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    A World Beyond / So We Are Told
    Passion Cover
    Action Adult BL Drama Mature Romance Yaoi


    by admin

    Jeong Tae-ui, who considers himself ordinary, is a former soldier and the younger brother of the genius Jeong Jae-ui. His life begins to take an unexpected turn when he starts working for the United Nations Human Resources Development Organization (UNHRDO) for six months, at the not-so-subtle insistence of his biological father and uncle, Jeong Chang-in. His life becomes intertwined with that of Ilay Riegrow, a crazy guy with pretty hands. This leads him down a path he had never considered before. This story involves modern setting, battle romance, professional work, jealousy, foreigners, serious setting, incidents, a cold-blooded ML, a strong ML, an obsessive ML, a beautiful ML, a crazy ML, a black-bellied/strategic ML, a chaebol ML, a sc*m ML. Please note that this work is a revised edition suitable for those aged 15 and above.

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