Chapter 4 Part3

Chapter 4 Part3

“I’ve eaten well.”

Woojin washed the empty dishes and boiled water in the coffee pot.

He had prepared a dessert today.

Whole wheat cookies that go well with coffee.

He opened the window, took a bite of the cookie while enjoying the cool sea breeze.

Sweet things are really nice.

He never understood people who eat dessert after a full meal, but today, he felt like he understood the reason.


Milk, his pet cat, came into the camping box and nestled into Woojin’s arms.

“Did you come? Everyone, meet my pet cat, Milk.”

After introducing Milk who was caught on camera as his pet cat, he slightly warmed up some cat food and gave it to Milk.

And so, the night fell.

* * *

[Subscriber count for ‘The Camping Man’ channel: 81]

The subscribers were steadily increasing.

The view count for his first video had already exceeded 500.

Woojin uploaded the second video to YouTube after giving it a final check.

Then, as if he had been waiting, his uncle opened the door and entered.

“Are you done?”


“Can you move aside for a moment?”

“Are you going to watch another drama?”

“No, a friend recommended a game to me. I’m going to try it today.”

The expensive computer that cost over 3 million won should be able to run most games.

Woojin readily gave up his seat.

“Don’t overdo it. You might get addicted to the computer.”

“Isn’t it better than gambling or smoking?”

“Stop talking nonsense…”

“And what are you going to do with the box of potatoes that arrived?”

A box of seed potatoes had arrived that morning.

He had ordered them to be delivered.

When he mentioned that he would use them for planting, all the potatoes with sprouts had arrived.

“I have to plant them.”

“Huh? Where? There’s no field here.”

“Why not? I have my own space.”

“…Can you even plow the field in that space?”

“I’m not sure. I just want to try.”

“Trying means it might be possible. That’s really amazing.”

“Then enjoy your game.”

Leaving his flustered uncle in the room, Woojin entered his own space.

He wasn’t going to plant the potatoes right away.

First, he had to prepare the mound for planting the potatoes.

Woojin started digging the spot he had marked with a shovel.

After digging for a while, he selected the stones and removed them.

“Ah, Milk, don’t touch that.”

Milk was lightly tapping the sack containing compost.

He quickly moved Milk away, took the sack, and spread the compost in the field to mix it well with the soil.

Then, he finished by creating the mound and covering it with plastic.


Woojin’s body was soaked with sweat.

As he wiped the sweat from his forehead with his shirt sleeve, Milk came with a handkerchief in its mouth.

While receiving the handkerchief, he petted Milk’s head.

“Thank you.”


Milk[1] let out a contented purr.

In response, a content smile formed on the corners of Woojin’s mouth.

TL Note: Cat name is Uyu which means Milk.

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Life is Great with sub-space

Life is Great with sub-space

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