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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

Eating with my friend’s mom: Chapter 7

〈 Episode 7 〉 Her Secret Proposal (4)

* * *

Room 102.

In front of her house, I was lost in thought for a moment. How long has it been since I entered someone else’s house excluding mine? I didn’t have a friend close enough to visit their house even in school.

Being in a relationship where one can visit each other’s house…

At this point, doesn’t it clearly indicate that she and I fall within the category of friends?


I pressed the bell without hesitation. There was no particular response from inside.

What’s this, calling me here and…

Her words came to mind as she went down.

“Aunt, I’ll be washing up.”

Could she still be washing up?

I looked at the clock and noticed that the promised time had passed.


At that moment, the door to her house opened.


There she stood at the entrance, with her wet hair wrapped in a towel. She was wearing a fluttering light blue camisole and dolphin shorts. In one hand, she held a bundle of clothes including the leggings she was wearing.

“Have you been waiting long? Aunt was washing up…”

Would you call this as fair as white jade? Her spotless face, revealing an age I couldn’t estimate, was strikingly clear.

“Did you come out quickly because of me?”

“No, I’m all done washing~ I sweated more than I expected.”

She raised her hand to unravel the towel wrapped around her head. At that moment, my eyes were caught by her smooth armpit. I wanted to bury my nose in her armpit that seemed like it would always have a sweet smell.

“Do you want to come in?”

Perhaps conscious of my gaze, she quickly guided me inside. She threw the bundle of clothes she was holding into the laundry basket next to the bathroom.

For a brief moment, her panties could be seen among the thrown laundry. The black silk panties with the leggings went into the laundry basket.

Her panties soaked with her sweat, I wanted to touch those moist panties. I felt a sudden surge in my member. I really want those…

“Then excuse me.”

Finally, I entered her house. I could enter where she lived. I felt even closer to her.

Her house was clean and calm. It was the same size as our house, so the structure was clear. However, the space was shining because her touch reached every nook and cranny.

The living room, exuding a cozy atmosphere, had a beige sofa and a wooden table, with hip pictures that one might see in a decorative shop placed on the white-toned walls.

There was no way it could be the taste of her bald husband and that Seongdae guy. It must be a space solely reflecting her taste.

“The house is very pretty.”

“Oh my, is it really?”

Her fresh eye smile came directly to my pupils. Complimenting her taste and interests; there’s no better way to capture her favor.

“Yes, you could open a cafe right away.”

“Hoho. Dongho, you’re so sly.”

She seemed pleased and headed to the kitchen.

“Just rest on the sofa for a while, I’ll quickly make Dongho some food.”

“You can take your time.”

I sat on the sofa, looking at her cute kitchen. The image of the alluring her, who was teaching yoga to me in a half-naked state in her house just a moment ago, was quite different.

In the kitchen, she was a mother of one child and a housewife. She skillfully prepared the side dishes and put the soup on, focusing on cooking. Perhaps such duality made her even sexier.

I admired her back as she prepared ingredients in the kitchen. Her rounded butt sitting prominently atop the dolphin shorts swayed slightly whenever she moved. Below continued her firm thighs and smooth calves.

It was a body that invoked admiration. Her bare legs revealed after taking off the leggings made my member harder.

That light blue camisole was the one she wore when we went to the valley. The memory of her breasts’ outline becoming apparent as they got soaked in the valley water came to mind. Imagining the luscious breasts hidden under that camisole, I roamed her body with my gaze.

“Looks like it’s almost ready? Dongho, let’s eat.”

She swiftly laid out warm rice and stew. The seasoned greens and side dishes she prepared enticed my appetite.

“Wow~ Auntie, it looks really delicious.”

“I’m embarrassed. There’s not much on the table…”

“What do you mean? This looks like a birthday feast.”

“Really? Then enjoy it.”

She and I sat facing each other at the table and began our meal. The taste of the food she prepared was amazing, but I was even more thrilled by the situation of eating with her, just the two of us.

If I could eat with her alone every day. Imagining waking up and eating the breakfast she prepared brought a satisfied smile to my face.

“Does it taste good?”

As my lips curled up, she asked.

“Of course! I can’t help but smile as soon as I eat. You should open a restaurant.”

I exaggerated my gestures to make her feel good.

“That’s a relief. Dongho is making Auntie feel great.”

I can make you feel good, Auntie. I can make you feel good in other ways too.

“By the way….. what’s the important thing about Seongdae?”

Finally, she got to the main point.

“Hm….. I’m not sure if I should say it.”

“It’s okay, only the two of us will know. Dongho, you and I are in a trusting and relying relationship, right?”


Trusting and relying on each other. Her words made my shoulders swell with pride.

As I hesitated, her tear-filled eyes looked like they might burst into tears any moment. It seemed like she would cling to my pants if I held out a bit longer.

“Can you tell me?”

“I’m not sure, but… Seongdae seems to be hanging out with bad kids.”

“Oh my.”

Her eyes widened as if she was genuinely surprised.


“Yes, I think the kids Seongdae hangs out with are bullying other kids and taking their money.”

“Oh my…. even our good Seongdae?”

Our good?

Auntie, Seongdae is the leader of those kids. I wanted to blurt out honestly, but considering the shock she would receive, I decided to step back.

“Isn’t it that Seongdae might be getting bullied? Is that why he took the money… What should I do?”

She asked with a serious expression.

“Well, he didn’t look like he was being bullied. Maybe… breaking off relationships with those friends might be needed.”

“Oh my… what to do… our Seongdae.”

A brilliant idea suddenly popped into my head.

“There is one way…..”

“What is it?”

“Actually, Seongdae is the first to disappear after school. So we don’t know what he does after that…..”

“First to disappear? But why hasn’t he come home yet…..”

Her face started turning red. I wanted to go and console her as she seemed like she would cry any moment.

“So, what I mean is……”

I hesitated.

“How about following Seongdae with me?”

“Follow? Seongdae?”

“Yes, after school, how about you and I follow where Seongdae goes?”

She seemed to ponder for a while, then her expression brightened.

“Hm… sounds like a good idea. It’s better than going alone. But will Dongho go with me?”

“Of course. Auntie’s request, I have to go.”

I smiled brightly as if there was no other intention. She didn’t seem to grasp the hidden intention in my smile.

“Then Auntie feels very reassured~.”

“Then how about going in Auntie’s car?”

“In Auntie’s car?”

“Yes, it would be safer for following.”

She tilted her head in thought. The strap of her camisole slipped down her shoulder, slightly revealing her left armpit and breast. She seemed oblivious to it.

“Won’t Seongdae notice?…..”

“We can follow slowly.”

“Hm… alright! Auntie will drive then.”

In truth, my purpose in riding her car was different. I wanted to take her, who stays home every day, out and drive around. In a space where just the two of us were, we could share sincere conversations and form a deeper relationship.

However, I was jealous of her having such a tender heart. Seeing her become infinitely weak at the mention of Seongdae made me even more envious. What if she poured her heart out to me instead of Seongdae? The ignorant Seongdae was becoming more and more annoying to me.

“Alright, I’ll contact you on KakaoTalk tomorrow. I will go up now.”

“Will you do that? It’s about time for Seongdae’s dad to come.”

As she rose from the table with me, her camisole slipped a bit more. Her smooth skin up to the collarbone was exposed.

Man….. she makes it hard to leave. I decided to go up and think of her as I spent some alone time.


I heard the sound of the door opening. Although not thrilled, I should politely greet Seongdae’s dad.

“What are you doing here?”

Dang… screw…

There stood Seongdae, looking very displeased.

* * *

We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
Eating with my friend’s mom

Eating with my friend’s mom

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Can I become friends with my friend's mother?



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