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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

The Main Character is Obsessed With a Foreign Substance chapter 2


It was a difficult task to persuade the elders of the house again, but it was not impossible. Jin Gil-young, the grandfather of Jin Su-hwan and the chairman of a large company, who had scolded him for taking the engagement lightly, said he would allow him to break off the engagement if he met the three omegas he had arranged for him. It took him exactly a month to get his permission and sort out the situation.


Su-hwan, who had stuffed bread into his mouth, realized that he didn’t have much time left for the appointment. He hurriedly grabbed his jacket and left the hotel room.

Now he had to meet the main character and tell him about the breakup. And he had to apologize sincerely. Even though it wasn’t his fault, he was willing to apologize until his hands were worn out if he could become friends with the main character.

Soon, the cafe where he had arranged the meeting came into his sight.


It was the cafe where the main character worked part-time. Su-hwan looked at the stylish cafe surrounded by brown bricks and carefully opened the door.


A clear bell sound rang softly inside the cafe. Su-hwan scanned the small and cozy interior with his eyes. The cafe, located near the university, was famous for its delicious coffee, but since it was still vacation and early in the morning, there were not many people. Soon, Su-hwan saw a man with bright brown hair sitting by the window.

The beautiful man was quietly staring at the other side of the window, bathed in the sunlight that came through the window. It was as if time had stopped around him. Even the dust that floated and sparkled in the light seemed to be a device to highlight the man.

Lee Seung-hyun. The main character of this novel and the victim who had been tormented by Jin Su-hwan’s obsession.

But not now. Unlike the original Jin Su-hwan, he had never touched Seung-hyun. As soon as he regained his senses, he was surprised to see him at home and ran out of the house.

Not yet… A trash who forced an engagement with his power? A disgusting stalker at best?

‘I’m not relieved at all.’

He bitterly recalled the contents of the novel and forced himself to walk with his legs that didn’t have much strength. Soon, Seung-hyun, who had noticed him, raised his bright brown eyes and looked at Su-hwan.

‘Wow, why are his eyes sparkling too?’

Is this the dignity of the main character? Su-hwan admired him purely and stared at Seung-hyun. His eyes were big, but his eyelids were thick and his eyes were slightly upward, making him look a bit like a cat. But not very sharp, more like a dignified and elegant Persian.

And maybe because he was a superior omega, he had a broad shoulder and a sturdy skeleton that was not inferior to Jin Su-hwan, a passionate alpha. No, rather, if they stood face to face, wouldn’t Seung-hyun look more like an alpha on the outside? He thought so as he sat down in front of Seung-hyun.

“I’m sorry I’m late.”

He glanced at the clock and saw that he was a little late for the appointment. He bowed his head slightly and spoke, and Seung-hyun looked at him with a strange eye and slowly opened his mouth.

“I just got here too.”

“Ah… really?”

For a while, they looked at each other without saying anything. Su-hwan was watching Seung-hyun’s mood, and Seung-hyun was unfamiliar with Su-hwan’s changed appearance.

Besides, he couldn’t come to his senses when he had the main character in front of him. Somehow, he seemed to look more radiant than when he met him a month ago.

“…I’ll order something and come back.”


Su-hwan, who had been mesmerized by Seung-hyun’s appearance, got up from his seat as if to run away. He was able to have a conversation with him after he ordered his drink and returned to his seat.

“Um, well.”

“Why don’t you come home?”


Su-hwan, who was about to start talking, was startled by Seung-hyun’s question. For some reason, the main character’s words sounded like a husband scolding his spouse who had run away.

…Maybe, it’s a misunderstanding. Su-hwan forced a smile and answered.

“I was a little busy.”

“Do you give that much work to an intern?”


Su-hwan was currently an intern at his company. Well, he was an intern in name only, since he had no rivals. He was going to graduate and work as an employee for a while, then get promoted at a super-fast speed, so the company wouldn’t give him much work. Seung-hyun knew that too and said it, but Su-hwan just mumbled for now. That wasn’t the important thing.

“More importantly, I have something to say.”


Before he spoke, Su-hwan’s throat was dry, so he took a sip of his drink. He couldn’t drink coffee, so he ordered a cool grapefruit ade. The cold drink, which was sweet and sour and slightly bitter, went down Su-hwan’s throat.

And as soon as he put down the glass, he bowed his head deeply.

“I’m really sorry for what I’ve done. I really… did something terrible to you.”


“I’m really sorry.”

Su-hwan, who closed his eyes and spit out the words of apology, slowly raised his head. Seung-hyun was looking at him with surprised eyes. Su-hwan spoke slowly.

“Let’s break up.”

“…What did you say?”

Seung-hyun opened his eyes wide in surprise.

He was so pretty even when he was surprised. That’s why Jin Su-hwan was so obsessed with him.

Su-hwan shook his head at the thought that came to his mind. What are you admiring him for? He’s not the filthy Jin Su-hwan.

Ahem, he coughed and opened his mouth again.

“Let’s break up.”

Seung-hyun’s face darkened rapidly. His eyes narrowed and his long eyelashes spread out like a fan. Somehow, his throat was dry even though he had just drunk the drink, so Su-hwan swallowed his saliva.

“Break up.”


Seung-hyun muttered quietly, as if reciting. He raised his eyes. Surprisingly, there was a faint anger in his eyes. He looked so angry that Su-hwan blinked in confusion.

“You’re so easy.”


“You do whatever you want with the engagement, drag me into that house by force, and now you want to break up? Are you kidding me?”

“No, that…”

Come to think of it, it was understandable that Seung-hyun was angry about the sudden breakup. He remembered the voice of Jin Su-hwan’s grandfather, Jin Gil-young, who had yelled at him for taking the engagement as a joke. He seemed to have neglected his delicate feelings in his eagerness to cut ties with the main character and distance himself.

“I’m really sorry. I’m sorry I can only say I’m sorry. I’ll compensate you for everything you want.”


“And you can have that house. It’s not compensation, it’s just a gift. I’ll never go there, so don’t worry.”

The issue of compensation came up, but Seung-hyun’s face became more subtle. Seung-hyun, who had no choice but to enter Jin Su-hwan’s house because his family’s business was held hostage, looked suspicious.

“What about my house?”

“…There was someone else living there already.”

After running out of the house and getting a hotel room, he tried to get back the studio apartment where Seung-hyun had lived as soon as he came to his senses. But the quick-witted landlord had already rented it out to someone else. It must have been a college student who would start school next semester.

He couldn’t kick that person out, and rather than giving him another shabby studio apartment, he thought it would be better to give him the house he was living in now. In addition, he was planning to pay him as much as he wanted for the mental damage.

“And, if you need anything else…”

“What are you up to this time?”

Seung-hyun cut off Su-hwan’s words and asked in a cold tone. He looked at his face full of distrust and couldn’t think of anything for a moment. His head turned white and he paused, then lowered his head and spoke quickly.

“No ulterior motive. Nothing like that.”


“Really. Just believe me this time.”

Su-hwan moved his frozen lips and pleaded desperately. He saw the old emotions piled up on Seung-hyun’s cold face. Distrust. And contempt. For him, who had suffered from Jin Su-hwan for a long time, Su-hwan’s words didn’t seem to reach him.

“…I can’t believe you.”

We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
The Main Character is Obsessed With a Foreign Substance

The Main Character is Obsessed With a Foreign Substance

The Main Bottom is Obsessed with the Foreign Body, 메인수가 이물질에게 집착하는데요
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