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    A World Beyond / So We Are Told
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    Episode 3
    (I found a way)
    As always, the classroom before the start of class was no different from a marketplace.
    The atmosphere was so lively that it made even onlookers dizzy, with students who couldn’t sit still and kept talking among themselves, and students who forgot their lunchboxes even before the first class started. Nearly 70 kids gathered in one space, creating a lively atmosphere.
    However, this atmosphere quieted down as soon as one person entered.
    The boisterous atmosphere in the classroom instantly turned silent as Kim Seok-ho entered through the front door.
    The kids who were running around found their seats and those who were eating their lunchboxes stopped and swallowed what was in their mouths.
    They all lowered their heads, trying their best not to make eye contact with Kim Seok-ho.
    Even if the teacher entered, the silence that couldn’t be seen seeped through the classroom.
    Kim Seok-ho let out a hollow laugh in response to the sudden silence caused by his mere entrance.
    The third-generation of Taeyang Group.
    A kid who played sports instead of studying.
    And not just any sports, but boxing seriously.
    Among the boys’ middle school students who were the epitome of brute force, Kim Seok-ho was at the top.
    Kim Seok-ho threw his bag onto the backseat near the window and sat down, gazing out of the window.
    ‘I shouted out loud, but…’
    It was Kim Seok-ho who confidently declared to everyone, even in front of his grandfather, Chairman Kim Dae-hwan, that he would go to Seoul National University.
    And that story reached the ears of his absolute ruler, Chairman Kim Dae-hwan, as well.
    Kim Seok-ho didn’t want to be kicked out of Taeyang Group just like before, with a shell in his hands but not knowing anything else.
    And he had no desire to become a wandering beggar on the streets, having even that shell taken away in the end.
    He didn’t know why he was back to the age of 15 this time.
    But this time, he was determined to push aside his father and his aunt, who had dragged him and his father down into a pit, and take control of Taeyang Group.
    Because he thought it was the only path for his father and himself to live.
    So the first thing he chose to do was to get into Seoul National University.
    The best way for Kim Seok-ho to show his abilities in front of others right now was through studying.
    In fact, he witnessed firsthand how Kim Chang-jae, his younger paternal uncle and the youngest son of Kim Dae-hwan, dramatically changed his position in the family when he entered Seoul National University.
    Kim Chang-jae and Kim Mi-kyung, the 5th son and 7th daughter out of Chairman Kim Dae-hwan’s 5 sons and 2 daughters, were the children Kim Dae-hwan had outside the family.
    The two were brought into Cheongwundong by Hong, the butler, at the ages of 10 and 9.
    As mischievous troublemakers, they were treated with contempt during their childhood.
    What dramatically changed Kim Chang-jae’s position was when he confidently passed the entrance exam for Seoul National University, satisfying Kim Dae-hwan.
    And eventually, Kim Chang-jae would inherit Taeyang Heavy Industries with the title of Seoul National University.
    ‘With the title of Seoul National University, he instantly became the owner of Taeyang Group’s flagship subsidiary.’
    Kim Seok-ho was someone who had personally experienced the power of academic background.
    Moreover, it was the best means for him to show off in front of others right now, so he had no hesitation in choosing it.
    Kim Seok-ho sat in his seat, lost in thought as he gazed out of the window.
    He succeeded in capturing the attention of his confident grandfather, Chairman Kim Dae-hwan, by confidently shouting out, but the problem was the method.
    He still had five more years ahead, so he could think that he had plenty of time.

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