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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

Eating with my friend’s mom: Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Her Secret Proposal (3)

Friend (??).
What is a friend?
Typically, it refers to someone whom you have known closely for a long time or someone of a similar age.
But now, times have changed. Regardless of age, gender, race, or religion, anyone can become a friend.

That’s right. My relationship with Sungdae’s mom is no different. The number of interactions with her, the shared common ground, the length of time we’ve known each other—there’s no reason why we can’t be friends.
We were already considering each other as friends. But to become true friends, our hearts needed to be synchronized.
She and I needed to become closer. To become true friends.

She looked shocked by my sudden proposal.
"Huh… What did you say, Dongho?"
"Um… I really want to learn diligently. If I take off my clothes, you can see my posture and everything much better, right?"
"But still… Isn’t it a bit too much to do it while undressed?"
Her tone was cautious.

"Do you see me as a man?"
"Huh? It’s not that but… it’s a bit too much…"
"Well… since you’ve known me since childhood, I can do it comfortably."
"But still…"

She seemed to be contemplating my persistent proposal. Despite being a friend’s son, she would be quite uncomfortable having a man in just his underwear alone in this space.
Or maybe, she was bothered by my erection from earlier…?
"Since we’re learning anyway, wouldn’t it be better if you could check my posture detail by detail… That way, we can have a more intimate conversation, right?"

To be honest, what does being undressed have to do with intimacy? Nevertheless, I had no choice. My goal now was to persuade her somehow.
She seemed to ponder for a moment. Then she shook her head slowly.
"But still, I think this is a bit too much…"
"We need to be intimate to talk well about Sungdae!"
Even before she finished her sentence, I struck with my ace in the hole.

Screw it.
Whatever happens, happens.
"Sungdae…? You know something about him?"
As expected… Her eyes widened when I mentioned her son.
"Of course. I even had lunch with Sungdae today."

The humiliating memory of lunchtime came back to my mind. I had gathered my courage to sit in front of Sungdae, but his disregard was beyond blatant.
My friends who were watching even burst into laughter. Even Sungdae’s girlfriend, Heo Sooyeon, was laughing within the group.
It was infuriating…
Even now, thinking about that lunchtime makes me break out in a cold sweat. I was determined to avenge today’s event.

"You had lunch with Sungdae?"
"Yes, with all the friends Sungdae hangs out with."
When Sungdae’s topic came up, a smile spread across her neat face. Seeing her delighted, I couldn’t help but feel an unfounded sense of pride.
"Oh my, Dongho, you did very well!"
"Right? I’m really working hard."

In fact, it was true. With my timid nature, to go and talk to Sungdae’s gang while having a meal.
Have I ever longed for something so much? Becoming true friends with her was this difficult. It didn’t matter how many times I became a laughingstock to my friends.
"So, can I workout comfortably undressed?"
She seemed to hesitate for a moment, then smiled and said:
"But only while exercising, okay…?"

Oh yes!
An unexpected success.
To get closer to her, wasn’t this much progress necessary? I praised myself for my rare cleverness.
"Of course. Just please check my posture well."
"Okay. Shall we start?"

I stood up and slowly began to take off my top. She watched me from the side as I was undressing. I could hear her gulp.
When I lifted my T-shirt, my sleek waistline and back would have been visible. I deliberately got closer so she could see well from below as I removed my top.
Ha. All that exercise is paying off lately.
Though not overly muscular, my firm skin and sleek lines looked pleasing even to me. Her cheeks seemed to blush slightly as she watched my body.

I took a deep breath and opened and closed my chest and shoulders wide. I imagined the youthful pheromones emanating from me reaching her nose. In my mind, she was already climbing on top of my body, licking my nipples.
I then took off my shorts. Right now, if I could thrust my erect penis into her mouth.
In my imagination, she approached my underpants and was caressing my erect member.
When I lowered my shorts, the outline of my taut penis above my underwear became visible. She witnessed its outline from her seated position and couldn’t suppress a short exclamation.
She momentarily avoided eye contact. Her white neck and face rapidly flushed.

She called my name desperately.
Should I thrust it in now?
I was ready anytime.
Just call for me.
"Did you have to take off your shorts too?"
She was looking at the floor as she spoke. I took another step closer to her.
Look at this.
See how tightly my member is erect because of you.
"Shouldn’t you be wearing shorts?"

She continued talking, not realizing I’d come closer.
"Ah… then how do you correct my lower body posture?"
"You can do that even with shorts on…"
She was still looking at the floor. Between her white bra top, her white cleavage was visible.
"Then, can you check my lower body line right now?"
She lifted her head at my question.
Surely, she saw it. The fully erect penis outlined in my underwear right in front of her.

A small exclamation escaped her red lips.
But she was a mature woman. She quickly regained her composure, probably realizing it wouldn’t do to be shocked any further.
She began scrutinizing my lower body line with her dignified and graceful face.
Having my erect penis right in front of her face gave me immense excitement.
This damn cloth!
It’s just a piece of cloth separating us. If I take it off, she will see my true self. We could become true friends.
I suppressed my bursting excitement and calmly observed her movements. Through my gaze, I saw her white cleavage and the nape of her neck, which I longed to sniff.

"Ahem… ahem… The posture… seems alright?"
She coughed, seemingly trying to escape the situation quickly. Of course, I had no intention of complying easily with her expectations.
"Can you check the back too?"
I quickly turned around. Thanks to playing soccer, my thigh muscles were slightly defined and firm.
I wish I had worked more on my lower body.

I strained my glutes with all my might. Hang in there, my thighs!
My firm thighs and protruding buttocks cast shadows in front of her face. I heard a flustered noise behind me but then it quieted down.
She was observing my butt line and thigh muscles. No, she must have been admiring them. The firm calf muscles along my defined thigh would have caught her eye.
"How is it, ma’am?"
I asked her calmly as if nothing was wrong.
"Well… Dongho, it seems like you’ve worked out a bit?"
Her voice trembled slightly. I squeezed my glutes even harder. I wanted to savor her gaze a bit more.

"Really? Wouldn’t it be uncomfortable for yoga?"
"No. It seems more than fine. The muscles are well-toned…"
Her hands naturally touched the back of my thigh. It was a fleeting moment, but it felt like blood was rushing to my taut member even faster.
A small moan escaped from my mouth as her touch reached me. Surely she had heard it too.
"Ahem… ahem…"
She cleared her throat and turned me around. My still erect penis was facing her directly.
"Ahem… shall we start now?"
"Sure, I’ll work hard."

She and I sat side by side, facing forward.
Her teaching style was very lazy. Her soft voice seemed to soothe my mind and body.
Like a lullaby from a mother, I felt as if I could fall asleep with my head in her lap, listening to her gentle voice.
"Let’s start by regulating our breathing."

When in teaching mode, she used formal speech with me. She must have been imparting what she learned.
"Tighten your abdomen. Draw your breath up from your core."
For some reason, her formal speech made me feel like an equal. Not just a friend’s mom and her son’s friend. It felt like a man and a woman. A pair of lovers.

Sungdae’s dad must fall asleep every night listening to that sweet voice. I envisioned his face, monopolizing her love, and got unreasonably angry.
Following her instructions, I slowly stretched my shoulders and back, repeating tightening and loosening my abdomen. As time passed, my erect member gradually subsided.
Though my groin hurt from the blood rush, I wanted to focus on her lesson.

"Straighten your shoulders a bit more here."
She came closer to me and touched my right shoulder. Her distinctive scent came to me—lavender, and the smell of her skin.
An orgy of lewd imagination unfolded in my mind, targeting her. I wanted to grab her armpit where the scent of her flesh was rising and bury my face in it. I wanted to stick my penis between her white breasts and shake.
My seemingly subsiding penis started to rise again.
"That’s right. Straighten your back a bit more."

She rubbed between my back and waist. Her slender fingers and between those fingers, I imagined her gripping my penis and bringing it to her mouth.
A light sigh escaped my mouth.
"You’re doing well."
She praised me, thinking I was concentrating on the exercise.
What a lewd situation this was. She was barely covered in white leggings and a white bra top, and I hid my erect member behind a single pair of underwear.
I focused every cell to remember this moment forever.

­ Ding dong dang dong
Her phone alarm rang. It was 8 o’clock.
Damn it. It was time to end already.
I straightened my slightly sweaty back and waist. The contraction and relaxation of muscles, easily loosening, showed how effective her stretching lesson was.
"How was it?"
She asked with a bright smile, her expression flushed. Tiny beads of sweat formed on her broad forehead. She must have also put in her best effort to teach me.
"It felt really refreshing. It was so good~"
I deliberately exaggerated my feedback.

Her widely smiling expression looked pleased.
"Let’s take it slowly; this week we’ll just cover the basics."
"Okay, am I talented?"
"Indeed. Seeing you do it makes me ambitious too."
She said she became ambitious because of me.
Doesn’t that mean craving something?
It was a very good sign that we could become true friends.
She trailed off.
"I didn’t get to talk about Sungdae due to the exercise; is everything going well?"

I wanted to spend more time with her. I threw a bait to pique her interest.
"Indeed. I have more stories to share."
"Do you? What is it?"
"I’d like to talk about it slowly, maybe over a cup of tea?"
I pointed to the table in the living room.
"But how? It’s time to prepare dinner for Sungdae’s dad…"
Again! Again!

I never thought that bald old man would be such a stumbling block in my life.
"Ah… It’s an important story…"
Hearing it was important made her seem to contemplate.
"Then… How about coming to our house for dinner and talking over dinner?"

I’ve never been inside Sungdae’s house. I only peeked beyond the doorway but never had a reason to go inside because I wasn’t close to him.
Her house.
A place suffused with her touch and scent. The thought of her bedroom hiding something intimate crossed my mind.
To know each other better, let’s get a bit closer.
"If you’re okay with it, should I come?"
I asked, trying to sound as gentlemanly as possible.

"Then… could you come in thirty minutes? I’ll take a shower."
In my imagination, white shower gowns exposed her full and firm breasts. The moisture-laden nipples, ripe and inviting, were about to touch my tongue.

We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
Eating with my friend’s mom

Eating with my friend’s mom

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Can I become friends with my friend's mother?



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