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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

I became a cult leader in a game: Chapter 18

Episode 18 – The fallen doll was completely silent after Plona’s blow.
‘Should I go and get rid of the puppeteer now?’
He has three spells. And he also has a gun and a powerful disciple named Plona. But Charles knew that the puppeteer moved his base randomly.
Since the puppeteer’s location changed in every game, it was possible to narrow down some places, but it was difficult to be certain.
‘In that case, I either have to divine it or get information from his subordinate.’
Charles thought he needed to obtain the ability of divination. In this world, information was power, and this divination was an incredible ability that allowed one to obtain information in an irrational way.
It allowed acquiring information that one normally could only know by hearing or seeing through supernatural means.
Divination wasn’t omnipotent, but it was an essential ability in the secret world. If he obtained this divination ability, he could also find out the puppeteer’s identity or location.
To obtain the divination ability, he had to go to the otherworld in dreams, not through the power of dominance. Another task was added to his to-do list.
‘Damn, too busy.’
Charles turned his eyes. In the brightly burning fishman’s corpse, there was only one thing that didn’t burn. He quickly reached out and grabbed it. It wasn’t hot at all, and the temperature was the same.
“It’s an artifact?”
There was an unusual-looking object. Such items with special powers were called artifacts. Charles, who collected items from the fallen, sent a telegram to Detective Lewis reporting the location of the corpse as he left the scene.
Contrary to expectations that Lewis’ search for the murderer would face difficulties, the murderer was easily caught. Although he was quite a skilled detective, he did not expect to catch the culprit in just one day.
It was because the man had been witnessed by Charles and a significant number of other witnesses. Lewis caught the culprit after raiding the Laporte Steel Plant in the Comfort Complex.
The man was in his mid-forties. His name was Vince. He wore shabby overalls, scouted his targets, and executed them as planned. After taking crime scene photos, he confessed to the crime during a face-to-face interrogation.
“Fortunately, he was caught in a day.”
Rudolf said with relief. Since there were no injuries during the raid on the plant, reporters would now swarm around this case.
Nevertheless, Lewis couldn’t shake off the uneasy feeling.
‘Something’s odd.’
It was then that a report came in from Professor Charles. Charles, who had amazing deductive abilities and worked as a private detective, had sent a telegram saying he found the missing body.
“Detective Lewis. I found the body.”
“Did you really find it? Where is it?”
“It’s in an alley not far from the last place we were at. There’s a small store called Kobo. If you go inside, you’ll find it. The body is stationary. It won’t move any further. We haven’t tracked down the one who made it that way or the one who stopped it.”
Lewis felt something chilling at those words. But he didn’t show it. It was because he knew it was just an illusion created by his gut feeling.
“Understood. We’ll head out immediately.”
Lewis stood up, put on his Burberry coat, and wore his police cap.
“Rudolf. Let’s go. They say they found the missing body.”
“Understood, Detective. Should we call the other officers as well?”
“Yes. We’ll need a stretcher to move the body. And a wagon too.”
They found the reported location with the police. The body had its eyes and mouth crushed and one arm severed.
Lewis and Rudolf, who responded to the report and arrived, had to be shocked again by the gruesomeness.
Rudolf started vomiting again as he had already done once when he first saw the body. This was his second time.
Her identity was already known. The daughter of a common factory worker. Her full name was Cyrilda Linden. Cyrilda’s body was now so mangled that it was more appropriate to call it a piece of meat.
Lewis couldn’t contain his sorrow but managed to collect the body. He looked around for traces. There were traces of a large amount of blood and something having been burned.
What on earth happened here? He could only guess it was some kind of madness. Was Charles living in such a world?
Lewis turned his attention away from Charles. It was a judgment from his past experience. Comforting Cyrilda’s family was more important than paying attention to that mysterious figure.
A police officer searching the area approached Lewis and spoke.
“Detective. It seems there was another person here.”
“The trash can is overturned. I don’t know exactly who it was.”
“Question everyone and find out.”
Another person?
As Lewis suspected, there was someone who witnessed the horrific scene. Shanti was a young gypsy. Realizing there was someone in the street she usually went to, she instinctively hid.
She was very good at hiding. Concealing her presence from others was her specialty. It was a natural hiding skill acquired from being beaten since childhood.
Mr. Luke, the manager of the Kobo store, always put out the trash can in this alley at this time. If she hadn’t known that, she might not have been able to hide.
And when she saw the man with the monocle and the woman who was left only with her upper body fighting, she nearly passed out. But she knew well the teachings of the adults.
‘There are very dangerous things in this world.’
‘Dangerous? A gun?’
‘Something more dangerous than a gun. It’s called the secret world. Someday, you will face such dangerous beings. When that time comes, do not move, do not look, and do not listen. That’s the only way to survive.’
Shanti realized that now was that time. She tightly closed her eyes and covered her ears. But she suddenly became curious. What is the secret world exactly? As she carefully lifted her eyes, she saw a newly appeared man and woman. They were wearing masks.
They intruded into the fight, seizing an opportunity. The woman fighting with a mace was so terrifying she seemed like she’d appear in her nightmares. She even laughed while smashing down with the mace.
Later, when the bright white flames flashed, she was almost driven to move forward by the dazzling radiance.
Shanti held her breath and endured that time. The madness-driven battle soon ended, and they were collecting the bodies. Shanti felt an inexplicable familiarity from the masked man.
Then, she saw an illusion shimmering behind the masked man. It looked like the silhouette of a white human, but it seemed no one else noticed it. Only Shanti could see it.
Without a moment to say anything, they soon disappeared.
Charles returned to his study. Then he opened the door to his secret study. Charles’ study had the exterior visible study and a secret study. It was a kind of workshop for magic use.
What was visible was the large cabinet at the back.
In front of it was a table with occult sacrificial tools, books containing secret knowledge, and strangely shaped scientific tools, such as chemical separation beakers or spectroscopes. There were also a few talents, about two or three bronze talents.
Important items were all stored here, but the valuables were empty. The pre-prologue Charles had offered the talents and valuables he had collected throughout his life to the being called Hermes to obtain the ‘power of dominance.’
So Charles stored the materials he obtained at the auction last time here.
He examined the spoils obtained from this battle. The monocle-shaped artifact was taken from the fisherman brotherhood member. When he put the monocle on his eye, the cutlass flew up on its own and floated.
“It doesn’t move according to my will.”
It seemed to be on autopilot. The cutlass just floated there. It seemed to automatically attack when an enemy appeared.
He tried using a knife and a hand axe as experiments, and he found out that the monocle only responded to blades larger than a certain size. He cast the power of dominance on the monocle.
[Gold-plated Monocle]
[Classification: Artifact]
[Description: An origin-unknown monocle.
Ability: It infuses life into any metal blade over 1 meter, making it a flying sword. As a flying sword, it gains an autonomous consciousness and can read the user’s will. Basically, it is set to defend the owner from enemies but can also be set to attack. The monocle itself has a vision protection function.
Side effect: It must be cleaned three times a day. If not, the flying sword will aim for its owner’s neck.]
‘It can deflect incoming bullets, so it’s perfect for defense.’
Charles smiled, satisfied after confirming the monocle’s ability. It was the first artifact he had obtained. If he wore it around, it would attract the brotherhood of fishermen’s ire, but they were enemies anyway, so it didn’t matter.
The minor side effect was insignificant compared to its ability. This small side effect for such a power made it a superb artifact. He turned his eyes away from the artifact and examined the other items.
There were two bolts from the doll’s wrists of the Salvation Society. By now, there were already three bolts when including the one taken from Lucen’s body before.
Charles planned to use this item for divination. However, he had not yet obtained divination. To do so, he had to head to the otherworld in dreams.
‘I need to prepare.’
In a dark cave, there was a person wearing drab medieval robes. Under the tattered hood, there was only shadow that seemed to absorb everything.
He was meditating with his hands clasped together in prayer, but at some point, he felt the flow interrupted and murmured softly.
“I couldn’t retrieve one.”
He was the puppeteer controlling the dolls. Not being able to retrieve one meant that there were other dolls besides that one.
“My servant chose the wrong target for the doll.”
Or, maybe the servant himself was wrongly chosen. The man named Vince seemed quite spirited, but he couldn’t overcome his madness and acted foolishly.
Because of that, it became a big issue reported in newspapers throughout the Metropole.
He picked up a chalk made of bicarbonate nearby. He divined with the chalk. Seeing a very slight tremor, he confirmed that this result would not affect the entire Metropole.
Since he had been hit on the back, it was time to retaliate. Harre, the puppeteer, felt great anger at the disruption of their cult’s event.
“Yes, Mr. Harre.”
There were numerous people around the man. All had dead fish-like eyes and tattoos covering their bodies. They were the regular followers of the Salvation Society.
“There is someone who interfered with us. The user wielded a spell that emitted tremendous flames. Judging by the form, it must be the Spear of Light. It is likely someone from the Holy Knights or someone who has acquired their spell. Find him.”
“Understood, Mr. Harre.”
Even with the doll’s eyes and mouth destroyed, Harre, the puppeteer, witnessed the scene with his spirituality. He felt the tremor of light at its end. The Spear of Light spell. It was a lethal spell of their archenemies, the Holy Knights.
For the Spear of Light spell, every spell was held either by the Holy Knights or, whenever a Spear of Light spell was discovered, the Holy Knights would intervene and seize the spell.
“The woman’s name is Plona. The man’s name is unknown. However, given that he used the spell without vocalization, he is highly likely a high-ranking magician or a chapter master of the Holy Knights.”
The man was quite skilled. But he still seemed inexperienced. Before his spiritual energy left the doll, Harre heard the man urgently calling the name Plona after using the Spear of Light spell. It could be a pseudonym, but given the urgency, it was less likely.
“Then what should we do?”
“Use the ‘doll’ brought in this time. The dolls need time for full conversion, and then we will properly seek out the enemy. I remember the spirituality, so I will recognize him if we meet again. Everything will be sculpted.”
“Everything will be sculpted.”
Chanting in chorus, the believers of the Salvation Society disappeared into the darkness.

We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
I Became a Cult Leader in a Game

I Became a Cult Leader in a Game

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
While enjoying a game called “Cult Leader Simulator,” Kim Yeon-su found himself trapped inside the game he was playing. He knew that this world was destined to perish…



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