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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

I’m trapped in a cube :- Chapter 8: The Story of the Sheep

Chapter 8: The Story of the Sheep

Li Luo’s records were very meticulous, but there was one thing she didn’t notice.

In Mo Ling’s perception, deep within the flesh of the recently encountered Shaking Beast, there was a long red worm.

The worm’s body was as thin as a hair, wriggling within the flesh of the Shaking Beast.

With each throb of the Beast’s flesh, the red worm twisted its body, burrowing deeper.

Its head, equipped with tiny fangs, constantly gnawed at the flesh, which kept healing continuously.

Was this healing ability brought about by the red worm?

Mo Ling couldn’t determine whether the red worm was a parasite originally living inside the Shaking Beast or the cause of the Beast’s abnormality.

He couldn’t operate the electronic screen to get specific information about the worm, so he had to rely on Li Luo to check.

“I need to find a way to alert her.”

The flesh that Mo Ling had just separated happened to contain the worm.

Life subjected to Mo Ling’s teleportation would immediately perish.

The piece of flesh containing the worm’s corpse was thrown by Mo Ling into a conspicuous spot, but Li Luo didn’t notice.

The flesh slime was too eye-catching, even Mo Ling’s attention was drawn to it.

The red worm was incredibly tiny and matched the color of the flesh.

If it weren’t for some special perception, Mo Ling would have a hard time discovering it.

Let alone Li Luo, who wasn’t aware of it at all.

How to make Li Luo notice such a tiny thing?

As he pondered, another Shaking Beast entered Mo Ling’s field of vision.

His vision went deep, and Mo Ling found that familiar red worm inside this new Shaking Beast’s flesh.

This Shaking Beast was also exceptionally sensitive and began charging towards Li Luo.

Perfect, Mo Ling decided to change his tactics.

Aiming at the upper legs of the Shaking Beast, Mo Ling activated the teleportation.

Smooth cuts appeared at the base of the two legs, slicing the delicate Shaking Beast horizontally.

The unsupported spherical metal mesh flew out, rolling all the way to Li Luo’s feet.

Like the first, this Shaking Beast’s spherical flesh chunk crazily jumped around on the ground even when it was already incapable of fighting.

If it weren’t for the metal net restraining it, the flesh would have jumped out to attack already.

Mo Ling threw an empty can onto the metal chunk.

The dong sound caught Li Luo’s attention.

He then meticulously shrank the teleportation frame to its limit, aiming at the area around the red worm within the flesh.

As Li Luo looked at the can on the metal chunk, a cube of flesh the size of a bottle cap appeared out of nowhere inside the can.

“She must notice it now!”

Sure enough, Li Luo’s attention was fully attracted to the can.

Mo Ling focused his vision further on the flesh chunk within the can and began more detailed operations.

He carefully cut along the edges of the worm, carving it out into a long strip.


Now, only a long piece of flesh with a clearly visible red thread remained in the can.

It was the dead worm.

Seeing the change in the flesh chunk, Li Luo’s eyes brightened.

She quickly pointed her recording device at the can and fetched tweezers and gloves from the car.

Carefully, she extracted the red worm from the remaining flesh and stored it in a transparent box.

After finishing, Li Luo gave the metal chunk a meaningful glance, seemingly intrigued by its actions.

However, Mo Ling wasn’t worried.

He knew that such obvious meticulous operations would surely arouse Li Luo’s suspicions.

But this was also his chance to probe the human attitude of this world.

Yet, it seemed Li Luo didn’t find anything strange.

After taking off her gloves, she gently patted the metal chunk, seeming very satisfied with Mo Ling’s recent actions.

“Not bad, what else would you like to eat?” Li Luo asked, genuinely wanting to communicate with the metal chunk.

Uh-oh, wrong direction!

Mo Ling quickly feigned death, not responding.

Even when Li Luo took out the food, he didn’t choose anything.

Instead, he noticed Li Luo’s disappointed expression when the food didn’t disappear.

She took out an electronic screen, and instead of recording the red worm first, she opened another notebook.

“Food that the Iron Block doesn’t like: Wasabi crackers, herring-flavored chips, canned sweet and sour pig brain, Sichuan pepper candy, snail shell flour, fragrant chicken beak, Red Bull rice cake…”

Li Luo recorded all the food names she had just placed on the metal chunk.

Only then did she begin to search for information about the red worm.

Seeing that notebook, Mo Ling’s mind paused.

“Should I be touched?”

With Li Luo’s search.

Information about the red worm in the flesh appeared on the electronic screen—

Red String Worm.

During the Great Cataclysm, it was discovered on Earth for the first time.

Back then, it emerged from the Abyss, parasitizing a sheep that constantly tried to escape from its pen.

Even injuring itself until it was covered in blood.

The farm owner, upon noticing the sheep’s abnormality, thought it was sick and wanted to kill it.

But when the knife struck, the wound slowly healed.

Frightened, the owner called the police immediately.

At that time, signs of the Great Cataclysm were already appearing, and this zombie-like immortal creature caused great panic.

The military surrounded the farm, cleared out the other sheep, and caught this one.

During research, they discovered the worm in the sheep’s brain.

The worm controlled the sheep, making it move in one direction.

When the knife cut, the worm gave the sheep the ability to heal automatically.

The researchers tried burning it; the sheep adapted to the flames, no longer fearing high temperatures.

When confined in the lab, the sheep grew stronger and one day even broke open the steel bars imprisoning it.

Deprived of food, the worm made the sheep start photosynthesizing.

The sheep was evolving.

If it couldn’t proceed in the desired direction, the sheep would keep evolving until nothing could stop it.

Attempts to remove the worm resulted in another worm appearing in the sheep’s brain.

The worm also healed the sheep.

Eventually, the lab decided to let the sheep go.

They wanted to see where it intended to go.

The sheep was released on New Zealand’s North Island.

Once free, it headed straight for the coast.

It jumped off a cliff by the sea, nearly dying from the fall.

After healing, the sheep began crossing the Pacific Ocean, heading northeast.

Drowning in the sea, it learned to swim and its body started resembling a dolphin’s.

At first, it swam slowly, getting carried by the South Equatorial Current to the Solomon Islands.

It resumed swimming, but halfway through, the North Equatorial Current and the Kuroshio Current carried it to Japan.

It swam faster and faster, fins growing on its legs. It crossed the Bering Strait and entered Canada from Alaska.

It then moved into the Arctic Circle, reaching Greenland’s Baffin Bay.

The sheep was continuously hunted along the way but kept healing, feeding its predators before moving on.

It reached the icy northern waters of Greenland.

In the vast whiteness, it found a polar bear.

And then it rode on it.

We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
I’m Trapped in a Cube

I’m Trapped in a Cube

Status: Ongoing
When Mo Ling woke up, he found himself trapped in a sealed cube. With only one cubic meter of space to move, an indestructible metal shell, no food, and no water, it was like waiting for death in a coffin. In this dire situation, Mo Ling discovered that his perception had undergone a strange change, extending beyond the walls and continuously reaching outward. The outside world was fraught with danger, but he couldn't move, only able to hide in the cube and influence this bizarre world. Faced with the clever misunderstandings of humans in this world, he had no choice but to find his own way out through unconventional means.



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