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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

Who made him cultivate immortality!: Chapter 1

The second day of the second lunar month is suitable for travel.

The moderate rain poured down, hitting the ground with a fragrance of soil, creating ripples upon the lake surface, and eliciting quiet curses from the pedestrians as it fell upon their heads.

“Who said today was a good day to travel? The moment I step outside, it starts to rain.” Lu Yang complained, regretting not bringing a rain cape in advance.

It was his first long journey, inexperienced as he was, the sudden rain drenched him, his shoes were muddy and he felt each step was a struggle against the malice of the earth – he had to pull his feet out of the mud.

The sound of hoofbeats grew louder behind him, catching Lu Yang’s attention.

Turning his head, he noticed a carriage approaching, driverless as the aged horse seemed to know the way, needing no one to guide it.

“What a marvelous horse.” Lu Yang marveled. The old horse had some scales on its forehead, resembling snake scales, obviously, it was a kind of rare mystical beast.

He didn’t understand its true value, but he knew that he couldn’t afford such a horse with his financial resources.

“Young man, taking a walk in the rain is quite a refined pursuit. Why not take a seat in the carriage?”

A hearty laugh came from inside the carriage, and Lu Yang accepted the invitation, pulling his feet from the mud and hastily boarded.

“Thanks for your kindness. My name is Lu Yang.” He carefully took a seat, wary of getting the carriage dirty with his wet clothes and mud.

“Meng Jingzhou.” The owner of the carriage, as hearty as his voice, was a straightforward young man, seemingly able to strike up a conversation with anyone.

“Are you also here to participate in the Questioning Dao Sect’s selection?”

“Just trying my luck.”

Meng Jingzhou laughed loudly: “Lu Yang, why be so modest? If it were just about luck, you wouldn’t be walking through the rain to the Questioning  Dao Sect.”

Somewhat embarrassed, Lu Yang admitted, “Who doesn’t want to enter the Questioning Dao Sect.”

The Questioning Dao Sect was one of the five great immortal gates in the Central Continent, full of countless cultivating talents, extremely powerful. Today, the Questioning Dao Sect was recruiting disciples, and who knows how many people wished to try their luck, including Lu Yang and Meng Jingzhou.

After crossing into the Central Continent, Lu Yang had lost his parents early on, and had survived on their small legacy and the charity of neighbors.

Over more than a decade in his small town, he heard stories about immortals challenging the heavens, river monsters causing floods hundreds of miles away, sect disciples slaying demons, disheveled Daoists deceiving people and fleeing into the sky, only to be caught again by sky-bound officers.

He knew that this world was not one he recognized, not any historical era he knew – it was a world where cultivators amassed great power.

He yearned to pursue the path of immortality, the techniques of everlasting life.

The Questioning Dao Sect was his first choice.

Not because of any particular reason, his home was simply not near other sects – just the Questioning Dao Sect.

Given the Questioning Dao Sect’s presence, other sects wouldn’t foolishly settle nearby to form their own factions.

In conversation, Lu Yang discovered Meng Jingzhou came from a cultivator family, far more knowledgeable on such matters than Lu Yang himself.

“The requirement for the Questioning Dao Sect’s disciple recruitment is mortals below the age of sixteen. This is a common requirement among most sects.”

“The road to cultivation is long and arduous, with realms like Qi Refining, Foundation Building, Golden Core, Nascent Soul, Spirit Severing, Void Refining, Unity, and Tribulation Transcendence – each stage a divide that halts many. Success rates are like one in ten, one in twenty, even one in a hundred.”

“There are many factors determining success in cultivation – luck, wisdom, spiritual roots… Oh, Lu Yang, do you know your spiritual root?”

“The Questioning Dao Sect isn’t strict with spiritual roots, but they’ll reject truly poor ones.”

Lu Yang frowned. He’d heard about spiritual roots from storytellers but had no idea what his were.

“I’m not sure, what about you, Meng?”

Meng Jingzhou appeared confused and shook his head: “I’ve been tested in my family, but the elders, worried, did not reveal the results to me. They merely said my talent was heaven-sent, and entry into one of the five great immortal sects shouldn’t pose a problem. But they said I’d find out upon joining, and my parents were even more worried than the elders and kept it from me as well.”

Lu Yang speculated, “Perhaps your spiritual root is so extraordinary it may bring disaster to your family, only an entity like the Questioning Dao Sect can protect you.”

“Just what I thought,” Meng Jingzhou slapped Lu Yang’s shoulder, as if meeting a kindred spirit, increasingly seeing Lu Yang as a fellow prodigy with innate talent for cultivation.

As the rain outside grew heavier, Lu Yang was thankful Meng Jingzhou had let him aboard.

“Stop,” Meng Jingzhou suddenly called, and the old horse slowed to a halt.

The carriage was an unusual treasure, allowing Meng Jingzhou to see outside.

He spotted a lady walking in the rain, much like Lu Yang had earlier.

“This sister, heading in this direction, you must be going to the Questioning Dao Sect to take the test. With the rain so heavy, won’t you come inside and rest your feet?”

The woman seemed surprised at the offer, thought for a moment, and then agreed.

When the lady boarded, both Meng Jingzhou and Lu Yang were stunned.

Meng Jingzhou considered himself well-traveled, yet had never seen such a beautiful woman, and for Lu Yang, who’s only met the attractive widow from next door, this was even more startling.

Naturally, as a gentleman, Lu Yang had no improper thoughts about the widow.

The woman resembled an enchanting, non-vulgar lotus, clad in white, standing with grace, her bright eyes and white teeth giving off an otherworldly impression. She also wore a string of golden bells on her right wrist.

“Thank you both,” said the woman, her voice like a refreshing spring.

Lu Yang noticed something odd and whispered to Meng Jingzhou, “Why is she dry? Could she be a demon?”

After all, in the stories, demons often disguised themselves as beautiful women to lure young and strong men like themselves.

Meng Jingzhou didn’t overthink it, “Perhaps she’s wearing a treasure that repels rain, that’s not uncommon in noble families.”

Meng Jingzhou did not fear any demons or ghosts, since this was Questioning Dao Sect’s territory; no demon would dare cause trouble here.

“Are you here to participate in the Questioning Dao Sect’s test too, Miss Yun Zhi?”


With attentiveness, Meng Jingzhou said, “I happen to have the content of the Questioning Dao Sect’s test – bought from an elder at a high price. Would you like to hear about it?”

Lu Yang was surprised, why hadn’t Meng shared this with him?

Yun Zhi was even more surprised, “This is cheating, what if we’re caught by the Questioning Dao Sect…”

Meng Jingzhou waved it off confidently, “My carriage is a treasure; even powerful cultivators or those old monsters who don’t mingle with the world can’t probe inside with their spiritual sense.”

“Alright then, please tell me the content of the test,” Yun Zhi said.

Lu Yang too was all ears.

Meng Jingzhou cleared his throat, “The Questioning Dao Sect’s test has three parts. The first tests spiritual roots, which is straightforward without shortcuts. There are opportunities in the second and third parts.”

“The second part tests morality. A runaway carriage will hit five people lying on the road, killing them upon impact. There’s another person lying a distance away, and as outsiders, we can decide the carriage’s direction: do we ignore it and let the five die or change the course and hit the other person?”

Without hesitation, Lu Yang replied, “Hit the other person.”

Meng Jingzhou was surprised; he hadn’t thought of a solution since learning about the second part, whereas Lu Yang had a decision ready.

Ignoring means letting five die, which might be acceptable morally but not emotionally. Choosing to direct the carriage towards another person makes that individual unlucky, and you’re actively causing their death.

Lu Yang explained, “There’s no time for such indecision in a crisis. I’ve heard from storytellers, for cultivators, a tiny difference can mean life or death. It’s not about moral choices but about making quick decisions – that’s the test’s focus.”

Meng Jingzhou came to a realization.

“The third part is about honesty. The Questioning Dao Sect has a mirror that can discern lies from truth. If you’re caught lying, you’re kicked out.”

“That part is easy if we know in advance. Since we’re warned, we just have to stick to the truth,” Lu Yang pondered.

Meng Jingzhou agreed. They discussed potential unexpected issues and solutions, confident they covered all bases.

Yun Zhi smiled slightly, seemingly approving of their methods.

“Thank you for the information,” she said.

The rain stopped, or did it? Lu Yang noticed there was no sound of rain outside the carriage and curiously looked out.

The areas they had passed were still plagued with heavy rain, while where they were basked in sunshine, birdsong, and the scent of flowers. It was as if an extraordinary sword qi had divided the world in two, forever separating yin from yang.

Lu Yang looked up, seeing numerous rare beasts and immortal treasures heading towards the majestic mountain that cut into the sky.

The majestic mountains were gilded by sunlight, in contrast with the enchanting patterns that sprung out from behind them, covering the sky, shielding them from the rain.

This was Questioning Dao Sect’s gateway, protected by an impenetrable grand formation.

Out of respect for the sect, prodigious cultivators landed at the mountain’s foot, led by their elders, awaiting the start of the test.

The old horse, despite its rarity, couldn’t compare to the divine beasts resting at the base of the mountain.

“Mama mia, that’s far more imposing than our family estate,” Meng Jingzhou rubbed his hands, nervous but thrilled at the thought of passing the test and joining the Questioning Dao Sect.

Lu Yang was silent. He could see the mountain from his home, but standing at its base now, he truly felt its enormity.

Nervous, he knew how to approach the second and third parts, but he still didn’t know his spiritual root, and he might not even pass the first test.

Dozens of cultivators hovered in silence in front of the mountain, radiating powerful auras. Lu Yang suspected if they weren’t holding back their aura, few could stand in their presence.

These silent cultivators imposed unseen pressure.

Lu Yang overheard a family elder briefing their descendant, “By their robe, they’re core disciples of Questioning Dao Sect, direct apprentices to its elders. Soon, they will be your seniors.”

“Don’t be nervous; they aren’t intentionally pressuring you. It seems they are waiting for the person in charge of the test. Once they arrive, the test will start.”

Lu Yang turned his head, wondering what Yun Zhi’s reaction might be – surely, she couldn’t remain unaffected?

“Miss Yun Zhi, you…”

Before he could say more, Yun Zhi stepped lightly, each foot supported by a white lotus before touching the ground.

The crowd watched in amazement as family elders sweated, ushering their descendants to silent awe.

The white lotus blossoms formed a path across the crowd, leading Yun Zhi to the center of Questioning Dao Sect’s core disciples. They bowed respectfully, a gesture of high esteem, then Yun Zhi lifted her slender hand lightly and turned toward everyone with a faint smile.

“I’m Yun Zhi, the eldest disciple of Questioning Dao Sect and the supervisor of this test,” she announced.

“Thank you all for waiting. The test will now commence.”

With that, Yun Zhi glanced at the stunned Lu Yang and Meng Jingzhou, her smile still hanging between jest and sincerity.

Indeed, she came for the Questioning Dao Sect’s test, but not as a candidate – as the examiner.


We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
Who made him cultivate immortality!

Who made him cultivate immortality!

“I’ve repeatedly emphasized that the atmosphere in the cultivation world is inherently skewed, not skewed by me. It’s said that history is written by the victors, so why am I still being slandered when I’ve won?” Lu Yang, the Sword Immortal, said in an interview with reporters, expressing great anger.
The next day.
“I’ve repeatedly emphasized that the atmosphere in the cultivation world is skewed by me.” Lu Yang, the Sword Immortal, said in an interview with reporters, expressing great anger. — Reported by the “Cultivation Daily”.



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