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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

Female A Survival Manual Chapter 4

Since arriving in this world, Wang Luan had been passively dealing with her situation. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to muster up her spirits, but the impact of this strange world on her was too great, making it difficult for her to actively embrace the challenges of life.

When Wang Luan was still on Blue Star, she maintained an appropriate social distance from all males in her life. The only person she could be a little closer to was her own father, and that had a lot to do with an incident during her middle school years when she was chased and threatened by a man with exhibitionist tendencies outside of school.

The psychological trauma from her adolescence left a deep scar, turning her aversion to the male body into a psychological issue.

In her original world, she could stay away from males and live a regular life without any issues. However, the problem was that in the world she was currently in, in the body she had, it had the one thing she had the hardest time accepting! It was like a person who was afraid of c**kroaches suddenly finding c**kroaches growing on their own body. It was suffocating enough, but now she had to use this thing in the future!

And the intended user was sitting right across from her.

Like an involuntary reflex, whenever she thought about anything related to that, she felt uncomfortable.

Yan Qiongyu, no matter how smart he was, couldn’t guess what was going through Wang Luan’s mind. All he could see was that this Alpha had no interest in him, and in fact, seemed somewhat fearful and avoidant.

He had been pretending to be meek and harmless for over a decade, and who would be afraid of an Omega like him? What could possibly frighten them? Yan Qiongyu had many qualities, but he couldn’t help but feel curious about this change in Wang Luan.

However, there was no rush.

“Looking forward to seeing you next time.” 

Before leaving, the Omega who had been neglected for over an hour didn’t get angry. Instead, he gently left behind this polite farewell.

After being sent back to their respective schools, the two engaged individuals finally had their first official meeting, albeit reluctantly. However, the head of the Wang family, amidst his busy schedule, took the time to watch the footage from the surveillance monitors and was dissatisfied with Wang Luan’s performance.

“Tell Wang Luan to remember her identity and what she should do!” he exclaimed.

The butler acknowledged his command but hesitated slightly before saying, 

“Master, Miss Luan has been acting somewhat differently these past few days. Should we…?”

The head of the Wang family paid no attention and coldly snorted,

 “She probably thought that since I’m watching over her, she can start dreaming again. Don’t bother with her. She’s useless.”

The butler swallowed his suggestion of sending Wang Luan for a mental check-up. As the head of the family said, any changes in Wang Luan, were irrelevant because she was already deemed worthless.

The most important thing was to make sure she “properly” interacts with her Omega and bears children, contributing her final value.

After an exhausting day, Wang Luan sat in the bathroom, mentally preparing herself for a shower.

She used to be obsessed with cleanliness, but ever since she arrived here, she rushed through her showers without looking down or daring to wipe herself properly. A three-minute shower required ten minutes of mental preparation.

Today was no different. After her shower, she lay down on the bed, still covered in steam.

If there was one good thing about her life after transmigration, it was the living environment. After all, she was the daughter of a prominent noble family and lived alone in a dormitory building at school.

The building had living quarters, recreational areas, and even a warehouse downstairs for storing mecha models and materials. There was also a workshop for model making and an entertainment area on the rooftop.

She lay on the large bed, lost in thought, when suddenly her wrist lightly vibrated, and someone contacted her through her Synap.

Since coming here, Wang Luan had no interest in leisure activities and only used the Synap a few times to access the network. The thin Synap patch adhered to her wrist, after successful biological verification,

A massive screen unfolded before Wang Luan’s eyes, with various functional sections floating and interweaving in front of her.

She unskilfully operated these functions and entered a communication area.

In the virtual world of the Thorn Empire, each section required corresponding identity verification. For example, Wang Luan’s identity allowed her to enter the Alpha-exclusive areas and the public communication areas but not the Omega-exclusive areas.

The area she entered now was a mecha model exchange, a small community for enthusiasts. The original owner had previously posted information about her self-made mecha models for sale here and even set up message alerts. The slight vibration she felt earlier was someone purchasing one of the mecha models she had listed.

While the original owner was not lacking in money, she wasn’t particularly affluent either. After all, building mecha models was an expensive hobby, and she wouldn’t actively ask her family for money. Her monthly allowance was fixed.

As a disgraced aristocrat, she couldn’t afford much.

However, the reason she anonymously sold her self-made mecha models on the internet was primarily to prove her own worth and seek validation from others.

Browsing through the original owner’s sales information, Wang Luan’s thoughts diverged… ‘Should I find a way to earn more money?’

Upon reflection, she knew she would never follow the head of the Wang family’s instructions to sleep with an Omega. Setting aside her inability to overcome her psychological barriers, even if she could, what would happen afterwards? Countless attempts, if the first one failed, changing partners until she fulfilled the Wang family’s requirements?

So, if she didn’t want to follow the head of the Wang family’s instructions…

First and foremost, she wouldn’t be able to survive in this aristocracy-controlled Thorn Empire. She wouldn’t be able to escape the identity of Wang Luan, and the head of the family can ignore her wishes and control everything about her.

Even if she had all the money in the world, as long as the head of the Wang family gave an order, she would be powerless. No matter what she wanted to do, the head of the Wang family would know, and if he didn’t allow it, she wouldn’t be able to do it. It was incredibly frustrating.


Wang Luan couldn’t help but imagine what would happen if the head of the Wang family suddenly died… Well, she wouldn’t have a good outcome either. The branches of the Wang family, the siblings of the head of the family, were all eyeing his position as the head. If they succeeded, she would probably end up dead alongside the head of the family. There was no hope for a new life.

With the main branch withering away and the side branches flourishing, that’s why the head of the Wang family was so eager for her to give birth to a highly talented successor.

Wang Luan shook her head and turned to look outside at the gloomy sky, observing the faintly shimmering stars.

As long as she remained in the Thorn Empire, continuing to be “Wang Luan,” her fate would be like being trapped in a vicious circle, constantly colliding with obstacles and unable to find a way out.

So what if she found a way to leave the Thorn Empire?

This thought had never occurred to the original owner. Certainly, it was a place with clear class divisions, an environment that made people feel powerless and suffocated, but the original owner had grown up here and had long become accustomed to it.

Furthermore, the original owner knew very little about what lay beyond the Thorn Empire. In this regard, she was similar to most citizens of the empire.

The empire spanned hundreds of planets and dozens of star systems. Such vast lands were something many people couldn’t explore in their lifetime, let alone venture beyond the empire’s territory. Wang Luan only had a vague understanding that there were rampant roving bandits and unpredictable spatial storms at the empire’s fringes, making it highly dangerous.

If she didn’t want to be controlled by the head of the Wang family until death, it seemed that her only option was to discard her identity and become a wanderer on a remote planet. But before that, she would have to escape the head of the Wang family’s pursuit, which was no easier than eliminating the head of the family and seizing power herself.

It was all as difficult as ascending to heaven.

Anxiously contemplating her future, Wang Luan’s attention was suddenly drawn to the smart brain that had quietly dimmed due to her neglect. It bloomed like a flower, capturing Wang Luan’s focus.

Someone had sent her a message.

It was rare, as for many years, apart from occasional contact from the steward, hardly anyone would send her messages.

She opened the message and revealed a vivid and beautiful invitation. Virtual thorns and flowers swirled around her, and elegant text floated before her eyes.

Wang Luan quickly scanned through it and realized it was an invitation to a party, signed by Qingzhao.

Qingzhao was one of the Wang family members in the Thorn Empire, and Qingzhao was the seventh child of the current monarch, an Alpha woman.

Qingzhao was around the same age as Wang Luan. 

Nobility of their age often organized and attended various parties, so it was normal for them to socialize. What was unusual, however, was that they had invited Wang Luan this time.

Since the head of the Wang family regarded his daughters as a disgrace, noble gatherings of this kind, where they held onto their dignity, deliberately ignored Wang Luan and never extended an invitation to her.

‘So why did they invite her this time?’

Tossing and turning on the bed, Wang Luan had an idea. She entered a block in the school’s Alpha communication network and quietly searched for information about Qingzhao.

Sure enough, she quickly found what she was looking for.

The monarch had not yet chosen an heir. Among the twelve children, excluding the two Omegas, all ten Alphas, regardless of gender, were eligible to become the heir.

Seventh Princess Qingzhao was one of the more outstanding among princes and princesses. She had once declared that she would choose the highest-ranking Omega as her partner and had shown some interest in Yan Qiongyu.

So, it seemed that it was once again for that unattainable beauty.

Upon closer examination, it became evident that Qingzhao’s invitation to the party was undoubtedly a trap.

Her (adoptive) father, Lord Wang, and her (future) partner, Yan Qiongyu, were the architects of her miserable life.

With the thought of “I want to see how many potential enemies I still have,” Wang Luan delved into the largest Alpha communication network for young people, searching extensively for gossip about Yan Qiongyu.

She discovered that Yan Qiongyu was truly a heartthrob, not only capturing the interest of Seventh Prince Qingzhao but also attracting the attention of two other princes and princesses, not to mention numerous aristocratic youths.

As Wang Luan reached the end of her search, she realized that luck was not on her side. Among the three Alpha schools, at least half of the people wanted to pick a fight with her.

The influence of Wang Luan’s Father was truly formidable. Even in this treacherous environment, he managed to secure Yan Qiongyu for her, surpassing even the princes and princesses in the process.

Within this context, Wang Luan inevitably encountered countless curses, mockery, and sarcasm directed at her. Many people were eager to “witness” this stroke of luck she had received.

Presumably, this sudden invitation was Qingzhao’s way of “witnessing” her.

Turning off the smart brain, Wang Luan lay expressionless on the soft bed, staring at the ceiling and muttered, “Forget it.”

‘Who would go to such an obviously malicious gathering?’

Wang Luan was not adept at handling situations that would likely lead to conflicts, and she was not inclined to engage in conversations with unfamiliar people. 

‘Engaging in jealousy-fueled arguments at the party? No, thank you.’

The date on the invitation was three days later in the evening, and Wang Luan didn’t pay much attention to it. When the day of the party arrived in the afternoon, the steward and staff arrived at the school with a dress, while she was tinkering with a mecha model in the dormitory warehouse.

Wearing a mask and gloves, escorted by two maids out of the workshop, Wang Luan looked at the steward.

“So… you’re saying I have to attend the Seventh Princess’s party?”

“Yes, and furthermore, Young Master Yan Qiongyu is already prepared. Miss Luan, please change into your dress quickly and accompany Young Master Yan to the party,” the steward said firmly, leaving no room for refusal.

We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
Female A Survival Manual

Female A Survival Manual

Synopsis: Coming from the Blue Star, Wang Luan, who had been a woman for over twenty years, transmigrated into an ABO world where humans have six genders. She becomes a female Alpha capable of getting pregnant, and the troubled expression on Wang Luan’s face reveals the pain of her new and different body.

Wang Luan: Help!

As a useless young lady from the noble Wang family, she is assigned a 3S-ranked male Omega as her partner. This beautiful Omega, Yan Qiongyu, appears gentle and elegant on the surface, but has a hidden dual personality.

The original body’s emotionless father treats her as a tool and urges them to mark each other for procreation every day.



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