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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

Eating with my friend’s mom: Chapter 14

〈 Episode 14 〉 My Secret Partner (5)

Finally, lying next to her in bed. My heart was pounding as if it would burst. She had turned towards me, facing me.

Her graceful and pure face appeared right before my eyes. Despite her light makeup, her skin was smooth, defying her age. There were tears welling up in her large eyes. Every time she breathed, warm air exhaled through her red lips. I wanted to lick her lips right away.

"Thank you….."

She slowly calmed her sobs as she looked at me and spoke.

"Come a little closer….."

I moved my body closer to her, who was resting on my arm. The distance between our faces was now less than 10 cm.

"It’s okay….. Take your time to think."

I spoke in the gentlest tone possible to reassure her, patting her shoulder. She was on the verge of crying again.

Her firm chest was right before me. I felt her bra under the thin T-shirt, struggling to contain her round breasts. If only I could take off that bra, I could lick her erect nipples.

Although comforting her was my priority because she was sad, my body wasn’t reacting that way. Her captivating figure and the scent of shampoo from her hair were further stimulating my member.

I lay on my side with an erection, pulling my hips backward as much as possible. If I pushed my hips forward even a little, my throbbing member would press against her bare thigh.

Oh, my rigid erection was throbbing with anger due to continued excitement. It felt like clear liquid was dripping from the tip, soaking my underwear.

Lying in bed with her, I couldn’t just comfort her. Because of her, my member had been frustrated for days, and it needed solace more than ever.

"Don’t cry….."

I lifted my hand and slowly grabbed her waist, pulling her towards me. Her slender waistline was gripped in my hand under her thin T-shirt. I began to gently pull her towards me.

A strange tension flowed between us. The cold air in the room suddenly felt like it was heating up. Seeing no reaction to my hand on her waist, I grew bolder.


As I pulled her waist towards me, a faint moan escaped her lips. The lewd sound coming from her white face and red lips was making me lose my sanity.

She didn’t seem to mind coming closer to me, as she wriggled to move her head slowly into the crook of my arm. Encouraged, my hand started to caress her waist and near her buttocks.

I then moved my lower body forward, gently overlapping it onto her thighs. Wrapped around her with one leg, we were now facing each other.

"Oh my….."

The tip of my erect member touched near her thigh. Under the denim skirt, I could clearly feel the firm flesh of her thighs against my left leg and my member. The tip of my fully erect glans was pressing against the inside of her white thigh.

Surely she must have felt it too. She must have known this sensation was from the large member of her friend’s son, or rather, from a male excited by looking at her, not some son of a friend.

My member touched her thigh area for a while. My excitement level had already peaked to the point that I wanted to strip off my clothes right then.

She wriggled slightly, seeming uncomfortable. Her thin T-shirt rode up slightly over her belly. My hand, which was wandering around her waist, touched her bare skin. Slowly, I began to caress the band of her denim skirt and her waistline.

Her soft skin transmitted directly under my fingertips. I pressed her waist slowly, like tapping piano keys. Her firm, elastic skin bounced my hand away.


Sounds of breaths or moans were coming from her red lips. Her eyes were closed, unlike her slightly parted lips.

My hand slowly moved upward inside her thin T-shirt. Grazing over her soft surface, my hand naturally started to caress her back. I wanted to stimulate the fine hairs on her smooth skin with the tips of my fingers.

She lay still with her eyes closed. Although her lips slightly quivered, they soon pressed tightly together. The touch of my hand seemed to crease her brow a bit.


While caressing her back, I unintentionally let out a breath. She must have felt my rough breathing too. My rapidly pounding heart was telling me to be braver.

My hand, stroking her back, was now entirely inside her clothes. I could feel her soft skin directly under my hand.


Something felt different under my hand. My hand, which had gone quite far up, touched her bra strap.


As my hand touched her undergarment, her brow furrowed, and a sigh escaped her mouth. She seemed to be deeply conflicted, as if this wasn’t the right place. I couldn’t fathom what she was thinking.

Should I stop here? How did I get this far…. It would leave a deep regret if I stopped now. Okay, a step back for two steps forward.

I slowly withdrew my hand from her back, so she wouldn’t notice. Then slowly moved it near her buttocks and placed it next to her thigh.

The place descending from her buttock side was a strategic point. I had to attack this place unconditionally!

Clutching my trembling heart, I looked at her. Her eyes were still closed, and a slight anxiety was visible on her expression.

Her already short denim skirt had risen slightly over her thighs. My hand drew a slow circle and moved inward from the side of her thigh.


She was holding her breath. She seemed curious how far my hand would go.

Her smooth thigh was felt directly under my hand. My first impression of caressing her thigh was firmness. The effects of her daily home training to sculpt her body were evident in those thighs.

Her firm, elastic thighs made me want to rub my member vigorously against them.

As my hand moved inside her thigh, the part where her thighs met was felt. Her inner thigh was folded inside the tight denim skirt. I realized for the first time that I could feel extreme excitement from such folded flesh.


My hand began to caress slowly between her denim skirt and thigh. I felt the warm air between her thighs. She seemed to slightly flinch as my cold hand touched her.

With my fingers, I slowly pressed her inner thigh and smoothly turned her skin. My hand freely roamed through the closed inner thighs beneath her denim skirt.


A little further, and it was her groin. I remembered her black silk panties that had clasped my member in the bathroom. Was she wearing silk panties again today? Thinking of her naughty panties with holes, my hand grew bolder.

The goal was in sight. I slowly moved my hand inside her inner thigh. To insert my hand into the enclosed area of her thighs, I focused the nerve ends of my fingers and brought them to the entrance of her groin.

How many centimeters? Just a little more, and I would feel her genitals directly. I wondered how much pubic hair she had. Imagining her neatly trimmed pubic hair, my member twitched, mimicking a breath.


As my hand separated the flesh in her inner thighs and tried to enter her groin, a muffled voice escaped her lips.


Her closed eyes opened. There were still faint traces of tears around her eyes. How could she be so pretty even when crying? I wanted to stop time and endlessly admire her face.


Instead of answering, I let out a deep sigh. How could I stop here? I wanted to ask if she couldn’t feel my throbbing member. The tip of my member was already leaking pre-cum and dampening my underwear.

"We shouldn’t be doing this….."

She said with difficulty. Her words seemed directed at herself as much as at me. I was curious about her true feelings.

I stared intently into her eyes. Her black pupils sparkled before me. A warm reddish hue spread across her smooth skin. Her face was already emitting warm air.

She didn’t avoid my gaze. Only silence flowed in the room with just the two of us. The issue of my manhood had been long forgotten. Now, the bond with my true friend and partner was what mattered.

I thought I couldn’t miss this moment. If I looked back on my life one day, I would regret not doing anything at this moment.

I decided to engrave her face in my memory. Her lovely face; I had to console the sorrowful her. When silence settled, I slowly brought my lips to her face.

Her eyes slowly began to close.

We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
Eating with my friend’s mom

Eating with my friend’s mom

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