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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

Eating with my friend’s mom: Chapter 3 – Eating With a Friend’s Mom

Episode 3: My Friend’s Mom, Jeong-Ah (3)


Some call leggings, which fully cover a woman’s lower body, the epitome of modern science.

Since the early 2000s in Europe, they’ve become the pinnacle of human scientific apparel now widely commercialized.

Today, I got to witness this pinnacle of modern science up close here.

On her protruding mound, there was a distinct axe shape indentation.

Perhaps because her leggings were grey?

This clear outline appeared even more promiscuous, as if it were soaked with moisture.

In that moment, I had a lurid imagination of that axe mark becoming wet.


I almost failed to manage my gaze again.

I never thought I’d actually see the axe shape seen only on community images.

The vagina’s axe shape, that’s how it forms.

For a moment, I wanted to lightly cup that plump mound with the palm of my hand.

When you gently twist the cupped hand, you could envision the moaning face of Sungdae’s mom.

I had no choice but to withdraw my gaze, suppressing my desire to keep staring intently.

Various exercise equipment, seemingly just used by Sungdae’s mom, was scattered on the floor.

Yoga must have been her final stretching exercise.

I thought it’d be nice to see her whole workout routine someday.

On the screen, a yoga teacher who looked to be in her twenties was demonstrating stretching acts.

The yoga teacher’s slender body was pretty, too.

But compared to Sungdae’s mom, she was at best a middle schooler.

The sensuous curves of Sungdae’s mom were shaking so alluringly.

She started preparing for her final stretch.

The leggings were hugging her lower body so tight it seemed as if they’d burst.

This spot was the best place to admire Sungdae’s mom’s backside.

I wanted to make up for my earlier failure to manage my gaze.

I’d capture Sungdae’s mom’s ripened figure in my eyes completely.

All very naturally…

As Sungdae’s mom sat down and bent forward,

Slowly, very slowly, she bent forward until her chest touched her knees.


A heated sigh escaped from her mouth.

The leggings clinging to her bulging lower body started to peel away at the waistline.

No matter how tight they were, it wouldn’t be easy for the leggings to squeeze Sungdae’s mom’s bulging butt.

With a size like that, ‘butt’ seems inadequate; ‘buns’ or rather ‘badonkadonk’ would be better suited.

I wanted to see her butt more closely.

Seated on the sofa, I leaned forward.

‘Closer… come on… more’

As her movements grew bolder, her white buttocks began to peek out.


I couldn’t help but hold my breath.

As Sungdae’s mom bent her waist, the leggings slipped down slightly, revealing the waistband of her panties.

What if more of her butt crack came into view?

Was there ever a moment I longed for superpowers more than now?

This was a moment of high concentration.

A little more… just a bit more!

Yoga fire.

No, yoga teacher.

If you give me this chance, I’d even start yoga.

I’d contribute to the development of yoga.

Please, just a bit more!

Just as Sungdae’s fingertips touched her toes,

The leggings completely slipped off her butt crack.

Her elastic butt started to rise slowly.

It was instantaneous.


They were definitely black t-panties.

The upper part of the panties covering her butt turned into a string as it went down.

That black string was deeply embedded in her plump butt crack.

I was ecstatic.

Although it was only a fleeting moment, it was enough to confirm her deeply indented crack.

I’d heard that women wear t-panties to avoid showing panty lines when wearing leggings…

To have witnessed such a rare sight here, incredible.

The unlucky day turned victorious at this moment, everything felt compensated.

I wanted them.

The panties she was wearing right now, I had the desire to possess them.

The yearning to possess something unattainable…

It’s truly a terrifying thing.

Before leaving this house, I envisioned what I needed to do.

Despite her panties being visible, she continued her movements undeterred.

She stretched slowly, rotating her head.

By smoothly following along with the yoga instructor, it was clear she was experienced.

I hoped for more provocative positions.

Sent telepathic thoughts to the unknown yoga instructor.

Saying that won’t suffice for stretching.

How about suggesting she take off her top?

If it came to that, I’d subscribe and like her channel.

Sungdae’s mom thrust one leg forward, arching her butt back into position.

The outline of her protruding butt became even more prominent.

In that posture, spreading her privates and inserting the stiffened genitals wouldn’t be a problem.

Unchecked, my imagination grew wilder.

Sungdae’s mom began to tilt her head back gradually.

Her upper body and waist tilted back.

As if concentrating on her body, she closed her eyes.

While enjoying her rear view, I suddenly jolted.


A soft moan escaped from her lips.

With her back arching like that, naturally, a moan would slip out.

Such flexibility at her age, impressive.

Yoga is indeed a good exercise…


In that moment, a deep gasp almost escaped my lips.

As Sungdae’s upper body leaned back, a gap formed between her bra top and chest.

Her white breasts, barely held in by the gray bra top, seemed about to spill out.

Already, the tip of my fully erect penis began to bead with moisture.

Sitting with it protruding in my school uniform pants wasn’t comfortable at all.

I quickly grabbed a cushion and placed it on my lap.

It must have looked awkward.

While peering at her elegant curves through closed eyes,

Honestly, my gaze was fixed on one spot.

Teetering as if it’d spill from her bra top: a pair of breasts.

And her skin, spotless and gleaming white with a smooth shoulder line.

Her ponytailed hair swayed atop her shoulders.

Her face exuded both grace and elegance.

She carried an aura akin to actresses in morning dramas.

Had she perhaps done some acting?

Given her appearance, it seemed plausible.

I suddenly grew curious about Sungdae’s mom’s past.

If given a chance, I’d love to learn about her past, especially her relationships with men.

She changed her position, spreading her thighs, a light blush appearing on her face.

Beads of sweat formed on her forehead, slowly trickling down following her fine hairs.

Her slightly parted lips inhaled and exhaled deeply, repeating the motion.

I wanted to hear her warm, sweet breaths up close.

Maybe due to my relentless gaze,

She momentarily opened her eyes and for a few seconds, silence ensued.

Our eyes met in midair.

Even though I am her friend’s son, to her, I was just another male.

Wearing tight clothing and striking varied poses, wouldn’t she be just a tad bit nervous?

“Your movements are wonderful.”

“Really? It’s a bit embarrassing having you watch from behind…”

So, she was conscious of me, after all.

It felt good, knowing she saw me not just as a friend’s son but as a man.

“You look amazing! Watching you makes me want to learn it, too.”

“Really? I suppose stretching is essential for students like you.”

It’s a chance.

Any gap would be taken advantage of.

“Could you teach me?”

I cast the bait.

She looked momentarily flustered.

“Um… I’m not quite skilled enough for that…”

“I only need the basics. It’s hard to grasp those through a video.”

I must cling on.

Opportunities don’t come easily.


I’d exploit the slightest hesitation.

“Being home alone, I need things to pass the time. It gets so lonely at night…”

The ultimate weapon.

The sole privilege of a teenage head of the household.

I hoped my sympathetic look would stir her maternal instincts.

“Well… Then… I’ll teach you the basics…”

Got her.

A woman’s maternal instinct is indeed grand.

As much as she showered me with love, I vowed to reciprocate fully one day.

“Wow, thank you! I think it’ll be fun.”

“Just don’t expect too much~ I’m not very good myself.”

“You’re already so sex… I mean, you look so amazing. I’ll work hard!”

Narrowly avoiding spilling my true feelings from my impertinent mouth,

Resting on laurels wasn’t an option now.

She gave a playful smile at my overjoyed reaction.

Her face, blooming red, looked exceedingly sexy.

“Hold on a second, will you? I’ll change and come back.”

Huh? What does she mean?

I wanted to keep admiring her sensuous curves.

No way around it?

“Auntie, could you tell me what you were going to say now? I need to go upstairs.”

“Oh, really? Alright, let’s talk and let you go, then.”

She stopped en route to the master bedroom and sat at the dining table.


Such sensibility.

Now I could admire her swaying chest and white cleavage a bit more.

This spot, more provocative than watching adult films in 4K.

While relishing the sway of her breasts off her shoulder line,

"Ah… I called you here for…"

It was, as expected, about Sungdae.

Hearing his name between us, my interest waned abruptly.

If only I were alone with her, we could’ve become true friends…


It’s only with Sungdae around that we even have these moments.

I decided to use Sungdae to my advantage.

According to her, Sungdae had been coming home late recently.

She worried naturally for Sungdae, who’s been returning around 10 PM.

Moreover, he’s even been taking money from her wallet.

She fears he might be bullied or something worse…


I internally scoffed.

If he wasn’t the one bullying his friends, it would’ve been surprising.

Perhaps the reason for his late returns is ‘Heosu Yeon.’

Since a certain point, he’s been sticking with her, making it hard to see him.

It’s likely he’s enraptured by Yeon’s charms.

“Well… Aunt, could you keep what I say a secret?”

“Of course! I’ll keep it to myself. Can you tell me?”

The word ‘secret’ made her refined face blush slightly.

So eager about her own son’s affairs?

Naturally, I can’t just divulge it.

“Come closer? I want to tell you up close.”

As she leaned closer, the top covering her chest parted.

Her half-exposed white breasts swayed before my eyes.

We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
Eating with my friend’s mom

Eating with my friend’s mom

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