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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

I’m Not Sick! Neither Are My Other Personalities!: Chapter 5

“What are you doing here?”

A clear and indifferent voice suddenly sounded from behind Zhou Zhen.

Of course, I’m here to find a place to hide!

This thought had just arisen in Zhou Zhen’s mind when he uncontrollably replied, “To find…”

He had just made one word, but suddenly realized that something was wrong. He immediately covered his mouth and turned to look behind him.

In the dim and messy alley, two figures appeared at some point.

Standing not far behind him was a woman wearing a pure black combat suit. She wore a pair of bright black and silver-patterned visual sensors, with large lenses covering the upper half of her face and no visible features. The soft contour of her exposed lower jaw was tightly pursed, emanating a stern aura.

Hovering behind her was a sniper rifle with a strong mechanical feel!

The sniper rifle was a matte silver color and was equipped with numerous finely crafted sights on top of the barrel. The top sight was engraved with a fierce skull, surrounded by a circle of pure black flames.

The entire structure was complex, rigorous, and yet elegant, an embodiment of violent aesthetics.

The woman had a slender figure, and the combat suit clung tightly to her body. The parts attached to her shoulders, arms, waist, abdomen, and knees resembled mechanical armor, making her look slim and agile. She blended into the darkness around her almost seamlessly, as if she could blend in and disappear at any time.

Just like a black panther in the dark.

To her left, at a distance, was a huge shadow.

It was a five-story-high mech!

Its shape resembled that of a monkey, with limbs of similar length. Compared to its proportions, its torso was relatively weak. Its paintwork was silver-gray and orange-red, even in the dimness, it was very eye-catching.

At the moment, the mech was slightly bending forward, with its front limbs holding a huge barrel, which had a sleek and beautiful streamlined design. The black barrel was aimed straight at Zhou Zhen, and laser dots landed on his head, chest, waist, and limbs in an instant, completely enveloping him.

The electronic eye on the mech’s head also stared at Zhou Zhen, with flickering red lights as if scanning something.

Its colossal body blocked the streetlight outside, plunging the entire alley into darkness.

The Phantom Sniper?!

The Anti-Explosion Mech?!

Zhou Zhen’s face turned pale. Was he discovered so quickly?

At this moment, the Phantom Sniper coldly asked again, “What are you looking for?”

Zhou Zhen quickly snapped out of it and looked at the black barrel pointing at him. He immediately forced a response, “Looking for…”

“Looking for food…”

Looking for food?

The Phantom Sniper glanced at Zhou Zhen and then at the dirty trash can. She didn’t continue to question him, not sure if she believed his words.

At this moment, the red light in the electronic eye of the Anti-Explosion Mech turned green.

Instantly, it played a mechanical electronic sound, “Scan complete, no infection detected.”

The next moment, the barrel of the Anti-Explosion Mech aimed at Zhou Zhen was lowered, and all the locked laser dots disappeared.

After confirming that the target was not infected, the Phantom Sniper did not delay and said to Zhou Zhen, “If you’re looking for food, you can go to the relief center in the next district.”

“Digitally infected individuals have been found in Dengming District, and all the public have been evacuated.”

“You should leave as well!”

After saying this, she was about to turn around when the communicator clipped to her ear suddenly emitted an urgent call, “All members of the operation team, pay attention! All members of the operation team, pay attention!”

“Digital virus-infected individuals found!”

“There’s more than one target!”

“Location is at 71 Changlin North Road in Dengming District, the former Jinsheng Machinery Factory!”

“All members of the operation team, get into position immediately!”

“Force field will activate in 3 seconds!”


The Phantom Sniper immediately raised her hand, and the sniper rifle floating behind her fell down like a docile pet, adjusting to a position that perfectly matched her.

At the same time, intricate patterns appeared on the barrel of the sniper rifle. Those patterns were complex and seemed to be randomly drawn in a frenzied state. However, upon closer inspection, they seemed to be countless numbers, theorems, and symbols connected together, deduced into a complete formula.

With the appearance of these patterns, a blurry halo appeared at the muzzle of the sniper rifle, emitting a terrifying strong aura.

The Phantom Sniper slightly turned her head and quickly replied into the microphone concealed in her collar, “024 Phantom received! 024 Phantom is in position!”

As soon as she finished speaking, she suddenly raised her arm and aimed it at Zhou Zhen’s chest, spreading her five fingers and immediately erupting with a powerful force.

Zhou Zhen didn’t have time to react to what had happened. He was immediately ejected out of the alley like a bullet!


He fell heavily to the ground, feeling dizzy and his blood surging.

Just as he was pushed out of the alley, there was a buzzing sound, and several huge beams of light descended from the sky, covering the nearby streets, including the abandoned factory building!

After the beams of light landed, they immediately spread out, forming transparent giant walls like water curtains, separating the inside from the outside.

The boundary line closest to Zhou Zhen was precisely the alley from before.

He was now lying outside this giant wall.

Not infected?

Relief center?

Force field?

For a moment, countless questions surged in Zhou Zhen’s mind, but in the current situation, he couldn’t care about so much. When his body regained a little strength, he stood up using both hands and feet, quickly running away in the distance.


Boom boom boom boom boom…


Just as he took a few steps, sounds of bullet strafing, intensive bombing, and grating electric current came from behind Zhou Zhen. He didn’t dare to look back, but wished he could grow a few more legs to run faster!

On the deserted street, the splendid neon lights and the unique blue of the underwater world instantly vanished, replaced by clusters of exploding sparks, soaring dust, and the enormous movements of collapsing steel frames and roofs…

The night sky was filled with various vivid space advertisements. The fireworks twinkled and were dazzling.


“The Binhai TV Station is broadcasting an important news bulletin…”

“Last night at 23:08, the Binhai Security Center received an unusual report.”

“The person who reported claimed to reside in the Langyun Waterside in the city’s high-tech district and discovered a corpse at home…”

“After official verification, the Langyun Waterside was completely demolished 40 years ago, and the site was rebuilt into an artificial lake…”

“Officially, the identity of the person who reported was then checked, and it was eventually discovered that the person was a ‘digitally infected individual’!”

“The official quickly determined the location of the reporter, which is in the former site of a machinery factory in Dengming District of this city…”

“What surprised the officials was that there were as many as hundreds of ‘transforming period’ digitally infected individuals in that area…”

“In order to ensure the safety of the general public, the officials immediately conducted a cleanup operation…”

“In this operation, 589 ‘digitally infected individuals’ were killed on the spot…”

“Another three ‘digitally infected individuals’ broke through the force field and escaped, but they have been temporarily immobilized by ‘isolation bullets,’ and there is currently no threat of virus spread.”

“People of the city, please do not panic. The officials will soon resolve the problem…”

“Points that need attention: 1. Do not answer unfamiliar calls rashly; 2. Do not contact suspicious individuals rashly; 3. Do not click on emails of unknown origin; 4. If you have the following symptoms, seek medical treatment alone in a timely manner and do not stay in crowded places…”

“The officials will soon locate the three ‘digitally infected individuals’ who escaped…”

“Please continue to pay attention to this broadcast, as we will provide you with the latest news on this case as quickly as possible…”

The sweet sound of the broadcast echoed quietly in the public restroom.

In front of the neatly arranged washbasins, Zhou Zhen stared blankly at the unfamiliar face in the mirror.

It was now 6 in the morning, the sky was just starting to brighten, and the shadows of the trees swayed. The chirping of birds echoed one after another. The night breeze brought the fresh fragrance of the morning into the restroom. The energy-saving lights on the ceiling shone, and Zhou Zhen was the only one inside.


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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
I’m Not Sick! Neither Are My Other Personalities!

I’m Not Sick! Neither Are My Other Personalities!

This is the 20th day since I’ve crossed over, and the world is becoming more and more abnormal…
“I haven’t been infected, but for some reason, I keep doing things I don’t know about…”
“I realized I was wrong; I never crossed over!”
“I don’t know when it started, but the people around me look at me with deep fear in their eyes…”
“It seems like I understand something now…”
“So… it turns out… I… am fake…”



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