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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

Who made him cultivate immortality!: Chapter 2

Note: Sect name changed to Questioning Dao Sect, previous chapters will be edited.

Lu Yang and Meng Jingzhou had only one thought in mind: it’s over, they had actually discussed how to cheat in front of the examiner.

Senior Sister Yun Zhi seemed oblivious to their cheating plan, glancing over once and then not taking a second look, she proceeded to organize the examination.

It was clear that she held considerable prestige among the disciples of the Questioning Dao Sect; her commands were promptly obeyed without dissent or negligence. These disciples were distinguished figures in the outside world, admired by many, and truly the pride of heaven. They followed her orders unconditionally, signaling Yun Zhi’s exalted status.

“Constitution is the first hurdle on the path to immortality. Without the necessary constitution, no matter how many resources you pour in, one cannot cultivate. The first test is to assess your constitution. Everyone, please come forward in turn. Those who lack confidence in their constitution are free to leave.”

No one left.

Those who came to participate in the Questioning Dao Sect’s examination understood their own constitutions well. Very few were like Lu Yang, who came to try his luck simply because he lived nearby.

The Questioning Dao Sect used this approach to prevent those with insufficient constitutions, who hoped to sneak into the sect, from passing the examination.

Usually, a constitution stone was used for the test, and it would be very noticeable due to its enormous size. From the empty space in front of the Questioning Dao Sect, it was clear they did not intend to use the constitution stone.

Sitting in the forefront was a Questioning Dao Sect disciple named Dai Bufan, who practiced a very special method. By allowing the spiritual energy to circulate within the other person’s body, he could understand their constitution, the methods they cultivated, and where their life gate was… This made him extremely effective in battle.

Dai Bufan could ascertain someone’s constitution like how an old Chinese medicine doctor would take a pulse – with just a few fingers on the wrist.

“Gold, water, and fire – triple spiritual roots? Not too bad, you may pass.”

“Water and fire dual spiritual roots, good.”

“Water and wood dual spiritual roots. Your foundation was once damaged, likely from a serious injury at the age of twelve. Normally, this should have left complications, but fate was on your side, and you met a skilled individual. That person had a kind heart and healed you with their superior medical skills, restoring your foundation.”

The person was slightly shocked, not expecting Dai Bufan to be so accurate: “At twelve, my mother died from illness, and my stepmother took control. Worried that my existence would threaten her son’s position, she schemed against me. I fell into a coma and when I awoke, I was unharmed. My father told me that at that time, a master passed by and saved me, but he did not leave his name.”

After that person left, other disciples of the Questioning Dao Sect congratulated Dai Bufan for advancing further in his cultivation: “With just a pulse diagnosis, you deduced the entire cause and effect as if you had seen it with your own eyes! Brother Dai has indeed improved, congratulations!”

Dai Bufan replied indifferently, “Oh, that’s nothing. That skilled individual was me. I was in a hurry at that time and forgot to leave my name after saving the person.”

There was a brief pause.

In the meantime, Dai Bufan waved the next tester away: “You’re eighteen, over the age limit. You should go back.”

A small, adorable-looking monk accompanied by a senior monk came before Dai Bufan and gave him a respectful bow.

Dai Bufan glanced at the young monk and handed him back to the senior monk: “What’s a novitiate from Xuankong Temple doing here…?”

“I remember Xuankong Temple is one of the five great immortal sects?” Lu Yang asked Meng Jingzhou quietly.

Meng Jingzhou nodded and said gravely, “Xuankong Temple has the fewest disciples among the five great immortal sects. At its least, there is only the abbot and one disciple. Even at its most, the number does not exceed ten. This young monk has not yet started cultivating, but being a Xuankong Temple disciple, he must undoubtedly have profound Buddha-nature.”

He looked at the young novice being led away by his senior from Xuankong Temple with a sense of urgency: “I thought I would be unmatched in the future realm of cultivation, but it seems there are still people who qualify as my rivals.”

Lu Yang didn’t understand where Meng Jingzhou’s confidence came from: “Aren’t you worried at all that Miss Yun Zhi will kick us out?”

“What’s there to fear? Haven’t you seen how it’s written in the storybooks? The major sects are blind to talent, falsely accuse, and exile the talented youth. The talented youth feels humiliated, becomes determined to grow stronger, experiences continuous fortunes, and soars high, becoming a figure that the major sects look up to, oh no, I mean look up to.”

Lu Yang stayed silent for a while before reminding him, “But Miss Yun Zhi doesn’t need to falsely accuse us.”

“That’s a good point.”

So Meng Jingzhou panicked too.

“The breath within your body is perpetual and circulates on its own. Judging by your attire, you do not seem to come from a cultivating family. Could it be that you inadvertently consumed a Qingmu Immortal Fruit in your childhood? Proceed.”

“Oh, your physique is quite interesting.” Dai Bufan placed his fingers on a bronze-skinned sturdy man and his eyes lit up, “Ancient barbarian bloodline, it has been a long time since I’ve seen one.”

The sturdy man was tall and had a bald, shining head. His skin reflected the sunlight. Judging by his looks, some might even believe he was twenty-five or twenty-six years old. However, Dai Bufan did not question his age, implying he was under sixteen.

Lu Yang could only comment on his remarkably good development.

The crowd stirred slightly with the mention of the ancient barbarian bloodline, known for their immense strength and majestic presence at their peak before vanishing in the long river of time.

It had been a long time since anyone with the ancient barbarian bloodline appeared in the Central Continent. Everyone thought this ancient bloodline had disappeared, yet now one showed up in the Questioning Dao Sect exam.

Dai Bufan yawned, having inspected half the people without even seeing a single spiritual root. Maybe they had all been snatched up by other sects.

Meng Jingzhou stepped forward confidently. Dai Bufan didn’t expect much, but when his index and middle fingers touched Meng Jingzhou’s wrist, his eyes suddenly bulged, and he jumped up, exclaiming, “It’s actually a single…”

Hearing Dai Bufan say this, the crowd erupted in discussion – a single spiritual root!

What a single spiritual root signified was that the bottlenecks of various realms were much easier for him to overcome when compared to others, forecasting his potential to become a grand cultivator on the path of immortality. Entering the court would enable him to hold a high position, while in the secular world, he could dominate a region and establish his own rule!

Everyone’s gaze focused on Meng Jingzhou with eagerness. To befriend such a figure early had no downside, only benefits!

The elders hurriedly instructed the younger generation to forge a good relationship with Meng Jingzhou once inside the Questioning Dao Sect.

Meng Jingzhou, of the single spiritual root, would surely become an authoritative figure with real power in the Questioning Dao Sect and a great cultivator recorded in history!

“Single spiritual root.” Dai Bufan announced Meng Jingzhou’s full spiritual root attribute, silencing the crowd.

Meng Jingzhou was furious. What kind of nonsense was a single spiritual root, implying a lifetime of being single?

“I’m inexperienced, don’t frame me!” Meng Jingzhou was furious, his veins bulging and the table rattling loudly.

“Do not tease him, Junior Brother Dai.” A wispy, ethereal voice drifted over as Yun Zhi materialized from a cloud of mist, giving Dai Bufan a stern look, which made him shrink his neck guiltily.

Meng Jingzhou finally calmed down a bit. That’s right, Dai Bufan must be deceiving.

Yun Zhi then addressed Meng Jingzhou, “However, Junior Brother Dai did not deceive you. You truly possess a single spiritual root, which is the academic name. But in the cultivation world, people are more accustomed to its colloquial name, Pure Yang spiritual root.”

Meng Jingzhou was speechless.

He finally understood why the elders in his family and his parents had not disclosed his spiritual root.

What nonsense about finding out once he reached the five great immortal sects. They were simply too embarrassed to tell him!

No wonder his parents asked him if he wanted a brother or sister after testing his spiritual root.

His Pure Yang spiritual root, a variant of the single spiritual root, represented the utmost sturdiness and masculine energy, a natural nemesis to evil spirits.

Maintaining his Pure Yang body, his cultivation would advance rapidly as if by leaps and bounds. However, if he lost his Pure Yang status, his cultivation would plummet just as quickly.


We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
Who made him cultivate immortality!

Who made him cultivate immortality!

“I’ve repeatedly emphasized that the atmosphere in the cultivation world is inherently skewed, not skewed by me. It’s said that history is written by the victors, so why am I still being slandered when I’ve won?” Lu Yang, the Sword Immortal, said in an interview with reporters, expressing great anger.
The next day.
“I’ve repeatedly emphasized that the atmosphere in the cultivation world is skewed by me.” Lu Yang, the Sword Immortal, said in an interview with reporters, expressing great anger. — Reported by the “Cultivation Daily”.



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