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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

Eating with my friend’s mom: Chapter 8

〈 Episode 8 〉 Her Secret Proposal (5)

* * *

“What are you doing here?”

Sungdae’s brows furrowed. That expression almost always meant he was in a bad mood. If this were at school, a punch or some curse words would have followed immediately.

“Oh? Oh! Sungdae, you’ve come…”

I greeted Sungdae in a voice that clearly sounded embarrassed.

“Son~ You’re home?”

Sungdae’s mother spoke in a cutesy voice. She didn’t seem to notice that one of her spaghetti straps had slipped off, exposing her collarbone. Her cleavage peeked out beneath her white skin.

“What is that?”

What is that?

Did he just call me “that”?

Sungdae asked her with a harsh tone, clearly upset.

“Son, don’t call your friend ‘that’.”

She spoke in a mildly scolding tone while casting a sideways glance at him. However, her delicate face and gentle tone made her words seem not very threatening.

“What’s going on here, really?”

Sungdae’s voice grew louder.

What a rude brat. Having such a beautiful mother and speaking to her in that manner. His rebellious attitude made my anger boil. I could tolerate a lot, but I couldn’t let him disrespect her.

“Oh, I asked Dongho to join me for a meal~”

“Why are you eating with him?”

Sungdae pressed aggressively as if he wasn’t getting the answer he wanted.


She looked slightly flustered. It was my turn to step in for her.

That’s when it happened.

“Oh! The light bulb went out, and I asked Dongho to help replace it.”


A light bulb?

She lied to Sungdae for me. It felt like we now had a secret between us. She lied to the person she loved for me.

“Oh…. You could have told me. Got it.”

Sungdae said coldly, giving me a glare before retreating to his room. I stood there feeling awkward and out of place.

Silly boy. I am closer and more intimate with your mom. We have already exercised together in a half-naked state, touched each other’s bodies, and shared secret conversations.

The day I truly become friends with your mom, you are out, buddy. Understand that?

I cursed Sungdae in my mind. Judging by his behavior and lack of manners toward her, he deserved it.

“Oh, look at how he’s talking.”

“It’s okay. Don’t worry about it, ma’am.”

“Our good boy Dongho, please understand a bit.”

She blushed as she spoke. ‘Our good boy,’ huh. I wondered if she felt the same way about me.

*Ding Dong*

The front door opened again. Soon, a middle-aged man came in.

“Oh, you’re back?”

Sungdae’s mom’s face brightened up instantly. It seemed she had forgotten all about our conversation.

As soon as he came in, he threw his hat onto the sofa and brushed back his few remaining hairs with his shiny head. Then, he flopped onto the sofa.

He noticed me and spoke.

“Oh, Dongho, you’re here?”

He asked in a tired and bored voice.

“Hello, sir.”

I bowed and was about to leave. The thought of seeing her showing affection to the two people she loved. What if they showed each other tenderness?

I didn’t want to retain any unpleasant memories of the sight. In my mind, Sungdae and his father were already enemy figures.

“Oh, sure. What brings you here?”

I relayed the excuses Sungdae and his mom had just discussed.

“Oh, Dongho, you did a good job.”

“No, it was just something I could help with.”

He chuckled and seemed to ponder for a moment.

“Have you ever had a drink, Dongho?”

“A drink? No, sir.”

“Then have a drink with me. You should learn to drink from adults.”

“No… I’m alright…”

“Oh, come on now. It’s good for you. Listen to me and come over here.”

Alcohol! Alcohol!

And drinking with the bald man who monopolizes Sungdae’s mom, no less. I was having a pleasant time with her, and this was like lightning from a clear sky.


Sungdae’s dad, acting like he was my father, taught me how to drink one step at a time. After a few lessons, he started drinking and talking about himself.

Ah, he must have been bored.

Using the excuse of teaching me, he just wanted a drinking companion.

Running the neighborhood supermarket, Sungdae’s dad was quite well-known. People often called him “Octopus” because of his wide network. Perhaps they were teasing his balding head.

“So…. Mr. Choi from next door said….”

He seemed to get tipsy quickly after just a few drinks. He must have had a tough day. It reminded me of my father’s drunken mumbling before he passed away, but I quickly shook off the thought. No more dwelling on the past.

Sungdae’s mom sat nearby, dutifully listening to him. While she sporadically went back and forth to prepare snacks, I found my eyes drawn to her hips.

Her rounded hips swayed as she moved, a tantalizing sight. If only I could reach out and grab her hips…. I felt myself getting aroused.

“Take it slow, Dongho.”

She smiled softly and looked after me with a gentle voice, making me crave her lips even more.


Before I knew it, her husband had passed out cold on the sofa. She tried to help him up, but it wasn’t easy. As she was supporting his side, her strap fell, revealing her cleavage again.

Her white, porcelain-like chest was perfectly perky and round, not sagging at all.

I also helped carry him to the bedroom. My heart raced as it was my first time entering her bedroom. Though it was just an ordinary, neatly kept bedroom with a bed and closets, the thought of her spending passionate nights with the “Octopus” made my thoughts impure.

As soon as we laid him on the bed, he immediately started snoring. It was time to say goodbye to her for the night.

“Dongho, thank you so much for today.”

One of her straps slipped again, revealing her armpit and collarbone. She looked so alluring.

“No, it’s nothing, ma’am. See you tomorrow.”

“Um, Dongho, how about staying over tonight?”

Her unexpected proposal caught me off guard.

“Excuse me?”

“It’s very cold up there; it must be hard staying alone.”

“No, I’m alright, ma’am.”

“No, I feel bad. We have a guest room, so spend the night here and go to school with Sungdae tomorrow.”

Staying over? Here?

I was startled by her offer, which wasn’t part of the script. Although it sounded perfect, I was worried about Sungdae’s reaction. He had been locked in his room since I arrived. What could he be up to?

Sungdae would surely not like me staying at his house. But what could I gain by staying here?

My eyes caught sight of a white bra strap. Erotic and thrilling thoughts filled my mind.

“Then… Should I?”

The guest room she showed me was spartan. A bed with a towel and blanket, a desk, and a clothes rack. However, the room felt warm as the boiler had been on all day.

She came into the room to check my bedding.

“Even though it’s summer, don’t sleep without a blanket, okay?”

Her gentle voice conveyed her delicate care. While she spread the blanket, her firm hips in dolphin shorts looked incredibly artistic.

“Thank you.”

“Well, sleep warmly.”

She smiled brightly and left the room. Her smile shook me, making it hard to fall asleep for a while. I couldn’t sleep for quite some time.

After some time passed and the silent night settled, I still couldn’t sleep. I quietly arose in the unfamiliar room of Sungdae’s mom’s house and sneaked out to the living room.

I spotted a white laundry basket beside the bathroom. It was where…

Like a cautious alley cat, I peered into the laundry basket. There were clothes piled up inside. My prey for the day was in there.

A thrilling excitement hit me as I reached for the laundry, feeling like I could burst into an erotic frenzy.

I saw her take them off and put them here…

My hand grasped something rough.

Found it.

Sungdae’s mom’s black silk panties were in my hand. She had worn them today during our workout and had sweated in them.

As I inspected the panties, I found a rough white stain on the front. I took the panties into the bathroom.

Sitting on the toilet, I took out my fully erect member. I wrapped the stained part of the panties around my penis and began to stroke.


A faint moan escaped my lips. The sound of the panties rubbing against my flesh echoed in the bathroom.


The sound of the cloth moving against me grew louder, and I felt as if she and I were becoming one.


Her panties in my hand, I moved faster. Her elegant yet voluptuous figure filled my mind. Her white leggings and bra top, and her voluptuous body hidden underneath, came into view. Her white breasts swayed inside the bra top.


She now climbed atop me, discarding her white bra top. Her breasts, constrained by the top, sprang free. Her pink nipples stood erect.


Her perky breasts overlapped with my body. I imagined her more, reaching an intense climax as I quickened my pace with her panties wrapped around me.


An elated moan slipped out. Her ample breasts drew closer to my face.


I was nearing the peak too quickly. My brows furrowed, and I breathed heavily.

Then, it happened.


Someone knocked on the bathroom door. My fully erect member was still wrapped in her stained panties.

* * *

We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
Eating with my friend’s mom

Eating with my friend’s mom

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