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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

subspace Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Two days had passed since the video was uploaded.

The views had already reached nearly 50,000, and there were almost 1,000 comments.

[JK, a man crazy about traveling: Huh? This is not a camping video? But are there really vegetables that increase your magic power?]

[Tasmanthol: Look at him, he only uploaded two camping videos and now he’s advertising potatoes lol lol lol. How pathetic.]

[Jazin Mori Jangdan: Where in the world are there vegetables that increase your mana sensitivity and magic power? You should lie within limits lol lol lol.]

[Chopamori11: He’s just saying to buy some potatoes, right? If that really works, I’ll chop off my hand lol lol.]

Of course, 99% of the comments were negative, and only 1% were neutral.

He didn’t care much because it was expected.

He planned to sell only 6 boxes of 3kg each this time.

He wanted to sell them to six people who really needed them.

[Number of visitors to the blog today: 482]

482 people visited the blog today.

If he hadn’t uploaded the video, it would have been at most 10 people or so. He had successfully attracted attention.


[010-xxxx-xxxx]: Does it really increase your magic power?

[010-xxxx-xxxx]: Hey, you scammer bastard, don’t do business like that!

[010-xxxx-xxxx]: I want to buy 3kg of potatoes! I deposited the money. The depositor’s name is Kim Ho-gyu.

He ignored the texts mixed with insults and checked only the ones that said they wanted to buy.

First come, first served for six people.

He went into banking and checked the money and depositor’s name and wrote them down on a note next to him.

3kg for 30,000 won.

It was an absurdly expensive price compared to ordinary potatoes, but all six were sold in just two days.

They must have ordered them with the desperate hope of grabbing a straw to increase their magic power.

“You won’t regret it.”

Woo-jin changed the blog to sold out and returned to the subspace.

There were eight boxes of potatoes lined up in a row in the potato field.

“Hyung, you’re here?”

Khan, who was rolling around in the field, raised his hand and greeted him.

“Yeah. Are you hungry?”


“Just wait a little. I’ll make you some food as soon as I finish my work.”

Woo-jin looked around the field.

The order was only six for now, but if the effect of the potatoes became widely known, this scale would be ridiculously insufficient.

“Should I expand the field and plant some sweet potatoes too?”

He thought sweet potatoes would be more popular than potatoes because they were sweet.

Especially with winter coming soon.

The demand for sweet potatoes would surely increase.


The smartphone in his pocket vibrated.

The caller was Kim Yoo-jung.

Yoo-jung must have seen the video too.

Woo-jin answered the phone and brought the smartphone to his ear.

“Hey! What is this?”

She shouted in a flustered voice.

“What do you mean?”

“Potatoes that increase your magic power? What were you thinking when you uploaded this video?”

“That’s true.”



“No… These potatoes, are they the ones you gave me as a gift?”

“Yeah. That’s right.”


There was silence.

Woo-jin broke the silence.

“You haven’t eaten any of them yet, have you?”


“Just try it and then talk.”


“Have you ever seen me lie?”

“Yeah. You used to lie to me a lot in the past.”

“When did I?”

“Don’t you remember when you tricked me into thinking that sparrows become pigeons when they grow up? When you took my 1,000 won and said we should split a 1,000 won snack in half? Do you want me to say more?”


Hmm. Come to think of it, I think I did that.

But that’s because you were stupid enough to fall for it?

Woo-jin shut his mouth for fear of saying something unnecessary.

“…Anyway, I’ll try it.”

“Did you call me because you doubted me?”

“Of course not. You’re getting a lot of hate on your video… Even other YouTubers are sniping at you.”

“That’s great. Anyway, thanks for worrying about me.”

The YouTubers are even advertising for me.

I’m so happy.

Woo-jin’s face was beaming as he hung up the phone.

Kim Yoo-jung sighed with frustration after hanging up the phone.

Next to her was a box of potatoes she had received from Woo-jin.

She was surprised when he suddenly came to Seoul and gave her the potatoes.

She was in a hurry to prepare for the raid schedule, so she didn’t have time to say hello properly.

And today, three days later, she watched the video that was uploaded two days ago.

[Are there ‘vegetables’ that increase your magic power and sensitivity?]

Unlike the previous camping video, this video was made for the sole purpose of attracting attention.

At first, she doubted her eyes.

Woo-jin wouldn’t make such a blatant video to gather subscribers.

He must have been hacked, she thought, and quickly played the video.

But the voice and gestures were unmistakably Woo-jin’s.

At the same time, she felt a mix of anger and worry.

“Why did he make this video?”

The Woo-jin I know is someone who never lies like this.

He was more trustworthy than anyone else, but it didn’t make sense to me that he suddenly uploaded this video.

‘It’s true.’

She felt a shock as if she had been hit by a hammer when she heard Woo-jin’s confirmation.

‘Try it and talk.’

She could feel the confidence in Woo-jin’s voice that he wasn’t lying.

“There’s no such thing in the world…”

Mana sensitivity and magic power are determined at awakening and do not change.

The reason why sensitivity and magic power are rated the highest among the criteria for dividing hunters by rank is because of this.

So when a video claiming that it was possible to increase sensitivity and magic power came out, people poured out criticism, and YouTubers who smelled something fishy sniped at him as a group.

This video was nothing more than a way to gather subscribers, and they said that YouTubers who commit such fraud should be eradicated.

Kim Yoo-jung took out one of the potatoes from the box.

There was a warm energy that came through her fingertips from the potato covered with dirt.

It was a sensation that she could feel because she was very sensitive to magic power.

“I’ll have to try it.”

She felt a serious sensation and took out a pot and boiled some water.

She boiled the potatoes for 25 minutes on medium heat, thinking that boiling them would be the easiest way to eat them.

She put the potatoes on a large plate, and since they would be tasteless if eaten plain, she sprinkled some salt on a small plate and set it up.

Kim Yoo-jung peeled the potato with a dubious expression and bit into it.

At that moment, her eyes widened.

“Wow, this is delicious!”

She had never tasted such delicious potatoes before.

They were potatoes, not sweet potatoes, but they had a sweet and salty taste that blended well.

They were also appetizing enough to make her keep biting.

What was surprising was not only that.

She felt her mana sensitivity and magic power increase.

It was a tiny amount, not even as much as the dirt under her nails, but it was definitely wider.

“How did he do this…?”

How did Woo-jin grow these potatoes?

“Then he wasn’t lying, those bastards.”

Kim Yoo-jung went to the channel and left a comment.

She wanted to reduce the arrows of criticism as much as possible.

[010-xxxx-xxxx]: Are the potatoes sold out? I’ll trust you and try them.

[010-xxxx-xxxx]: Is it true that your magic power increases? I want to buy some potatoes ㅠㅠ

[010-xxxx-xxxx]: When will you sell them again?

[010-xxxx-xxxx]: Take off the sold out sticker take off the sold out sticker take off the sold out sticker take off the sold out sticker.

[010-xxxx-xxxx]: I want to make a reservation. Please ㅠㅠ




What is all this…?

The situation had changed 180 degrees after a day.

His smartphone was paralyzed by countless calls, texts, and KakaoTalk messages.

Woo-jin quickly turned on his computer and went to his YouTube channel.


The potato advertisement video had recorded 512,548 views.

There were over 10,000 comments below it.

Among them, there was a comment that got about 2,500 likes.

[Mickey Mickey: Hello. I’m Kim Yoo-jung, an A-rank hunter from Zeus Guild. These potatoes are real. I just ate them, you know? My sensitivity and magic power increased slightly. I guarantee it with my name. This person is not a scammer.]

“Ah… That’s why.”

Yoo-jung must have tasted the potatoes as soon as the call ended.

The higher the rank, the more sensitive they are to mana, so she must have felt the effect clearly.

Zeus Guild was one of the top 10 super-large guilds in Korea.

Among them, Kim Yoo-jung, who was called the best prospect of the guild, declared her guarantee with her guild profile picture and the guild members who looked like Zeus Guild joined forces to leave replies, so the tide quickly turned around.

“He didn’t have to post a comment… But I’m grateful.”

Thanks to that, he could raise the price of the potatoes.

3kg for 30,000 won.

It was not a cheap price at all, but Woo-jin intended to raise the price of the potatoes to the sky.

Shouldn’t these rare potatoes be worth calling for?

He chuckled as he thought of the people who had criticized him indiscriminately.

Woo-jin pinned Yoo-jung’s comment and went back to the subspace.


Milk, who was hiding under the tree, ran up to Woo-jin.

“Thank you.”


Milk closed his eyes and let out a happy cry as if he liked Woo-jin’s touch.



“What are you going to do?”

“What do you mean?”

Khan tilted his head curiously.

“I’m going camping. Do you want to stay here?”

“Where are you going?”

“Remember the lake where we showered?”

“Oh, Leafre Forest?”

“Yeah. If you go a little further from there, there’s a waterfall. I’m planning to stay there for a day.”

He heard the sound of water falling from a waterfall at the lake.

It looked like a huge waterfall, and he wanted to enjoy camping in front of it.

“I’ll go!”

Khan said he wanted to go too.

With that, the next camping spot was decided.

We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
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Life is Great with sub-space

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