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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

Comeback: No Choice But: Chapter 15


Looking down at the figure at her feet, she said that and hurried to the sofa. She thought it must be a call related to the audition, and in that brief moment, her palm started to sweat.

The caller was Yongjae. One, two, three… She counted to five while taking deep breaths, and then answered the phone.

“Hello, Yongjae.”

[Brother, you got cast! You’ll be playing the role of Hwang Ji-woo!]

The moment she answered, Yongjae’s excited voice burst through the phone.

[The production company just contacted us. It’s fully confirmed that you’ll be doing it!]

“No more auditions?”

[Yes, really. It’s finally confirmed that it’ll be you!]

Even if nine were shortlisted, it was common to proceed with additional auditions by narrowing it down to two or three final candidates. Because she had prepared herself for the possibility of another round of auditions, the news of her final acceptance felt surreal.

[You’re the lead in Director Kang Woo-hyeon’s movie… I can’t believe this. A day like this has come for us! The brother who used to only get criticism for bad acting…]

Yongjae’s excited voice gradually slowed and quieted, and eventually, it completely faded away. Soon, a downcast voice followed.

[I’m sorry, brother. I didn’t mean it like that…]

“It’s okay. I know what you mean. Honestly, it doesn’t feel real to me either.”

[But I thought you were really different from before since you started practicing! The company is also surprised at how much you’ve matured after your accident. I guarantee it; you’re no longer the old Yun Hye-an! To be the lead in Director Kang Woo-hyeon’s movie! I’m so proud of you!]

As he listened to Yongjae’s excited voice, Choi Hong-seo began to feel it sink in as well. Having someone this delighted for him made the joy feel contagious.

It was amazing to feel happiness even in such a confusing situation where one’s inner state didn’t match the outer reality. Still, happy was happy. Because it meant grabbing a chance to see him, to be a bit closer to him.

Tiffany, who had followed him from the kitchen, sat near his feet and started crying. It seemed her mood was ruined because he had neglected to give her a treat while doing something else. Choi Hong-seo tried to steady himself and maintain his composure as he moved back to the kitchen.

[The president wants to throw a celebratory party today; is there anything you want to eat, brother? Oh, and you still can’t drink alcohol, right? Should I call the hospital and ask?]


[Yes, brother.]

Choi Hong-seo’s steps slowed again near the dining table.

“Today, I have some personal plans.”

[Where are you going? Should I take you by car?]

“It’s alright. It’s a distance I can take a taxi to.”

[You’re still not fully recovered; why are you trying to go alone? What if something happens? Or should I send another manager?]

“Seriously, it’s okay. I’m… actually not even hurting.”

It seemed that even for personal plans, Yun Hye-an always used the manager’s car. Considering how Yongjae took it for granted to always ‘escort and retrieve,’ it was easy to predict. However, this kind of consideration burdened Choi Hong-seo instead. Perhaps it was because his long idol years made reporting to a manager even when leaving for the convenience store a normal thing. The suffocating feeling of being monitored constantly was not just because he had been an idol.

[Got it. I’ll tell the president as well. But brother! You have to keep next Monday free, okay? There will be an important meeting with the director and other members related to the film.]

“Other… members?”

[Probably the ones who judged the auditions? It’s not an official movie schedule, but it’s still important, so please pay attention to it, okay?]

“Alright. Don’t worry.”

When he was confirmed for a casting in Choi Hong-seo’s body, a similar event was planned. It was a gathering where the main actors and film officials met unofficially to greet each other and boost morale, resembling a team-building dinner.

Everyone assumed that even if he invested in the film, ARA Electronics’ Vice President I Haeseong would not show up in such a gathering. Contrary to expectations, he attended.

Choi Hong-seo remembered what he said to him, who didn’t expect him to come.

‘You’ll be there, right? Then I must go.’

This time, would he come even without Choi Hong-seo?

Even after hanging up, Choi Hong-seo stood blankly, snapping out of it only when Tiffany cried. The figure at his feet was very upset this time.

“I wasn’t trying to tease you. Sorry. I’ll give it to you right away.”

Opening the stick-shaped treat, Choi Hong-seo crouched on the kitchen floor. Excitedly, Tiffany placed her front paws on Choi Hong-seo’s hand, engrossed in devouring the treat. The only moment when she approached him first was during treat time. Normally, he would’ve been busy capturing her cute appearance with his eyes and camera, but today, he stared at her blankly.

Since waking up in Yun Hye-an’s body, he had been focusing entirely on auditions. If he delved into his current situation, he felt like he’d go crazy, so he purposefully focused solely on passing auditions.

From some articles related to “Cream Mansion,” he saw the term “late Choi Hong-seo,” so he intellectually knew that Choi Hong-seo no longer existed in this world.

But then, who was he?

Who was he that recognized himself as Choi Hong-seo inside Yun Hye-an’s body?

He decided that if he landed the role of Hwang Ji-woo, he would face the death of Choi Hong-seo. No matter how confusing or scary, he had to start accepting this situation.

Now, he had to confront his own death, or at least the death of the person he believed himself to be.

After giving Tiffany her treat, he prepared to go out with a relatively calm mind. Wearing Yun Hye-an’s designer clothes and packing simple belongings in the least flashy designer bag he had, he had no other choice as Yun Hye-an’s closet was filled only with luxury items.

“Tiffany, play well.”

Tiffany, who returned to the cat pole right after eating, was engrossed in her favorite toy on the highest board. She didn’t show any interest until he put on his shoes, at which point she turned around and looked at him.

“Should I not go? Are you lonely?”

If Tiffany could speak, she probably would’ve told him not to flatter himself. Thinking that way, he smiled bitterly and waved through the narrowing gap in the door.

“I’ll be back soon.”


The columbarium building was surrounded by well-maintained green parks, attracting people enjoying walks.

The sun was warm, and the air was fresh. The temperature neither too hot nor too cold, and the sky was clear and clean—a typical fall day.

Yet, an eerie atmosphere lingered in the area. It was the inevitable shadow specific to a place recording and storing death. The ominous feeling that some misfortune would soon break the peaceful scene, causing a chill down the spine, felt like it was silently following his footsteps.

As he slowly walked towards the building along the path, Choi Hong-seo laughed bitterly. No matter how beautifully decorated, this place couldn’t shake off the shadow of death, resembling his former self.

Even with fancy clothes, makeup, and a fabricated smile, he couldn’t completely hide his darkness.

People who sensed the sticky darkness in him said he felt gloomy and unsettling. Others said that the profound sadness deeply embedded in him was his charm.

One characteristic could make some people dislike him and others like him.

At that time, Choi Hong-seo was obsessed with turning the hearts of those who disliked him. Now, if he had the chance to lose everything again, he would focus only on those who loved him.

But now, there was nothing left for ‘Choi Hong-seo.’

Shaking off the futile thoughts, he entered the building. The coolness became more pronounced. It felt like a place where time had stopped flowing, oddly disconnected from the outside world, slowing his steps.

Choi Hong-seo’s urn was in a VIP room inside the building.

The room had a whole wall of windows, flooding it with natural light. The floor was luxurious wooden, and a cozy-looking sofa set was in the center, resembling a hotel lounge.

Who put me in such a place?

Clearly, it wasn’t his family. Choi Hong-seo smirked bitterly.

We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
Comeback: No Choice But…

Comeback: No Choice But…

Status: Ongoing
※This novel contains materials such as reincarnation after jumping off a high-rise building and unwanted prostitution. It does not describe the subject matter in detail but mainly deals with the subsequent events caused by the subject matter. I jumped from the 32nd floor. There was no way I would have survived. Yet I was reincarnated. In the body of another person who has nothing to do with me. I am Choi Hong-seo, not Yoon Hye-an. No matter how hard I try, no one will believe me. Even if I were them, I wouldn’t believe it as well. Am I crazy? In reality, I am Yoon Hye-an, but I believe that I was Choi Hong-seo? The only hope that allows me to endure an unacceptable situation is the person I loved. The only person who treated me with respect. I wanted to see him up close. Since I had already died once, I had no other regrets. But he doesn’t love me, because I’m not Choi Hong-seo. “Did you know beforehand that the original owner of this role was Choi Hong-seo?” “Yes.” “So, did you use Choi Hong-seo as a reference?” “Yes?” “Simply put, I’m asking if you calculated that mimicry would give you an advantage.” “I don’t think Yoon Hye-an-ssi is suitable for the role, but if the director’s opinion is so, then I should follow it. But I want you to stop imitating him.” “…” “Just because a person isn’t in the world anymore doesn’t mean people like you can use him as you please. Do you understand?” If only I was Yoon Hye-an in reality rather than Choi Hong-seo as I thought I was. It shouldn’t hurt this much to see him treat me so coldly. This feeling and this pain couldn’t be fake.



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