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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

I became a cult leader in a game: Chapter 17

Episode 17 – Charles exited the police station and joined Flona.


“I’m afraid today’s date will be a bit difficult, Flona. We need to find a moving corpse.”

“Hehe. Searching for a corpse is also like a date for me, Charles.”

Together with Flona, Charles immediately began tracking the corpse. Flona was smiling broadly all the while. Was she somehow broken to the point that the thought of searching for a corpse made her so happy? Charles couldn’t quite understand Flona’s true feelings.

-Ho ho ho, it’s going well.

-You’ve been quiet until now, and suddenly you chime in?

-Maybe it’s because there was no need to talk until now?

As Charles tracked, he scanned the surroundings with his perceptive ability. Besides identifying opponents, he could also find traces through his perception.

Everything in the world leaves a trace. A moving corpse should leave especially many unique traces. As they trailed behind Flona, they noticed a corpse moving after a short stop in a trash bin.

“This way.”

They entered an alley. It led to a dim alleyway between a house with dark bricks and a hole-in-the-wall store named Kobo General Store. It was such a secluded spot that even local thugs wouldn’t come to such a place.

Suppressing his thoughts, Charles moved forward and soon discovered it. The moment he saw it, he gestured to Flona to lower her stance. Beyond the fence made of barbed wire stood a corpse.

If standing on a torso rather than legs could be called standing. It eerily resembled something alive. Its arms were longer than its torso and hung limply.

‘This would really be a nightmare.’

Just thinking of a halved torso corpse standing idly in an alley would be scary to death, but seeing it standing upright and blankly staring somewhere was sheer terror itself. Charles secretly wished it wouldn’t turn its head his way.

His hands were shaking lightly when Paginarecor said.

-What are you shaking for? Didn’t you kill the Arakne last time?

-At that time, I had to do it somehow…

-Oh! So you’re feeling excited thinking about handling that corpse in the future, right? How lovely. Look at how your hands shake from excitement.

Wrong. This psychopathic magic book is utterly insane.

-It’s okay. That woman next to you is already running out to turn that corpse into a lifeless heap.



When Charles asked, no reply came. Flona suddenly struck the back of the corpse’s head that was staring blankly somewhere.


The corpse was so lightweight that it spun several times mid-air before it fell with a thud. Flona, with blood splattered all over her cheeks, faintly smiled while looking at Charles.

“It looked like the corpse was standing, so I laid it down.”

“Oh… good job.”

Charles spoke in a perplexed voice as he walked forward. The corpse of the unidentified college student was horrifyingly disfigured, with its skull now sunken in from the back.

As Charles approached the corpse, its finger twitched. He immediately recoiled and held Flona back with his hand.

“It’s still moving.”

“Then, let me…”

“No, that’s no ordinary corpse.”

Charles knew about corpses turned into the products of the Piece Rescue Society. That one was now a monster defying physical common sense.

As expected, the corpse abruptly looked up and shot a stream of blood from the side of its empty eye sockets. A beam-like stream. Though Charles reacted, it was too fast.

It grazed near his forearm. The stream of blood was as chill as a blade.

Detecting the intrusion of strange spirituality in the wound, Charles summoned his inner spirit to block any further invasion.

In that time, Flona jumped in front of Charles with a weapon. The corpse, which had moved once significantly, ceased its movements entirely and twitched. But the movements dwindled and eventually ceased.

Charles knew well about the pros and cons of such puppets. Even without eyes or ears, their sensory organs are extended and can be controlled remotely. Just like earlier when it launched a long-distance attack, it can shoot blood from its eyes.

However, it had some shortcomings. Limited operational time. This puppet hadn’t had spiritual connection post-completion for a long time.

“It’s done. This thing has completely stopped now.”

It likely came here desperately after activation in the police station, but could go no further. Although it was unfortunate they couldn’t uncover the identity of the puppeteer, getting a deactivated puppet was still a gain.

Charles extracted ‘bolts’ from the puppet’s wrists. Like Lucen Epoch, this puppet also contained industrial tools used by the Piece Rescue Society.

The moment he took them out, he felt a malevolent specter. The contaminated spirituality had imbued and destroyed its soul. Now, to outward appearance, it would seem like an ordinary corpse.

Then, footsteps echoed in the alleyway. Charles turned his head.

Someone stepped out of the dark shadows. About 190 cm tall. A man, with a rough face and bulging muscles.

He wore a gold-rimmed monocle that seemed out of place on his coarse worker’s face, more suited to gentlemen. His waist held a sailor’s cutlass, furthering the incongruous image. Though modern soldiers use guns instead of swords, he seemed at ease holding such an old-fashioned weapon.

Charles instinctively realized there was something about that monocle.

“Seeing you handle the puppet, you two aren’t ordinary humans, are you?”

The monocled man slowly drew the cutlass at his waist. Strange characters were inscribed on the blade.

-What’s that?

-A member of the Fishermen Brotherhood. That guy, probably a member.

Charles surveyed the surroundings. Beyond this alley was a tributary of the Wins River. The entire region around Wins River was under their influence, so it wasn’t surprising for the Fishermen Brotherhood to appear.

“It’s been a while since I fought against a wild spiritualist.”

Charles recalled the puppet that had been standing still earlier. That puppet had been continuously staring somewhere, not at the puppeteer but at this member of the Fishermen Brotherhood.

‘The two groups are adversaries. We seem to have gotten in between their conflict.’

The Brotherhood member couldn’t simply overlook a puppet passing through his territory. Meanwhile, Charles, taking on the police’s request, had found the puppet in the midst of his pursuit.

At that moment, the man suddenly charged. Without warning. An absurdly fast assault. It was like being rushed by a tiger or bear, a blitzkrieg assault akin to a thunder tank.

Flona’s mace intercepted the attack head-on. The cutlass and mace clashed. The ensuing explosion echoed like a cannon shot, and an intense skirmish ensued.

Though Charles’ physical abilities had long surpassed those of humans, it seemed these opponents had also long surpassed him.

The skirmish intensified at a tremendous speed. Paginarecor excitedly remarked.

-Look! Those two clearly aren’t human. Let’s use a spell now.


Charles opened Paginarecor and recited an incantation. Though he could cast spells silently, he pretended to chant to mislead the opponent.

Even amidst the battle, the Brotherhood member glanced at Charles, intending to approach but being intercepted by Flona each time.

“You shall not approach him.”

“Damn it. Move!”

The Brotherhood member, somehow shaking off Flona, charged directly at Charles. Using the opportunity, Charles drew a revolver from his waist and fired at the approaching Brotherhood member.

With him rushing directly, it was easy to hit the target as long as he didn’t get too excited. Charles’ trait of cool-headedness suppressed his fear and excitement, maintaining optimal condition even now.

Bang. Bang. Bang.

Three shots struck his forehead, above the brow, and below the cheekbone. The Brotherhood member, unresponsive, collapsed, dropping his weapon.

The weapon he had intended to swing lost its force and flew off. Flona immediately approached and confirmed his death by striking the back of his head with the mace.

“Hm, we took him down, right?”

“No, not yet.”

Charles understood the dread of the Brotherhood members. When they die as humans, they receive the blessing of the evil god Drowned King they serve, resurrecting as aberrant monsters. They then live a second life.

As expected, the body of the Brotherhood member began to twitch and transform. Flona shouted just as they were about to deliver another fatal blow.

“Watch out!”

Turning his head, he saw the previously fallen cutlass flying towards him. Charles judged instantaneously.

Tilting his body, he drew a gentleman’s cane from his waist and intercepted the flying cutlass.

The cutlass clanged against the cane, and though the cane was cut, it fulfilled its duty of defense and ceased its existence.

Had Charles’ physical stats been slightly lower, the cutlass would have decapitated him without his even realizing it. Watching the dreadfully pulsating man on the ground, scales began sprouting on his body.

Bang bang bang!

Charles aimed his revolver at the rising man and fired at his forehead. About 3 meters away, a child could have hit him at such short range.

However, Charles didn’t anticipate the bullet being blocked by the flying cutlass.

The man’s body, sprouting scales, grotesquely transformed into something resembling a freakish merman. The clothes he wore were torn to shreds.

The monocle on his face was the only item from his prior state remaining. It became clear that the monocle was controlling the cutlass telekinetically.


As the merman, clutching the flying cutlass, lunged at Charles, Flona stepped in front to shield him.

Flona’s mace clashed with the cutlass. Although he had transformed into an inhuman species, Flona seemed to be on par if not superior in strength.

As Flona’s mace struck the wall, bricks shattered with a resounding bang. Truly inhuman strength!

Meanwhile, Charles calmed his excited heart and prepared the spell “Spear of the Void” internally. Casting it without incantation was a feat only great sorcerers could accomplish, but thanks to the power of dominion, he needed no incantation.

Spells are means of deceiving reality. A mental image of a blazing flame forms, manifesting as spiritual power in reality.

All spells are fundamentally based on such illusions, and so was the Spear of the Void. Completing the spell, Charles narrowed his eyes. There was no need to aim. When fired, it would inevitably hit.

“Flona, step back.”

As Flona promptly leaped back, Charles’ spell struck the merman trying to advance amidst the gap.

A spear of white heat gathered in the air shot at the merman’s heart faster than a bullet, unerring.


As the heart exploded, the merman’s body ignited, emitting bizarre sounds.

A ghastly wail, impossible to articulate with human vocal cords, blended with the frighteningly burning flesh. It resembled a bloody cry striking fear across the entire body.

By the time his heart pounded and the eerie sound resembling the smashing of bloody piano keys shattered into the air, the creature became ashes within the flames.

The heart pounded heavily. Just like the spider, watching the merman’s last moments was equally terrifying. After collecting himself, he decided to handle the clean-up of the monster’s remains.

Flona remained unflustered even after witnessing the scene. This was because, being Charles’ disciple, she had seen many things until now.

“What should we do with the so-called puppet corpse? It’s not moving anymore.”

“Just leave it here. Let the police take care of it. But let’s make sure the merman corpse keeps burning.”

We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
I Became a Cult Leader in a Game

I Became a Cult Leader in a Game

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
While enjoying a game called “Cult Leader Simulator,” Kim Yeon-su found himself trapped inside the game he was playing. He knew that this world was destined to perish…



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