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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

Don’t confiscate my citizenship Chapter:- 2

Chapter 2: Why is Talya Glowing?

After breakfast, Lan Qi immediately found the housekeeper of the mansion.

The housekeeper was waiting outside the dining room, smiling at the young man who suddenly approached him.

“You seem to be in a good mood today, young master?”

His voice was very low, like a father weary from worries.

But just the butler’s words made Lan Qi feel a chill invading his whole body.

In the memories of his predecessor, the butler was the most reliable person in the mansion and the one who took care of him on a daily basis.

However, Lan Qi realized that his predecessor had not been aware that this seemingly friendly butler was also the most dangerous individual in the mansion.

Just like how the butler, Mr. Butler, was now calmly revealing a hundred percent fake smile, facing someone whom everyone in the family slightly feared or despised.

“Not bad, I have a favor to ask of you.”

Lan Qi said indifferently.

“Please tell me.”

“It’s about the pigeon I shot down yesterday. I realized it might be someone’s familiar. If it happens to belong to someone of noble stature, it could bring trouble to our family. So, I need you to manage everyone who might know about this incident yesterday.”


Lan Qi’s words seemed to surprise the butler a bit.

He appeared to observe Lan Qi more seriously for a moment.

So, this young master is also considering so much for the family? Is it a sudden whim, or has he encountered some other trouble?

However, the butler didn’t plan to ask more. He bowed slightly and said, “At your service.”

“Also, I wish to ask you to find someone for me.”

“Please describe their features.”

“She looks about my age, a female with gray hair and golden eyes, probably wearing a worn-out dark gray cloak, looking like a refugee, and please make sure she doesn’t find out I’m looking for her.”

Lan Qi explained while gesturing.

This request made the butler show a troubled expression.

“I will do my best. But young master, you should know how large this frontier city-state is. I can’t guarantee to find her quickly… Of course, if you can provide more precise features, I should be able to save a lot of time in investigation and screening.”

“Is that so… Then, if I draw her, how long would you take to find her?”

“Within a day, I can find anyone within this town who you’ve seen with your own eyes, I assure you.”

The butler smiled again.

He remembered that Lan Qi used to draw, but ever since his parents stopped paying attention to him, he never saw Lan Qi touching a pen again.

And it was since then, the young master’s character started to deteriorate.

“Then go handle the witnesses first, and I’ll have a portrait of her ready before you return.”

Lan Qi nodded.

“Alright, young master, I’ll take my leave. But remember to draw it seriously. I should be able to complete the first task for you by noon.”

The butler smiled as he put his hands behind his back and walked towards the kitchen, not forgetting to instruct.

“Don’t worry.”

Lan Qi was best at drawing.

He could even draw Talya with his eyes closed.

He guaranteed that no one in this world could draw Talya better than him.

Lan Qi breathed a sigh of relief.

Although his predecessor had caused trouble, luckily, there was still room for maneuvering.

Of course, concealing the evidence would only make it more difficult for the demonic princess, Talya, to discover the truth.

As far as Lan Qi knew, Talya had magic that could see through lies. As long as she was patient, there was hardly anything she couldn’t find out.

And given Talya’s vengeful nature,

Once she finds out he was the one who hunted her familiar, even if she held back when confronting him, she would undoubtedly seek revenge once she rose to power.

To truly resolve Talya’s hatred, he had to confront her personally.

But for now, at least until noon, he just needed to focus on his drawing.

Immediately after reaching the second floor, Lan Qi encountered the maid who woke him up this morning and seemed a bit afraid of him.

“I’ll prepare for you, young master.”

The maid was used to preparing some good wine and the latest novels for Lan Qi.

But she soon stopped her steps.

Because Lan Qi said to her—

“I’m going to the study.”

This statement made the maid very anxious.

“…Did you say the study?”

Her voice stuttered a bit.

Lan Qi couldn’t help but look puzzled.


Lan Qi confirmed.

He wanted to go to the study to look up some information and to draw Talya’s appearance to send to the butler.

Before he could confirm Talya’s whereabouts, he had nothing urgent to do.

However, when he opened the door to the study, he found.

The room didn’t have a table, not even paper, but lots of expensive liquor bottles.

“Please forgive me, young master.”

“What’s the matter?”

Lan Qi looked at the anxious maid.

“I, I haven’t finished cleaning the study this morning.”

She mumbled, seemingly prepared to be scolded.

According to the young master’s temperament, he would definitely slam the door and return drunk at night.

“It’s okay to not clean for a day or two. Just prepare the drawing tools for me, and I can go to another room.”

Lan Qi sighed helplessly.

“No, young master, how could that be possible!”

The maid widened her eyes at Lan Qi.

She became somewhat flustered, both surprised by Lan Qi’s unusual tolerance today and quickly said, “Just give me fifteen minutes, and I will make the study spotless! Then, prepare the tools you need! I guarantee it with my professionalism!”

“Then I’ll trouble you.”

Lan Qi wasn’t worried about waiting for a while.

Talya’s murderous intent made him a bit anxious, but not completely.

Because he already had a plan in mind.

No one could stop him from living a comfortable and leisurely life.

About ten minutes later, the maid, as promised, cleaned the study and brought Lan Qi the best drawing tools in the mansion.

Lan Qi looked at the pens in this world.

Although they were different from what he was used to in his previous life, he quickly figured out how to use them.

Then he sat in front of the canvas, sketched, started with a relaxed expression, and began drawing Talya.

Just the thought of having drawn the most perfect being, the noble demonic princess Talya, disguised as a beggar, made Lan Qi want to laugh.

Even without much thought in his mind, his hand moved freely.

He had drawn Talya too many times.

Lan Qi with his years of honed skill, lips curved in a faint smile, calmly and proficiently moved his brush.

He didn’t look like an artist of great caliber.

His composed demeanor was more like a homemaker preparing dinner.

But gradually, his attention sunk entirely into the drawing in front of him, losing the sense of time.

He even failed to notice the maid waiting by his side, who gradually widened her eyes in surprise, her mouth slowly gaping.

As time slipped away.

Lan Qi’s drawing was also nearly complete.

The girl in the painting, though dressed in an old cloak, was as beautiful as a lone wolf in the snow.

The gentle wind caressed her face, causing her gray hair under the hood to sway slightly in the wind.

Those golden eyes, hidden under layers of ice, held raging flames within.

Her solitary figure did not make her seem weak; the dust on her could not hide her inherent nobility and strength.


Lan Qi smiled, completing the final detail.

It wasn’t until then that he seriously examined the painting, realizing he might have accidentally taken it too seriously.

“My goodness, young master, has your painting skill become so advanced?”

Exclamations rang beside him, “I was just wondering if you were possessed by the god of art. I’ve never seen such a breathtaking painting before!”

The maid could not calm the excitement in her eyes until now.

She had seen Lan Qi draw years ago.

Back then, Lan Qi would show a gentle smile, never lose his temper, and the scenery he painted was as beautiful as his soul.

Many servants in the mansion hoped that the current Lan Qi would suddenly come to his senses.

Because they couldn’t imagine if he continued to degenerate, and once he became the true master of this house, what kind of life the servants would have, or if they would all be driven away.

The maid hoped that today’s signs weren’t her illusion.

But that the young master had truly become gentle, understanding, and cultured from deep within.

“Is that so?”

Lan Qi smiled somewhat embarrassedly.

He was indeed a great artist, but the maid’s admiring gaze almost made him feel like he was Picasso or Van Gogh reincarnated.

While drawing just now, he felt as if he had fallen too deeply into it, even feeling a bit dizzy after finishing.

Could it really be worthy of such praise?

“I assure you, you will become a famous artist that shakes the kingdom. Even the king himself will want your paintings, and even high-status cardmakers will want to discuss painting techniques with you!”

The maid clenched her fists tightly, looking at Lan Qi earnestly.

After a moment of silence.


Lan Qi suddenly realized something.


This is a game with non-turn-based magical card features!

And him, he was the lead artist! This world had many items, including the prototypes of numerous rare magical cards, all drawn by him.

According to the settings of this game, magical cards are equivalent to encapsulations of skills, equipment, or summonings, with the advantages of portability, tradeability, and free combination.

Compared to spending great effort to learn spells, in this world, one could simply buy the corresponding magical card, bind it, and use the spell immediately. It also allowed players to adjust their skill structures according to the strong enemies they faced.

Moreover, in the game’s highest difficulty dungeons, challengers would be matched to random different dimensions to obtain unique identities and situations. They could not bring any external items with them, except the magical cards bound to their souls.

Thus, magical cards are essential for home travel, murder and looting, fights and face-trashing in this world!

The value of high-quality magical cards, apart from dungeon drops, also depends on the cardmakers’ production.

And painting skills are closely related to the creation of magical cards.

“It seems that besides being a great artist in this world, I also have promising potential in cardmaking?”

Lan Qi stroked his chin, pondering.

He had always felt the game’s magical cards were too extraordinary.

Whenever he suggested to the planning team that they could create cards to enrich the game experience without destroying the game balance, those suggestions were declined.

The planners said they didn’t have ten mothers and wouldn’t dare to implement those cards.

“Young master, is the lady in the portrait someone you like?”

A tentative voice interrupted Lan Qi’s thoughts.

The maid waiting beside him noticed Lan Qi’s unusual gentleness today, making the entire mansion’s servants somewhat disconcerted.

But having observed him for so long.

She felt he wasn’t pretending.

Added to the fact that he suddenly produced such a miraculous piece.

Finally, the maid reached an astonishing conclusion—

He might be in love!


Lan Qi raised his head with a peculiar expression, unsure how to reply to the maid.

The one in the painting…

Is someone who might kill me.

But after carefully examining the painting and considering it,

According to the reaction of the people in this world to his drawings, if the butler uses the painting to search for people, it might cause some unnecessary trouble.

So, Lan Qi pushed aside the easel.

He skillfully prepared a new canvas, intending to draw a more ordinary portrait of Talya disguised as a refugee.


As he started drawing on the new work, a strong dizziness made him nearly unable to see the canvas anymore.

The maid looked at Lan Qi’s painful expression with concern but dared not interrupt his creation forcefully.

After hesitating for a moment.

She thought perhaps the young master wouldn’t rage at others today.

So, she swallowed and said, “Young master, if you feel particularly uncomfortable, you might have entered a state of magical exhaustion… Your drawing seems to pour all your heart and soul, and your own mana. I’ve heard that in history, great artists or cardmakers have also devoted their lives to art…”

“I won’t draw anymore.”

Upon hearing this, Lan Qi immediately put down his brush.

This wasn’t about staying up late to draw; it was over soon.

This time, he clearly felt as if something strange in his body was fading away while he was drawing!

“Please take this painting to the butler for me. Have him look at it and follow my instructions, then help me store this painting properly. Don’t let it leave the house.”

Lan Qi pointed to the previously completed painting.

Once he relaxed, he felt extremely tired.

The fatigue surged over him like a receding tide, even more violently, and his head began to nod.

He realized that with this consumption rate, he probably wouldn’t have the strength to draw a second portrait clear enough for the butler to recognize Talya anytime soon.

“And no matter what, wake me up before dinner.”

After saying this, Lan Qi stopped talking.

“Got it, got it!”

The maid carefully used magical tools to quickly dry and seal the painting for preservation.

On one hand, this painting was priceless, and on the other hand, the young master had already fallen asleep in his chair.

She was overjoyed by the young master’s change today and couldn’t help but grow even more curious about what level the young master’s work had reached.

So, she sneakily used a magic identification spell and finally saw the true nature of the painting—

【Portrait·Mysterious Princess】

【Type: Artwork】

【Grade: Epic】

【Rank: 1】

【Those who appreciate this painting will recover a small amount of spirit and physical strength, and their fondness for the princess in the portrait will increase, possibly adding a tiny amount of spirit.】

When Lan Qi awoke again, looking out the familiar window, it was already afternoon.

The sunset was gradually sinking, the golden light tinged with red illuminating the clouds, casting ripples of light through the window and adding a mystical color to the room.

It must have been the butler who carried him back to his room.

Because a letter was now placed by his bedside, written in the butler’s neat handwriting—about Talya’s whereabouts.

Lan Qi shook his head, this sleep felt exceptionally heavy.

However, as he sat up and stretched.

He found an extra painting in a conspicuous spot in his room.

Just this painting added a bit more artistic atmosphere to the whole room.

Sitting on the bed, Lan Qi frowned at the portrait of Talya.

It must have been a misunderstanding by the maid and the butler.

I didn’t ask you to frame this painting and hang it in my room.

I asked you to hide it! Otherwise, if the person in the portrait saw how seriously someone had painted her, how awkward would that be!

“Forget it.”

Lan Qi resignedly got out of bed.

At any rate, Talya had no chance of coming to his room.

Successfully deceiving her to leave this kingdom would be considered a success.

(End of Chapter)

We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
Don’t confiscate my citizenship

Don’t confiscate my citizenship

Status: Ongoing
"In the first place, she was a demon; how could she have been corrupted after meeting a human like me? Those critics always say absurd things." In 1798, Archbishop Rance, in an interview with journalists, was asked about his past with the exiled princess of the demon clan and the recent signs of the demon clan's resurgence. He stated: "I have made too much effort to defend world peace. I am very certain that under her leadership, there is absolutely no possibility of the demon clan reviving." ... In the winter of 1802, the demon clan successfully revived. 【Based on the above material, please indicate who the main culprit for the revival of the demon clan was and explain why it was Rance. (10 points)】 ——Excerpt from "Classic Examination Questions of Imperial History"



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