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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

Don’t confiscate my citizenship Chapter:- 3

Chapter 3: Lan Qi is Skilled in Handling Contracts

Even as the golden glow of dusk had long since disappeared, the night scene of the lit city-state still revealed a beauty that was no less magnificent than before.

Passers-by wearing various costumes walked beside the ancient buildings, their faces all bearing leisurely smiles.

A few hundred meters from the city gate, in a corner of the residential area.

Apart from the torches placed on the walls by the guards and the light coming out of the residents’ windows, there was no other source of light.

As Lan Qi’s eyes adjusted to the darkness, he slowly approached his destination.

He could see something curled up under the wall at the street corner—actually, there were many creatures curled up.

Because of the cold, they seemed very fragile.

Lan Qi continued towards that place, he could hear the sounds of those lives.

“Meow~ Meow~”

Stopping in his tracks and squatting down, he opened the lunchbox in his hand.

Just doing that, the aroma began to waft through the air.

And as Lan Qi tossed some cooked chicken meat not too far away, gradually, some kittens began to approach him.

At this moment.

He apparently didn’t notice at all, not far across the street, another figure was leaning against the wall, appearing like a homeless person from the slums.

Although this corner of the street wasn’t exactly a nice place, secluded with only a few stray cats.

There were no other vagrants, and guards were few.

Talya hated humans, so this place actually made her feel more comfortable.

Nobody would have thought that such a destitute-looking girl was once the princess of the demon race.

Time passed like this.

Almost all the kittens around were attracted to Lan Qi.

Lan Qi then happily watched the cats eat.

He had learned from the butler that Talya had been sleeping on these streets these past few days.

So Lan Qi had the chef of the house prepare a good amount of special aromatic chicken meat before dinner, suitable for cats but even more delicious for humans.

Then, a bit later, he deliberately came here pretending to feed the cats.

Despite these few minutes, Lan Qi hadn’t glanced at Talya even once.

But Talya had already noticed this human who had recklessly intruded into her “territory” early on.

If he just stayed here obediently, Talya might have treated him as air.

But why did that damned human use such high-quality meat to feed stray cats? Recalling her own years of homelessness, Talya could only conclude that even the cats were eating better than her.

Finally, she couldn’t help looking towards Lan Qi.

But, due to her pride, she seemed unable to speak any words of reprimand for a time.

She could only glare at Lan Qi to death.

But Lan Qi still didn’t seem to notice her for a long time.

“Can you go somewhere else to feed the cats?”

She spoke up, coldly saying.

Lan Qi slightly startled, lifted his head vaguely looking towards the direction the voice came from, after roughly understanding the situation, he indifferently responded:

“I come to this place more often than you.”

His tone was like declaring his sovereignty, stating the fact “I often come here to feed the cats.”

Hearing this, Talya let out an almost imperceptible cold snort, no longer paying him any attention.

Because the human indeed wasn’t lying.

Lan Qi didn’t say anything more either.

What he said was indeed the truth.

As a native of this town, he indeed came to this place more frequently than Talya.

And Talya had just arrived in this town not long ago, so naturally, she wouldn’t have seen Lan Qi here feeding the cats in the previous days.

However, Talya was stubborn.

She disliked Lan Qi and was unwilling to actively walk away and give up her position that she had occupied for two days.

At this moment, whoever retreated would seem like they lost.

So she sat in the corner, enduring her hunger while trying to fall asleep.

After a little while.

“Could you do me a favor?”

Lan Qi’s voice suddenly arose in the quiet street.

Talya slightly lifted her head to look in Lan Qi’s direction, making sure he was addressing her.


Talya originally didn’t want to mind him.

But according to the rules of the human realm, since someone requested her help, there should be a reward.

She was in dire need of various rewards right now.

“Help me feed the cats, don’t let the bigger ones bully the smaller ones. I’m sleepy and want to go home to sleep.”

Lan Qi, after saying, lifted the box in his hand adding,

“The leftovers are yours.”

Talya was silent.

If it wasn’t charity, but a transaction instead, she could consider.

But for demons, adhering to the rules of transaction was extremely important.

It even mattered to their dignity.

The more noble the demon, the more they would rather die than break the rules of a transaction.

Even if this human didn’t know she was a demon.

But as a member of the demon royal family, she would rather starve to death than violate transaction rules and covet even a bit more food for the kittens.

She counted the number of cats in her mind, making sure she could still eat some chicken meat in the end.


Talya thought accepting the transaction was okay.

Even though she didn’t quite understand what happiness humans could derive from feeding cats.

Lan Qi then momentarily covered the lunchbox and put it on the ground, stood up to stretch his back and leisurely left.

The next morning, in a wealthy household mansion in the town.

Another disciplined day, waking up early, after having breakfast Lan Qi left his home.

The plants in the courtyard seemed to be coated with a misty hue by the rising sun, and canaries were chirping joyously on the trees around.

Lan Qi, walking in the yard, felt his mood brighten.

However, he stopped in his tracks as soon as he stepped out of the gate.

Because he saw, Talya was sitting across the street, as if she was staking him out.

But he wasn’t panicking at all.

Talya wouldn’t be able to find out the bad things he did so quickly.

From afar, Talya swiftly approached Lan Qi, and behind him, the guards standing at the mansion’s entrance immediately went on alert.

Lan Qi raised his hand signaling the guards not to be nervous.

Nervousness was futile; if she wanted to go on a killing spree, no one here could stop her.


She just lifted her hand, handing the box that contained chicken meat last night to Lan Qi.

She found Lan Qi so quickly because, in this town, inquiring “a young man with black hair and green eyes” would lead to learning about the notorious young master’s deeds.

But she always felt the townspeople’s description of the rich young master seemed a bit inconsistent with the boy she saw with her own eyes.

Although he seemed a bit silly and lazy, he at least didn’t appear to be a bad-tempered human.

“You can sell it, I didn’t plan to take it back.”

Lan Qi looked at her with confusion.

High-grade tableware from his house, if sold, would at least fetch half a pound.

“This is outside the transaction.”

Talya said expressionlessly.

Lan Qi nodded upon hearing this, and took the box.

This demon princess, in order to disguise herself as a human, must have put a lot of effort into adhering strictly to human society’s rules and regulations.

Before Lan Qi could say anything else, Talya turned around and left indifferently.

“You didn’t eat much, did you?”

Lan Qi looked at Talya who turned and left, only showing him the back of her dark grey cloak, and asked.

“I have fulfilled our transaction.”

Talya didn’t turn her head back as she spoke.

“So it is.”

Lan Qi looked down at the box, murmuring to himself.

The demon seemed to emphasize this was a “transaction” and not a “favor.”

Her pride wouldn’t allow anyone to give her charity, nor did she want to repay any kindness. She was very clear that free things are actually the most expensive.

So, my plan to give Talya a favor has been foiled.

Even the box that could have become a “favor trap” was returned immediately.

Lan Qi sighed and handed the lunchbox to a guard beside him.

Apparently, attempting to offset the “enmity formed with her” through “granting Talya favors” was far from easy.


All of this was within his expectations.

Lan Qi signaled the guard following him not to be on guard, as he wanted to talk to this lady alone.

The guard dared not say anything and stayed at the mansion’s entrance as instructed by Lan Qi.

Then, Lan Qi jogged up to catch up with Talya.

Talya turned her head, looking at this human who had come up to her again, with a slightly puzzled expression.

She didn’t understand what this high-status yet frail individual intended to do.

“I want to propose another transaction to you, I guarantee its fairness in the name of my family.”

Lan Qi spoke respectfully and politely.

Talya’s golden eyes stared at Lan Qi as if they were trying to pierce into his pupils.

Not a lie.

She possessed magic that could judge the truthfulness of the other’s words.

And having completed one transaction.

It seemed this wealthy human wasn’t too bad, and he should be able to offer the remuneration she currently needed.

“Let’s hear it.”

Talya stopped, responding.

“In the next transaction, I hope you won’t ask me why.”

Lan Qi’s expression became somewhat serious.

Talya nodded.

She didn’t need to probe too much, as no one could deceive her with lies.

“There’s someone in this town who wants to kill me. So, I want to hire you to keep an eye out for suspicious persons near my house, and to help eliminate dangers and protect me, for which I will provide you appropriate compensation.”

Lan Qi looked somewhat distressed, not hiding the worry in his gaze, as he stared at Talya.

“Not a difficult task.”

Talya, after hearing Lan Qi’s proposal, was convinced that he spoke the truth,

“Your family must be very wealthy and influential in this town, even your mansion should have enough people to ensure your safety.”

She thought for a moment, looking at the not-so-weak guard in the distance, raising her doubts to Lan Qi.

“Because the assassin might be among those around me, I can’t absolutely trust any one of them, so I need as much and as reliable insurance as possible.”

Lan Qi seemed to particularly favor Talya.

His gaze didn’t hide his admiration for Talya, because of her honest action of returning the box, as well as not having any prejudice against him due to his identity, status, or rumors.

“So you think I’m more reliable than those guards beside you?”

Talya seemed to acknowledge her own strength as a fact.

She understood that Lan Qi had the unique discernment of a shrewd businessman.

“Relatively speaking, yes.”

Lan Qi nodded.

“Employing me is expensive.”

Talya simply stated.

She was constantly judging the truthfulness of this human’s every word.

But up to now, he hadn’t told her any lies.

Among all the humans she had met so far, this was commendable.

Based on her judgment, he should be one of those honest, upright, and kind humans—a good trading partner.

“Three pounds a day, as long as you’re staying in this city, this agreement will be effective.”

Lan Qi had already taken out a checkbook with “Wilfort Trading Company” inscribed on it and a pen from his pocket.

It seemed that carrying pounds and half-pound gold coins was too troublesome for him.

Typically, 30 pounds would be enough for a common family in the southern Mantina border of Heddon Kingdom to live for a year.

Talya was obviously stunned.

Not just intimidated by Lan Qi’s rich guy demeanor.

For her, who hadn’t dealt with “pounds” as a currency for a long time and was also a kingdom’s unregistered resident, this was an irresistible business deal.

But she had absolute confidence in her own strength.

So this was not a “favor,” but a “transaction.”

The key point was, the initiative to terminate this contract was in her hands, which wouldn’t affect her freedom.


Talya said in a low voice.

“Then I’ll trouble you.”

Lan Qi directly handed the checkbook and pen over to Talya, making her stunned again.

Talya looked down at the check in her hands thoughtfully.

Meaning, let me fill in the amount myself every day and then cash it?

Indeed, a wealthy and generous human.

With kindness, honesty, and many other qualities.

However, these types of humans typically clashed the most with their demon race.

At this time, Lan Qi turned back, walking towards another street.

His lips twitched, almost unable to contain his laughter.

Talya still didn’t know that the person who wanted to kill Lan Qi was none other than herself.

When Talya eventually discovers the truth about Lan Qi hunting down her familiar, she won’t be able to strike at him.

Because she must adhere to this rule—

“As long as she is in this city, she must protect Lan Qi and then receive three pounds of money every day”!

(End of Chapter)

We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
Don’t confiscate my citizenship

Don’t confiscate my citizenship

Status: Ongoing
"In the first place, she was a demon; how could she have been corrupted after meeting a human like me? Those critics always say absurd things." In 1798, Archbishop Rance, in an interview with journalists, was asked about his past with the exiled princess of the demon clan and the recent signs of the demon clan's resurgence. He stated: "I have made too much effort to defend world peace. I am very certain that under her leadership, there is absolutely no possibility of the demon clan reviving." ... In the winter of 1802, the demon clan successfully revived. 【Based on the above material, please indicate who the main culprit for the revival of the demon clan was and explain why it was Rance. (10 points)】 ——Excerpt from "Classic Examination Questions of Imperial History"



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