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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

Taming the Obsessive Attachment chapter 11

“I wonder if I just need to buy the ingredients now.”

Jaejin skillfully selected premium ingredients on the online food section of a department store that offered delivery. Since Seo Uiwoo didn’t cook, Jaejin was in charge of grocery shopping and meal preparation from the first round.

Caviar. Truffle. Top-grade Hanwoo ribs. Abalone. King crab. Lobster.

Not satisfied with just that, he also bought a set of tuna belly, a set of Yeonggwang gulbi (dried yellow corvina), and a set of 13-year-old ginseng guaranteed by a ginseng master from the luxury gift section.

After completing the payment, he was about to laugh quietly when he noticed that Seo Uiwoo, who had woken up at some point, was watching him.

“Did you buy something?”

He looked at the tablet screen with his dazed gray eyes. Jaejin turned off the screen.

“Just a bit. You’ll know when it arrives.”

Seo Uiwoo obediently nodded. This guy probably wouldn’t care whether Jaejin bought land or a house. As long as he was guided, that would be enough.

“Did you wake up already, Mr. Seo Uiwoo?”

“Ah, that’s…”

Seo Uiwoo, who had been lying defenselessly, stretched his neck and kissed Jaejin’s jaw. After kissing a few times, he licked his lower lip as if savoring the aftertaste.


“What is it again?”

“Just… I like it too much.”


“Sleeping. The fact that I can sleep so deeply… It’s so sudden that it’s a bit scary.”


“Do all people feel this way when they fall asleep? I’m anxious that I might not be able to wake up once I close my eyes. It’s also strange that the bed feels so comfortable.”

Seo Uiwoo lazily murmured.

Although he was speaking in a leisurely manner, Jaejin didn’t miss the moment when a sharp tension flashed and disappeared in his pupils.

“Since I was a kid. You know, we live in groups at the center training camp? We have to lie down and sleep in a designated place for a designated time, and I found that really…”

It must have been like torture.

For Seo Uiwoo, who was in his growth period, he must have felt trapped in a narrow three-story bed that was much smaller than his body. He couldn’t get out, turn on the lights, disturb the sleep of other colleagues by tossing and turning, and he had to be trapped alone in the dark.

“Um, no. It’s nothing.”

Seo Uiwoo cut off his words with a simple shake of his head. Jaejin sat up and looked closely at Seo Uiwoo’s eyes.

‘Come to think of it, that’s right. Why did I overlook this simple thing?’

S-class esper Seo Uiwoo was in a severe imbalance due to chronic lack of guidance.

And the most representative symptom of this is insomnia.

‘The premise was wrong from the start. It wasn’t solved just by guiding.’

The more fundamental cause was hidden in his imbalance.

‘How can anyone think normally if they can’t sleep? Of course, anyone would go crazy…’

The reason why Seo Uiwoo is acting like a madman is because he can’t get enough sleep.

Even if he gets a good night’s sleep, Seo Uiwoo will be much more coherent than he is now.

In fact, looking back on Jaejin’s first life, it seemed that Seo Uiwoo became more human after he started getting proper sleep. He became more obsessed with Jaejin, but…

‘I need to put the kid to sleep properly.’

The most prominent imbalances that come to mind are three.

And the first of these is insomnia. The rest can be solved in order.

‘It’s about putting him to sleep and bringing him back to his senses.’

Having gained this insight, Jaejin stared at Seo Uiwoo with his black eyes. They were firm, calm eyes without any tremor.

A faint tension flowed down his spine. It felt good.

‘Yes, look at this. Our kid is not a bad kid. He’s just a bit extreme.’

Just then, a large paper bag flew towards Seo Uiwoo.

Seo Uiwoo rustled and took out the contents one by one. As the items were revealed, Jaejin’s face gradually changed.





urine tubes…

It’s unbelievable.

Jaejin let out a hollow laugh. Did he prepare this while I was unconscious? It was so absurd that he wasn’t even angry. It was just a headache to think that he couldn’t escape the handcuff dispute even in the second round.

‘Ha… It’s ridiculous. Why is it like this again?’

It’s absurd.

Jaejin didn’t refuse to guide, and he didn’t cause all sorts of trouble trying to escape from Seo Uiwoo’s house.

He didn’t shoot at the window to break it, he didn’t suddenly run out and try to stab Seo Uiwoo with a knife, and he didn’t try to strangle him while he was sleeping… But why…

‘Could it be that my future is already determined and cannot be changed?’

Jaejin frowned and looked down at the floor.

It felt as if the floor supporting his feet was collapsing and he was being pushed into pitch-black darkness.

‘If the future really doesn’t change… Am I going to die again in four years? In vain?’

That can’t be.

Jaejin abruptly raised his head. Then he glared at Seo Uiwoo, who was smirking.

“Mr. Seo Uiwoo, what… what are you trying to do now?”

Seo Uiwoo, holding the silver handcuffs, looked at Jaejin with a blank face. The air around him rippled and shook.

“What do you mean? As you can see… Do you hate being tied up? Does it make you feel bad?”

“If you like that, you’re not normal. I hate it.”

“But why did you do that? You said you would guide me, but suddenly you bit your tongue… So, it’s too scary, I am.”

“What are you scared of, Mr. Seo Uiwoo? Even if it’s scary, I should be the one who’s scared.”

“What if you die, Jaejin? This time it failed, but next time… or the time after that, if you succeed and stop breathing… Rather than that.”

Seo Uiwoo, who was murmuring as if talking to himself, looked at Jaejin with his icy eyes. Just as Jaejin was at a loss for how to tame Seo Uiwoo, Seo Uiwoo seemed to be deeply troubled about how to deal with Jaejin.

“That’s your fault in the first place, Mr. Seo Uiwoo.”

Jaejin sighed lightly and muttered quickly.

“You didn’t keep the conditions I set. I said I didn’t like pain, but you shoved it down my throat until I vomited, and you tried to shove it into my back hole again without even loosening it.”

“I just needed guidance. I never agreed to that ridiculous second condition in the first place.”

“I just bit my tongue in a fit of anger, I didn’t really intend to die. I knew you would heal it with your healing factor anyway. I thought you would listen to me if I did this.”

Jaejin moved his still numb tongue and articulated his sentences as clearly as possible. Whether Seo Uiwoo believes Jaejin’s explanation or not, the mistake must be pointed out and moved on.

“Look, Mr. Seo Uiwoo is the first S-class esper. Among espers, you have the highest ability.”

“So what?”

“So, Mr. Seo Uiwoo has never had trouble dealing with people since he was diagnosed as an awakened person at birth.”

He must have been tormented by not finding a guide who could reach his level, but that’s just the pain caused by lack of guidance. Human relationship problems are different.

“No one could match you, and no one could oppose you. Everyone liked you, revered you, and even feared you. That’s why Mr. Seo Uiwoo is still a baby at the age of twenty.”

“Baby… what?”

“I’ll make it clear now.”

Seo Uiwoo blinked his confused eyes. Jaejin looked at his shiny gray eyes with pity and gave him advice.

“If you need my help, try to make a good impression on me.”


“Whether it’s flattering me, acting cute, or pleasing me by doing what I want!”

Those handcuffs? A gag?

In reality, they mean nothing.

If Jaejin had been bound by such things, he wouldn’t have developed a romantic relationship with Seo Uiwoo in his first life. Later, Seo Uiwoo realized his mistake and showed regret, so it was fine. As in the first life, he could generously let it go in the second life.

“Until now, if you wanted it, the guides would have obediently spread their legs. Regardless of whether it hurt or not, they would have endured it without blinking an eye. But me? As you can see, I’m a half-baked mutant guide from an ordinary background, so I can’t do that.”


“I don’t like pain, I don’t like getting hurt, I don’t like being treated harshly like a tool, and I don’t like it when you ignore my opinion and do as you please.”

“So, what you’re saying, Jaejin, is… you don’t like guiding. Do you need to beat around the bush to say that? It’s an obvious fact.”

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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
Taming the Obsessive Attachment

Taming the Obsessive Attachment

Second Time Taming the Obsessive Top, 집착광공 길들이기 2회차
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He regressed to the first day of confinement. 4 years ago, Kwon Jae-jin, an ordinary person, appeared as the only guide for the S-class esper Seo Eui-woo. Seo Eui-woo kidnapped him and demanded that he be guided without consent. “Shall we check now? I wonder if you are a guide that matches me or not.” “Hurts, it hurts, ah, ngh! Ugh…… Stop……!” “See, you can do guiding on me…….” Seo Eui-woo’s crazy behavior, which seemed ruthless at first glance, had a good reason, and after 4 years that felt like war, Jae-jin eventually understood and accepted Seo Eui-woo. Not only that, he was taken in by Seo Eui-woo’s persistent love offensive and their relationship developed romantically! They lived happily ever after……! ……It would’ve been great if it had ended with such a happy ending. One sunny day, a gate in the yard burst, and Kwon Jae-jin got caught in it. He died with his limbs torn to pieces. BAD ENDING. That was the story of Kwon Jae-jin’s first life before returning to this point.



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