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Female A Survival Manual Chapter 3

In the Thorn Empire, most children complete their basic education by the age of eleven or twelve and then enter advanced academies for further studies. Wang Luan entered the Gongyi Academy at the age of eleven and was bullied shortly after starting school.

At that time, Wang Luan still harbored some unrealistic expectations toward her father, hoping that he would intervene on her behalf once he learned about the situation. With that thought in mind, she mustered the courage to approach her father, the head of the Wang family, and inform him about the bullying she endured.

Just when her father was already disappointed and fed up with her for barely getting into Gongyi Academy, he heard that she couldn’t even handle such a trivial matter and had come to complain shortly after starting school. He didn’t see her as an Alpha at all, he found it utterly embarrassing, scolded her as useless, and abruptly ended the communication.

Since then, Wang Luan became even more silent and timid, not daring to speak up no matter how she was mistreated. If it weren’t for her status as the only Alpha in the Wang family’s generation, she would have long been subjected to constant bullying.

The original body, from the beginning, was too afraid to complain, fearing that her father would be even more disappointed and reprimand her. Eventually, she grew accustomed to enduring those “jokes.”

But now, the current Wang Luan didn’t possess the same complex thoughts and emotions as the original body. Since her worth now rested solely on this identity, she knew very well that the head of the Wang family wouldn’t just ignore her at a time like this. 

When Wang’s butler arrived with a team of people at a rapid pace, the group of mischievous Alpha students was still in shock. The timid coward, who had endured their bullying for several years without any reaction, suddenly found the courage to complain and actually brought support to her.

A group of Alphas, led by Yang Junzhen, the fallen noble from the Yang family, were contacted and brought in by their families. As they were being taken away in a sorry state, Yang Junzhen, feeling humiliated, glared at Wang Luan, his eyes conveying a threat that said, “This isn’t over.”

As for the soaking-wet Wang Luan, she was brought by the butler to the Wang family’s private hospital for a check-up.

She wasn’t actually injured; she had lied about it just to urge the butler to arrive quickly. After the examination, facing the butler’s astonished gaze, Wang Luan put on a fake expression of helplessness and uncooperativeness.

She remained silent when she could, and showed no reaction when she could avoid it.

No issues were found during the examination, and Wang Luan quickly returned to the Gongyi Academy. This time, she smoothly entered her dormitory without any further trouble along the way.

In this academy, there were many students who disliked Wang Luan, and there were quite a few who were eager to play tricks on her, like Yang Junzhen.

However, due to the incident of her falling into the lake, the students who were itching to teach Wang Luan a lesson temporarily were nowhere to be seen.

When Wang Luan arrived at the classroom, she felt numerous gazes upon her, and when she looked back, not a single friendly face greeted her.

“It’s her, this useless person who got engaged to Yan Qiongyu.”

“Hmph, even if she’s useless, she’s still from the Wang family. Besides the royal family, who can compete with them?”

“Wasn’t it said that the head of the Wang family had given up on her a long time ago?”

“What a waste for an Omega with a SSS rating… I saw her picture on my cousin’s smart device last time, and he looks so good. This person is lucky!”

The surrounding students discussed, without realizing Wang Luan was within earshot. She caught a snippet of their conversation and understood why she was being targeted today.

Yang Junzhen had been secretly infatuated with Yan Qiongyu, from the Omega Academy, for two years. With his status, it was impossible for him to become Yan Qiongyu’s partner. But then, in an unexpected turn, a classmate whom he looked down upon managed to win over the beautiful Omega due to her family background. At this age, impulsive Alphas couldn’t bear such a situation.

All these teenagers, in the three Alpha academies, had dreamed of Yan Qiongyu at some point.

This popular male god  Omega has been highly sought after. Since last year, students from the three Alpha academies have been passionately speculating about whom he would choose in the end. Now, anyone with a bit of information knows that this top-tier high-quality Omega ended up with a relatively unknown Alpha.

The intricate interests of the upper-class nobility were unknown to them. The students only saw the outcome. And this outcome was quite infuriating.

In just one day, Wang Luan, who had already been dubbed the “winner of life,” became the center of attention.

Wang Luan had no friends at school. Those familiar with her knew what kind of person she was, fully expecting her to be frightened and trembling under the scrutiny of various gazes.

But those who sought to mock her were left disappointed.

Sitting in the classroom, waiting for the class to start, Wang Luan showed no reaction to the malicious stares of everyone around her. Instead, she was flipping through her textbooks non-stop.

Wang Luan’s major was mech manufacturing.

Mech manufacturing required the use of psychic power. With Wang Luan’s C-level psychic power, even in mech manufacturing, she could only create low-level mechs. Despite this limitation, Wang Luan still chose this field of study, which was related to mechs.

Mechs were the dream of almost every Alpha. Their nature inclined them towards combat, pursuing strength and victory. Being able to pilot mechs was just the threshold. Wang Luan, who couldn’t even pass through the threshold, could only use this path to get a little closer to her dream.

Restricted by her psychic power, the seventh-grade Wang Luan could only create small-scale mech models and had never attempted to build a large-scale mech.

Based on the memories she inherited, the original owner of her body seemed to truly love mech manufacturing and had a solid foundation of knowledge. The memories of mech-related knowledge were much clearer than her father’s face.

To distract herself, Wang Luan opened the textbook and quickly grasped the main idea. She then started reviewing based on her inherited memories.

As for the envious and jealous gazes of those young boys and girls, Wang Luan ignored them completely.

She now felt like a baboon that had intruded into a group of monkeys, emanating an out-of-place aura.




She spent the whole afternoon in a peculiar atmosphere, attending classes.                                     

In the evening, the steward from the Wang family personally came to pick her up.

“Miss Luan, tonight’s arrangement is to have dinner together with your betrothed. The family head hopes that the two of you can quickly get acquainted, so it is scheduled to meet once every three days to develop your relationship.”

Whether it was the Omega Academy or the GY Institute, the management of students was quite strict. Students couldn’t leave the campus freely without a valid reason. But clearly, even school regulations had to be changed for the sake of the nobility’s wishes.

With a deep breath, Wang Luan felt her heart turn cold. The “betrothed” she had been avoiding all day was now being presented in front of her so quickly.

On the way to the restaurant, Wang Luan leaned against the car window, unwillingly allowing the three words “Yan Qiongyu” that she had deliberately ignored for a long time to enter her mind.

The original owner of her body was aware of this acknowledged Omega male god, but due to her insecure personality, she believed she wasn’t worthy of such a high-level Omega. In her mind, Yan Qiongyu was nothing more than a superficial symbol, aside from knowing that he was excellent, she had no other knowledge about him.

“Miss Luan, please. The 299th floor of this restaurant has been reserved exclusively for you. Besides you and Young Master Yan, there will be no one else. I hope you can enjoy a pleasant dinner,” the steward said, smiling, as he gestured for her to enter.

Glancing at the dozen or so bodyguards stationed near the door, Wang Luan smirked faintly.

Well, things have come to a head.

The semi-open restaurant was playing soothing music, with dim lighting everywhere except for a bright spot at a table near the window. A tall figure was already seated there.

Wang Luan’s footsteps felt heavy, and as she approached, the figure heard the movement and turned his head.

That profile was strikingly captivating under the light, and it was hard to imagine such perfect features existing in real life.

“Miss Wang Luan,” the person smiled and spoke, his voice as sophisticated as their face.

This man truly lived up to his reputation, capable of evoking so much animosity for her.

Wang Luan momentarily hesitated.

She was indeed awed by the beauty of her betrothed, but soon she remembered that this person was a man capable of fathering children, and in the future, they might have intimate contact… ‘intimate contact.~~’

The thought sent shivers down her spine, and no matter how beautiful the exterior was, she couldn’t help but feel a wave of goosebumps. She couldn’t retreat from the repulsion that surged through her.

Yan Qiongyu, who had come here in the perfect pose, did not receive the expected reaction from his timid and apprehensive future partner. She neither exuded ecstatic joy nor displayed cautious timidity. Instead, she wore an unmistakable expression of aversion, standing at a distance and refraining from approaching.

If he wasn’t mistaken, there was a clear sense of wariness in her eyes.

‘Normally, when an Alpha and Omega were alone together, the one who should be cautious was him as the Omega, right?’

Yan Qiongyu finally felt a slight unexpected loss of control.

‘What was going on?’

Remaining calm, Yan Qiongyu’s gaze became even softer and harmless as he softly said, “Please have a seat here.”

Knowing that further resistance was futile, Wang Luan stiffly walked over and sat down.

She remained silent as Yan Qiongyu calmly observed her. Wang Luan appeared slightly different from the photo in her profile. Her demeanor was decent, devoid of the timidity and insecurity he had witnessed from afar last time, but she seemed somewhat dispirited for some reason, lacking enthusiasm.

Her appearance was beautiful, albeit ordinary compared to Yan Qiongyu. She had no distinctive features, an average stature that contrasted with his, lacking the aggressiveness of most Alphas and appearing more like a Beta.

There had to be someone to break the awkward atmosphere between them. Yan Qiongyu raised his hand and lifted the glass in front of him, intending to initiate a conversation. But as he extended his hand, he noticed the Alpha across from him subtly scooting back, attempting to create distance between them.

Throughout his life, relying on his impeccable disguise, Yan Qiongyu had received countless pursuits and adoration from Alphas. This was the first time an Alpha not only felt nothing for him but even displayed such obvious aversion.


Yan Qiongyu’s keen perception came into play. After pondering for a moment, he decisively abandoned his previous plan and sat quietly, gracefully enjoying his own dinner with composure.

Though unexpected, it added a touch of challenge, which was not entirely unwelcome.

Under his deliberately created atmosphere of ease, Wang Luan gradually relaxed, overcoming the discomfort of feeling ants crawling all over her body. She slowly picked up the fork on the table and started eating.

After a while, she glanced at Yan Qiongyu opposite her, her mind filled with scattered thoughts. Approaching this “date” with the most pessimistic attitude, Wang Luan finished her dinner. She had grown somewhat accustomed to sitting across from a male Omega who could bear children.

Sensing her gradual relaxation, Yan Qiongyu casually let his gaze drift over the surveillance cameras hidden in the darkness above their heads, then lowered his voice and said, “Miss Wang Luan, nice to meet you. I am Yan Qiongyu.”

There was nothing wrong with Yan Qiongyu’s statement, but after he finished speaking, he distinctly saw goosebumps rise on Wang Luan’s arms. When he looked up at her, she avoided his gaze with a discomforted expression and pulled back her hand.

Yan Qiongyu’s smile faltered slightly on his face. “…………”

Well, well, this was an interesting and novel attitude.

Female A Survival Manual

Female A Survival Manual

Synopsis: Coming from the Blue Star, Wang Luan, who had been a woman for over twenty years, transmigrated into an ABO world where humans have six genders. She becomes a female Alpha capable of getting pregnant, and the troubled expression on Wang Luan’s face reveals the pain of her new and different body.

Wang Luan: Help!

As a useless young lady from the noble Wang family, she is assigned a 3S-ranked male Omega as her partner. This beautiful Omega, Yan Qiongyu, appears gentle and elegant on the surface, but has a hidden dual personality.

The original body’s emotionless father treats her as a tool and urges them to mark each other for procreation every day.



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