Chapter 2 Part1

Chapter 2 Part1

Chapter 2

The Space Opening was larger than imagined.

Although he wasn’t entirely sure, it was spacious enough that it could possibly fit a small city.

He always found it difficult to adapt to the vast space, even though he had seen it countless times.

In this expansive area, Woojin was the only living entity.

A typical Space Opening was a different kind of space used for storing things, but Woojin’s Space Opening was not just that.

It felt as though he was facing a whole continent.

The ground was covered with soil. There was no visible water, but the soil was moist.

This meant there was enough moisture.

Though there were no living beings, from the sunlight pouring down from the sky to the undeveloped fertile land, it was perfect for farming.

With a shovel, he could dig into the fertile ground and start farming right away.

Even before moving to the countryside, he moved his one-room apartment to the Space Opening.

The security deposit was 5 million won and the monthly rent was 400,000 won.

The landlord promised to return the deposit as soon as a new tenant moved in.

“I’ll live here.”

From now on, this Space Opening would be his dwelling.

Woojin moved the stacked pipes from the Space Opening to the outside.

Initially, he planned to start by setting up a tent in the cargo compartment, but his thoughts had slightly changed.

“What are you going to use this for?”

His uncle was still outside, sipping canned coffee, without going home.

“Uncle, I’m going to use the welder.”

“Welding? For what?”

“I’m making a camping box.”

“A camping box? Is that why you wanted to borrow the truck?”


“Okay, but I’ll do the welding.”


“That’s right. At least I can rest easy if I do it. If you don’t like it, go back to Seoul quietly.”

“Um… then, I’d appreciate your help.”

In his school days, he was holed up studying and didn’t play outside. Even after entering university, his homebody habits didn’t change much.

Knowing this, it seemed easier for his uncle to understand.

His uncle even offered to make the camping box, from the frame to the exterior.

He said he had a friend who was crazy about camping.

Thanks to this, what would have taken him a month to do alone was finished in less than two weeks.

“I’ve built the frame with angle pipes, and the exterior is made with aluminum composite panels. I also paid close attention to insulation. There are six 150A batteries in the empty space at the front, and 220V can be supplied to the interior, so there should be no problem using it.”

“Oh, that’s quite nice.”

“I also made outriggers for easy disassembly. You must not break it.”

“Thank you.”

Considering he worked on it during his spare time, the quality was impressive.

It would have taken him a long time if he had done it alone.

His uncle was really skilled indeed.

His uncle finally checked the camping box one more time and finished up.

“Is there anything else you need help with?”


“Alright, sort out your thoughts while camping. Stop thinking about being a hunter. Even if that’s not it, there are a lot of things you can do.”

If his Space Opening ability was practical, he would have had a lot of work, but all hunters have an inventory, so they didn’t need Woojin’s ability.

This was his uncle’s way of encouraging Woojin.

He must have helped with this for that reason.

“I understand.”

Woojin just nodded his head without explaining.

* * *

A day had passed since he moved the truck and camping box to the Space Opening.

During that time, Woojin had been decorating the inside of the camping box.

A proud smile crept onto his face as he watched it slowly take shape.

[You have exceeded 24 hours in the Space Opening.]

[A new ability has been unlocked.]


Woojin blinked his eyes and stopped working at the message window that appeared as a hologram.

[Connecting to a new dimension.]

[Number of dimensions: 1]

Could he access a new dimension?

Then, a single portal was created at the end of the Space Opening.

The portal displayed scenes from the dimension as if they were photographs.

“Why is this opening now……? Ah, this is the first time I’ve stayed in the Space Opening, now that I think about it.”

The concept of the Space Opening was strongly associated with a storage warehouse for items.

That’s why Woojin only thought about staying in the Space Opening after he retired.

Woojin approached the portal.

Driven by curiosity, he reached out to the portal, and his hand passed through easily.

He thought he would feel a strange sensation, but surprisingly, it was more of a warm feeling.

“This is truly an amazing ability.”

Being able to pass through the Space Opening meant that he should be able to return as well.

After a brief moment of hesitation, Woojin stepped through the portal.

Where he arrived after passing through the portal was a dense grassland.

Trees and plants he couldn’t see on Earth.

A refreshing sensation he was experiencing for the first time brought a smile to his lips.

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Life is Great with sub-space

Life is Great with sub-space

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A half-hearted A-rank Awakened, Baek Woojin. He decided to retire and enjoy a peaceful daily life, but suddenly, he awakened a new ability. And this ability... It's quite something, isn't it?  


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