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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

Don’t confiscate my citizenship Chapter:- 4

Chapter 4: Lan Qi’s Study of Law Is Intimidating

The cobblestone pathways of Nan Wan Tina, a border city-state, appeared ancient and tranquil under the soft morning light.

Lan Qi walked slowly, a sunny and open smile on his face.

Thus, Talya’s murderous intent was resolved.

It was hardly a challenge for him.

Next, he prepared to head to his planned destination for the day—the border city-state library.

This place, never visited by his former self, was like a boundless treasure world to Lan Qi at this moment.

Though the border city-state library could not compare with the libraries of large cities or the renowned royal libraries of kingdoms,

Many rare books not found at home were included in the collections of town libraries.

Lan Qi had many books he was interested in and urgently needed to consult.

Thinking about returning to a peaceful life filled Lan Qi with anticipation.

As long as he wasn’t killed by Talya or allowed her to access the crucial funds needed to initiate her country’s restoration plan, it seemed that he had indirectly spared the world from chaos and made it a better place.

As for the mere three pounds a day promised to her,

Even if she clung to him until death, it wouldn’t count as restoring a country.

By the time she earned enough not to be homeless, she would likely have grown tired of this ordinary town and soon choose to leave.

After all, she was different from him, who only wanted to live freely as an ordinary citizen, while she aspired to reach lofty heights.

With that thought, Lan Qi arrived at a bakery highly recommended by a maid, purchased his breakfast, and then continued walking toward the library.

The library was not too far from his home.

Even with a leisurely walk, he could reach the library in about thirty minutes.

The morning streets were already bustling with shops open for business, and the aroma of bread and coffee wafted along the cobblestones.

Dawn’s light and mist lingered beside buildings, and green moss covered the winding roads to the end, as if narrating the weight and glory of history.

Gradually approaching, the sound of church bells echoed in his ears, holy and devout.

Each building he saw was majestic.

Lan Qi, nibbling on a cheese fruit sandwich, breathed in the fresh morning air.

Before he knew it, he had arrived in front of the border library.

In the next few days,

His thirst for knowledge would surely make him a regular visitor here.

The grand architecture, with rows of majestic columns standing atop broad steps and walls filled with stones aged by time,

Stepping inside,

He saw arched windows adorned with intricate patterns, reflecting a soft glow.

He quickly proceeded to the counter and completed formalities for a library card.

Then, Lan Qi entered the spacious reading area.

Following the directions on the indoor map, he arrived near the law literature section, lightly touching the spines of the books, his gaze swiftly scanning over them.

Soon, Lan Qi picked a thick volume off the shelf—

“The Legal Code of the Kingdom of Herdon”

With the book in hand, he sat down by a long table, contentedly starting to flip through it.

Having arrived in such a fantastical world,

Besides understanding the current situations and intelligence,

Most people would eagerly begin to explore their talents or the possibility of learning magic.

But not Lan Qi.

He chose to study law.

Magic and power were indeed crucial in this world, like magic cards that could bring unimaginable riches and extraordinary powers.

Lan Qi was also fairly certain he had a talent for card making.

However, becoming an outstanding card maker wasn’t something that could be achieved overnight.

He needed a vast knowledge of magical engineering and diligent practice.

Looking at the present situation, knowledge and wisdom were the foundation of his existence.

Sometimes, knowing the law could mean the difference between a lifetime imprisonment for the loser and immediate death for the winner upon victory.

So, he wasn’t in a hurry to study magic cards.

He believed that the most important thing upon arriving in a place was to fully understand the laws of the country.

— Or the “basic rules.”

Hence, Lan Qi arrived early at the town’s library today and found the latest revised edition of “The Legal Code of the Kingdom of Herdon” to seriously read, word for word.

Always law-abiding, he would never do anything illegal.

Until the sun set in the west,

Warm sunlight filtered through the library windows, filling the air with a tranquil ambiance.

Lan Qi, beside a book table, lingered his eyes on the pages, brushing lightly over the thin pages as he read.

The orange sunlight through the glass windows touched his face engrossed in reading, softening and dignifying his features.

“Isn’t that literary boy super good-looking?”

“Yes, he’s so serious and focused. He’s been sitting there reading law books all day; definitely a super scholar.”

“Wait, isn’t he the notorious prodigal son of the Wilfort family, Lan Qi Wilfort, with a terrible reputation?”

“Uh… But you can tell, he really respects the law. Maybe the rumors aren’t so true after all!”

Girls sitting behind the counter whispered among themselves, occasionally stealing glances at Lan Qi.

His soft black hair and the clear green pupils complemented his innate poet and painter’s temperament. Once he shed his prodigal behavior, he seemed to undergo a drastic transformation.

However, Lan Qi, absorbed in his book, was like oblivious to time, paying no attention to irrelevant noises in the library.

Only when the light outside gradually dimmed did he slightly realize it was almost time for the library to close.

Lifting his gaze from the pages, he finally felt a long-missed soreness in his eyes.

Looking up, he found the library had thinned out considerably.

“Tomorrow, I’ll take a look at this world’s fundamental knowledge of magical engineering.”

Muttering to himself, Lan Qi placed a bookmark in the legal code and then closed the book.

It was time to go home.

Besides borrowing the not-yet-finished legal code, he had roughly listed a catalog of books he intended to borrow.

For example, during his search for the legal code, he caught a glimpse of several books he was interested in:

“Principles of Detoxification”

“Strategies for Resisting Psychic Disturbance Magic”

“Methods to Counter Curse Spells”

After all, after studying the kingdom’s laws and regulations, the next step was to explore magic cards.

As someone with a clear conscience, he must thoroughly understand how to counter those despicable magic tricks! Just thinking about others possibly using those magics against him made him uncomfortable.

And if,

Just if.

Someday he also had no choice but to use those efficient magics.

Then he needed to know how to circumvent those defenses.

As the saying goes, know yourself and your enemy, and you will never be defeated!

(End of the chapter)

We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
Don’t confiscate my citizenship

Don’t confiscate my citizenship

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"In the first place, she was a demon; how could she have been corrupted after meeting a human like me? Those critics always say absurd things." In 1798, Archbishop Rance, in an interview with journalists, was asked about his past with the exiled princess of the demon clan and the recent signs of the demon clan's resurgence. He stated: "I have made too much effort to defend world peace. I am very certain that under her leadership, there is absolutely no possibility of the demon clan reviving." ... In the winter of 1802, the demon clan successfully revived. 【Based on the above material, please indicate who the main culprit for the revival of the demon clan was and explain why it was Rance. (10 points)】 ——Excerpt from "Classic Examination Questions of Imperial History"



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