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Comeback: No Choice But…

Comeback: No Choice But…

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※This novel contains materials such as reincarnation after jumping off a high-rise building and unwanted prostitution.

It does not describe the subject matter in detail but mainly deals with the subsequent events caused by the subject matter.

I jumped from the 32nd floor.

There was no way I would have survived.

Yet I was reincarnated. In the body of another person who has nothing to do with me.

I am Choi Hong-seo, not Yoon Hye-an.

No matter how hard I try, no one will believe me. Even if I were them, I wouldn’t believe it as well.

Am I crazy?

In reality, I am Yoon Hye-an, but I believe that I was Choi Hong-seo?

The only hope that allows me to endure an unacceptable situation is the person I loved.

The only person who treated me with respect.

I wanted to see him up close.

Since I had already died once, I had no other regrets.

But he doesn’t love me, because I’m not Choi Hong-seo.

“Did you know beforehand that the original owner of this role was Choi Hong-seo?”


“So, did you use Choi Hong-seo as a reference?”


“Simply put, I’m asking if you calculated that mimicry would give you an advantage.”

“I don’t think Yoon Hye-an-ssi is suitable for the role, but if the director’s opinion is so, then I should follow it. But I want you to stop imitating him.”


“Just because a person isn’t in the world anymore doesn’t mean people like you can use him as you please. Do you understand?”

If only I was Yoon Hye-an in reality rather than Choi Hong-seo as I thought I was.

It shouldn’t hurt this much to see him treat me so coldly.

This feeling and this pain couldn’t be fake.

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