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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!


Chapter 4: Drawing Talismans to Keep Aunt San Safe

Qin Liu Xi drew three talismans in succession, folded them into a triangle, and put them away before returning to the delivery room.

At this time, Qihuang had come back, holding a bowl of steaming herbal soup. Seeing that her master nodded, she personally fed it to Gu Shi.

Wang Shi took a step forward, wanting to help, but this maid named Qihuang had some clever tricks up her sleeve. She effortlessly helped Gu Shi up and fed her the medicine.

Qin Liu Xi tied two talismans separately at the head of the bed and under the pillow. The other one was kept in reserve.

Seeing this scene, everyone had strange expressions.

“Xi’er, what are you doing?” Wang Shi’s eyebrows twitched. What was this girl mumbling about?

Qin Liu Xi blandly replied, “Oh, it’s a talisman for safety and protection.”

Everyone: “…”

It sounded a bit strange, but no one dared to say anything.

The labor-inducing medicine quickly took effect. Gu Shi began to scream in pain, but before she could say much, the midwife calmed her, saying, “Madam, don’t worry. With Miss here, both you and your child will be safe.”

Gu Shi was stunned for a moment but didn’t think much of it. She just took it as comfort and teary-eyed looked at Wang Shi. “Sister-in-law, give me a handkerchief to bite on.”

Wang Shi folded a clean handkerchief and put it in her mouth.

Seeing that Qin Liu Xi was still inside the room, Qin Lao Tai Tai said, “You’re an unmarried girl, so you shouldn’t be here. Wait outside, Wang Shi and Mei Niang can handle things here.”


Qin Liu Xi obediently pushed open the door and went outside.

However, Qihuang handed her a cup of tea as a joke, “Miss, isn’t there anything else you want to do?”

After all, the one suffering inside was her Aunt San.

Qin Liu Xi took a sip of tea, glanced at her, and said, “As an unmarried girl from a noble family, how can I watch a woman give birth?”

The Qin family, even though it had fallen from its former glory, had still produced officials of the third rank. As for her, she was still a nobleman’s daughter.

Qihuang almost laughed but quickly regained her composure and asked, “Miss, did you not foresee this sudden calamity that has befallen the Qin family?”

Qin Liu Xi fell silent for a moment. Could she tell Qihuang that she had predicted it when she was a child?

After thinking for a while, she said, “People have times of decline and times of prosperity. The same goes for a family. There are no blooming flowers that last forever. The Qin family had enjoyed smooth sailing for several decades, but now this calamity has befallen us due to someone’s calculation. When a person succeeds, they must protect themselves, adopting a strategy of breaking and then establishing, and ultimately, the green mountains will always be there, and one day, the clouds will clear and the mountains will be revealed.”

Qihuang said, “Miss, what you say is true. With you around, the Qin family will not truly fall!”

Qin Liu Xi smiled and did not speak, quietly picking up her tea.

It was all a matter of cause and effect.

“However, the Qin family has many people, but now we have some weak and helpless old women and children. It’s a bit overwhelming. There are also several men who are unarmed on the road of exile, and they need money for everything. Miss, your idle days are over.” Qihuang suddenly said, her tone somewhat gloating.

Qin Liu Xi: “!”

This tea was a bit bitter. She couldn’t drink it!

She suddenly stood up and stood by the window, looking at the rain falling outside.

Outside the city gate.

A team of guards wearing raincoats and bamboo hats rode into Licheng and knocked on the door of an inn to take shelter from the rain.

In the main hall, a man of noble bearing opened a scroll. On it was a face that both males and females couldn’t tell apart, with long black hair tied up with a bamboo hairpin. The expression on the face was cold and disdainful, seeming to look down on all things in this world.

He stood in front of a Taoist temple, like a nobleman about to leave. It seemed that in front of him, all mortals were insignificant.

“‘Let’s freshen up, and tomorrow when it clears up, we’ll go to the Qingping Temple.” Qi Qian put the scroll back into the copper tube.

He had heard that there was a doctor in Licheng called Bu Qiu, who was extremely skilled in medicine, and his mastery of the Daoist Taicang pulse method was also amazing. Through pulse diagnosis, he could understand a person’s fortune, whether they were lucky or doomed. He could even predict the fortunes of their descendants, which was quite mystical.

And he was here to seek medical treatment for his grandmother.

Little Xiu took over from here. Thank you, everyone.

(End of this chapter)

We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
The Young Lady Always Lacked Ambition

The Young Lady Always Lacked Ambition

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Native Language: Chinese
In her two lifetimes, Qin Liuxi’s ideal was always to live a carefree life, after all, there were always people content with being lazy and unambitious, and she was happy to oblige. But when a whole family of misery and despair appeared before her, Qin Liuxi’s carefree days were no more. Faced with the precarious state of the Qin family, with empty money boxes in the hands of the maidservants pleading for business, Qin Liuxi had to shoulder the heavy responsibilities of the young lady – managing the household, supporting the elders, and raising children! Qin Liuxi: “I clearly signed up for a lazy, carefree script. Who switched it on me?” Her cousin, who was questioning life choices after being scolded by the young lady: “I feel like she looks at us like we’re trouble!” Qin Si, the fourth son who toughened up after getting beat up by the young lady: “Be bolder, remove the ‘feel like’ part!” Qin Xiaowu, who became introverted after being raised by the young lady like a chick, solemnly counted on his fingers when asked about the young lady’s shortcomings: “She can exorcise and capture ghosts, divine and draw amulets, heal the sick and save lives. Oh, which one did you ask about?” Later, someone asked Qin Liuxi what her dream would be if she could start life anew. Qin Liuxi fell silent for a long time: “I’ll gladly live a hundred years without ambition!”



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