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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

I Became a Slave to the Man I Abandoned Chapter 7

**Chapter 7**

Knox knew exactly what she meant by her words. Knox’s blood was his vile father’s, but the other half was his pure mother’s. Foolish, but not stupid. That was one of Knox’s misfortunes.

“…Move Halid to my room.”


Maeta’s worried voice could be heard, saying that the mistress had ordered him to be thrown out. Knox slowly closed and opened his eyes, feeling tears about to spill from his heated eyes.

“It’s okay.”

His voice was already muffled and sinking.

“I’ll send him out properly after everything is done.”

Maeta hesitated for a moment, then nodded and ordered the servants to move Halid to Knox’s room. Blood dripped from Halid’s back.

The path to his room was marked with bloodstains. Knox walked slowly, following those stains. Each step was heavy.

He wanted to hide the child in his room and show him to no one. But he had to admit that it was better for Halid’s safety to send him away from himself.

His scheming father was a problem, but Knox never dreamed that even his mother, Olga, was watching Halid. Knox looked at Halid’s back, carried by a servant, with eyes as dark as the abyss.


He walked down the long corridor. The servant opened Knox’s door first. Carefully, they laid Halid on the bed, his back facing the ceiling. Knox gestured for the servant to leave, and they closed the door and left.

Screeech, click.

When the door closed, only the rough breathing of the child and the muted sound of his own heart filled the room. Knox slowly dragged a chair to the bedside and sat down, watching the blood soaking the sheets. He couldn’t bring himself to look directly at Halid’s face.


Time passed slowly. The bleeding from Halid’s back gradually subsided, but the wounds from the thorny whip were severe. Knox thought he should ensure Halid received proper treatment outside the mansion. Of course, he would have to make it look like it wasn’t his order.


How much time had passed? Halid groaned softly and opened his eyes. His voice was severely hoarse.

Knox, who had been staring at the floor, slowly looked at the child with darkened eyes. Halid’s face was covered in cold sweat.

He wanted to reach out and wipe it away. He wanted to apologize, to say he was wrong, but he bit his tongue and held back. He knew that if he didn’t sever this himself, his mother, Olga, would do it forcibly.

“Are you awake?”

“Young, master?”

“Yes, Halid.”

Knox’s voice was no longer the gentle one that called Halid endearingly. It was endlessly cold and hard, as if addressing a complete stranger. Halid’s eyes wavered with unease, having just regained his senses. He reached out hesitantly, hoping Knox would take his hand.

Suppressing the urge to hold that slowly approaching hand, Knox struck the child’s hand with the back of his own, slowly but firmly. Halid’s eyes widened in disbelief.

“I… I made a mistake.”

Halid spoke as if trying to fix the situation. It was pitiful. The boy was trying to smile, even with his bloodied back. Trying desperately to erase his rising anxiety.

“You, you never said such a thing, young master. I misunderstood, and that’s why you’re angry, right?”

Halid’s hand, once pushed away, reached for Knox’s hand again. Knox tried to pull his hand away, but the grip that had grown stronger over time didn’t let go. Knox bit his tongue harder. His fingertips trembled. He tried not to let Halid notice.


“Please, don’t say it.”


“Please. What did I do wrong?”

Halid seemed to sense something. Naturally. From the moment he asked Halid to bring him the brooch and then pretended not to know, he must have thought something was wrong. And when he started receiving whippings he didn’t deserve, he must have realized things were twisted. Knox looked at Halid’s sweat-drenched, grayish blonde hair. He couldn’t make eye contact.

“I thought it would be better if you left the mansion.”

Halid fell silent. His blue eyes widened.

“I need to start considering a proper engagement soon.”

Knox tilted his head, pretending to be relaxed, as if nothing was wrong. He struggled to maintain composure.

“Halid, do you love me?”

And so, he uttered the most cruel words.

“That’s your mistake.”

Halid, the young boy, couldn’t say anything. Hearing that his very feelings were wrong left him utterly speechless.

“Expressing your love for me with your whole body is your mistake.”

“Young, master…”

Halid’s voice barely escaped his throat. His entire body was drenched in sweat and blood, while Knox spoke cruel words. Halid felt dizzy. He wished he could faint. He believed it must be a dream. The young master who had looked at him kindly until just moments ago couldn’t have disappeared like this.

Halid tried to get up, using one arm to push himself up from the bed. Knox watched and pushed away Halid’s hand that had grasped his once again.

“I want you to leave the mansion as soon as you can move.”

“Are you, serious?”

“I’m serious. You understand my intentions, even involving my mother, right?”

Knox raised the corners of his mouth. It felt like his facial muscles were spasming, but he managed. He only hoped it looked like a smile. Halid stood up, his body covered in blood.

Knox thought Halid would be angry at him. He thought Halid would curse and vent his fury. But instead.


It was the opposite. Halid knelt in front of the chair where Knox sat. Knox’s eyes widened.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”

Halid clung to Knox’s pants.

“I’ll never show it again.”

And he begged through his tears, like he had begged Olga desperately to stay in this mansion.

“I’ll try not to be seen by you.”

The boy soon let go of Knox’s pants and clasped his hands together. His wide blue eyes. Clasped hands begging for forgiveness for something that wasn’t his fault. Everything drove Knox mad.

“Please, just let me stay in this mansion.”

Knox couldn’t find his voice. His lips only moved. He thought Halid would be angry at him, would vent his fury. But that was just his own misunderstanding, not loving the boy enough. The boy’s love had already grown far beyond what Knox had imagined. He never intended for it to grow this much. He hadn’t realized it was growing.


“Yes, yes. My young master…”

Knox struggled to maintain his smile. It felt like his insides were rotting. Every word he spoke not only hurt Halid but also cut himself. But Knox bit his tongue and forced out his final words.

“You are not someone who can love me.”

Halid stopped breathing.

“Don’t think you can love me.”

Thud, the boy’s hands dropped.

“In your place.”

Knox slowly stood up. Then, as if he had no more business, he turned away.

“I have to go to the knight training. I’d like you to leave before I get back.”

Halid said nothing. Knox clasped his hands tightly where Halid couldn’t see. The trembling wouldn’t stop.

“Live well.”

Telling him to live well after casting him out so cruelly, this contradictory attitude.

“You’re pretty, so you’ll do well wherever you go.”

Knox thought that would be his way of wishing him well, of giving him strength to hate him.

Knox left the room without looking back. With a click, the door closed, severing the connection between Knox and Halid, bringing darkness. The hallway felt unusually dark that day. Knox stood there for a moment, looking at the ceiling. His eyes burned. But he knew better than anyone that he didn’t deserve to cry.

“Young master…”

Maeta, waiting outside, called him softly. Knox slowly started walking down the corridor. Maeta followed, where Halid should have.

“Find a place where Halid can get treatment. Write a recommendation letter, and prepare a place and money for him to live for a while.”


“And don’t let him know I did it.”

Maeta paused. Her face was contorted with sorrow.

“But if that’s the case…”

Knox, knowing Maeta’s next words, shook his head.

“It doesn’t matter.”

Even if he grows up hating me to death. Maeta responded in silence, understanding Knox’s heart.

Knox wandered outside for a long time. Until the boy could heal his wounds enough. Until he could resent him enough. Until he could leave him perfectly.

We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
I Became a Slave to the Man I Abandoned

I Became a Slave to the Man I Abandoned

내가 버린 남자의 노예가 되었다
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
“A s*ave like you shouldn’t call my name. Address me properly.” “Ma, master..” … Nox Renerio cruelly abandoned the boy who had deeply loved him. The boy grew up, harboring hatred and a twisted sense of twisted desire towards Nox. A desire to possess, to claim, to overpower. As time passed and the boy became an adult, Khalid Via was at the side of the Second Prince. With the Second Prince’s orders he victoriously claims the head of the Crown Prince. In return, the now-Emperor agrees to grant one wish. “Your Majesty, please give me him.” … Nox, who was falsely accused of treason and on the verge of death, is forced to become the s*ave of the man he had abandoned long ago. “This is what you are going to do starting today.” Khalid straightened his body and untied his robe. The young boy had grown up and was now lusting after him, a s*ave. Unknowingly, he tried to back away, pulling on the sheet under him. However, Khalid’s firm hand pressed down on his shoulder. Nox stuttered. “No, this isn’t, this isn’t right…” “What’s not right?” He whispered lowly. “This is your sole purpose now.”



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