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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

Twilight Boundary Chapter:- 1

Chapter 1: The Bizarre Grandmother

Hu Ma felt as if his head was splitting open, his mouth parched, and his body so heavy it felt entirely disconnected from his soul.

Simply opening his eyes took an extraordinarily long time, accompanied by bouts of dizziness.

He found himself partially reclined in a room resembling a hall, with a dusty Eight Immortals table at the center, surrounded by several low stools. Against the wall, blackened stones were piled up to form a stove.

Several paper effigies leaned against the wall, their faces smeared with eerie, smiling masks. Yellow and red talisman papers, adorned with twisted runes, covered the walls.


Attempting to move slightly, he felt both his shoulders heavy and in pain.

A chain extended down from the ceiling beam, splitting into two ends, each terminating in a hook.

Currently, these two hooks pierced through Hu Ma’s shoulder blades, the bloody spikes visible in front of his chest.

He had been locked up here for six or seven days.

Yet, even now, he had no idea why he was imprisoned in this place.

Having just graduated from college, he secured a promising security job in what was touted as a cutting-edge lab at the forefront of the world. Then, a sudden explosion sent him spiraling into this situation.

Dazedly drifting, he lost track of time until a peculiar sound drew him in, leading to a sudden plummeting sensation.

Upon opening his eyes again, he found himself shackled in this space.

During these six or seven days, every night, an old grandmother would sit in front of him, silently chanting mantras and waving strange talisman papers. Sometimes she would even torture him horribly, the pain akin to being flayed alive, before feeding him odd meats and medicinal soups.

Regardless of his questions or actions, she would ignore him completely.

Being hooked by these chains, often dizzy and fainting, he was powerless to resist.

“Why is she imprisoning me?”

“What strange rites is she performing on me every day?”

Hu Ma had no answers.

During this time, he frequently experienced dizziness, feeling as if he was floating aimlessly, exhausted and weakened by the torment.

Awake, he only felt an unbearable thirst and emptiness.

A water tank was situated three meters away, near the mud wall.

The chain from the roof was looped around the beam, allowing some movement within the room, albeit at a great cost of pain.

It took him several agonizing moments to stand, despite the sharp pain from his shoulders.

Leaning against the wall, he slowly moved towards the water tank.

The bone of his shoulders rubbing against the hooks created a bizarre, chilling sound.

A little fresh blood seeped out with his movements, though not much, possibly all drained.

Finally reaching the tank, he saw the clear water with half a gourd floating on it.

Scooping up a small amount of water with the gourd, he drank it down thirstily.

The heat and headache inside him seemed to subside slightly.

But by quenching his thirst, his hunger grew more apparent.

He instinctively looked at the rough ceramic bowl on the Eight Immortals table.

Hesitant, he eventually moved towards it.

Lifting the bowl revealed a dish underneath with a square, slightly reddish piece of boiled meat.

To his starving self, it was intensely tempting, but he resisted.

This strange old woman, aside from chanting and waving talismans, would occasionally feed him these bizarre items, including herbs, talisman water, and notably, this unidentified meat.

Regardless of his appetite, she forced him to chew and swallow, each consumption a painful ordeal.

This led him to resist even in the face of hunger.

“I must escape while she’s away…”

Hu Ma reminded himself of this pressing concern.

Assuring no one was around, he endured the dull pain, reaching to the hook piercing his left shoulder.

Gritting his teeth, he tried pushing the hook out of his flesh.

The excruciating pain overwhelmed his senses, the hook seemingly fused with his flesh.

As he persisted through the agony, the door suddenly creaked open, dimming the light slightly.

“Has that strange old woman returned?”

Startled, Hu Ma turned to see a short, thin middle-aged man entering.

The sunlight from behind obscured his face.

“An outsider?”

Encountered another person after days ignited a glimmer of hope in Hu Ma.

Until now, he only encountered the bizarre old woman and a girl in a red dress with a red headband.

Seeing someone beyond these familiar faces sparked a desperate urge for help within him.

Yet before he could utter a plea, doubt seized him:

If this man was an ally of the old woman, wouldn’t begging for help invite more torment?

Moreover, shouldn’t the iron hooks in his shoulders be apparent to any outsider?

If they weren’t in cahoots, would this not strike him as odd?

As Hu Ma scrutinized the man, detecting whether to seek help, the man, seemingly oblivious to Hu Ma’s predicament, stiffly turned and casually glanced around, asking woodenly:

“Where’s the old woman?”

“Bad news, he must be acquainted with the old woman…”

Realizing the slim chance for help, Hu Ma pondered if he could extract some information instead.

“The old woman is out.”

He forced calmness, inquiring, “What do you need from her?”

The man’s voice was monotone: “I’m here to settle an account.”

“Settle an account?”

Hope flickered in Hu Ma, “Is this man a foe of that odd old woman?”

“She often leaves during the day. Judging by the time, she should be returning soon.”

Suppressing excitement, he cautiously said, “You…”

“If the old woman is returning soon, then I must hurry.”

The wooden man abruptly turned towards Hu Ma. Now facing away from the backlight, his face remained indistinct.

His voice, thin and halting, as if gasping for breath, revealed, “I was minding my business in the forest when she suddenly had people chop me down and splinter me to make coffins. Now, tell me…”

“… is this a deep enough grudge?”

Hu Ma was momentarily speechless, his mind reeling.

“I would’ve gained my spiritual form after another year or two.”

The man’s voice carried a thin wail, “But she cut short my future. Wrapped around the corpse of Master Cui, I smelt him rotting away bit by bit. I felt maggots crawling through his flesh, the rotten fluids seeping into me. Tell me, do we not share a deep-seated enmity?”

Hu Ma felt a chill down his spine, staggering back.

Only now did he realize the man’s odd gait; his knees seemed locked, moving rigidly as if gliding on boards.

And as the man grew more agitated, getting closer, Hu Ma’s vision suddenly cleared, revealing what lay beneath the dark cloak and hat was not a face but a grimy, blackened plank.

The stench of decay finally reached him.

A coffin board.

Yet, this coffin board was vehemently cursing, “I came to settle scores.”

“She destroyed my spiritual path, so I will take her grandson…”

Hu Ma instinctively thought to flee, but his body was too weak.

Dizzy and helpless, he watched as the coffin board approached his face.

The stench and shrill voice overwhelmed him, nearly causing him to faint.

However, just then, a soft cough sounded from the doorway, followed by an aged voice:

“Venturing into the woods to harm others, not sparing even pregnant women. I thought, considering your hard-won progress, letting you guard old Master Cui’s corpse for twenty years would be enough. But you’re ungrateful, intent on harming my grandson…”

“Let’s just burn you this time!”

Then came an agonized shriek, the room swirling with frigid winds, nearly sweeping Hu Ma off his feet.

When clarity returned, he saw the smooth coffin board lying on the ground.

A girl with two horn-like braids crouched atop it, grinning at him in a beastly pose.

And that severe old woman stood silently by the door, her presence ominous.

(End of Chapter)

We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
Twilight Boundary

Twilight Boundary

Status: Ongoing
At twilight's boundary, Yin and Yang divide. When the flesh of the evil god crowded out of the cracks in the earth, when mountain-like flesh appeared everywhere. Some feared, some worshipped, some burned incense and made offerings. And some tasted it, hmm, not bad? So, the flesh turned into crops, and people greedily harvested, competed, consulted ghosts, and worshipped ancestors. Huma, born from fear, consumed the Tai Sui, tended the fire, endured hardships, and struggled for survival against the ubiquitous evil spirits, and then... ...what? Am I the evil spirit?



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