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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

Eating with my friend’s mom: Chapter 23

〈 Episode 23 〉 Find the Kidnapped Son (2)

* * *

As she grabbed the chair and bent over, her white, curvy backside was revealed. She was looking at me with a seductive pose, as if she were in a studio.

How could anyone just walk past this view? Look at her white, flawless skin and those firm buttocks. I couldn’t help but let out an exclamation.

It felt like my brain and genitals were being stimulated as if my blood was flowing in reverse. After several ejaculations, my penis, which should have been spent, was standing erect again.

Even after multiple rounds of masturbation… this was a real situation with her. Today, I would share as much love as I wanted without holding back.

“Oh, you’re so sexy…”

I softly caressed the line of her hips and waist. As my hand touched her, her hips seemed to twitch slightly.

“Ooh… so embarrassing…”

A coquettish and playful tone escaped her lips. The sexy, playful sounds from her elegant face always stimulated me.


I immediately bent her upper body down and slipped my hand between her buttocks. I could feel her pubic hair between her firm thighs.

Her black pubic hair was covered with hardened love juices. Fluids, whether mine or hers, surrounded the entrance of her vagina.

I slowly inserted my finger into her buttocks.


Standing there, she started to moan, twisting her body. Her white, fleshy figure was shaking as she held onto the chair.

Squish… squish…


As my finger explored her genitals, her white buttocks began to tremble. Now, even with just one finger, she was feeling aroused.

It felt like her body had awakened, as if a secret door had been opened. How had she lived without sex with a body like this… Her restraint was truly remarkable considering her whole body was an erogenous zone.


My finger was sucked into the space between her buttocks. She was already wet below. I gently rotated my finger.


“Do you like it?”

“Why are you so good at this?”

“Show me more.”


Excited moans leaked from her lips. I removed my finger and rubbed my stiff shaft against the entrance of her vagina. As my hips pressed against her, her upper body bent even more.

She slightly spread her firm thighs for me. We slowly pressed our lower bodies together while standing. My penis was searching for her opening from below.

“Haaa…. not there.”


Her delicate hand grasped my penis. Without even looking at me, she guided my stiff glans to the entrance of her vagina between her buttocks. Her vagina, overflowing with love juices, seemed to be welcoming me in.


My penis slowly began to penetrate her again. This time, standing behind her, I slowly thrust my penis upward.

It felt like having sex in her kitchen. I imagined having sex all around her house. Soon, I would scatter my semen throughout her home.


As my penis slowly pushed in, her buttocks began to tremble. She stood on tiptoe, holding tightly to the chair to match my height.



Slowly… very deeply, I pushed my raging penis inside her vagina. Her warm vagina was still welcoming. Her white buttocks, spread for me, were touching the base of my thighs.

“Ah…. too deep.”

“Is my cock big?”

“Yes… very…”

“Because it’s big, you like it, right?”

“Haaa…. yes….”

She barely managed to answer. As if tailored to fit, my penis fit perfectly inside her vagina. Even a slight twitch made it feel like her cervix was touching the tip of my glans.

Her white buttocks trembling brought another wave of excitement. This time, I would thrust relentlessly for my satisfaction.



As my penis moved inside her, she shivered and shook. The chair she was holding began to shake slowly.

Thud… thud… thud….

Looking at her curvy backside, I slowly started to move my hips. The standing position play added a new layer of excitement.

I could fully appreciate her white, luscious backside at a glance. How could this be the body of a married woman… She seemed to be born with a naturally sexy body.

“Ugh…. ahh…”

A coquettish voice flowed from her lips. It seemed her voice, which had been moaning all day, was slightly hoarse.

Losing her voice from sex… that made her seem even more enticing.

Thud… thud! Thud!!

I gradually increased the intensity. My groin was tightly pressed against her buttocks.

“Haang… too hard!”

“Do you like fucking a young guy?”


“How is it to taste a young cock?”


Looking at her moaning face, I poured out dirty talk. She nodded her head in silent affirmation, matching the movement of my penis.

She must like it. She would love it. After only seeing a bald old man, she could taste a young cock like mine. She must think she hit the jackpot.

I would become a long-term partner for her. Not only for her body but also as a friend she could rely on emotionally. Today was just the beginning.

Thud… thud… thud!

My piston-like thrusts were getting faster. Her buttocks seemed to vibrate and tremble.

“Ahh… ahh…”


I was quickly approaching the climax. Grasping her slender waist, I rapidly thrust my swollen penis into her

voluptuous buttocks. She also seemed to be nearing her peak. I could sense it from the subtle tremors in her body.


I lifted my hand and grabbed her waving hair. Her hair, cascading down her shoulders, fit perfectly in my grip. I pulled it back like a rope.


Her head tilted back. Her lower body was presented to me, her arched back supporting her body.

Completely surrendered to me, her entire focus would be on my cock. The arousal from her posture made me feel the signals coming quickly. In this standing position, her vaginal tightness gripped my penis even more firmly.


Thud… thud… thud…


“Do you like it?”

“Oh… Dongho… I think I’m going to come…”

“Ugh..! I think I’m going to come too!”

“Don’t do it inside…!”

“Ah… I don’t care.”

“We’ve done it so many times…”

“I don’t want to pull out. It’s okay, right?”


Instead of answering, she held tightly to the chair. As the piston sounds sped up, the chair was gradually being pushed forward. Her tilted head was releasing gasps and moans.

My mind started to go blank. The stimulation from her vagina climbing up was commanding me to release my semen inside her right away.

“Hoo… hoo…”

“Haaa…! Ahhh….!”



“I’m coming…!”


Her vaginal tightening made it feel like my cock was about to be pulled out. Ah… I couldn’t hold back the groan escaping my mouth.







Grasping her hips, I began to ejaculate with the last piston thrusts. Even after several ejaculations, the last remaining semen was shooting deep inside her vagina.



She mixed moans and sobs. Her firm thighs were trembling. Her vaginal walls were tightening and releasing around my cock, holding it firmly.



“I told you not to do it inside…”

“You said not to pull out.”

After a few more tremors, the diluted semen started to slowly flow down her thighs.

The sight of my semen trickling down her firm thighs and calves was truly erotic. I moved under her buttocks, extending my tongue to lick the dripping semen.



“Ooh… so embarrassing…”

My semen mixed with her love juices tangled on my tongue. As my tongue touched her genitals, her body shivered again.


“Did you like it?”


I turned her around and hugged her tightly. Her perky breasts and erect nipples pressed against my chest. She slowly buried her head in my embrace.

Is this the timing? I wanted a definite answer from her.

“Can I come by tomorrow night?”

“To my house…?”


“No….. Seongdae and his father will be there..”

It was a failure. If she had opened the door for me, I would have eagerly fucked her in the guest room or bathroom. Was I too impatient…..

“I’ll come over.”


“I’ll come to your house, Dongho.”

A lascivious smile appeared on her face.

* * *

We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
Eating with my friend’s mom

Eating with my friend’s mom

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