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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

I’m trapped in a cube :- Chapter 4: Inside the Monitoring Station

Chapter 4 Inside the Monitoring Station

Inside the metal block, Mo Ling carefully stared at the recorder’s electronic screen, memorizing the contents displayed.

“Relics should refer to those strange weapons. Now, they also consider me a relic.”

But what exactly is the Abyss?

Mo Ling decided to continue observing until he obtained more information.

The people in the camp were busy, each wearing identical metal nameplates around their necks, displaying their names.

Most of the people present were “Level 1 Hunters,” with only a few “Level 2 Hunters” whose nameplates had an additional title.

They used various advanced devices that Mo Ling had never seen before, scavenging around the camp.

One member threw out a netted metal ball, which expanded after hitting the ground, extending mechanical arms to pack up the surrounding materials.

A disc-shaped device, like a cleaning robot, crawled on the ground, collecting the bodies of the black little men one by one.

Another team member climbed up the wall and took out a capsule from his waist, wrapping the broom-shaped relic used by the little wizard earlier.

The burly man with the large shield returned, followed by a flatbed cart.

“This is a flatbed cart for transporting supplies. You made a significant contribution this time; you can use it first.”

He took off the wristband from his hand and handed it to Li Luo: “Operate the wristband.”

Li Luo didn’t take the wristband, instead just examining the cart.

The recorder watching the awkward scene made a joke: “Captain Du, you’re really taking care of the daughter of your former superior. Isn’t this a bit of favoritism?”

Du Kang turned around and kicked the recorder: “Stop slacking off. The broomstick on the wall hasn’t been registered yet!”

“Yes, yes.”

The recorder dodged swiftly and ran off.

The tense atmosphere persisted until Li Luo finally took the wristband.

“Thank you.”

Du Kang also breathed a sigh of relief, the tall burly man showing a bit of awkwardness.

“No need to thank me. Pack up quickly, we’ve already wasted too much time.”

Li Luo stood up and tapped a few buttons on the wristband. The cart automatically moved to the wooden pushcart, extended support devices to lift the metal block, and then slowly enclosed the bottom.

The cart raised several fixed points, securely locking the metal block in place. The loading was completed with a single operation.

Li Luo walked towards another area, and the cart followed her, moving automatically.

Mo Ling curiously examined the advanced machinery inside.

“This is pretty good.”

Mo Ling wanted to try transporting the wristband inside to operate it himself, allowing him to move as he wished.

But the wristband was already on Li Luo’s hand. If he teleported now, it wouldn’t just be the wristband that got transported.

After gathering, the group counted the people and marched in another direction through the camp.

Mo Ling sat in the cart along the way, watching various exotic animals emerge from the surrounding jungle, which were quickly handled by the group.

Soon, the team arrived at a peculiar building.

The building’s exterior was made of smooth white tiles, with a semi-circular structure above the ground, extending a tall tower from the top.

It looked like a lollipop stuck upside down in the ground.

As the team approached, the white tiles slowly lifted, creating an entrance from which guards emerged to verify their identities.

These guards were especially cautious around the metal block, each stopping for a moment in front of the cart.

Finally, the team successfully entered the white building.

Inside was a vast plaza-like space with spiral staircases leading to the tower and underground, revealing a hidden world.

Looking from the inside, the originally white tiles turned into transparent glass, providing a clear view of the jungle outside.

The plaza was bustling, and people barely glanced at the newly arrived group.

Like Mo Ling, most people in the team widened their eyes, admiring the building’s interior with anticipation.

“Welcome to the Seventh Monitoring Station.”

An amicable middle-aged scholar, wearing a white coat, glasses, and neatly combed hair, walked up to the group with open arms.

Du Kang stepped forward to greet him: “Stationmaster Liang, long time no see.”

Mo Ling also glanced at the scholar’s name tag.

“Level 3 Hunter, Sage of the Forest Liang Zhi.”

A Level 3 Hunter? Mo Ling had never seen one before; the higher the level, the stronger they seemed.

Stationmaster Liang walked up to Du Kang, patted his shoulder, and then gleamed at the group behind him.

“The newcomers this year look lively!”

Du Kang explained: “We just cleared a Totem Ghost camp on our way here, situated between the Great Elevator and the monitoring station. We don’t know when it was established.”

Stationmaster Liang also showed confusion, pushing his glasses: “Our last patrol was only half a year ago, how did it pop up so quickly?”

Du Kang shook his head: “It might be related to the recent riots. We brought back the bodies and would need the monitoring station to research further.”

Upon hearing “riots,” Stationmaster Liang’s expression became serious, losing the earlier light-heartedness.

After their conversation, they settled the group in a massive warehouse, where researchers at the monitoring station began handling various materials.

However, no one approached Li Luo about the metal block, so Mo Ling continued sitting in the cart, following Li Luo around.

“I feel like an electronic pet.”

However, Mo Ling enjoyed it, having no better way to learn about the monitoring station, so he happily followed Li Luo everywhere.

After finishing, the group, guided by Stationmaster Liang, arrived at a meeting room.

But at the entrance, Li Luo was stopped.

Stationmaster Liang, scrutinizing Li Luo, mumbled: “You look just like your father.”

Hearing this, Li Luo stood silently, expressionlessly staring at Stationmaster Liang.

“Your personality is similar too, like you think you’re the greatest in the world.”

What kind of disputes are these?

Mo Ling perked up his ears gossippingly, although he didn’t need ears to hear.

Stationmaster Liang then stood in front of the metal block, sighing: “Your luck is also just like his.”

After saying this, he waved to Li Luo: “It’s fine, you can go in. If you have any issues in the Abyss, feel free to find me.”

Li Luo didn’t stand on ceremony, turning to leave immediately.

“Not taking the chance to network, quite a strong personality.”

Mo Ling also found this girl’s personality strikingly distinct.

Inside the meeting room, people trickled in, and after welcoming everyone, Stationmaster Liang walked to the main seat, pulling out the chair but not sitting down.

He first bowed deeply to everyone.

“First, I want to thank you all for your contributions to clearing the Totem Ghost camp.”

“The Seventh Monitoring Station is the farthest from the Great Elevator, making the journey here the most challenging. Clearing out one more obstacle means fewer deaths in the future.”

“As the stationmaster of the Seventh Monitoring Station, not detecting the situation promptly is my negligence. I hereby apologize to all of you.”

Stationmaster Liang bowed again before slowly sitting down.

We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
I’m Trapped in a Cube

I’m Trapped in a Cube

Status: Ongoing
When Mo Ling woke up, he found himself trapped in a sealed cube. With only one cubic meter of space to move, an indestructible metal shell, no food, and no water, it was like waiting for death in a coffin. In this dire situation, Mo Ling discovered that his perception had undergone a strange change, extending beyond the walls and continuously reaching outward. The outside world was fraught with danger, but he couldn't move, only able to hide in the cube and influence this bizarre world. Faced with the clever misunderstandings of humans in this world, he had no choice but to find his own way out through unconventional means.



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