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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

The Villain Reincarnator Wants to Get Married: Chapter 7

I returned to my territory only to be scolded by Matsuno Shigefumi, the head family elder of the Kasouin family.

“Kuniyoshi-sama! Explain about the letter you sent earlier! What is this contract that you made with the imperial family without informing us?!” Matsuno exclaimed.

“My apologies. I truly regret not informing you, my vassals, about my plans,” I replied.

Upon hearing the report about what I did at the Yellow Dragon Castle and the contents of the letter that was delivered to me on the night I swore to marry Yukina, I understand why they would be angry. I truly apologize for that, but there was no other choice if I wanted to marry Yukina.

“But Shigefumi, you understand the financial situation of the imperial family, right? Even if we have a contract, there’s no way they can repay us in the form of money,” I explained.

“Well… the incident at the Togu Ohashi bridge must have been extremely damaging for the imperial family…,” Matsuno responded.

The contract that was formed due to the Togu Ohashi bridge incident is not technically a debt, but rather a payment for services. It was a contract that my mother compromised on to prevent the imperial family’s reputation from being tarnished by the word “debt.” The imperial family will most likely try their best to fulfill the contract and maintain their honor… but they simply don’t have the money.

The Togu Ohashi bridge was washed away in a flood, so it had to be repaired or rebuilt, which required a lot of materials and labor costs. To be honest, I don’t think the imperial family can afford to pay us.

“After all, they are of higher status than us. If they suggest providing compensation in a form other than money, we have no choice but to agree. They might even arrange a marriage with a daughter from some prestigious family who is distantly related to the imperial family,” I explained.

“That’s a possibility,” Matsuno agreed.

Looking back on it now, I think it was my father, Maeku, who pushed for me to become Miharu’s fiancé using the incident at the Togu Ohashi bridge as leverage. It’s truly ridiculous how he came up with such strange ideas despite not having any knowledge about the responsibilities of a lord.

Regardless, to overcome this, I need the cooperation of Matsuno and my other vassals. It will be difficult, but I will work hard to repay their efforts with my own contributions and achievements.

“But Kuniyoshi-sama, why did you suddenly decide to inherit the family headship? You always said that you wanted to live freely,” Matsuno asked.

“Because love limits a person’s freedom,” I replied, thinking about Yukina.

“That… what do you mean?” Matsuno responded, confused by my statement.

I returned to my senses and realized that Matsuno, the serious and unbiased man that he is, responded to my serious statement with a one-word question. What kind of reaction is that? I’m being serious here!

“Indeed, I used to long for a life of freedom. However, I discovered an even more wonderful future… That’s all,” I explained.

“Could it be… the engagement with Princess Yukina that you hastily arranged…?” Matsuno asked.

“Is that a problem? Are you dissatisfied with the engagement with the princess who is rumored to be cursed?” I responded.

Red-eyed individuals are considered a bad omen… Most of the people who believe in such superstitions are elderly. Matsuno, being a strong and elderly man, definitely falls into that age group… But still.

“No, I do hear unfavorable rumors, but I have no intention of evaluating someone I’ve never met based solely on hearsay. Besides, it’s just a superstition about being cursed, and it’s mainly being discussed by people of my generation. Once the older generation retires, such superstitions will naturally disappear,” Matsuno said.

“I admire your perspective,” I said with a smile.

Matsuno, who is sincere and unbiased, has many qualities that I greatly respect. Having someone like him by my side is a blessing.

“Well then, I made decisions on my own without consulting you, my vassals, which caused unnecessary worries. From now on, I will repay you with my hard work and achievements,” I said.

“Does that mean what was written in the letter is true…?!?” Matsuno asked.

“Yes, the Kasouin family will officially be succeeded by me. I will act accordingly. It is as the letter stated,” I confirmed.

Upon hearing this, Matsuno was moved and he prostrated himself on the tatami, his fists hitting the ground, expressing his gratitude.

“Thank you… Thank you for making such a decision! I was worried when you said you didn’t want to inherit the family headship… But your decision brings joy not only to the previous generation but also to the generation before that…!” Matsuno exclaimed.

“Hey, don’t cry,” I said.

Matsuno was originally the youngest child of a noble family who governed a different territory. He owed a debt of gratitude to my grandfather, the previous head of our family, and has been serving the Kasouin family for over thirty years, assisting with the management of the territory alongside me as the head of the family. He has been like family to me, considering I was ignored by my parents. I consider myself fortunate to have someone like him by my side.

“Thank you… Thank you very much for your unwavering service!” Matsuno expressed.

A young successor like me, despite the prestige of the Kasouin family, would still be looked down upon by other nobles. However, Matsuno’s trust from other vassals and the people of the territory is what can cover for that. I have relied on him since I was a child, and I truly want to treasure him.

“Anyway, it’s time for you to return to the manor. There should be a deputy head of the family in place, but since I’ve decided to expel my money-grubbing father, the Kasouin family will have me as the acting head for the next seven years. There are many precedents like this, but it’s clear that other lords will look down on me. Overcoming that will require the cooperation of you, Matsuno, and other vassals. It will be tough, but please support me,” I pleaded.

“Yes, this devoted Matsuno will serve you with all his might!” Matsuno responded.

It’s strange how Matsuno, who is hardworking, sincere, and without prejudice, has many qualities that I respect. It’s fortunate to have someone like him by my side.

“Well then, I can finally concentrate on the next stage… focusing on honing my martial skills,” I declared.

A while passed since then, and after finalizing things with various parties and announcing my mother’s death, I held her funeral. The day after the funeral, my father suddenly returned to Taotie Castle, the main castle of the Kasouin family, and I was informed of his arrival.

“What! Why won’t you let me through? I am the acting head, you know?!” my father shouted, arguing with the gatekeepers.

It wouldn’t be good to have him causing a commotion at the main gate where many people pass by, so I stood up and headed towards the gate where my father was.

“Hey! Why don’t you let me pass? I am the acting head!” my father persisted.

There, I saw my father, in a disheveled state, shouting and causing a scene. I couldn’t let this continue, so I decided to personally chase him away.

“Well, well… Look who’s here. A man who hasn’t shown his face properly in more than thirteen years suddenly appears, what does he want now? I don’t think you have any belongings here,” I sarcastically remarked.

“Wh-who are you? Stay out of this!” my father exclaimed.

“I’m the one who came to drive away troublemakers like you from our castle. You’d be better off leaving,” I replied.

“You have no right to say that! I came here to take charge of the Kasouin family as the acting head in your place!” my father insisted.

“No need. We didn’t appoint you as the acting head. You have no qualification to hold that position. Understand? Now leave,” I firmly stated.

My father, with anger in his eyes, stared at me and eventually left with his lover and child in tow.

Finally, the inheritance issue is truly over. I don’t have to deal with my father anymore, and whatever happens to the heroine, whose circ*mstances have drastically changed, is not my concern.

Even so… my father had an incredibly naive personality and a lack of intelligence. His only redeeming feature was his face, which made the protagonist resemble him. It’s no wonder he was taken in as the acting head in the original story.

“Anyway, now I can finally focus on the next step… honing my martial skills,” I said.

We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
Villain Reincarnator Wants to Get Married

Villain Reincarnator Wants to Get Married

The protagonist, who thought he was dead, finds himself reincarnated as a minor villain in the early stages of a Japanese-style fantasy erot*c game, a situation that feels overused in web novels. He is on a path to ruin, so he tries his best to avoid it and secure a stable and peaceful future. However, he falls in love at first sight with a princess who appears in the original game. This princess is a non-target character who even the protagonist of a famous harem game, known for its extreme level, couldn’t win over. The hurdle for the minor villain to marry is too high. But there’s nothing he can do about falling in love. He decides to become a better man than the super harem protagonist and win her over. This is a story about a man who reincarnated as a minor villain, who is poor but resourceful, uses whatever he can, knocks out anyone who gets in the way of his love, like the harem protagonist with cheat abilities or the mastermind of the story, and aims to marry the one he fell in love with. Before he knows it, he becomes the most respected ruler in the country



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