Chapter 21: Does Your Face Hurt?

Chapter 21: Does Your Face Hurt?

Chapter 21: Does Your Face Hurt?

Seeing QS place his bet, and a hefty one of more than three million, Lu Ming curled his lips in disdain. He smiled mockingly, thinking that QS really believed he could win, without considering who his opponent was.

Lu Ming put all the money he had on himself, a total of one hundred and twenty million.

Qin Sheng agreed to the challenge.

[The Universe’s Number One Handsome: Let’s change the game. How about we move the battlefield to reality? Do you dare?]

[QS: Sure.]

[The Universe’s Number One Handsome: You choose the battlefield.]

Qin Sheng thought for a moment and typed in the name of a company, “Long Fei Group.”

Long Fei Group was a rival company of HD Group, which often used despicable means to trip up HD Group. And HD Group was founded by Fu Han Chuan.

[The Universe’s Number One Handsome: OK, let’s start right away. Quick battle, quick decision.]

The contest began. Qin Sheng tapped the keyboard at a fast speed, and lines of code appeared on the computer screen. He started to attack Long Fei Group.

Lu Ming also focused his attention, looking for loopholes in the system’s defense. He didn’t dare to underestimate QS too much.

Long Fei Group had invested a lot of effort in system protection, and it was not easy to hack into it.

There were five lines of defense in total, and each one had a monitoring function. If they were not careful, they would be discovered. If they attacked for too long, they would also be noticed.

Even Qin Sheng took two minutes to break through the first line of defense.

The further they went, the harder it became.

Ten minutes later, Qin Sheng was already attacking the fourth line of defense.

Lu Ming was still stuck on the second line of defense. Fine sweat broke out on his forehead. He glanced at Qin Sheng’s position and then looked back at his screen. His hands moved faster and faster.

The onlookers outside were anxiously waiting for the result.

They couldn’t see the progress of the real attack. They could only wait for the contestants to show up before they would know the outcome.

“What do you think? Who will win?”

“It must be Handsome Guy. He’s been on the eighth place on the list for so long. Do you think he’s a pushover?”

“Don’t be so cocky. Don’t you learn from your mistakes? How many times have you been slapped in the face by QS? That bastard likes to hide behind the screen, watching you discuss, and then slapping you in the face. I want to ask you, does your face still hurt? Because mine does.”

Other hackers: “…”

Their bodies stiffened, and their hands typing on the keyboard also froze. They silently deleted the words they had typed.

It seemed that The Universe’s Number One Handsome came out to fight QS, and his confident words made them float again.

Maybe The Universe’s Number One Handsome would lose. After all, his record was beaten by QS.

This time, no one dared to speak anymore. They just waited quietly for the result.

Here, Qin Sheng was one step away from breaking through the fifth line of defense. He looked at The Universe’s Number One Handsome’s position. He had just escaped from the third line of defense.

Qin Sheng’s lips curved slightly. He waited for a while at his spot.

Lu Ming seemed to be more and more panicked. His movements became more chaotic. He had only one thing on his mind right now: the one hundred and twenty million bet he had placed.

If he lost, he would lose all the money he had saved for three years. That was his lifeblood. He planned to use it to buy a top-notch computer. If he lost, his plan would go down the drain.

Lu Ming’s forehead and nose were covered with fine sweat.

He frowned tightly, his eyes fixed on the code on the screen.

Here, Qin Sheng pressed the enter key. All five lines of defense were breached. Qin Sheng entered Long Fei Group’s internal system and leisurely browsed around.

When he came out, Qin Sheng glanced at The Universe’s Number One Handsome’s position and raised his eyebrows.

He tapped his finger lightly on the mouse, deliberately triggering the other party’s alarm.

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