store Chapter 61

The Frustrated Bu Ligong

After thinking for a while, Jiang Wansheng chose a profound-level long sword and raised her cultivation level to the fifth grade of body refining.

If she had to use more power to deal with these gray wolves that had not yet opened their spiritual intelligence, Jiang Wansheng felt that she had wasted her years at Lingyun Academy.

To deal with these giant wolves that had not even opened their spiritual intelligence, only the fifth grade of body refining was enough!

And there were restrictions on each level of the trial tower. In the first level of easy mode, the highest cultivation level that could be used was the peak of body refining.

Of course, this was only one reason.

There was another reason, because the things in the mall were too expensive!

A yellow-level weapon cost one spirit crystal, a profound-level ten spirit crystals, an earth-level one hundred spirit crystals…

Each level increased by ten times!

Although Jiang Wansheng was rich, it didn’t mean that she had the same behavior as those nouveau riche.

Spending so many spirit crystals for a game that she didn’t understand, what was the difference between that and being a fool?

As for the division of realms, as long as it was lower than one’s original cultivation level, it was free.

And Jiang Wansheng’s original cultivation level was already the third grade of soul!

After choosing the start option, Jiang Wansheng clenched her long sword.


The familiar wolf howl sounded, making her body tense up instantly.

“Here they come!”

Jiang Wansheng took a deep breath and a sharp light flashed in her eyes.

The next moment, the giant wolf appeared and rushed towards her.

Jiang Wansheng’s eyes narrowed and her body slid to the side.

Her left arm supported her body on the ground, and her waist exerted force to drive her right arm. The long sword stabbed upward.

The blade drew a cold light and swept across the giant wolf’s abdomen.

Jiang Wansheng could even clearly feel the resistance from the sword.

That was the feeling of the blade entering flesh and blood!

The giant wolf let out a mournful cry and fell to the ground.

But Jiang Wansheng didn’t dare to relax at all, because she knew that this was just the first wave of attack!

The next moment, three giant wolves appeared in Jiang Wansheng’s sight.


Jiang Wansheng had already died dozens of times in this scene. She was full of anger and went straight to meet them!

Her figure moved like a phantom among the giant wolves’ attacks, like an elf.

The long sword in her hand mercilessly swept over them, leaving behind hideous wounds on their bodies.

After a dozen breaths, accompanied by a dull sound, the last giant wolf’s body also fell to the ground.

Jiang Wansheng gasped for a few breaths and a smile appeared on her slightly red face.

“The first level of easy mode in the trial tower has been passed. Do you want to challenge normal mode?”

Then, a message appeared in front of Jiang Wansheng.

Jiang Wansheng naturally wouldn’t refuse. She was full of excitement now.

She nodded: “Challenge!”

“The game time for today has reached the limit! The game is forced to end!”

Bu Ligong was covered with wounds. In front of him, a giant wolf was staring at him with a fierce look.

Around him, there were four corpses of giant wolves.

But the giant wolf’s condition was not much better. Its body was full of bloody injuries and one leg was broken.

“Ahhhh, die!”

Bu Ligong roared and rushed up, his eyes full of madness.

He didn’t know how many times he had died here. He finally only had one enemy left!

Now he finally had a chance to clear the level. He had to seize it well!

Bu Ligong, who was fully focused, didn’t notice the prompt sound at all.

Just as he was about to kill the giant wolf in front of him, his eyes flashed and he returned to the starting space.

Bu Ligong looked at the surroundings with some confusion. His face changed and finally turned into deep grief and anger.

A heartbreaking scream came from his mouth: “Ahhhh! I was only one short! I almost passed the first level!”

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God-level Store Manager

God-level Store Manager

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Chinese
In Tianlan Continent, there is a magic store called Origin Mall. The Coke here can make people full of vitality in an instant; the spicy bars here can make people fight one another; the games here can make people improve their cultivation; the novels here can make people understand profound techniques. Here there are infinite goods to choose from, including leisure, entertainment, dining, and training. Oh, by the way, remember one thing. Don’t cause trouble in the store, because the owner is very strong.


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