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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

Eating with my friend’s mom: Chapter 4

Episode 4 Her Secret Proposal (Part 1)

My eyes searched for a place to rest from her seemingly about-to-burst breasts.

"So, what’s up, Dong-ho?"

She leaned her body toward me and urged me to speak quickly.

The deep cleavage inside her bra top was tempting me to put my hands in.


"Yes, what about him?"

She grabbed my wrist as if curious.

The soft touch of her hand gave me goosebumps.

Her fingers gently rubbed my wrist.

I felt immensely jealous of Sung-dae who gets to feel this soft touch every day.

"He has a girlfriend."

I said deliberately, prolonging the moment.

Her expression paused slightly upon hearing this.

She must be hearing it for the first time.

"He has a girlfriend? Really?"

Yes, she was indeed hearing about Sung-dae’s girlfriend for the first time.

"Yes, they always hang out together in class."

She seemed somewhat shocked, but I kept staring at her cleavage without hesitation.

Her breasts, plump and seeming never to sag, slightly trembled.

I wondered what color her nipples could be.

Pink? Dark pink? Deep brown? Light brown? Or maybe black?

I just wanted to take off her bra top and find out the color.

After pondering for a moment, she started to ask me questions about Sung-dae’s girlfriend.

But she asked about things like her academic achievements and where she lived — things I didn’t even know.

It’s natural for a parent to be curious about their child’s relationship.

But I felt jealous of that natural curiosity.

No matter how much she cares for me, it wouldn’t be the same as for her own child she gave birth to.

I started feeling down for no reason.

"I’m not sure about the details, ma’am."

"Is that so?"

Her disappointment was evident.

Then, she supported her face with a hand planted on the dining table, lost in thought.

I didn’t miss the moment and was sizing up her voluptuous upper body.

Her exposed armpits seemed to be emitting strong pheromones.

I felt a sudden urge to push my tongue in between.

If only I could lick each of her sweaty droplets…

Every time I had the chance to admire her body, lewd fantasies accompanied it.

"Dong-ho, how about this?"

As if she had a good idea, she leaned in closer.

That luscious bust…

As she leaned more, her breasts, seemingly about to spill out, stood out even more.

I wanted to slip my hand into her grey bra top and knead her breasts.

"Could you observe Sung-dae for me and let me know?"


What was she talking about?

I tried to grasp the meaning behind her words.

"Dong-ho, you’re close to Sung-dae. I want you to report to me about his romantic life. How about it?"


She meant using the term ‘report’ in this context?

Typically, ‘report’ is a work term used to inform superiors about happenings.


"Yes, observe Sung-dae’s every move and inform me."

Her tone became more suggestive.

She watched my expression, waiting for my acceptance.

I found her proposal absurd.

Was she asking me to stalk Sung-dae?

Honestly, I didn’t feel like crossing paths with him.

In school, Sung-dae was a so-called bully.

While he didn’t directly harass students, the tyranny of his gang was severe.

They would gang up, ignore, and torment weaker kids, ruining the classroom environment.

Sung-dae also often threw tantrums and was stubborn, so there were no true friends in the class who followed him genuinely.

And now I was to tail him?

The thing that had been stiff and seemed like it would ascend to the heavens suddenly lost its strength.

That’s how absurd her proposal was.

"Why… Won’t it work?"

Her eyes pleaded with me.

On her dignified face, I imagined placing my stiffened part.

With her warm breath and the smell of sweat so close, it quickly stiffened up again.

"Hmm… How should I do it?"

"Just let me know how Sung-dae was at school today. Whether he’s getting along with his girlfriend, why he goes to school so early — things like that."

"All of that?"

"Yes. Though thinking about it, that’s a lot. Could you inform me via Kakaotalk?”

For a moment, I realized her proposal wasn’t bad.

Using Sung-dae as an excuse, could I meet her every day?

Her breasts, swaying in front of my eyes, urged me to answer quickly.

If I could see that bursting chest every day?

Could anything be more desperately desired right now?

I quickly organized my thoughts.

“Yes, I’ll do it.”

"Oh, really? Thank you, Dong-ho. You’re my only hope."

She smiled and shook both of my arms.

The vibrations made her breasts almost spill out of the bra top.

"In return, I have a request."

"A request? What might that be?"

“The exercise you teach me. I want to do it at my house every day.”

“Yoga, you mean? Every day?”

“Yes, when I learn something, I want to put all my passion into it.”

I emphasized the word ‘passion’ and looked into her eyes.

She seemed to be contemplating my proposal.

“It’s just that your house has Sung-dae, and it’s a bit uncomfortable. To naturally talk about him, wouldn’t it be better if you came to my place?”

“Hmm… Would it be alright if I came to your house?”

“Of course."

She pondered for a moment before agreeing as I brought up Sung-dae.

“Alright, let’s do that then.”

“Then I’ll keep it a secret from Sung-dae and report daily to you about him?”

“Oh, really? That would really ease my worries.”

She was as happy as a young girl.

Surely, every mother would be all in for a problem concerning her son.

She was no different.

I found her innocent reaction lovely.

But of all people, it had to be Sung-dae.

A thought swirled around whether I couldn’t be the focus instead.

But I quickly shook my head.

Nothing was more pathetic than an unachievable dream.

But what if it’s a friend?

Yes, it might be possible as a friend.

Revealing the truth about Sung-dae to her.

That was all I could do to become her friend.

She looked really happy upon accepting my proposal.

I would show her.

Who truly deserves her love.

Who deserves to be her real friend.

I thought as I looked at her face and her shaking breasts.

I wanted to place her on my lap.

I felt confident.

The operation started the very next day.

A mission to monitor Sung-dae’s every action.

This was nothing…

Big trouble.

On the actual site, I couldn’t carry out the mission.

How should I follow around Sung-dae?

I couldn’t even clear the first hurdle of the mission.

In gaming terms, I wasn’t at the required level to even enter the dungeon.

For now, our social circles were different.

He was always with the bully gang, hanging out only with them.

There’s no way I could approach him during breaks, surrounded by his gang.

That would be a silent shout of "Please eat me up!”

In class, Sung-dae always slept.

Whatever he did all night, he was too tired and didn’t move an inch on his desk.

The teachers treated him like he didn’t exist.

What even was school for Sung-dae?

For the first time, genuine curiosity sparked within me.

After classes, he would quickly exit the gates with his girlfriend, Su-yeon.

That was the general routine of his school life.

A big problem.

There was no opportunity to even talk to him.

I had assured her as if I would succeed…

If this mission failed, I would never see her voluptuous figure and luscious breasts again.

I resolved to be her true friend.

For that, this operation’s success was essential.

Lunch time. School cafeteria.

While watching Sung-dae eating with his gang nearby, I pondered.

What should I do…

Turning ideas over in my head, I reached my limit.

Oh well, whatever happens!

I decided to just jump in.

Holding my meal tray, I naturally approached and sat opposite Sung-dae.

Suddenly, the gang who had been laughing and chatting fell silent and glanced at me.

They seemed perplexed by the unexpected appearance of a nerd.

"What are you?"

The guy next to Sung-dae, with a rice grain stuck on his lips, spoke.

It was Woo-min.

He was second in command in the gang and a faithful subordinate to Sung-dae.

Due to his over-100kg frame, no one dared to mess with him.

His temper was also violent.

Classmates called him "the pig".

Woo-min, seemingly bewildered, asked me angrily.

The gang’s reaction was rougher than expected.

My target was Sung-dae.

No need to be distracted by others.

"Hey, Sung-dae."

At my sudden words, Sung-dae, who had been eating, lifted his head.

Next to him, Woo-min’s eyebrows furrowed, feeling ignored.

"Is this nerd ignoring me?"

The atmosphere in the cafeteria turned tense.

You hot-tempered fool.

That’s why you have no friends, you pig!

I wanted to shout at Woo-min.

But this was not the time.

Focus on the goal.

“What’s up?”

Sung-dae did not seem pleased with my sudden visit.

His previously peaceful, if not bored, expression now resembled one staring at a fly.

"Ah, we’ve never really had a meal together even though we live in the same neighborhood!"


“We even hung out together before!”

“So what?”

So what, he says. So what.

We used to go to the valley together, and our parents would exchange greetings.

Though you ignored me even then.

“So… can I eat here?”

I screwed up.

I had spoken like a pure-hearted character from a comic book.

Before the school’s scariest gang, I had offered my head on a tray.

For a moment, there was silence as the gang exchanged glances and watched for Sung-dae’s reaction.

"Ha ha ha! What a nutcase… Hahaha! Is this guy crazy?”

At my words, Sung-dae stared into my eyes for a long while before bursting into laughter.

Following his lead, the gang members also began laughing hysterically.

"What did he say?”

“Is he asking to be friends now?”

Their mocking filled the air.

Some friends observed this scene from behind me.

I was already drenched in cold sweat.

"Sure. Let’s eat."

Sung-dae, still chuckling, resumed his meal.

"Eat?" Did my proposal work?

So easily?

I tried to read Sung-dae’s intentions by watching him.

He seemed to return to eating fish without a care.


I wanted to start some small talk.

Like discussing the weather, asking about school life, or what sports we’re having in gym class…

Various awkward questions fled through my mind.

"Shut up."

His cold reply shattered my attempts.

His expression turned stony as he glared at me.

I crammed a spoonful of rice into my mouth and lowered my head.

He had been laughing a moment ago, and now this.

I thought of his elegant and graceful mother.

There was no way such a scoundrel could come from her.

As Sung-dae stood with his tray, his gang followed.

Woo-min, the pig, patted my shoulder and whispered.

"Hey, freak. Jung Dong-ho. You and I will talk, slowly."

This pig.

My school life was about to get tough.

I lost my appetite.

What’s worse, the operation was a major failure.

Having revealed myself to my target, I accomplished nothing.

Should I just give up…

Given the circumstances, this operation seemed almost impossible to attempt.

Suddenly, visions of her with her hair neatly tied up came to mind.

Her large eyes pleading with me as she spoke about Sung-dae.

Seeing those eyes, I would even fetch stars from the sky.

Her white breasts and tight buttocks filled my mind again, making me shake my head.

I had to succeed, no matter what.


[Shall we start the lessons from today?…]

She was messaging.

In her profile picture, her breasts, hidden by a tight shirt, seemed to sway.

I couldn’t give up now.

We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
Eating with my friend’s mom

Eating with my friend’s mom

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