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The Main Character is Obsessed With a Foreign Substance Chapter 1




[AM. 08:00]

The current time flashed briefly on the electronic clock positioned atop the desk, accompanied by an alert sound. Suhwan, who had just awakened from his sleep, stared at the clock with a numb gaze for a moment. Then, he slowly lifted his body from the bed.


As soon as he rose, his cellphone vibrated as if it had been waiting for the moment. A few words that flashed on the screen burrowed into Suhwan’s eyes.

[See you later]

Neither lengthy nor short, the message appeared on the screen and vanished. As the letters disappeared, Suhwan let out a breath he had been holding.


He had been wishing for this day to come, yet at the same time, he had hoped it would never arrive. His conflicted feelings had grown more intense, creating a real conundrum.

Heaving a sigh, Suhwan went into the bathroom. As he undressed and turned on the shower, he noticed the reflection of a strange man in the mirror opposite.

Startled, Suhwan instinctively shivered and peered into the mirror. The shocked expression of the man gazed back at himself, mimicking Suhwan’s movements exactly.


Even though he should have gotten used to it by now, Suhwan still found the man in the mirror unbearably unfamiliar.

It had already been a month since he became possessed by this body. When he first opened his eyes in this body, he was merely perplexed. After all, he had awoken sprawled under a streetlight in a nondescript alley.

This was the world within a BL novel. Suhwan had realized this a week after the possession took place. There were no memories of the body’s original owner, but the circ*mstances around him made it clear.

Suhwan couldn’t remember what kind of person his pre-possession self had been. But what sprung vividly into his empty mind was, amusingly enough, the content of a novel he assumed he had read in his previous life. And it was the content of an R-rated, moral-ruining BL novel at that.

He couldn’t recall the title, only the depraved plot and the names of the characters. Moreover, his own name was identical to that of the secondary dominant male character in the novel.

The secondary dominant male? No, that guy wasn’t even treated as such; he was a foreign substance. He was a bastard cr*minal who forcibly engaged the main character, confined him, and went as far as to commit acts of violence. Suhwan gr*maced at the resurfacing content of the novel and turned on the showerhead.


As soon as he turned on the faucet, water at a pleasant temperature immediately cascaded over Suhwan’s body. As it touched his well-defined muscles, they involuntarily twitched. It still felt somewhat cold and detached, even though it was now his body.

Jinsuhwan. An omega with an intense inferiority complex. Born as a third-generation chaebol, never satisfied, hating his passionate omega nature and venting his frustration on those around him, then revealing his inferiority complex to the main character, a superior omega, and becoming obsessed with him.

Suhwan couldn’t understand him at all. His pre-possession self must have been a sane and upright commoner, he thought. That’s why when he realized he was possessed by Jinsuhwan’s body, he was merely displeased.

And terrified. If only the possession had occurred before the novel’s events had unfolded, but unfortunately, Jinsuhwan had already met the main character named Lee Seunghyun. Realizing this made Suhwan’s heart sink. He frantically gathered information to figure out the current point in the story.

Fortunately, Jinsuhwan hadn’t yet committed any of his mad acts. If Suhwan had made the slightest mistake, he would have had to deal with irreversible consequences, but that wasn’t the case. He had been lucky. Thankfully, his possession happened just one day before Jinsuhwan was about to assault the main character.


Suhwan shut off the water and trudged out of the bathroom. The hotel room, papered with monochrome wallpaper, had become somewhat familiar to his eyes after a month’s stay.

Right after the possession, Suhwan had fled the house he had been sharing with the main character. He could not face the main character while sane, given he would have been the cause of his death.

Since then, he had started to correct the wrongs one by one. Staying in a hotel room for a month was part of that effort.

Jinsuhwan, this madman, had stopped at nothing to possess the main character in the early stages of the novel. He had exploited his family’s power to forcibly engage with the main character, almost ruining the main character’s family business to force him into cohabitation.

Then, he committed the vile deed of confining and forcing himself upon the main character who had walked into his life on his own accord. True to the R-rated novel, Jinsuhwan did all kinds of unspeakable acts to the main character. Though he was a foreign substance, he had his fill of satisfaction. Of course, his end was death.

Recollecting Jinsuhwan’s eventual demise at the hands of the main protagonist, Suhwan shook his head vigorously. Since he was now in control, those events would never come to pass. The main character might have been forcibly engaged to him, but he was still pure and had not suffered any misdeeds. This was because Suhwan had possessed the body just the night before it was all prepared by that bastard Jinsuhwan.

Was it because Jinsuhwan was intoxicated with the joy of finally having the main character as his own? After heavily drinking, Jinsuhwan had knocked his head against a telephone pole in a dingy alley and lost consciousness. Because it was such a remote location, no one discovered that he had collapsed, and by morning, the consciousness in Jinsuhwan’s body was no longer ‘Jinsuhwan.’

Well, looks like he went on his merry way to the grave. Now Suhwan, who had become ‘Jinsuhwan,’ thought of this indifferently as he bit into the toast fresh out of the toaster.

He had lived quite busily this past month. To avoid dying, he had to distance himself from the main character. Stupidly obsessed, Jinsuhwan had been killed by the main protagonist.

It would have been nice if the possession had occurred pre-engagement, but it was already done. All he could do was to annul the engagement at all costs. The main character’s family wasn’t all that impressive, and Jinsuhwan’s family had barely tolerated the engagement due to his rotten temper and the fact that the main character was a superior omega.

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The Main Character is Obsessed With a Foreign Substance

The Main Character is Obsessed With a Foreign Substance

The Main Bottom is Obsessed with the Foreign Body, 메인수가 이물질에게 집착하는데요
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