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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

One Day I Became a Hatchling: Chapter 9

Christina covered her mouth with the hand she held lightly and laughed.

‘A child is holding a child. How cute.’

Even though Imoogi could guess how he must have looked, he decided to let it be for now in case the bird would cry again if pushed away carelessly.

Suddenly, Imoogi, looking at Christina, pointed at the bird with his index finger and asked.

“Q. Kyu-Kyu?”

‘What’s this bird? Why is a bird popping out of a boiled egg?’

Although they couldn’t understand each other, Christina nodded after seeing the gesture and gaze.

“Are you asking me? It seems this little one was born as the new phoenix of this generation.”

The black hatchling tilted its head curiously in response.

Christina spoke.

“A phoenix is such a precious bird that it’s often said to be the bird of the gods. Only one exists per generation. When a living phoenix dies, another phoenix is said to reappear within a minimum of 100 years.”

Understanding the reasoning about the bird, Imoogi nodded.

However, Christina, sensing something strange, paused.

“… This is strange. Surely the phoenix of this generation is still alive.”

Although Christina’s mumbling was very small, Imoogi heard it clearly.

While he blinked and looked at Christina, she fell into thought.

‘Has something unusual happened in the world? Or is it a sign that the world is about to change?’

Whether it was a good or bad omen was unknown.

The phoenix guards the darkness.

She could only presume that facing this fact for the first time was not ordinary.

‘Even if it’s still just a young phoenix and hatchling, it’s not something to casually overlook.’

She thought of someone she could seek help from regarding this matter.


At Christina’s gesture, Lai, a white spirit of light, appeared.


Lai, seemingly happy to have been called, scattered tiny light particles and circled around Christina before gently settling on her outstretched hand.

Christina looked at Lai and spoke softly with a smile.

“I should go and meet Pasyas, the elder of the Red Dragon.”


He was the father of the Red Dragon hatchling and the current elder of the Red Dragon.

Imoogi felt a sense of expectation rise at the mention of Christina going out, and Lai shimmered with little lights as it slightly shook its body.

“Being the elder of the Red Dragon with the power of fire and raising a hatchling now, I’ll discuss this child with him.”

Hearing Christina’s words, Lai expressed a reaction within the sphere of light.

[( *`ω´)ゞ]

“Thank you, Lai.”

Christina’s lair was an inviolable area that even the Dragon Lord couldn’t easily touch.

In other words, there was no possibility of an unfortunate event occurring due to external attacks.

“Little one, you can take care of yourself, right?”


Christina chuckled softly as she watched the child respond energetically.

‘Even though I’m worried about leaving them with just Lai, for some reason, I feel this child will be alright.’

Though still a hatchling, the child she had seen seemed mature in some way.

‘Is it original for a Black Dragon hatchling to be like this?’

Christina herself was known for being intelligent and matured quickly compared to her peers.

However, that was largely due to the influence of her parents and teachers who had taught her.

Innate talent and mindset. Experiences gained from the environment. They were the fruits borne out of times of contemplation.

‘This child probably hasn’t had such experiences yet, but it seemed to have its own values.’

From the moment it hatched, the child had never cried or whined as per its instincts.

It was capable of fairly complex communication and had clear boundaries of what it could and couldn’t do.

Perhaps because of this, a peculiar trust was developed which normally couldn’t be had with a child.

‘It also restrained the young phoenix immediately when it showed hostility towards me. And the child’s control over mana.’

The mana surrounding the child was stabilized day by day.

Seeing the child handle mana so skillfully was astonishing.

‘Even though dragons are inherently magical beings, it was way too skillful for a hatchling.’

The relationship between mana and dragons was like a child being given a toy or clay.

A young hatchling would handle mana as it pleased.

Due to handling magic power carelessly, based on their talent, they could cause accidents such as exploding it like a bomb or launching wind blades.

Naturally, a young dragon must have an adult dragon or a mentor around to protect them.

However, the hatchling in front of her was different.

It handled the mana neatly and complexly as it intended to use.

‘I didn’t think the child I was raising was an ordinary genius.’

A praiseworthy, kind, and adorable youngster.

And an extraordinarily talented child, far beyond the average hatchling.

She reminisced about her long-gone master and sighed.

‘Did my master do something to this child before entrusting it to me?’

Thinking of someone she could no longer get answers from, she looked at the sky for a moment.

Even now, as the elder of the Gold Dragons, she thought of her master.

But now, she was in the role of that master.

Coming to this realization, Christina let out a light laugh.

‘Yes. Now, I am the child’s guardian and mentor.’

She gently brushed the light emanating from Lai, who looked at her with a puzzled expression.

“Speaking of which, I heard that Pasyas’ child is an extremely talented genius, so maybe it’ll be of help.”

She lightly removed her hand and whispered to Lai.

“Please take good care of the kids until I return. I don’t expect any trouble, but let me know right away if anything happens.”

[٩(•̀ᴗ•́ )و]

Encouraged by the pure spirit, Christina smiled slightly.

She also spoke to Imoogi.

“It won’t take long. Stay close with Lai.”


Imoogi, blinking curiously, nodded.

She lightly kissed the shiny forehead of the hatchling as a blessing wish.



“Bya! Byat!”

Seeing the hatchling, surprised and rubbing its forehead, Christina felt her heart naturally warm.

“I’ll come back as quickly as I can.”

She gently laid the child back down in the cradle and, with a reluctant gaze, left.

‘She’s gone…?’

Imoogi suddenly stood up, clenched his fists, and raised one hand towards the ceiling.

‘Finally, freedom!’

Though his reaction seemed like that of a child freed from parental surveillance, for someone who had lived nearly a thousand years, staying in the cradle all day long was torment.

‘I’ve longed for a moment like this! Without Christina, I couldn’t even leave this room. It was suffocating.’

If only it had been a free environment where he could properly train, it would have been bearable.

He recalled the suffocating recent days.

‘Though I maintained constant but discreet training, there were too many restrictions.’

Though meant to be a guardian spirit by Christina, to him, it was an irritating watcher.

‘Now, wandering around the cradle shouldn’t be strange.’

He spread his wings and cautiously descended beneath the cradle, standing on all fours.

Giving a side glance at Lai, who followed quietly, he smirked inwardly.

‘Good. Luck is on my side.’

He cheered inwardly.


A white chick imprinted its footprints on the bedspread, quickly running towards him, not wanting to be left behind.




The chick landed on Imoogi’s head, so light that he decided to ignore it instead of shaking it off.

As he walked, Lai followed them by flying through the air.

Standing at the door, Imoogi eyed the doorknob above him.

‘It looks like I can reach it if I jump. Should I give it a try?’

Fixing his gaze on the rod-shaped handle, he lifted a foreleg.

Then, putting strength into his short hind legs, he leaped vigorously.


‘Got it.’

With Imoogi’s weight on it, the doorknob tilted downward.


As soon as the lock disengaged, Imoogi released the handle.

The 9th Episode Where Am I?

The door opened without resistance.


Imoogi began walking, ready to look around outside the room.

Walking adorably through the hallway, the light spirit, Lai, circled Imoogi once.

Though it seemed worried, it didn’t stop him from wandering outside the room.

Without teleportation magic, they couldn’t explore even a quarter of this vast lair.

As long as it guided them back home, Lai believed the lair, being safer than anywhere else, was okay.

Moreover, from what Lai had seen, Imoogi particularly struggled with going hungry and was smart enough to peel and eat eggs when feeling famished.

Though intermittently signaling with a flickering light to suggest turning back, the hatchling ignored the spirit and kept moving forward.

However, he acknowledged that with his toddling steps, he couldn’t see much of the lair.

‘If I keep moving like this, I won’t cover much ground.’

Yet, who knows when another opportunity like this would come, going back quietly?

That didn’t suit his temperament.

‘Indeed… without teleportation magic, it’s inconvenient.’

In his current state, without Christina’s help, he couldn’t even move around, appearing no different than a ‘baby.’

Imoogi smirked.

‘It’s good I made preparations.’

The hatchling’s juvenile teeth were revealed in a grin, giving him a mischievous look.

‘I’ve been observing each time Christina used teleportation magic, feeling the flow of power.’

Standing motionless, Imoogi steadied his breath.

‘She called it .’

Recalling Christina’s mana manipulation, he looked at his own hand.

Though it was his first time directly using the magic, he had seen it cast several times and experienced it.

‘This was the sensation.’


He felt his own mana moving within him.

The surrounding mana responded uniformly, like well-trained soldiers.

Sensing the entirety of the lair’s mana felt like wielding the power of a transcendent being.

‘It’s possible.’

With a sly smile, he gleamed with determination.



Lai, facing that expression, sensed an inexplicable dread.

How could such subtle wickedness emanate from a pure hatchling’s cuteness?

Meanwhile, Imoogi, like a strategist planning where to place their pieces, gleamed with anticipation.

He sensed the areas structured by mana where he could move.

Taking a breath, Imoogi closed his eyes.




In an instant, their figures vanished.


‘Damn it…!’

The ones who suddenly appeared in the air landed in various ways.

Due to landing on his back, Imoogi tumbled without readiness, while Lai hovered in the air without grasping the situation.

The chick flapped its tiny wings in surprise.

We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
One Day I Became a Hatchling

One Day I Became a Hatchling

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