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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

One Day I Became a Hatchling: Chapter 17

Suddenly, a baby bird saw the Imugi, spread its small wings as wide as it could, and cried out energetically.


It was a passionate shout, as if it wanted to show something.

Seeing this, Kristina reached out with a smile.

"Yes. You help out well too."

While Kristina’s hand was patting the baby bird’s head, the Imugi looked at the bird with sparkling eyes.

‘There are elements here that can provide an appropriate amount of stimulation.’

He looked at the white bird, filled with enthusiasm, puffing out its chest feathers.


The corners of the Imugi’s mouth lifted subtly.


Sensing something suspicious for some reason, the bird raised its single black feather nervously.

‘As it’s something Ferdikeion can’t control freely and seems to bicker with, it would be a good catalyst to bring out various situations.’

Even today, despite showing displeasure, he revealed his embarrassment by kindly offering the last biscuit.

That somewhat clumsy response was probably an experience acting not as an elder, but as Ferdikeion.

Having lived to meet the expectations of becoming the head of the Fire Tribe, emotions and desires that did not fit would have been repressed.

There would have been a lack of experiences that would serve as fertilizer for growth.

‘It seems like I’ll be the one providing the lessons. As we continue, the day will come when you’ll see your true self, so it will be good for him too.’

Ferdikeion might think he was coming to teach an Imugi who was also an elder candidate, but in reality, the one truly receiving dragon life lessons was the immature young Fire Dragon tribe member.

The next morning.

Ferdikeion visited, with not a single hair out of place, as soon as the sun rose.

Luckily, although the Imugi had awakened, he hadn’t expected to receive him so early in the morning, and barely pulled himself together to meet Ferdikeion alone in an empty room of the lair.

As soon as he saw the Imugi, he rummaged through his bosom and took something out.

"Here, take this."


In front of the Imugi’s eyes was a golden bracelet studded with a red magic stone.

"It’s a transformation artifact. I heard from Kristina that your intellectual abilities are quite high. Since it has the ability to transform into a human form, I brought it thinking it would be convenient for you."

‘Not bad.’

His sense was pretty good.

The Imugi accepted the bracelet and fiddled with it.

"You’re still too young for polymorph magic, so it will be useful to you."

‘Polymorph… It’s similar to transformation spells but has the ability to change more accurately to the desired form.’

Knowledge acquired through Kristina’s inheritance surfaced.

"This is something I used when I was younger. Just imagine your form and infuse it with mana."

‘It will definitely be useful. It’s not a common artifact. He must feel that communication is necessary for proper education.’

Rather than kindness, it was likely a tool for more proper education.

The Imugi nodded and wore the bracelet.

Swoosh. The bracelet fit tightly to his form and then transformed into a human hand.


"Is there any strange feeling?"

"No. None at all."

‘It would have been nice if it could change into a bigger form, though.’

The Imugi, now a small boy around seven years old with black hair and red eyes, nodded.

Although there was still a height difference since Ferdikeion appeared to be in his mid-teens, the fact that he could use both hands comfortably and speak coherently felt very convenient.

‘I never knew speaking could feel this good. It’s quite refreshing.’

Since he had refrained from using telepathy for fear that hatchling Ferdikeion might detect it, he felt the convenience of verbal communication even more keenly.

"It’s convenient. Thank you."

Ferdikeion looked at him with a cold expression.

Feeling something being suppressed, he turned his gaze away, but guess the Imugi understood the sentiment.

‘He must find it awkward to hear words of gratitude.’

The Imugi chuckled inwardly and fiddled with the bracelet again.


Ferdikeion furrowed his brows slightly as he threw a glance at the small bird with yellow eyes that flew over to the Imugi.

"Why don’t you get rid of that bird? It will interfere with the lesson."

"About that, this fellow wants to join the class too."


Ferdikeion’s eyebrows wrinkled fiercely. Muttering a small curse under his breath, he turned his displeasure openly towards the Imugi.

“So, you’re saying you’ll learn along with this bird?”

“Yeah. Kristina also said it’s fine if my older brother agrees.”

As soon as Kristina was mentioned and upon hearing that her permission was needed, Ferdikeion gave a curt refusal with a hard expression.

"Why should I permit that? Kristina-sama may have been kind to your childish behavior, but this bird will only be a hindrance to the lessons as an elder."


At the dissatisfied chirping, Ferdikeion clenched his fist and glared at the chick as though looking at an annoying thorn.

“Don’t infuriate me and disappear by yourself. A worthless chick.”

The small bird huffed a breath and faced him, puffing up its round body.


One could almost hear the sparks flying between their glaring eyes.

‘What a fiery temper.’

Though getting angry isn’t always bad, getting angry at such a young bird is problematic.

A ruler who cannot distinguish when to be genuinely angry and when not is only a brutal tyrant.


The Imugi’s cold eyes turned towards Ferdikeion.

Ferdikeion twitched and quivered his lips as if about to burst in rage immediately.

"What’s with that insolent look? Is that how someone who wants to learn should look?"

‘And this guy’s supposed to be the elder of the Fire Tribe.’

He was very displeased internally but felt intervention was necessary.




The Imugi drooped his shoulders and held the small, white round bird in his arms while looking quietly at Ferdikeion.

“Isn’t that a bit much? It’s just a young bird."

"The one infuriating me by charging at me recklessly is that insignificant creature. Those with hostility must be thoroughly subjugated."

“Brother, look.”

The Imugi lifted the bird with both hands.

“How threatening is this little creature to you? Isn’t it rather… somewhat cute?”

A chick phoenix that might become strong in the future.

It would take hundreds, even thousands of years, to grow that strong.

Right now, it’s just a newborn baby bird, and as time goes by, the same will apply to Ferdikeion’s growth.

“While it may possess the power of fire, it’s just a bird. And the reason it’s wary is because you’re stronger.”


As the Imugi’s words reached him, a look of confusion crossed Ferdikeion’s face, which was earlier filled with anger.

Always called weak and lacking by his father Pasias and subjected to severe punishment.

For Ferdikeion, the words ‘because you’re strong’ were something he was hearing for the first time.

"Because you’re strong enough to be a threat to both me and this little thing, that’s why it’s wary. But if you act more intimidatingly, it perceives a greater threat and becomes more defensive.”

"Is that…really how it is?"

The Imugi held the bird to his chest.

It looked as if the young hatchling wanted to protect the baby bird.

Chapter 18 White Night

‘This guy is more simple-minded than I thought?’

Kristina was right that he wouldn’t attack the weak, and it worked better than anticipated.

If Ferdikeion continued to rage at the bird, it would only prove him a beast who genuinely becomes angry at those who fear him.

"I heard this bird is mystical too. If you don’t start by hating it, it won’t hate you either."

The Imugi gently stroked the head of the bird in his arms.

Hostility breeds enemies.

If one reveals animosity even towards those who are not enemies, conflict naturally arises.

The baby bird blinked its yellow eyes within the Imugi’s hands.

"See? It’s behaving, right?"

Although Ferdikeion’s gaze was still displeased, the little bird was harmlessly peaceful, making small chirping noises, leaning its head to receive the Imugi’s gentle strokes.

The anger seemed to dissipate.

"This little one was just doing its best to protect me. If you harm this bird, I too won’t stay still."

“…Fine. I got it."

The pure eyes of a hatchling that could peer into someone’s heart, the calm gaze warning not to cross the line, and the firmly clenched lips.

Though the atmosphere forbade recklessness, the young and black hatchling’s determined face only appeared as boldness from its plump baby cheeks.

Seeing Ferdikeion silent after a short response, the Imugi inwardly felt relieved.

‘He listens. Glad he’s somewhat moralistic.’


As the Imugi placed his hand atop the puffed-up, huffing baby bird’s head and pushed gently, its feathers fluffed out.


‘You should tone it down. After all, he’s still much older than you.’

“Pii! Pii-yak!”

The young bird protested, gripping the Imugi’s hand with both wings, chirping as if pleading not to be hated.

‘These are like having two children.’

Both had the same attribute, supernatural traits.

Though they bickered oddly from the start, he thought it might be good for them to deal with each other on an equal footing.

Sharing various situations and emotions, though the path seemed long.

‘But it’s manageable. A good start.’

A certain amount of disharmony was expected.

The disposition formed over nearly 800 years couldn’t change overnight.

While he was thinking this, Ferdikeion clicked his tongue sharply.

"…I suppose it can’t be helped. I still don’t like that bird, but I’ll let it pass generously."


"Thank you, brother."

He quickly complimented and smiled gently.

At that moment, he heard Ferdikeion muttering quietly with a twisted mouth.

"In reality, I don’t even know why that damn bird irritates me so much."

“Brother, maybe…”

Feeling the eyes subtly growing sharp again, the Imugi stared intently at Ferdikeion.

Although Ferdikeion frowned a bit, he didn’t get angry as before.

“Never mind. Even if it’s annoying, forcing your subordinate away too would be absurd. I won’t retract.”

‘Though his voice drips coldness and his eyes are thick with fire, he speaks well.’

Though he chuckled inwardly, it was a relatively mild reaction for someone who preferred straightforward confrontations.

‘Seems that once he considers someone an ally, he tends to embrace them. Not bad qualities for a sovereign.’

Though more talkative and still unpredictable, he was becoming more lenient.

There was no telling when he might change suddenly, but there was substantial progress for the first day.

‘I’ve got an idea of his basic personality.’

According to the knowledge inherited from Kristina, those of the Fire Tribe, Red Dragons, had a straightforward and fiery disposition.

‘That fits perfectly.’

He was lucky to have him. If not for him, he’d be stuck in the mindset taught by his father indefinitely.

It was too long a life to live only the unwanted one.

If one didn’t even know what they liked, even a dragon would live life hollow as an empty shell.

‘Unlike short-lived beings, for us long-lived ones, living just out of duty is hard.’

The white, fluffy bird, puffed out, staring at Ferdikeion, was again in a fierce staring contest.

‘I didn’t expect them to dislike each other this much, but in the end, they’ll get along…right?’

Having the same fire attribute, he thought they’d quickly become friends, but it was a misjudgment.

‘If it goes well, eventually they might play together, giving me some time off…’

It’s natural for caretakers to find peace when kids play together.

But that day seemed distant.

The bird’s staring contest ended with the Imugi covering its eyes, giving Ferdikeion the win.

The baby bird fluffed its wings looking aggrieved, while Ferdikeion, slightly raising one corner of his mouth, turned to the Imugi and asked.

“By the way, what’s your subordinate’s name?”


Confusion flashed in the Imugi’s eyes.

As there was no response, Ferdikeion looked alternately between him and the bird with astonishment.

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One Day I Became a Hatchling

One Day I Became a Hatchling

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