Asia branch is the only thing on that island.”



Jung Taeui smiled bitterly and shook his head.

As they passed through the bustling street and turned around a grand hotel, they could see the pier in the distance.

Jung Taeui, who had been gazing at Hong Kong Island across the sea, suddenly turned his head.

“Now that I think about it, I have one more question.”


“What should I call you there?”

The uncle smiled, his expression blending the familiarity of family and the formality of a superior.

“Instructor Jung Changin. Just call me Instructor.”

* * *

The journey from the peninsula to the island took about an hour.

Contrary to the image of a small deserted island, the island was quite large. After arriving at the island’s pier, they had to take another car along a coastal road.

As the sun set, the dense forest growing inside the island appeared particularly dark and lush.

“It looks like a place where you’d expect to encounter wild animals or poisonous snakes.”

Jung Taeui murmured, and the uncle nodded nonchalantly.

“There are poisonous snakes. You need to watch your step at night. But don’t worry too much; there are no snakes with venom potent enough to kill a person instantly. Proper first aid will save you.”

Jung Taeui gave his uncle a disbelieving look. The uncle tried to reassure him, saying there was nothing to worry about.

He felt he had come to the wrong place. Half a year might be more than enough time to get unlucky and die.

Thinking of escaping to Hong Kong by the next weekend, his uncle suddenly mentioned,

“Oh, right. You won’t be able to go out for the next month or so. There’s a joint training session with the European branch starting in two weeks for fifteen days. During that period, and the special training beforehand, outings are prohibited. It will pass quickly, so try to adapt.”

Before Jung Taeui could ponder how much his uncle knew, he felt a sudden urge to throttle him.

Glaring at his uncle, Jung Taeui noticed the driver watching them through the rearview mirror. The driver, who had greeted them at the airport and driven them to the pier, seemed to be smiling.

The driver had a rough, soldier-like aura, which matched the uncle’s repeated assertion that they were not in the military. Everyone on the island probably had that same aura.

Feeling resigned, Jung Taeui sighed and looked away. He no longer had the energy to consider throttling his uncle.

“I arrived just in time to suffer through the ‘bloody’ joint training with the ‘annoying’ European branch… You must dislike me, uncle.”

“Of course not.”

The uncle laughed. Jung Taeui felt he was in for a tough time.

He was familiar with joint training. For years, he had undergone such training daily. Until four months ago, he had been

a military officer. He wondered how training would be different here.

No matter how hard it was, he would get used to it unless it killed him. The repeated experience would eventually become familiar. Even if he lost his temper and caused trouble, that would be a personal choice.

Jung Taeui scratched his head in frustration.

He had never regretted his actions. He had resolved never to do anything he’d regret.

Therefore, he didn’t regret beating that annoying peer half to death. Five and a half years of enduring his nonsense was more than enough. As a result, though it was a combination of many factors, he was discharged from the military, which he once thought he would be in for life. He didn’t regret that either.

However, the memories and feelings from that time still twisted his gut.

Never having been overshadowed, seeing someone surpass him for the first time brought out the worst in some people. His peer in the military hospital before discharge was such a person. To him, Jung Taeui’s sexual orientation was prime fodder.

Clicking his tongue, Jung Taeui stretched in the car. After a day of flying, driving, and boating, he felt stiff and thought about running a few laps to loosen up.

At that moment, the car stopped.

The sun had set, and the sky was dim, with dense forest enveloping the surroundings. Jung Taeui hadn’t noticed when they had entered such a forest path.

“We’re here.”

The driver got out, and the uncle spoke briefly. Jung Taeui opened the door and stepped out, immediately seeing the building in front of him.

“Phew. Feeling tired from just this little bit… I’m getting old. After all, I’m past forty.”

Jung Taeui’s uncle muttered to himself as he followed him out of the car. Jung Taeui, staring at the building, called out.



“Is this the Asia branch building?”

“Yes. Just one building. Simple, isn’t it?”

“Then what about the fancy buildings and training grounds in the brochure?”

“Oh, that’s the American headquarters. Didn’t I mention that? Our branch has the least civilized facilities, making it ideal for physical training.”

“This is… beyond misleading. It’s outright deceit.”

“No one applies based on the brochure anyway.”

Smiling, the uncle’s words didn’t matter much to Jung Taeui, who was brought here regardless of the facilities. However, the building before him resembled a rundown one-story school or an abandoned government office, with cracks, peeling paint, and rusted pipes.

No matter how he looked at it, it seemed like an old, decrepit school building or an abandoned office from decades ago.

Wait, if this is the only building…

“How many people are here?”

“One head, two deputies, six instructors, ninety-six members, and five support staff. A total of 110 people.”

The uncle counted on his fingers, but Jung Taeui didn’t pay attention.

“How can 110 people fit in here?”

“They do. You know how you can squeeze a dozen people into a small car if you try?”

“Where do they eat, sleep, and train?”

Jung Taeui pointed at the building in disbelief as the driver walked past with their luggage and entered the building. The rusted hinges creaked, adding to the eerie atmosphere.

Seeing Jung Taeui’s bewildered expression, the uncle laughed for a while before speaking seriously.

“The underground. There are seven floors below ground, with a total area of 2,000 pyeong. It’s not spacious, but it can accommodate 100 people.”

Jung Taeui looked at his uncle in disbelief. While seven underground floors with a total area of 2,000 pyeong could accommodate 100 people, it still seemed absurd.

“How can an island this small have a 2,000-pyeong underground facility with seven floors…”

“That’s why we chose this island. Did you think we randomly picked an island in Asia?”

The uncle spoke cheerfully and walked toward the building.

Jung Taeui followed him, still doubtful. The uncle stopped and waited for him at the door, suddenly stepping closer and ruffling Jung Taeui’s hair as he hesitated.

“Don’t die.”


“This isn’t a place where the law applies. There’s no place for the weak to seek justice, and in some cases, deaths are covered up.”

The uncle paused. Jung Taeui stared at him in silence before laughing weakly.

“Uncle, this is too much… You should have told me before dragging me here.”

“Even if I had, the result would have been the same.”

The uncle laughed too. Jung Taeui sighed and shrugged.

“I’ll try to survive, trusting your instincts. If I die, at least retrieve my bones.”

“Haha, it’s not completely lawless here.”

“Should I be careful or not?”

“Either way, being cautious won’t hurt.”

The uncle laughed and walked into the building without looking back. Jung Taeui followed, shaking his head slowly.

At times like this, he envied his brother’s luck.

* * *

Though everything was said to be underground, the uncle led them to a dilapidated door at the end of a wooden corridor. He didn’t head to the underground floors right away.

As they followed the uncle, he paused when he sensed Jung Taeui’s presence and turned around. As Jung Taeui tilted his head, a young man stepped out from the door beside him.


The young man, who had slowed his steps upon seeing Jung Taeui in front of him, turned to greet the uncle cheerfully. He straightened his posture and slightly bowed to the uncle.

“Are you busy?”

“No, I was just stepping out for a smoke.”

Jung Taeui, nodding to himself, thought about the difference from the military. The uncle’s index finger suddenly pointed at him, causing Jung Taeui to swallow his sigh.

“Take this guy downstairs. Show him to the room Kiyomi used and help him get acquainted with his colleagues.”

“Ah, yes.”

The young man scratched his head, seemingly reluctant, but nodded without complaint.

The uncle waved his hand dismissively, not even glancing at Jung Taeui, and entered the dilapidated door, leaving the corridor to Jung Taeui and the young man.

The young man glanced at Jung Taeui from head to toe before stepping back into the room he had just exited, beckoning Jung Taeui to follow. Jung Taeui also sized up the young man before following him. The young man chuckled.

The door he exited from was an elevator. The sliding door, which looked like it belonged to a crumbling school, opened and closed silently, a surprising contrast to its appearance. Inside, the elevator functioned perfectly.

“Do they spend the budget on making things look old…”

Jung Taeui muttered to himself as he observed the elevator, then glanced at the young man still staring at him.

Despite his military-like appearance, the young man’s dark skin and slightly narrow frame suggested he wasn’t purely Han Chinese but of mixed ethnicity.

“Tau. Tau Qingyin.”

“…Jung Taeui. You can call me Taeui.”

“Taeui… okay.”

The pronunciation was slightly off, but Jung Taeui didn’t bother correcting him.

“Did you transfer from another branch? Or are you new?”

“I just joined. Is it common for members to transfer between branches?”

“It’s not common, but not rare either. For a newbie, you’re quite sharp. What did you do before? Corporate work?”

“I was unemployed.”

Jung Taeui replied seriously, but Tau took it as a joke and laughed heartily.

“Well, as long as you’re not from the European branch, welcome.”

Jung Taeui lightly shook hands with Tau, who extended his hand.

“It seems the relationship with the European branch is really bad.”

Despite hearing it from his uncle, Tau’s casual mention of the European branch confirmed it. Jung Taeui wondered if the tension was similar to the rivalry between his platoon and Lieutenant Kim’s platoon.

“Really bad? You’ll find out next month. There’s a joint training with the European branch, so those bastards are coming here. If you encounter a particularly annoying one, feel free to bury them. Everyone here will help.”

Tau’s tone was too serious for a joke. The relationship seemed worse than his platoon’s rivalry with Lieutenant Kim’s platoon.

“Thanks for the camaraderie.”

“Of course, we have to help each other.”

Tau laughed cheerfully and led Jung Taeui down a long, white hallway covered in carpet that muffled their footsteps. It was a stark contrast to the decrepit building above. Jung Taeui hadn’t expected such a clean, tidy space beneath the old structure.


Tau grinned, seemingly used to such reactions.

“Were you expecting a damp basement crawling with rats and cockroaches, covered in cobwebs?”

Not that extreme, but close enough.

“Is the BOQ on this floor?”

Following Tau down the hallway, Jung Taeui asked. Tau, seeming to understand, laughed.

“You were a military officer, huh? What army?”


“No comment? Fine. Here, it’s called a ‘private room,’ three per room. But the private rooms are one floor below. This floor has the free training room, library, and multimedia room. You can spend your free time here.”

“I’d like to drop off my bag first.”

Tau, amused by Jung Taeui’s small Boston bag, took it from him.

“Alright, I’ll carry it. Let’s build some camaraderie first. We’ll be sharing life and death, so we should get to know each other.”


“During free time from 5 PM, most people are in the free training room.”

Jung Taeui wanted to drop off his bag and see his room first but followed Tau silently, thinking this might be the norm here.

One comfort was that aside from the nine superiors, everyone else was an equal colleague


They might hassle a newbie, but with equal standing, it would be easier to get along. Besides, as a joke, they might say you could kill one or two, but…

He’d likely be the one getting killed. Staying unnoticed and surviving for half a year was the best strategy.

In the military academy, his basic weapon training and practical adaptation scores were average.

Facing enemies, unless he was confident in defeating them, he would stay unnoticed and survive. After half a year, he’d leave quietly.

Turning a few corners, they saw the locations of the multimedia room and library, and a snack vending machine. They passed a few people who gave them cursory glances, recognizing a new face.

“Despite being the Asia branch, it’s not just Asians.”

A Western man passed by, prompting Jung Taeui to comment. Tau, pretending not to hear, explained.

“It’s the same everywhere. All branches have diverse races. The Asia branch is in Asia, not exclusively for Asians. But the proportion of Asians is higher here, about half.”

As he spoke, they reached the free training room.

Opening a large iron door, they entered a spacious area resembling a gymnasium, with some harsher-looking equipment.

About 40 to 50 people were training. Some sat chatting, and a few seemed to be napping, but most were exercising.

“So many people here during free time. Very diligent.”

“If you don’t want to die, you should build some strength before next month. It’s only two weeks away. If the European branch members knock you down, I’ll kill you first.”

Tau playfully shook his fist and looked around the room before heading toward a group of seven men. They were scattered but close enough to suggest they were a team.

Jung Taeui followed, realizing they were likely in the same team as Tau.

The group noticed Tau and Jung Taeui approaching, pausing their activities and focusing on the unfamiliar face.

“Tau, did you forget your cigarettes?”

“Lately, he’s been smoking three at a time. Why did he come back so quickly?”

Amused, the men watched Jung Taeui. Others nearby also showed curious interest.

“The newbie. Bringing him in to bond. Our new team member.”

Tau exchanged a few words with them while Jung Taeui nonchalantly observed.

The age range seemed to be mid-20s to early 30s. The youngest-looking one barely escaped being called a kid, while the oldest doing abs exercises seemed to be around forty. Most were in their late 20s.

Age might not matter much in combat, but it wasn’t just about physical strength.

As Tau said, half were Asian, the rest were white and black. Mixed-race individuals were also common.

They all seemed fit, fortunately, none matching Jung Taeui’s preferences. Unfortunately, that meant no one piqued his interest.

Better this way. He only needed to stay quietly for half a year without any complications.

“Tai? About… twenty-five?”

A man, who had been sitting on a stack of mattresses, jumped down and approached. His teammates laughed, and Tau stepped back after a brief introduction.

Jung Taeui faced the man, listening to the surroundings.

The atmosphere wasn’t bad. The laughter and curious gazes lacked hostility or mockery, showing mild interest.

The man in front, taller than average for an Asian, might be mixed-race. He seemed to be the leader.

Jung Taeui smirked. Even in this place, men formed hierarchies. There was always a head and a tail.

Men instinctively found a leader, even without formal rankings.


Jung Taeui smirked and gestured with his chin. The man pointed to himself and shrugged.

“Me? Carlo Sagisawa. I’ll be thirty in seven months. Got any more questions?”

“Yeah. Are you stretching your fingers and ankles for me?”

Carlo burst into laughter. Stretching his fingers and ankles as he approached, he smiled and spread his hands.

“No, I was just getting ready for some exercise. Why, are you scared? You don’t seem frightened.”

“I’m usually different inside than outside.”

Jung Taeui muttered, and Carlo laughed again, taking it as a joke. But it was partly true. Jung Taeui had been told he was different inside, and now he was uneasy. Carlo’s large hands and muscular build were intimidating.

“Alright, friend. How about helping me warm up?”

Though strength and physique didn’t determine everything, Jung Taeui had no desire to confront Carlo. He lacked confidence in his strength and had no interest in challenging the leader.

But Carlo didn’t give him a chance to refuse.

As soon as he finished speaking, Carlo lunged at Jung Taeui, grabbing his wrist with one hand and his shoulder with the other, sweeping his leg to pin him down.

It happened in an instant.

Jung Taeui’s vision spun, and the ceiling came into view before a sharp impact hit his back. Reflexively, he performed a breakfall, but the shock left him breathless for a moment.

Carlo, smirking above him, exaggeratedly frowned.

“What’s this? You were a soldier, but you’re too weak. Can you even be useful? Get up.”

Laughter and jeers echoed from behind. Jung Taeui stared up at Carlo’s mixed features, realizing he wouldn’t get up easily. Carlo still had his wrist and shoulder pinned, with his knee on his thigh, maintaining his center of gravity.

Unless he had high-level skills or extraordinary strength, he couldn’t get up. Not in a normal way.

“Get up?”

“Yes, if you can.”

“Alright. I’ll use any means.”

Jung Taeui moved almost simultaneously. He lifted his only movable right leg and kneed Carlo in the groin.


Carlo’s cry wasn’t the only one. The onlookers also gasped.

The brief silence was shattered by shouts.

“A guy who fights dirty!”

“Cheap move!”

Carlo lay curled on the floor, while Jung Taeui, having escaped, stood up. The men, yelling and jeering, advanced on him. Jung Taeui scoffed.

“I had to save myself. If you want to talk about cheap, start with the unfair size difference between us.”

Provoked, a man who had been lounging nearby jumped down and approached, rolling up his sleeves. He was shorter than Jung Taeui but solid and heavy-set.

Another mountain to climb. Was he Carlo’s right-hand man? It seemed Jung Taeui would have to endure a hazing ritual today. He wondered if the island had proper medical facilities.

Jung Taeui sighed and slipped a hand into his jacket pocket. The approaching man slowed slightly, eyeing him warily.

“Are you going to use a weapon?”

The man roared. Jung Taeui ignored him and approached calmly. The man hesitated briefly.

It was the only chance.

Jung Taeui grabbed the man’s collar. The man instinctively swatted at his hand. Simultaneously, Jung Taeui struck the man’s chin with his other hand and tripped him, hitting his solar plexus.

Sitting atop the man’s chest, Jung Taeui felt the room’s atmosphere change. The stares turned hostile.

Sighing inwardly, Jung Taeui looked down at the man, who glared back, seemingly unaffected.

“If I hadn’t distracted you with a weapon, you’d be on top now.”

“Got it.”

Though it might seem like an excuse, Jung Taeui sighed. The man hadn’t fully committed to attacking, giving Jung Taeui an advantage. The man’s half-hearted attempt to intimidate left him vulnerable.

The man grabbed Jung Taeui’s wrist and twisted it. Jung Taeui didn’t have the strength to resist for long. The man would soon overpower him.

Damn, he thought. He had never been beaten up before. It would hurt a lot. He hoped they would at least take him to a hospital in time.

Feeling the hostile gazes, Jung Taeui clicked his tongue. He murmured to the man.

“By the way, do you think I’d be lying here if I had nothing in my pocket? Are you immune to throat slashes?”

He pressed his pocketed hand against the man’s neck.

Meeting Jung Taeui’s eyes, the man’s eyes widened as he felt a sharp point through the cloth. Jung Taeui smirked.

“But the problem is… this is just a pen.”

He pulled out a pen and tossed it aside, getting off the man and sitting on the floor. The man glared at the ceiling before jumping up, shouting at Jung Taeui.

“This guy not only fights dirty but also uses tricks. I’ll fix his manners today.”

“Yeah, good idea. I’ll go first.”

The low voice belonged to Carlo, who had finally gotten up.

Jung Taeui looked at Carlo with a gloomy expression. He had planned to stay unnoticed for half a year, but now he had to worry about his life. He blamed Tau, though it wasn’t entirely his fault. Jung Taeui needed someone to blame.

As Tau watched from the crowd, Jung Taeui glared at him. Tau flinched and frowned. Feeling despondent, Jung Taeui stared at the floor.

“By the way, who recommended you?”

Seeing Carlo standing over him, Jung Taeui looked up. Carlo seemed to want to know his background before beating him up.

About to say he had no connections, Tau quickly intervened.

“Instructor Jung. Instructor Jung Changin brought him.”

“Instructor Jung?”

Carlo looked at Tau, then back at Jung Taeui, puzzled.

“What’s your relationship with him?”

“…If we’re close, will you leave me alone?”

Carlo hesitated before tilting his head.

“Tell me.”

Sighing, Jung Taeui told the truth.

“He’s my uncle.”

“Instructor Jung? Your uncle?”

Carlo’s raised voice caused a stir. Jung Taeui was surprised by the reaction.

Was his uncle

so well-known? Did being an instructor carry weight?

“Jung Taeui… Jung Jaei’s brother? There’s a rumor that Jung Jaei is Instructor Jung’s nephew.”

Carlo asked seriously, mispronouncing both names slightly. Hearing his brother’s name, Jung Taeui was surprised again.

He hadn’t expected his brother’s name to come up here.

“He’s my brother.”

“Brother? Jung Jaei? The famous genius researcher, who left the headquarters despite their offers? The genius elite who succeeds in everything he touches?”

Carlo, excited, backed away slightly. Jung Taeui frowned.

This was news to him. But he and his brother never discussed their work. It was possible.

Apparently, his brother was more famous than he thought.

“Yes, he’s my brother. So, will you leave me alone?”

He hoped his brother’s fame might benefit him.

As Carlo and the others discussed, the focus shifted. Carlo shrugged and grinned.

“No, that’s a separate issue.”

Carlo cracked his knuckles and stretched his wrists, looking at Jung Taeui with mock sympathy.

“You have no strength, no skills. If you’re not confident, just give up instead of using dirty tricks.”

“I won using dirty tricks.”


Carlo fell silent. The man who had fought Jung Taeui approached, looking grim. The others surrounded them, wearing ambiguous expressions.

Luckily, the atmosphere wasn’t as dangerous as he feared. He didn’t need to worry about medical facilities.

But he was still in for a beating.


After taking seven or eight hits, two of which left him dazed, Jung Taeui found himself drinking with his assailants.

“Any snacks?”

“Someone’s fetching jerky.”

“Hey, refill that glass. What’s taking so long?”


Jung Taeui, crunching on a snack, thought about the differences from the military.

The men who had just beaten him were now cheerfully drinking with him, dragging him along to celebrate the new team member. Accepting food and drink, Jung Taeui wondered if the men were strange or if it was just him.

“Is it okay to drink like this? What if there’s an emergency?”

Jung Taeui muttered. Qing Ren Zhao, sitting opposite, shrugged.

“What’s an emergency?”

Tau, apparently close to Qing, chimed in.

“Taeui’s from the military. He might have some rigid habits.”


Understanding, Qing nodded. Carlo, refilling glasses, explained.

“There’s no reason to stay tense here. Unless you’ve made enemies with your colleagues, there’s no one attacking. After work, drinking is free. Just don’t be too drunk to train the next morning, or the instructor will kill you.”

“I heard sometimes we do tough jobs outside. What’s to stop someone with a grudge from sneaking in?”

Jung Taeui asked, unsure of the details but recalling his uncle’s and brother’s conversations. He had thought UNHRDO was a general service organization.

“Where’d you hear that?”

“Rumors go both ways.”

“Ah, you’re Jung Jaei’s brother. You must have heard half the story. We do go on real missions, but we don’t take personal requests. Even with huge bribes, we maintain our reputation as a UN organization. We avoid personal grudges. The real threat is…”

Carlo’s voice lowered, tinged with excitement and anger.

“Those bastards from the European branch! They’re coming soon!”

Again, the European branch was cursed. Jung Taeui found it amusing how the grown men got so worked up.

“You guys really have a bad relationship… Sometimes members transfer between branches, but it sounds worse.”

Jung Taeui’s comment was partly to himself. The sudden silence made him glance around.

“Ah, you don’t know. Let me explain. Members do transfer, but…”


“There’s no exchange between the European branch and the Asia branch.”


“They might transfer through another branch, but never directly.”

Swallowing his drink, Jung Taeui struggled to contain his surprise.

So that’s why they said, ‘not from the European branch.’ The relationship was worse than he thought. Even the headquarters acknowledged it.

“What history of bloodshed could there be…”

Jung Taeui muttered. Qing, holding his drink, tilted his head.

“We don’t get along with the other branches or the headquarters. The headquarters is better, but the branches are rivals. During joint training, we fight like enemies. People die, and grudges form. Next time, some come for revenge. The animosity between us and the European branch is deep.”

“Not accidental deaths, but deliberate killings?”

The silence and bitter looks confirmed it.

“We don’t kill randomly. But you’ll see hell soon.”

“Joint training is annual, right?”

“Yes. With the European branch and others, once a year. We rotate, meeting the Europeans, Australians, South Americans, and Africans quarterly.”

Jung Taeui realized he needed to survive two major challenges in half a year. Blaming his uncle, he noticed a discrepancy.

With five branches, one must always be left out. Would they rotate turns or include the headquarters? But the headquarters wasn’t a combat unit.

When Jung Taeui asked, the answer was simple.

“We split in half, rotating. Half our branch will go to the Australian branch while half the Europeans come here, and so on.”

“I see. When do we decide who stays and who goes?”

“We leave on Saturday, so we draw lots on Friday night.”

“…How do you secure flights on such short notice?”

“We use a private plane. We have visas for every country with a branch, just need our passports.”

Thinking about the dilapidated building, Jung Taeui found the idea of a private plane incongruous but said nothing.

“Why decide so late? Wouldn’t it be better to prepare in advance?”

“If we knew in advance, some might slack off training.”

“Haha, if you don’t want to die, you should train hard regardless.”

“During training with non-European branches, there are injuries but rarely deaths.”

Cursing and discussing past deaths and injuries, the men vented their frustration.

“Do they also draw lots?”

“Probably, as the operating principles are the same. But they’d avoid sending someone with a death wish. Those cowards!”

Assuming the same principle applied, Jung Taeui kept quiet, though it seemed both sides avoided sending those with grudges.

“Will he come?”

Altan’s sudden question silenced the room. Jung Taeui, crunching on dried fruit, looked around.

The men’s faces showed a mix of anger, anxiety, and fear.

“With so many people holding grudges, they wouldn’t send him. The European branch must have some sense.”

A man beside Jung Taeui muttered, gnashing his teeth. The men around him shared similar expressions. Carlo’s voice rumbled.

“No, from the European branch’s perspective, it’s better to send him here. Imagine him staying there and causing havoc. He crippled three and killed one even here.”

“Then kill him on his home ground!”


Silence fell again. Jung Taeui thought it was fortunate he wasn’t eating crunchy snacks. The quiet room and loud chewing would have been awkward.

He understood the situation. There was a notorious European branch member hated by many, difficult to handle.

“Did he target only this team?”

Jung Taeui asked quietly.

There were six teams in the branch, each with sixteen members, and an instructor leading each team.

Hmm… With factions supporting two candidates for the vacant general manager position, the branch was divided into three teams each. Despite external threats, internal competition remained.

“No, he didn’t pick and choose. That bastard just enjoyed beating us.”

Altan, who had started calmly, ended with a shout.

Intimidated, Jung Taeui leaned away. A voice from the opposite side shouted back.

“How did such a psycho join UNHRDO? I had to undergo a two-hour personality test!”

Despite their rough appearances and personalities, the men were outstanding talents who had overcome fierce competition to join the UNHRDO.

Jung Taeui silently swallowed his dried fruit, wondering about their personality test results, considering their experiences with violence and injury.

They weren’t questioning the fairness of the tests, but the point was something else.

“Everyone here has handled weapons, right? So a ‘psycho’ could join too.”

Whatever kind of psycho he was.

But Jung Taeui’s neutral comment didn’t resonate with the men. A man beside him gently put an arm around his shoulder, speaking softly.

“You’re wrong. We’ve all handled weapons, but that psycho’s mindset is different. Can you pull the trigger without hesitation on someone you have no grudge against? Most of us can’t. But he can. He just kills.”


Jung Taeui silently nodded.

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Jeong Tae-ui, who considers himself ordinary, is a former soldier and the younger brother of the genius Jeong Jae-ui. His life begins to take an unexpected turn when he starts working for the United Nations Human Resources Development Organization (UNHRDO) for six months, at the not-so-subtle insistence of his biological father and uncle, Jeong Chang-in. His life becomes intertwined with that of Ilay Riegrow, a crazy guy with pretty hands. This leads him down a path he had never considered before. This story involves modern setting, battle romance, professional work, jealousy, foreigners, serious setting, incidents, a cold-blooded ML, a strong ML, an obsessive ML, a beautiful ML, a crazy ML, a black-bellied/strategic ML, a chaebol ML, a scum ML. Please note that this work is a revised edition suitable for those aged 15 and above.



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