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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

Female A Survival Manual Chapter 2

Leaving the living room, Wang Luan saw a butler waiting outside.

“Miss Luan, master summons you,” the butler said.

Wang Luan had only been in this new world for a day and hadn’t fully adapted to her strange body and the complex gender dynamics of this world. Now she was told that her father wanted to see her, so she searched through the vague memories left by her original self to find information about her father.


This couldn’t be blamed on the original self. Ever since the original self confirmed her C-level aptitude at a young age, she and her father had maintained a frequency of meeting once a year, she was more familiar than the servant responsible for her care.

This was a father-daughter relationship devoid of affection. The original self still had some admiration for her father, but for the Wang Luan who had come from Blue Star, that admiration had long dissipated.

The Wang family’s estate was outrageously large. It took ten minutes even by the hovercar within the estate, from the small building where Wang Luan resided to the main residence where the head of the household lived.

Wang Luan drifted through her thoughts along the way, although her demeanor was despondent and devoid of any fighting spirit, her aura and manner were different from the timid and submissive posture she used to have.

Unfortunately, the only one who noticed the change in her was the butler waiting in the main residence because he had a surprised expression on his face. The others didn’t pay attention or simply didn’t care.

The original self was always an overlooked existence.

The one who epitomized the attitude of neglect towards her was her own father. When Wang Luan was born, the head of the Wang family treated her as a precious treasure, but as soon as they discovered her genetic mutation, his attitude made a 180-degree turn.

After futile attempts to examine her and various methods to improve her level failed, Wang Luan, this disappointing daughter, never received a single kind glance from the head of the Wang family.

To make matters worse, the only person who loved Wang Luan, her mother, passed away early.

Many Omegas are delicate and gentle, with subtle personalities. The original self’s mother was even more fragile and couldn’t withstand the slightest hardship. Giving birth to a genetically mutated daughter, she witnessed her daughter being abandoned by her husband and watched her husband try to find a mistress to bear him children. Within a few years, she succ*mbed to depression and died, leaving her original self(Wang Luan) alone to grow up in this emotionless mansion, filled with unease. She grew up as an unloved, isolated, and timid girl. 

Unlike the unloved original self, Wang Luan from Blue Star was born into a comfortable family, physically healthy, with loving parents, an affectionate sister, and a few close friends. She attended the university she wanted to, found a satisfying job after graduation, and quickly adapted to work life. Everything was going smoothly. 

Who could have imagined that life would take such a drastic turn, with a different world and a change in gender… or rather, half a change. 

This was an ABO world with simple rules: Alphas with high genetic ranks stood at the top, Betas with average aptitude struggled to make progress, and Omegas had the primary function of bearing children for Alphas. The simpler the rules of the world seem, the more brutal they were. 

In this strict hierarchy, Wang Luan was an existence that didn’t quite fit in. 

As Wang Luan stood before the head of the Wang family, she observed the look in his eyes and thought to herself: mediocre, tasteless, a waste to consume yet a pity to discard. Her father regarded her as he would a piece of tasteless chicken. 

“You’re also turning eighteen now. I’ve arranged a marriage contract for you with Yan Qiongyu, the top-ranked Omega in the seventh grade of the Omega Academy. He is an SSS-level male Omega. Get along well with him and have a child with him as soon as possible,” said the head of the Wang family without any nonsense, directly stating his purpose. 

Wang Luan took some time to digest this information, her expression become strange, and then she revealed an unbearable expression.

There were too many aspects in the short paragraph from the head of the Wang family that Wang Luan found difficult to accept. She hadn’t even come to terms with the fact that she had become a female Alpha capable of getting pregnant and had to mentally prepare herself before using the restroom or taking a shower with this body. And now she was being asked to sleep with a man using that thing and even get pregnant? 

A string of words like “outrageous” and “impossible” flashed through Wang Luan’s mind, leaving only three big words:

‘I can not.’

“What kind of expression is that?” The head of the Wang family, impatient with his daughter’s prolonged silence, scolded her. “You better give birth to a high-rank Alpha with him. Otherwise, what’s the use of you as my daughter? You’ll only bring shame upon me and the entire Wang family!” 

Although their reasons were different, the father and daughter both had unpleasant expressions. Wang Luan suppressed the goosebumps that arose from her imagination and asked, “What if I can’t give birth?” 

The head of the Wang family, immediately frowned and taken aback by her attitude, decisively said, “Even if you can’t give birth, you still have to.” 

A silent sense of oppression suddenly enveloped Wang Luan’s body as the head of the Wang family stared at her with sharp eyes. 

Wang Luan caught a whiff of a pungent alcohol smell and paused for a moment before recalling that in this peculiar ABO world, both Alphas and Omegas emitted pheromones. Pheromones were like naturally occurring fragrances with different scents. They were often used by them for fighting or courtship, similar to many animals in the natural world. 

When a high-ranking Alpha intentionally released their pheromones, it would instill fear in lower-ranking Alphas. 

However, perhaps because Wang Luan’s soul wasn’t originally from the local population, she didn’t perceive the threat and anger conveyed by the head of the Wang family’s pheromones. She only sensed the strong smell of alcohol.

Choked by the overpowering scent, making the head of the Wang family resemble a drunkard, Wang Luan couldn’t help but take a step back to avoid the unpleasant smell. 

The head of the Wang family assumed that she had become afraid upon realizing the situation, and with a disdainful snort, he seemed reluctant to say anything more to his disappointing daughter. He impatiently waved his hand, signaling her to leave. 

If his daughter didn’t listen, he didn’t need to bother himself with her. There were people below him who would take care of such trivial matters. 

Holding her breath, Wang Luan turned her head and walked away. 

The kind-hearted butler escorted her back to her residence along the same route, talking non-stop along the way. 

“Miss Luan, congratulations on having an excellent fiancé. I’ve heard that he is a gentle, and talented male Omega in areas like music and art. You will surely like him.” 

“You should know that exceptional Omegas like him are highly sought after by nobles every year. This year, due to Miss’s coming of age, the head of the family specially secured him for you.” 

“You should be grateful to the head of the family for being willing to care for you at this time and arrange everything for you.” 

The kind-hearted butler had brainwashed the original host for over a decade with this “gratitude theory,” instilling in her a mix of awe and longing for her father after years of neglect. 

However, this tactic had no effect on Wang Luan. She didn’t even pay attention to the butler’s words and was solely focused on her own thoughts. 

The butler ceased his talking In front of Wang Luan’s residence and concluded with, “Miss Luan, you have recovered from your illness these past few days, and tomorrow you will return to school. I will inform you about the arrangements for your interaction with your fiancé, Yan Qiongyu.” 

Wang Luan had contemplated various escape plans throughout the night but eventually discarded each one. Escaping control of the Wang family was currently unrealistic for her. 


The next day, she was promptly sent to school.

In the Thorn Empire, after completing elementary education, the next step is nine years of advanced specialized education.

There are dedicated schools for all three ABO genders. For example, Omegas have the Omega Institute, which caters to both high-ranking and low-ranking Omegas. Additionally, there are Peace Institutes scattered throughout the empire, which are charitable institutions where all Omegas can attend for free or, in some cases, are compelled to attend.

Apart from the numerous Beta institutes, the most renowned advanced schools are the three Alpha institutes: Thorn Military Academy, Polaris Academy, and Gongyi Academy.

Wang Luan’s qualifications were not sufficient to enter the top-notch Thorn Military Academy, and her grades weren’t good enough to secure admission to the second-best Polaris Academy. In the end, she had to settle for Gongyi Academy, which was at the bottom among the three prestigious institutes.

Gongyi Academy, unlike Thorn Military Academy, which exclusively trains military personnel, or Polaris Academy, acclaimed as the “cradle of politicians,” was an old and comprehensive institution. The campus housed various majors, but none of them stood out. In recent years, it had gained a reputation for being a school where underachievers gathered.

Those nobles and wealthy individuals who had poor qualifications and lacked abilities sent their offspring to this particular institution.

Wang Luan recalled the memories of the original host’s time in school, and they weren’t particularly pleasant.

The group of misfits abandoned by their families wreaked havoc in the school, causing constant disturbances. The internal power struggles within the institute were even more brutal than those in Thorn Military Academy.

Thorn Military Academy consisted of high-ranking Alpha students, and any injuries or deaths would be a significant loss. Therefore, fights among students were swiftly curtailed. Gongyi Academy, on the other hand, was different. It had a large number of low-ranking Alphas who no longer enjoyed the same level of protection. If someone died or got injured, it might not necessarily lead to trouble.

In this environment, Wang Luan was once again an outsider.

She was not outstanding, and the Wang family neglected her but hadn’t completely given up on her. Her classmates in school didn’t dare to physically harm her, but they constantly engaged in various repugnant actions.

The reasons behind Wang Luan’s timid personality were also related to her classmates who enjoyed “teasing” her.

Just as she returned to school and hadn’t even entered her dormitory, the “teasing” that had accompanied Wang Luan for seven years began.

The campus hovercraft she was riding deviated from its designated track and plunged into a lake on the school grounds.

Compared to the previous seven years of pranks, this incident was particularly dangerous because the original host didn’t know how to swim. After three minutes passed without anyone diving in to save her, she managed to float to the water’s surface and wiped her face.

A group of Gongyi Academy students nearby, who had been eagerly watching the scene, expressed their disappointment with hissing sounds and then jostled their way over to spectate.

“Oh, isn’t this our Miss Wang Luan? How did you accidentally fall into the lake?”

“The vehicle must be broken. Miss Wang is just unlucky, hahaha~”

One student, who seemed to be the ringleader, kicked Wang Luan’s leg and proudly said, “Why do you look like a drenched chicken? Miss Wang, get up quickly and go home to take your medicine, so you don’t accidentally get sick again.”

“Exactly, hurry up and go. Our Miss Wang is more fragile than an Omega.”

It was the first time in Wang Luan’s life that she personally experienced campus violence. The icy water that had entered her ears instantly jolted her back to complete alertness.

She didn’t jump up and curse loudly, nor did she bow her head in embarrassment and shed tears. Instead, she simply raised her hand and took a picture of the group using the smart device attached to her wrist. She then sent the picture to the head butler of the Wang family.

“These people are trying to harm me. I’m injured. Butler, come here and handle this.”

Unexpectedly, this was her reaction. The laughter by the lake came to an abrupt halt, and the mischievous Alpha students were left dumbfounded.

We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
Female A Survival Manual

Female A Survival Manual

Synopsis: Coming from the Blue Star, Wang Luan, who had been a woman for over twenty years, transmigrated into an ABO world where humans have six genders. She becomes a female Alpha capable of getting pregnant, and the troubled expression on Wang Luan’s face reveals the pain of her new and different body.

Wang Luan: Help!

As a useless young lady from the noble Wang family, she is assigned a 3S-ranked male Omega as her partner. This beautiful Omega, Yan Qiongyu, appears gentle and elegant on the surface, but has a hidden dual personality.

The original body’s emotionless father treats her as a tool and urges them to mark each other for procreation every day.



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