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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

Female A Survival Manual Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Wang Luan’s Despair in Her Expression…


At the Omega Academy of the Thorn Empire, tea party day, which occurs once a week, is a time for students from the two branches of the school to gather in the greenhouse garden for harmonious and friendly interactions.

In the current Thorn Empire, where the ratio of ABO individuals is 1:8:1, these students who are eligible to study at the government-operated Omega Academy will mostly become companions to influential individuals after graduation.

Their future lives are destined to revolve around various social events for wives, so the tea party day at the academy has become an occasion for “prospective wives” to practice their social diplomacy in advance.

Inside the glass garden surrounded by green hedges, thousands of flowers are blooming. Tables and chairs are arranged next to the neatly placed floral plants, while sweet pastries and tea are being served by lower-grade students dressed in white uniforms.

The uniforms of the students from the two branches of the Omega Academy are both white, with the only difference being the embroidered patterns on their chests: roses and irises.

The students seated in this garden all have roses embroidered on their chests. Most of them have beautiful appearances and possess noble and elegant temperaments, instantly revealing their privileged backgrounds.

On the other hand, another group of students who have just passed through the arch of flowers exude a more modest aura, akin to the understated half-bloomed purple irises embroidered on their chests.

This clear distinction in temperament arises because the former group hails from aristocratic or wealthy families, while the latter is selected from commoners and orphans from government-operated institutions, representing the finest quality.

Even in this day and age, where the imperial aristocracy system has continued for thousands of years, there still exists a class divide between the nobility and the commoners.

As theRose Branch students hear the approaching footsteps, they cease their conversations and look up at the belated Iris Branch students.

Almost everyone’s gaze involuntarily turned towards the tall figure at the front.

It was Yan Qiongyu, the seventh-grade leader of the Iris Branch.

He possessed a striking figure that stood out among the Omegas, along with a stunningly beautiful appearance. His bright eyes and gentle smile made him look like he had walked straight out of the Empire’s Omega promotional materials.

In addition to his superior looks and personality, his genetic rank was an impressive SSS, making him the pride of the Omega Academy teacher’s a perfect and costly creation.

If he were an Alpha, the SSS high rank would signify the potential to become a general leading an army or even a rising aristocrat.

But he was an Omega, destined to be a vessel for birthing highly talented children, a prime representation displayed in noble households.

“Leader Yan, why are you so late?” a girl with an apple-shaped face sitting on a chair asked with a smile.

Beside her, a phoenix-eyed young man holding a teacup chuckled and said, “You must have been delayed by the selection of your partner. So, have you made your choice? With your high rank, you must have chosen a high-ranking Alpha.”

The Rose Branch students seated around them displayed the same air of superiority and mockery in their eyes.

Omega Academy students generally start selecting their partners when they turn eighteen. They first establish an engagement and then undergo two years of “lady education” before finalizing the engagement at the age of twenty.

Today happened to be Yan Qiongyu’s eighteenth birthday, the day his engagement was just confirmed.

Technically, only a few teachers at the academy were aware of this, but it seemed that the Rose Branch students had known about his engagement and looked down upon his chosen partner, hence the expressions of disdain and regret.

Although the Omega Protection Act in the Empire stated that they had the right to choose their partners, in reality, it was only a privilege for noble Omegas, like those from the Rose Branch.

The commoner students in the academy, including Yan Qiongyu, were essentially only eligible to be chosen. Even Yan Qiongyu was no exception.

Seated across from the Rose Branch students, Yan Qiongyu looked up, his smile perfect. 

“I have already chosen my engagement partner. Thank you for your concern.”

Seeing that he showed no trace of disappointment, as usual, several boys and girls felt disappointed and pouted. Yet, someone persisted in the conversation, unwilling to let go. “Leader Yan, have you expressed your satisfaction with your engagement partner?”

Yan Qiongyu thanked the junior student who brought him the refreshments, then turned to the speaking student. Under the gaze of onlookers, he replied without any leaks, “I am naturally satisfied with the engagement partner I have chosen.”

Someone couldn’t help but sneer, “Well, your taste is quite strange. Instead of choosing the pursuing A-rank or S-rank suitors, you chose a C-rank… a C-rank Alpha with mediocre aptitude.”

That “mediocre” insult was halfway spoken but hastily swallowed back.

Even if it was indeed an insult, most nobles wouldn’t dare say it to one’s face.

Yan Qiongyu seemed oblivious to the impoliteness from the opposite side and sincerely explained, “My engagement partner, Miss Wang Luan, has a wonderful personality. I am grateful to be her companion.”

“Moreover, I have always believed that genetic rank does not represent a person’s worth.”

Yan Qiongyu himself felt a sense of irony in saying those words, let alone the other students who heard them.

“Well, Leader Yan, it’s great as long as you’re happy,” the girl with the apple-shaped face said cheerfully.

They had all received the news early on and knew what was going on. Wang Luan, the lucky one born into the prestigious Wang family, was the only Alpha of her generation but unfortunately held a C-rank status.

She was simply a joke within the aristocratic circle.

Her father, the head of the Wang family, is an S-rank Alpha, and her mother is an S-rank Omega. However, their combination resulted in a child with a genetic rank of only C.

The minimum rank for admission to the Imperial Military Academy is B, which means that this young lady from the Wang family is essentially a useless Alpha. Her physical and mental abilities may not surpass those of an ordinary Beta, and even operating a mech suit in combat is challenging for her.

If it weren’t for the decline in the next generation of the Wang family and their inability to produce another Alpha, she would have been abandoned long ago… and now, she is likely considered abandoned already.

The Wang family chose Yan Qiongyu as her engagement partner clearly with the intention of trying to conceive a child with higher aptitude. Even if one side is C-rank, the other side is an extremely rare SSS-rank, which might raise the overall rank.

This is why the Wang family exercised their privilege and preemptively selected Yan Qiongyu, the sought-after Omega.

Omegas who once secretly regarded Yan Qiongyu as a future rival have now eliminated him as a threat and cannot help but feel a mix of misfortune and schadenfreude regarding his future. No matter how outstanding he is, marrying a “useless” person has already determined his fate.

Everyone knows that Omegas rely on Alphas, and their status is dependent on their Alphas.

As for Wang Luan, besides her background, everyone knows that she has no other advantages.

The tea gathering on this day was particularly lively due to Yan Qiongyu choosing his engagement partner.Rose Branch students who usually didn’t talk to him for various reasons put aside their pride and expressed their regret.

Yan Qiongyu didn’t mind the overt and covert mockery from the Rose Branch students, nor did he mind the concerns and confusion from his younger peers in the Iris Branch. He simply went about his day as usual, finished his homework, returned to his dormitory, and quietly picked up a book to read by the window.

Every movement, every expression, was flawless and impeccable. Even when he was alone, he never displayed a hint of negative emotion.

This was natural, considering he had been disguising himself for over a decade.

Moreover, what he said at the tea gathering was not a lie. Wang Luan was indeed his own choice.

All Alphas were arrogant fools, ridiculous pigs. Yan Qiongyu could have chosen higher-ranking Alphas who had expressed interest in him. However, the thought of having to spend a long time with those self-proclaimed charming idiots, who would consider him a showpiece, displeased him greatly.

From a young age, Yan Qiongyu knew exactly what he wanted. To achieve his goals, he needed an Alpha who held a decent position, preferably someone more submissive, at least not like an eager-to-show-off peac**k.

Yan Qiongyu had only briefly seen Wang Luan once and was satisfied with the girl’s meekness and controllability.

His slender fingers turned a page, and he made a mark on the pristine paper imprinted with ink. Beneath his thumb were the words: The genetic rank affects the emotional dependency between AO….




In the Wang family’s mansion in the imperial capital, within an independent courtyard situated on the central axis, Wang Luan sat outside the bathroom.

It was just a bathroom, but it was twice the size of her previous home before she transmigrated. The air carried a delightful fragrance, and the luxury and cleanliness made it hardly resemble a bathroom.

However, at this moment, Wang Luan couldn’t muster the slightest interest in the high-end interior design style.

Her eyes were lifeless, hands crossed in restraint, silently gazing at the painting hanging on the wall ahead.

She knew she would eventually have to use that thing, but she couldn’t accept having an additional organ in her body. Forgive her bluntness, but it was ugly! Truly ugly!

Finally, she slowly got up and walked towards the bathroom. After ten minutes, she emerged with a numb expression, wiping her hands.

No matter how many times she looked at it, she couldn’t accept it. She even thought about cutting it off… She despised it when it was on someone else’s body, let alone on her own. For a woman from Blue Star who was just ordinary the day before, having an unwanted organ on her body was incredibly difficult to accept.

She would never have those worldly desires again. Wang Luan’s face was filled with despair for the new world.

We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
Female A Survival Manual

Female A Survival Manual

Synopsis: Coming from the Blue Star, Wang Luan, who had been a woman for over twenty years, transmigrated into an ABO world where humans have six genders. She becomes a female Alpha capable of getting pregnant, and the troubled expression on Wang Luan’s face reveals the pain of her new and different body.

Wang Luan: Help!

As a useless young lady from the noble Wang family, she is assigned a 3S-ranked male Omega as her partner. This beautiful Omega, Yan Qiongyu, appears gentle and elegant on the surface, but has a hidden dual personality.

The original body’s emotionless father treats her as a tool and urges them to mark each other for procreation every day.



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