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I’m a Fake Saintess, but the Gods are obsessed with me

I’m a Fake Saintess, but the Gods are obsessed with me

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I possessed the body of a fake saintess who would die when the real one appears five years later.

‘Let’s stay still. Isn’t this an opportunity?’

I can become a landlord with just the salary that falls on the saintess! So I was planning to act like a saintess and run away…

But something is wrong with the gods?

[The god of knowledge, Hesed, sighs in relief as he examines your body.] [The god of mercy, Oman, declares that he will kill the bastard who treated you disrespectfully.] [The god of love, Odysseus, fans Oman from the side.] [The god of destruction, Siel, worries if you are hurt and sheds tears.]

And the male lead candidates who were cold to the fake saintess in the original work are also strange!

“Why do I have impure thoughts when I think of you?” The deputy who was the watcher keeps coming to see me whenever he can,

“It was you who wanted the position of the crown princess.” The crown prince who hated me and avoided me proposes to me,

“Tell me what you want. I will even give you my neck if you want.” The lord of the upper realm who had no emotions keeps trying to give me something!

And the villain who will destroy this world Instead of trying to kill me, he says he will cooperate!

No, I don’t care about being a saintess or the world’s destruction! Just let me be a landlord as I originally planned!

A long romance fantasy by Junye, .




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