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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

The Villain Reincarnator Wants to Get Married: Chapter 3

I want to get married… I want to marry Tenryuin Yukina…

From the night I first met Yukina after being reincarnated, I was completely captivated by that desire in the guest room of the Ouryuu Castle.

After that, I went to see the faces of the other heroines in the Ouryuu Castle, starting with Miharu, but none of them had the same impact as when I met Yukina. Although there was a big difference in appearance preferences, objectively speaking, the other heroines were also equally beautiful and pretty.

“To be honest, I want to do erotic things with Tenryuin Yukina!”

I’m aware that if someone else heard me, they’d want to say, “Are you a monkey in heat!?” But I think that eroticism is an uncontrollable human instinct and a desire that has nothing to be ashamed of.

Besides, my current body is 13 years old. Isn’t that the age when boys are most sexually a*****d in their lives? So it’s only natural that I’d want to do intensely erotic things with the girl I’ve fallen in love with.

“Until now, I’ve been focusing on how to quit being a noble and live a carefree life, but now I don’t care about that anymore… I’ve heard that love can drive people crazy, and this is exactly what they mean.”

And I don’t feel bad about it at all. On the contrary, if I can have Yukina with just one inconvenience, I’d be happy to live an inconvenient life.

It’s a matter of priorities. I’ve found something I want more than a carefree life… That’s all there is to it. This is the first time I’ve ever felt such a strong desire, including my previous life.

“Come to think of it, my previous self was a pretty ordinary person, for better or worse.”

I think I was living a very ordinary and happy life. However, it was also a life where I was afraid of taking risks and wasting time and effort, so I never challenged anything and just sought stability.

I still don’t think that’s a bad thing. I just thought that I’d be able to take risks and try new things eventually because I still had a lot of life left, but in the end, I died in an accident without warning. That was my only regret.

And unconsciously, I was trying to repeat the same kind of life as my previous one, but in this world where there are monsters like demons, humans don’t know when they’ll die.

“Then, in this life, I’ll do everything I can to get what I want without any regrets…!”

From now on, I’ll change my policy. I’ll make Tenryuin Yukina, the princess of the Yamato Empire and a non-target character who couldn’t be captured even by the harem protagonist, mine…!

First, I need to figure out what to do to achieve that, and organize all the information in my head.

“This world… or rather, the original work, claims to be a Japanese-style fantasy, but it’s actually a fake Japanese-style.”

The world view of “Doki Doki ♡ Ah Hare Senki Love Romance Picture Scroll” doesn’t really refer to Japanese history. It’s a fake Japanese-style fantasy with magic and monsters, and a system of government that feels like it could be found in a Western fantasy.

Thanks to the magic and magical tools that surpass the common sense of science, the level of civilization is high enough that they don’t have to rely on firewood, wells, or ice rooms, so there’s not much hope for modern knowledge and technological development through magic… In such a world, I need to make a princess mine.

“First of all, as a basic premise, I must absolutely prevent Yukina’s route to ruin.”

If she dies, I won’t be able to date her, marry her, or do erotic things with her, so it’s an obvious goal for me.

“The problem, then, is how to remove the cause of Yukina’s fall into darkness.”

I close my eyes and try to remember in more detail the circ*mstances of Tenryuin Yukina’s fall into darkness as told in the scenario of “Doki Koi”.

Of course, being oppressed as a cursed child is part of the reason for her fall into darkness. There’s no doubt that such things have acc*mulated and caused her resentment to build up. However, for Yukina, that’s not the trigger for her fall into darkness.

The biggest trigger for Yukina’s fall into darkness in the story… was the brutal murder of someone important to her.

“Tayama Miyako… a commoner-born servant working at the Ouryuu Castle as part of the imperial family’s employment policy, and Yukina’s childhood friend and only confidant…”

I haven’t met her face-to-face in this life, but from what I saw in the game, she’s a bright and innocent girl with light brown hair and freckles as her charm points, and she’s in a position like Yukina’s maid.

Normally, a person with a certain amount of backing would become a noble’s maid, but since Yukina is being neglected, there’s no way she would be given a proper maid, so a commoner servant is forced to take on that role.

“Thanks to the positive and cheerful Miyako being nearby, Yukina grows up without losing her kindness… but due to the final boss’s scheme, Miyako and her family are killed, and Yukina falls into darkness.”

The final boss of “Doki Koi” is a typical demon king type who aims to destroy humanity and create a country of demons. The reason why such a final boss targeted Yukina… is because she possessed the power called the Dragon Seal, which is said to dwell in the people of the Tenryuin family from time to time.

Basically, human magic power is generated within the body, but those who possess this Dragon Seal can draw inexhaustible magic power from the earth… or more precisely, from this planet, which is like a magic power infinite cheat.

“In the original work, the Dragon Seal is supposed to suddenly dwell in Yukina when she turns fifteen… in other words, two years later.”

As the title suggests, the Yamato Empire, the stage of the game, is a country that values martial arts. In fact, the imperial family and the lords are loved by the people because they stand on the front lines and fight demons to protect peace.

In such a country, a royal family member with a cheat like the Dragon Seal is almost guaranteed to become the next emperor, but Yukina is a person who has been despised as a cursed child. Many people around her treat her like a tumor, and eventually call her a monster, forcing her to live a life where she can’t even leave her hermitage.

“There’s no way the final boss would miss such an opportunity… right?”

A person with infinite magic power is nothing but a threat to the final boss. By deliberately inciting humans to kill Miyako and her family in a plot, the final boss instills hatred for humans in Yukina, and then proposes to teach her the magic to resurrect Miyako, in an outrageous match-pump strategy to make her fall into darkness and aim for a fight between her and the protagonist’s party.

And then she ends up fighting the protagonist, Toya, and the main heroine, Miharu, but I can’t forget the event that happened at that time.

“――――… I can’t stop anymore… Toya-san…!”

The line that flows with the CG of Yukina, who is crying and showing a distorted smile in the burning Ouryuu Castle, is heart-wrenching just to remember.

In the end, Yukina is defeated by Toya and Miharu, and in her final moments, she reflects on her actions and uses her last strength to transfer the Dragon Seal to Miharu, dying while thinking of Miyako.

Toya overcomes Yukina’s death and sets out on a journey around the country with the heroines to defeat the final boss… That’s the outcome of the first part of “Doki Koi”, the Capital Destruction Arc. In the end, Toya defeats the final boss with the harem members he gathered from all over the country, and they all live happily ever after…

“There’s no way that’s gonna happen!”

It’s not happy at all from Yukina’s perspective! It’s a complete bad end! In my previous life, when my favorite character died halfway through, I was forced to play the rest of the game out of inertia!

I can’t accept such a future…! To protect Yukina’s future and for my own happy married life, there are four main things I need to do.

“One. First, I have to inherit the headship of the Kazashu-in family.”

Even if she is despised, marrying a princess requires a certain level of family status. The position of the head of the prestigious Kazashu-in family, which I used to feel was nothing but a burden, is an essential title for marrying Yukina. I can put up with the hassle as a necessary expense. I’ll need financial power to make Yukina happy, too.

“Two. Within two years, I need to move Yukina, Miyako, and Miyako’s entire family to the Kazashu-in territory.”

In two years, the Dragon Seal will dwell in Yukina. Once that happens, the royal family will never let her go. I need to take Yukina in at the Kazashu-in family before that happens. If I can do that, the rest is up to me. Even if the Dragon Seal dwells in her, I can hide it and deal with it.

“Three. I need to become stronger myself.”

As I mentioned earlier, the Yamato Empire is a country that values martial arts. The lords tend to solve problems with force, and in the first part of the original work, the emperor dies, and from the second part onwards, civil wars break out in various places.

As the heir to the Kazashu-in family, I will have to deal with demons and other territories. There’s also the matter of the final boss, so no matter how strong I become, it won’t be enough.

“And fourth, I must rigorously train my lower body.”

This is something I firmly believe is most important. By the way, I’m not talking about strengthening my legs and hips. Well, I might need to train my hips, but specifically, I think there’s a certain part of my lower body that needs to be focused on.

You know, sexless marriages can be a serious issue, right? I believe that the best man, the perfect husband, is not just about wealth, but also about expressing love every day using his lower body.

“At the very least, I need to become a better man than Mitsurugi Toya, stronger, wealthier, and equipped with a superior lower body.”

After all, he’s so easily popular that players suspect he might be bringing in a smartphone with a hypnosis app. I would have to overwhelmingly surpass him in terms of face value to even be considered an equal. Even if I successfully enter Yukina’s survival route, it would be troublesome if Toya starts building Yukina’s flag with all his might.

“Alright. With that decided, I need to start with one and two.”

Having made that decision, I wrote a letter and sent it to my territory by fast horse, and decided to have an audience with the emperor. From here on, I’m going to shatter the original scenario that I was trying to keep intact, but I don’t care about that anymore.

Bring it on, harem protagonist. Bring it on, target characters. Bring it on, demons. And bring it on, original scenario! I won’t let you do as you please. No matter who the opponent is, if they get in the way of my happy married life with Yukina, I’ll knock them down with all my might!

We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
Villain Reincarnator Wants to Get Married

Villain Reincarnator Wants to Get Married

The protagonist, who thought he was dead, finds himself reincarnated as a minor villain in the early stages of a Japanese-style fantasy erot*c game, a situation that feels overused in web novels. He is on a path to ruin, so he tries his best to avoid it and secure a stable and peaceful future. However, he falls in love at first sight with a princess who appears in the original game. This princess is a non-target character who even the protagonist of a famous harem game, known for its extreme level, couldn’t win over. The hurdle for the minor villain to marry is too high. But there’s nothing he can do about falling in love. He decides to become a better man than the super harem protagonist and win her over. This is a story about a man who reincarnated as a minor villain, who is poor but resourceful, uses whatever he can, knocks out anyone who gets in the way of his love, like the harem protagonist with cheat abilities or the mastermind of the story, and aims to marry the one he fell in love with. Before he knows it, he becomes the most respected ruler in the country



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