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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

One Day I Became a Hatchling: Chapter 16

“Really? It seems to me that this child likes you, Perdicione.”

At Christina’s smiling words, Perdicione looked at the black hatchling holding out a milk bottle with a stiff expression.


The almond-shaped, gem-like red eyes glittered transparently, and the hatchling, moderately chubby and cute, had an appearance that was likely to be likable.

Moreover, there was even a nonchalant expression and an innocent smile.

Perdicione began to think that the Imoogi (Korean dragon) genuinely liked him.

“Well… I’ll take it then.”

His voice had softened considerably. The Imoogi inwardly smiled with satisfaction.

‘This appearance is useful for the first time.’

For the first time, the Imoogi felt proud of his looks that had proved to be beneficial.

He had been worrying about how to deal with his unimposing appearance and cry, but now it was helping break down Perdicione’s guard very effectively.

Feeling wisdom like the traveler who takes off his clothes under the warm sunlight rather than under a fierce storm, the Imoogi smiled more innocently.


He glanced at Perdicione before placing his snout on the opening of his milk bottle and drinking it down.

Watching this, Perdicione also lifted his milk bottle just like the Imoogi.

As soon as he swallowed a sip, the little dragon’s eyes widened, and he began to drink the milk even faster and noisier than the Imoogi.

‘I didn’t expect him to like it that much.’

Enjoying the taste, feeling good, and showing a face that seemed unsatisfied.

Seeing Perdicione like this did not look as awful as he thought.

‘Arrogant and proud as he was, his childishness wasn’t entirely false.’

The Imoogi started to view Perdicione, who was not honest with himself, in two major ways.

The first was someone who lies willingly. In this case, it was best not to get close to them.

The second was someone who, due to external circumstances, had no choice but to live by deceiving themselves.

In this case, as the personality was formed by external conditions, changing the environment could offer the possibility of change.

‘For now, he seems like the latter.’

If so, it was worth testing.

Approach him without ulterior motives, share things with him, and respond actively to his emotions, showing them earnestly.

When he had read Perdicione’s expressions and responded to them as a child without reluctance, the possibility of him changing.

‘Maybe I should give him at least one chance. Of course, if he doesn’t change even then, it can’t be helped.’

It was quite a decent investment. If Perdicione repented and grew into a proper adult, he might end up on their side.


The Imoogi began to check what was needed.

‘Environmental change around him… This is already fulfilled.’

Given that Perdicione was mainly seen in Cristina’s lair, the basic environmental setup was already in place.

It was a situation hard for external influences to intrude, so there were no variables that could become negative factors.

‘Next are the beings around him.’

This was not a problem either. Christina was a good ally, and although there might be occasional friction with the young bird that followed the Imoogi, the Imoogi could manage it.



A white bird flapped its wings and let out a clear cry, as though asking for something too.

When the Imoogi held out some pieces of broken biscuits, the bird happily pecked at them with a twinkle in its eye.

As if it still wasn’t enough, the bird looked at him with shining eyes.

The Imoogi handed another biscuit to the bird and glanced at Perdicione, who was already emptying the biscuit basket with him.

‘It feels familiar. Maybe it’s similar to what I used to do to accumulate virtue.’

When humans sacrificed to the island at his previous life, he would often help them grow stronger.

Since he couldn’t keep them on the island forever or let them die there, it worked out but also helped him accumulate the virtue needed for ascension.

‘This is the last biscuit.’

The Imoogi waited for Perdicione to pick up the last biscuit.

And as soon as he did, he grabbed Perdicione’s hand from above the basket.


“What are you doing?”

The Imoogi looked at the dissatisfied Perdicione and pointed to the young bird focusing on the biscuit piece.


“You’re saying… I should give this to that bird?”

“Goo. Goo.”

Seeing the Imoogi nodding, Perdicione’s brows twitched slightly.

After glancing at the bird, he broke the biscuit into small enough pieces for the bird to peck.

‘Good, that’s how you’re supposed to deal with someone younger than you.’

Not knowing the Imoogi’s intentions, he placed the small broken pieces on his palm and carefully extended them toward the baby bird.

The white bird looked alternately at the biscuit, Perdicione, and the Imoogi.

The Imoogi gestured to the bird.

‘Hey, eat it.’



The Imoogi slightly pushed Perdicione’s wrist forward.

Indicating that he was controlling Perdicione.

At first glaring at the Imoogi, the white bird then moved its beak as though it was offering charity.


The bird’s beak pecked at Perdicione’s palm with a small sound.

When the Imoogi patted the young bird’s head as if praising it, the bird picked at the food more excitedly.

At that moment, Perdicione, who had been stiff, didn’t know where to place his awkward gaze. Christina spoke then.

“The children are already fond of you. That’s great, Perdicione.”

‘Good. Nice support.’

To match Christina’s praise, the Imoogi clapped softly to show approval.

“It’s nothing much.”

Contrary to his blunt words, Perdicione’s eyes had definitely changed under the praise from the surroundings.

The fact that Christina, the owner of the lair, was there, and the others around him smiled and showed affection for him.

The sight of the once threatening young bird pecking comfortably at the cookie in his hand filled him with a ticklish embarrassment.

Normally, he would have thrown the cookie away, telling them to get rid of it, but now he didn’t want to.

Perdicione was settling into the somewhat peaceful feeling.

‘This is… the first time.’

It was a strange feeling that a month-old hatchling had taught him how to treat younger and weaker beings.

Wanting to escape this gentle atmosphere yet also wishing to stay a bit longer, Perdicione said in a rather dazed manner,

“Well… it seems these guys have an eye for things.”

There was a slight tremor in Perdicione’s voice.

After a moment, he continued nonchalantly.

“Father said this guy is elder material for a Black Dragon and has instructed me to help fulfill the role of an elder of the Dark Clan. So, may I come back tomorrow?”

“Of course.”

“Well… I just came to say hello today, so I’ll see you again tomorrow.”

“Thanks. I’ll see you off.”

Christina moved, and the Imoogi was instantly transported with her to the place they first met Perdicione.

Before leaving, Perdicione looked down at the small black hatchling, which had a white round bird perched on its head, and said,

“See you tomorrow then.”

Although the farewell was still somewhat stiff, the sharpness of the initial encounter was mostly gone.



As the Imoogi waved its hand in farewell, Perdicione’s figure disappeared through the warp hole.

“You did well. How was it? Perdicione?”

‘Is she asking not knowing? Whoever raised him, they were terrible at raising children.’

Unable to speak his thoughts aloud, the Imoogi replied differently.

[Polite, but a liar.]

“Oh my.”

Looking at the slightly shocked Cristina, the Imoogi also gazed at her.

[Afraid but gets angry, acts like he hates what he likes. He’s a strange one.]

“Really? I kind of understand.”

At times, his expression seemed like a volcano about to explode, and then he could treat others with cutting coldness.

He was accustomed to treating those weaker than him dismissively and harshly, vivid in his emotions yet trying to hide his vulnerabilities.

Watching him act as though he were carved into a mold felt suffocating.

Perhaps guessing the Imoogi’s thoughts, Christina spoke up.

“Maybe it’s because Perdicione wasn’t allowed any life other than that of an elder.”

[Life as an elder?]

Christina’s face flashed a bitter smile mixed with pity and resignation.

“Perdicione’s father, Pashiyas, has long been an elder for the Fire Clan’s Red Dragon. He has educated Perdicione as his successor, to walk his path and inherit his status.”

[Did Perdicione want this?]

Christina gently shook her head.

“I don’t really know. It’s true that the boy made great efforts to lead the Fire Clan as an elder. But… he doesn’t know how to speak his mind honestly. Perhaps it was caused by having to ignore his feelings to endure cruel and harsh training as a successor.”

[So that’s what happened.]

The Imoogi clicked his tongue inside.

He had assumed a rigid upbringing, but if what Cristina said was true, Perdicione had spent his time as a tool for becoming an elder.

When someone with power is confined in a poorly matched mold, the suppressed true nature will eventually explode, despite not showing problems while subdued.

‘It will either rot and fester or break out in incomprehensible ways when given the chance. Extreme situations are bound to arise.’

Cristina, who was watching his thoughtful expression warmly, said with a smile,

“You don’t need to do anything grand. I hope Perdicione experiences a life different from the one led by an elder. Like you.”

[Like me?]


Cristina smiled while the Imoogi shrugged his shoulders and nodded.

“Thank you. If there’s anything I can help with, please let me know.”

She seemed genuinely concerned about Perdicione, who would have nothing left if he were stripped of his status as an elder successor.

‘A life of his own beyond the elder’s role. Giving him a different environment is already offering him a chance, but perhaps he needs more direct assistance. A proper friend, maybe?’

The Imoogi, looking at Christina expectantly, came to a conclusion.

‘That’s my role, then.’

First Class Lesson, Chapter 17

Having ended up becoming friends with a fire dragon clan kid, the Imoogi took down the white bird perched on his head with both hands and said,

[Before that, there’s something I need to ask.]

The bird blinked questioningly.

[Perdicione once threatened this young one with powerful flame magic. Do you know why?]

He was gathering background information about someone he would grow close to.

“Perdicione did?”

Cristina tilted her head slightly.

“That’s a bit of a surprising story. He did have times when he suppressed his emotions leading to aggressive behavior, but he never harmed someone weaker or younger.”

‘Indeed, if he were that kind of person, they wouldn’t have left him to us.’

Cristina, who was lost in thought, seemed to recall something and opened her mouth.

“There is one thing that comes to mind, though it’s not certain.”

[What is it?]

“This bird has the same fire attribute as Perdicione. But being your follower and not his, it might have created some discomfort for him.”

[Doesn’t he refrain from laying hands on those weaker and younger?]

“It’s a Phoenix chick after all. This bird isn’t as weak as it appears. Although I didn’t tell you before, it had shown some wariness toward me once too.”

‘Now that I think of it, it did try to use its power on Cristina in its sleep.’

He remembered calming it down when he felt its fiery presence while sleeping.

Christina continued,

“In terms of potential, it’s not inferior to a dragon. Those with such talent have instincts. Perdicione might have felt it was a worthy threat.”

She looked at the chick with one hand tucking her hair behind her ear.

“Perdicione is talented enough to be called a prodigy. So, it wouldn’t be strange if he had such inexplicable feelings.”

As a mystical beast in his past life, the Imoogi found it a plausible story.

‘That makes sense. Some mystical beings could sense fate as well.’

There are premonitions.

Some could instinctively gauge the strength of an opponent, feel the flow of the world, or instinctively know whether someone would be an ally or enemy.

“You might find it hard to understand now.”

Cristina, assuming the young Imoogi couldn’t fully grasp her words, gently patted his shiny-scaled head.

“As time passes, you’ll understand naturally. For now, just help him practice being honest with his emotions—laugh when he wants to laugh, feel sad when he’s upset, and embrace whatever he feels.”


The Imoogi nodded. He now had a slight inkling as to why Perdicione had shown him an ungrateful gaze from the start.

‘Could it be that his arrogant stare was due to his instincts sensing my power?’

Unaware of Cristina’s heartwarming gaze, the Imoogi began planning how to be friends with him.

‘He said he would help becoming an elder of the Dark Clan and would come here often. So, this lair will be our main meeting place.’

It seemed fine. The forest valley and Cristina’s lair filled with light magic naturally promoted peace of mind and body.

Changing the surroundings alone should suffice to be helpful.

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One Day I Became a Hatchling

One Day I Became a Hatchling

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